Of Christmas cakes and love

A sound of an electric whisk whirring in the kitchen greeted Jessica as she entered the apartment. She dropped her bag on the dining table before heading to the kitchen to greet her lover.

Tiptoeing into the kitchen, Jessica wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s waist in a back hug and she planted a kiss on Taeyeon’s cheek.

“Ah!” Taeyeon was startled by the sudden hug and she accidentally sifted some cocoa powder onto the table instead of the large bowl.

“Oops!” Jessica said sheepishly before releasing the baker. The baker dusted the coca powder off her hands and cleaned them with a wet towel nearby.

Taeyeon balanced the sieve on top of the large bowl, turned around and open her arms wide.

“You can hug me now. Careful though, my hands aren’t completely clean so I can’t hug you back,” Taeyeon said with a warm smile.

Jessica laughed as she threw herself onto Taeyeon, wrapping her arms around Taeyeon’s back and kissing her. They kissed for long while before Jessica released the baker.

“Tough day at work?” Taeyeon asked. They kissed so often that she could even tell what sort of kiss it was. Jessica was a little rough and impatient, as if in need of comfort from a long day at work.

Jessica sighed but soon broke into giggles when she saw her lipstick marks on Taeyeon’s lips and its surrounding area. Taeyeon raised her brows in confusion seeing Jessica’s bi-polar reaction. She realised what had happened when Jessica picked up a shiny bowl nearby and showed Taeyeon her own reflection.

Taeyeon made a funny face and said, “I look like a clown with badly drawn lipstick on my way to a Christmas party.”

They laughed and shared a quick kiss before Taeyeon shooed Jessica to shower.

By the time Jessica finished showering, the smell of roasted walnuts welcomed her in the kitchen. Taeyeon was preparing to spread the coffee cream onto the sponge cake.

“Is this a swiss roll?”

“Yup. It’s a chocolate and coffee roulade. Christmas cakes tend to be quite heavy and rich but this is very light. Suitable for ladies,” Taeyeon explained. She swiped a dollop of coffee cream with her finger and offered it to Jessica. The latter happily licked the cream off Taeyeon’s finger and finished off with a playful bite on Taeyeon’s finger.

“Tastes good?” Taeyeon asked.

“Yup, not too sweet. It looks like a normal swiss roll though. Where’s the Christmas element in it?”
“Watch me.” Taeyeon grinned as she drizzled icing sugar with coffee in a zigzag manner over the chocolate roll. Then she added white chocolate stars so that they would stand out against the dark brown of the cake.

“It’s lovely!” Jessica whipped out her phone and took photos of it. “Who is it for?”

“I made this for Tiffany since she had requested for a chocolate cake for Christmas,” Taeyeon replied.

The smile on Jessica’s face disappeared instantly and was replaced with a sulk.

“I want a Christmas cake too,” Jessica demanded in an aegyo-laden voice.

Taeyeon laughed at the sight of her jealous fiancée. “How about a chocolate log cake?”

Jessica shook her head. “It should be something different, not the usual run out of mill Christmas cakes and you should be able to explain why you chose to bake such a cake.”

“Someone’s giving me a challenge eh?” Taeyeon bit her lips, arms akimbo as she thought about Jessica’s suggestion. It was a good opportunity to cheer her up since she had been facing a lot of stress at work.

“Well, you claim you’re the famous baker so you should be able to come up with something in the next hour.”

“What’s my reward if I can come up with something? How about a love-making marathon for two nights in a row?” Taeyeon’s eyes lit up with mischief and she rubbed her hands with glee.

A smirk appeared on Jessica’s face. “How about not eating gummies for a whole week if you fail? I’ll be back after watching tonight’s drama on cable to check on your progress.”

“Prepare your body, Jung Soo Yeon. I’m definitely going to win,” Taeyeon replied confidently.

Jessica booed at Taeyeon jokingly before slipping out of the kitchen.

Taeyeon opened her cupboards and stared at the ingredients in the cupboards. With the irresistible reward in her mind, she had to rake her brains to come up with something soon.

Meanwhile, Jessica wondered how Taeyeon was doing. During the first commercial break, she peeped at Taeyeon from a distance. She saw her bottle of Baileys sitting on one of the cabinets in the kitchen and smiled to herself. She predicted that Taeyeon would add her favourite alcohol into the cake but it would be interesting to see how the cake turned out since rum was the choice of alcohol used in traditional Christmas cakes.

