Unexpected Guest Part 2

“Yes you did!”

“No I didn’t!”

“It was obviously you, who else would be so clumsy and careless?!”

(sound of a door slamming)

“See I’m right! Childish fool! Can’t get any sense into your thick head! Argh!!” Taeyeon yelled. He had been arguing with his younger brother Taejin the whole night over a trivial matter that grew out of proportion. Feeling very frustrated, he decided to get out of the house to cool himself down.

Grabbing a few items from his room, Taeyeon told his mother he would be staying over at a friend’s house tonight before he stormed out of the door.



A tiny stone bounced off the window. Taeyeon waited to see if there was any movement. After two minutes, there was none besides the rustling of the leaves in the light breeze. He picked up another small stone and threw it against the window.


Nothing. Anxious, Taeyeon pulled out his mobile phone from his back pocket to type a message. He sat cross legged on the ground, with his back against the door of the garage and waited for a reply.

Taeyeon had been staring at his phone for the past ten minutes, hoping to see a reply but there was none.

“Aish, where did that girl disappear to?” Taeyeon muttered to himself. His fingers flew across the keyboard as he typed another message.

Ten minutes later, Taeyeon’s phone was still silent. Giving up, he got up and paced around the garden, wondering how he could contact his girlfriend. Suddenly, a brilliant idea struck him.

“Kim Taeyeon, you’re such a pabo! The ladder!! Why didn’t I think of it?!” Taeyeon recalled Jessica using a ladder from the garage to enter the room via the window the last time he stayed overnight. He berated himself for his forgetfulness.

Creeping cautiously along the garage, Taeyeon found the side door and opened it slowly.


The door creaked, causing Taeyeon to freeze for a moment. He didn’t remember the door creaking the last time. He pressed his body against the wall of the house and looked around, worried he might have woken up one of Jessica’s family members. Fortunately, there wasn’t any sound or movement. Taeyeon took a deep breath and pushed the door open. He assumed the ladder was placed in the same position as before, hence he felt his way in the dark instead of using any light source.

Thankfully Taeyeon’s memory was good. Delighted, he grabbed the ladder and set up it against the wall carefully. He wiped his hands on his jeans and began scaling the ladder slowly. He definitely remembered falling on his butt the last time and was careful not to make the same mistake again.

When he reached the top, Taeyeon placed his palms on the window ledge and peeped into the room. Warm light illuminated the dimly lit room. The curtains were drawn slightly apart and there was a set of pyjamas on the bed. Several textbooks were piled up on the writing table. He looked around but didn’t spot his girlfriend.

Just then, the door of the room opened. Jessica appeared at the door way with only a pink towel wrapped around her body and another smaller pink towel on her hair.

Holy shit, this is g-good s-stuff! Taeyeon thought to himself. He decided to remain undiscovered in order to see what Jessica was going to do next.

Jessica sat down in front of her small dressing table and picked out a clear bottle from her table. She sprayed it in front of her face and gently patted it. Then she picked a light blue bottle and dipped her fingers in before applying the cream onto her face. There was another bottle she opened and it was her eye cream.

Taeyeon watched quietly, amazed at the amount of creams his girlfriend was applying. He could never understand why females needed to apply that many creams on their faces. To him, those were just marketing gimmicks by the cosmetic companies.

After applying all the creams, Jessica rose from her chair. Her hands were on her head as she dried her hair. Taeyeon’s eyes grew wider as he spotted his girlfriend’s cleavage. He knew that she had ample assets when they hugged but seeing so much skin right now was setting his heart on fire. He swallowed hard and kept his eyes focused on her chest.

What he didn’t expect was Jessica turning around and walking towards the window. Taeyeon became worried that he would be spotted and hurriedly squatted down, putting his hands over his head. Unfortunately, he had forgotten he was on a ladder and that caused him to slip a few steps downwards.

Taeyeon’s slip was rather loud and that caught Jessica’s attention. Jessica was scared and wondered what the noise was. She hurriedly drew the curtains and changed into her pyjamas in case there was an intruder. Once she was done, she opened the window and peered out, trying to see if there was someone out there.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon managed to climb down the ladder in time and pressed his body flat against the house, hoping that Jessica wouldn’t look down directly. His shin hurt a little but he was able to bear with the pain. A few moments later, he felt something vibrate in his back pocket. He whipped out his phone and saw an envelope icon.

“Finally.” Taeyeon clicked on the message to read it. Jessica apologised for not replying to his messages as she was in the shower. He couldn’t help but smile as he read that message.

I know. You look really good in that towel. You should show off more skin next time. Taeyeon thought to himself, grinning from ear to ear.

Before he could type a reply, another message came in.

I think there’s someone roaming around my house. I heard a crash outside my window. I’m scared. – Sica

Taeyeon almost burst out laughing but he managed to hold it in. He was definitely the cause of the crash so he knew his girlfriend had nothing to worry about.

Don’t worry , dear. I’ll protect you. In fact, I’m somewhere near your house. I could drop by and help you check the surroundings. Be your guard for the night. – Tae

Alright, call me when you arrive. – Sica

Now Taeyeon had to wait for a moment before he could call her in order not to raise her suspicions. He kept the ladder back into the garage and quietly crept out onto the main road. He walked past a few houses before walking back to Jessica’s house. Then he called Jessica on his phone.