During the second commercial break, Jessica watched Taeyeon at the entrance of the kitchen silently. Their eyes met when Taeyeon stopped to unscrew the cap of the Baileys bottle. Taeyeon was smiling from ear to ear, even humming a random happy tune as she lifted the bottle and pretended to toast Jessica with it.

“Wipe that arrogant grin off your face,” Jessica warned.

“Prepare your body, Jung Soo Yeon.” Taeyeon repeated the sentence again and again in a mock sinister tone of voice.

Jessica covered her ears, ignoring Taeyeon’s threat as she went back to the living room.

At the next commercial break, Taeyeon joined Jessica in the living room.

“Done already?” Jessica asked, surprised at the speed.

“Not yet. Waiting for the cake to cool down before I can continue.” Taeyeon slipped an arm around Jessica’s waist and wanted to kiss the latter but her lips were met with two fingers.

“Taeyeon ah, I’m watching the drama now.”

“It’s the commercial break. You can spare three minutes. I need some inspiration in order to create something unique just for you.” Taeyeon pushed the fingers aside so that she could nuzzle her nose below Jessica’s ear and kissed her neck.

“You’re just finding excu -”

A soft moan escaped Jessica’s lips as the baker sucked on her pulse point below her jaw. She felt Taeyeon scrapping her scalp gently as the baker ran her fingers through her hair, sending tingles of pleasure throughout her body.


Jessica tried to suppress her moans but failed miserably. Each time Jessica attempted to pull the hand that was roving beneath her tee out, Taeyeon could seemingly be able to find a pleasure point which made the younger woman go weak instantly.

A buzzer from the kitchen sounded, interrupting their pleasure session. Taeyeon stopped and looked into Jessica’s brown eyes with a satisfied smile on her face.

“This is an appetizer to the many rounds of main courses later.” Taeyeon grinned from ear to ear as she rose from the couch. She headed for the kitchen to check on the progress of her meringue that was baking in the oven, leaving a rather hot and bothered woman sitting alone in the living room.

After some preparation, Taeyeon popped back into the living room and snuggled close to Jessica. However, Jessica shifted her butt and moved away from Taeyeon.

“You’ve not won yet so don’t try to cheat,” Jessica said in a frustrated tone, refusing to look at Taeyeon. She knew she would give into temptation if Taeyeon flashed her puppy eyes at her. She sat crossed legged, hugged the pillow on the couch and kept her eyes trained on the television screen in front of her.

“Okay, I’ll win this challenge fair and square. Baby, look at me for a while. I want to show you a teaser before I whip out the final creation in a moment. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my hands away from you,” Taeyeon pleaded.

Jessica hesitated for a while before turning around. She met a pair of soft lips that had cream on it. When she pulled away, she realised that there was cream all over her lips.

“I didn’t say I would keep my lips away from you! I’m almost done!” Taeyeon was giggling her way back to the kitchen after leaving a mess on Jessica’s lips. Jessica licked a part of the cream and tasted Baileys in it.

“Is this supposed to be a hint of what to expect in the cake?” Jessica muttered to herself as she wiped the remaining cream off her lips using a tissue paper.

The drama had ended and Jessica decided to catch up on the news headlines while waiting for Taeyeon. After two minutes, she realised that she couldn’t focus on what was playing on the television screen. She was more distracted by what was going on in the kitchen, wondering what tricks Taeyeon had up her sleeve.

Finally, Taeyeon emerged from the kitchen, holding a three layer cake in her hands. She had a wide grin plastered on her face as she set the cake cautiously on the coffee table in the living room.

It wasn’t the usual sponge cake or Christmas cake she had seen. It was made of meringue with cream sandwiched between the three layers. There was a layer on cream on top and pieces of cut After Eight mint chocolate pieces shaped like stars were nestled into the cream. The chocolate stars had gold glitter on them, making it look like they were shining.

Jessica arched her brows and her eyes were filled with surprise at the unusual looking cake.

“Ahem…let me explain, my dear.” Taeyeon cleared her throat as she knelt beside the cake. Jessica crossed her legs and propped her chin on the pillow she was hugging while listening intently to what Taeyeon had to say.

“These three layers are made of meringue, a light and sweet confectionary that’s made popular by the French. It’s usually crisp on the exterior and chewy and soft inside. You, my dear, are similar to a meringue. You are a career-driven woman who puts up a strong front at work to deal with your colleagues and clients but deep down, I know you just want to be showered with love and want someone to protect you. And of course that someone is none other than the lovable me.”

Jessica remained expressionless though she was trying to hold her laughter in while looking at the wide grin on Taeyeon’s face. Taeyeon often came up with the silliest comments and that often brought a smile to her face.

“You’re as fair as snow, therefore I chose to bake a white-based cake instead of a chocolate one. The cream between the meringue layers contains Baileys, your favourite alcohol. Judging from your reaction earlier, you definitely love the taste of it. Finally, the stars with glitter represent the first time we met in Tokyo. The city lights twinkled like stars across the dark landscape. I’m glad I stayed and waited for you that night.”

Taeyeon shifted her position until she was kneeling in front of Jessica. By now, Jessica had hidden most of her face behind the pillow, with only her eyes peeking out from the top of the pillow. Deep in her heart, she knew that she would lose the challenge. However, she refused to admit defeat in front of the baker.

Taeyeon held Jessica’s hands and gazed lovingly into the brown eyes that were looking back at her.

“You’re the icing on top of the cupcake. When you came into my life, you made it sweeter. I love you, baby and always will,” Taeyeon concluded her long speech. Taeyeon was anxious to see Jessica’s reaction but saw none because right now, the blonde hid her face behind the pillow completely.

“Hey, tell me how I fared?” Taeyeon said in an aegyo-filled voice, pulling the hands of Jessica whose face was still buried in the pillow.

“Tell me, tell me, tell tell tell tell me,” Taeyeon sang a portion of Wonder Girls’ Tell Me. She leapt onto the couch and tried to pull the pillow away from Jessica. However, Jessica had a vice-like grip on the soft object and refused to let go.

They ended up in a wrestling match on the couch. It ended when Taeyeon managed to pull the pillow away from Jessica and came face to face in close proximity with the latter hovering just inches above her face as she lay flat on her back on the couch.

Jessica’s face was as red as a tomato as she tried to catch her breath after the short wrestling match. She quickly sat up but the baker was faster and had already hooked her arms around Jessica’s neck, therefore pulling the blonde down towards her face.

Their mouths moved together in sync as Taeyeon curled on leg around Jessica’s butt, causing the younger woman to lie flat onto her body. When their lips finally separated, Jessica collapsed onto Taeyeon, her face buried in the crook of Taeyeon’s neck. She breathed deeply, inhaling the fragrant scent of Baileys and cream.

“I take it that this is the start of my reward for tonight?” Taeyeon teased. She stroked the blonde locks gently and listened to the heavy breathing of her partner. She felt Jessica shake her head. Surprised, she held Jessica by her shoulders and they slowly sat upright.

“Isn’t that kiss a form of agreement?” Taeyeon raised her brows, feeling puzzled.

“Have you forgotten about this?” Jessica pointed to the cake on the coffee table. “It would be a waste if we left it there without eating it.”

Taeyeon laughed. “Of course. We shouldn’t let good food go to waste. Let me feed you.”

They took turns to feed each other bits of the cake. Midway through feeding each other, Taeyeon suddenly placed her mouth against Jessica’s ear and whispered, “Is your body ready for me yet?”

The next instant, there was a loud slap on Taeyeon’s thigh.

“You’re incorrigible, Kim Taeyeon!” Jessica squealed, smacking the baker on her arms and legs repeatedly. The baker pretended to curl up in pain and howled pitifully.

“Are you alright? I didn’t use a lot of strength though,” Jessica said worriedly. She rubbed the light red marks that were on Taeyeon’s fair thighs.

“I will feel better instantly if I get a shower of kisses from you. I would recover immediately once we get into the heat of things,” Taeyeon said mischievously.

“Ya, Kim Taeyeon! You’re asking for it!” Jessica picked up the pillow and threw it at Taeyeon.

Laughter filled the air as the couple spent the night enjoying each other’s company while sharing the special Christmas cake.

= The End=

This one shot features Taeyeon and Jessica from No Strings Attached and is written for 2013 Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Of Christmas cakes and love

  1. Thank you I love you this incredible story if you can make a story more taengsic and sweet like this, I wantid see jessica debt taeyeon.I want adult taengsic wantid little story, sorry if my comments redundant and my english not good.

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