Taeyeon was surprised when Jessica told him to meet at the main door. He remember her parents didn’t like unexpected visitors, especially at night. Perhaps she told her parents about him coming by tonight. Nonetheless, he put on his best smile as he waited at the main door.

“Tae!” Jessica called out, relieved to see her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around him and enveloped him in a hug.

“Are you that excited to see me?” Taeyeon teased, returning the hug. His cheeks were heating as they were hugging. Images of what he saw earlier flashed across his mind.

“By the way, I walked around your house once and didn’t see anyone. You’re safe,” Taeyeon added, rubbing Jessica’s back to sooth the frightened girl.

Jessica nodded against his neck. She released him and they entered the house.

“Your parents aren’t at home?” Taeyeon asked, noticing the silence as they walked hand in hand.

“Krystal is having a sleepover at her classmate’s house so I’m alone.”

The corners of Taeyeon’s lips lifted automatically, forming a wide smile on his face.

“So, it means we’re alone?”

Jessica stopped in her tracks and turned around to face her boyfriend. The corner of Taeyeon’s lips dropped immediately at the sight of the icy glare on Jessica’s face.

“Are you having naughty thoughts?” Jessica asked, raising a brow.

Taeyeon merely grinned. “It’s a guy thing. Can’t help it, especially when I see my beautiful girlfriend.”

Jessica pounded Taeyeon’s chest repeatedly until the latter whined. Then she disappeared into the kitchen to get him a glass of iced tea. “Why are you hanging out here so late?”

Taeyeon related his story of his argument and what he told his mother.

“And your friend is me?” Jessica pointed to herself.

“Ah huh. I thought of you the moment I stormed out of the house,” Taeyeon replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

Jessica blushed. “Why didn’t you call me?”

“Well, I did text you several times but you didn’t reply.”

Jessica defended herself. “I was in the shower!”

“Ya, I know,” Taeyeon blurted out. Lucky for him, Jessica didn’t seem to notice his slip of tongue.

The couple decided to watch a DVD to pass time before they slept. They picked a romance-themed movie and cuddled on the couch. Throughout the movie, Taeyeon was stroking Jessica’s arm and ocassionally pressing his lips against her temple. Jessica noticed her boyfriend was a little more touchy than usual but didn’t comment. She attributed it to the fact that her family wasn’t around to spy on them. However, if his hands roamed to other parts of her body, Jessica would smack them and Taeyeon would retreat.

It was almost at the end of the movie when Jessica heard Taeyeon’s deep breathing. He had fallen asleep with his head on hers. She was engrossed in the movie and hadn’t noticed that Taeyeon stopped stroking her arm.

“Tae, wake up.” Jessica turned her head a few times to wake Taeyeon up. The sleepy boy’s eyes fluttered open slowly and he let out a yawn.

“My parents went to visit my aunt who’s staying in the next town. They’ll only be back tomorrow afternoon. You can sleep in the guestroom. I’ll show you the way.”

Taeyeon followed Jessica as she led him upstairs. She showed him the room and told him to wash up before going to bed. Like an obedient child, Taeyeon did as he was told. After he was done, he gently kissed Jessica on her cheek before saying good night. Then, it was Jessica’s turn to wash up.

After Jessica was done, she popped into the guest room, intending to take a last look at Taeyeon before she slept. When she opened the door, she realised there was no one on the bed. Puzzled, she turned on the light and stepped in just to verify that she wasn’t seeing things. The bed was neat and there was no sign of it being slept in.

For a moment, panic hit Jessica. She was worried that something may have happened to Taeyeon. Earlier on, she heard strange noises and a crash.

“Could it be someone came into the house and … ” Jessica gasped before she could finish the sentence. She hurried to her room, intending to grab her handphone to call Taeyeon to see if he was alright.

Pushing the door open, Jessica grabbed her phone from her dressing table and dialed Taeyeon’s number. Then she heard something vibrating on a hard top. Turning around, she saw Taeyeon’s phone vibrating on her side table. He was lying comfortably in her bed with his arms above his head.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Jessica knelt by the side of her bed and gazed at Taeyeon. His chest was rising up and down slowly and his face was a look of serenity. He wore a tee which Jessica bought for him during one of her summer vacations and that made her smile.

“You horrible boy, are you afraid of the dark? Is that why you’re not sleeping in the guest room? I think you’re just finding an excuse to sleep on my bed,” Jessica reprimanded in a soft tone though she knew Taeyeon wouldn’t be able to hear her.

Jessica stood up and covered the boy with her blanket. She was tempted to sleep into bed with him. She missed the warmth and security Taeyeon gave when he wrapped an arm around her while they slept.

Now that he’s fast asleep, he shouldn’t be able to do any monkey business. It should be safe. Jessica thought to herself.

Lifting up the blanket, she carefully slipped into bed and turned off the bedside light. As if on cue, Taeyeon slid one of his arms downwards and wrapped it around Jessica. Jessica was surprised initially and she guessed that Taeyeon must have been pretending to be asleep. She gave him a hard jab in the ribs, eliciting a squeak from him before she snuggled against his warm body.

Giggling against his chest, Jessica whispered, “If you try anything funny tonight, I’ll jab you harder.”

Taeyeon stroked Jessica’s hair and planted a kiss on the crown of her head. “I wouldn’t dare.”

With that, the young couple fell asleep, listening to each other’s breathing and enjoying each other’s warm embrace.

= The End =

A/N: specially for janeycookie who requested for a sequel to Unexpected Guest.


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