(15) Of log cakes and hot chocolate

“The orders are coming in fast and furious this year,” Yuri commented as she flipped through the order sheets. “Mrs Choi ordered one hundred cupcakes and two log cakes for her Christmas party, Passion Hair Salon ordered two log cakes, Han Gang Elementary School ordered … oh my… three hundred cream puffs, four log cakes and three boxes of swiss rolls…”

“Mr TW Kim just called to place an order for one strawberry shortcake and one white chocolate log cake,” Yoona called out as she peeked into the kitchen.

“Got it!” Yuri replied, furiously jotting down the order onto the last page of the stack of papers on her clipboard.

The whirring sound of the electric mixer stopped.

“Good news for us then. Looks like we gotta work extra hard to push out the orders in time for Christmas,” Taeyeon commented. “Fighting!”

Yuri and Yoona looked at each other before making a fist with their right hands and punching them into the air.

“Fighting!” they chorused.

The next few days went by in a flash. Taeyeon was busy at the cafe, starting work before the break of dawn and reaching home late at night, including weekends. She was so exhausted she would fall deep asleep the moment her head hit the pillow. Jessica was busy too, trying to finish her projects before the company’s Christmas closure. The couple hardly met each other during their waking hours. Even if they did, it was brief. A kiss, a hug and some quick conversations before one left for work or before the other fell asleep.

On Christmas eve, the cafe was a hive of activities. There was a line of customers queuing to collect their orders. Taeyeon and Yuri were rushing to complete the last minute orders while Yoona was trying her best to sort out and pack the orders for the incoming crowd.

The back door of the cafe swung open. Both bakers were engrossed in their chores and didn’t notice the lady walking in.

After Taeyeon added her finishing touches the chocolate log cake, the visitor spoke.

“Need any help?”

Both bakers looked up simultaneously.

The seriousness on Taeyeon’s face faded instantly. “Hey baby, what makes you drop by? You should sleep in since you came home late last night.”

“I figured you girls need help so I decided to drop by. Being alone at home is boring anyway.” Jessica shot Taeyeon a wink.

“We never complain about additional help, especially when it’s free,” Yuri laughed. “You can help Yoong with sorting the orders. Think she’s a little overwhelmed at the moment.”

Jessica gave Taeyeon a quick hug before skipping out of the kitchen.

“You did it intentionally,” Taeyeon snarled.

Yuri nodded with glee. “You work better with less distractions.”

“Why you…” Taeyeon crumpled a piece of baking paper and threw it at Yuri but missed.

“Hey hey, let’s finish our jobs so that we can all close the cafe and enjoy the long awaited break. I’m sure you wouldn’t want Sica to wait,” Yuri grinned sneakily.

Meanwhile, Yoona and Jessica split their roles so that they could work more efficiently. Jessica sorted the orders and handed them to Yoona as the latter read out the customer’s order numbers.

Once all the cakes were completed, Taeyeon and Yuri joined Yoona and Jessica at the front counter. Yoona passed Taeyeon a Santa’s hat and Yuri a pair of reindeer antlers to wear while they attended to the customers who were streaming in to pick up their orders. The atmosphere was fun and lively as they chatted with customers while upbeat Christmas tunes played in the background.

Just before dinner, the chaos at the cafe finally ended. Everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief as they shut the door of the cafe. After they packed up, they went to a nearby restaurant for a nice Christmas meal before parting ways.

After a nice warm shower at home, Taeyeon pulled out a large carton box from the storeroom and began to assemble the Christmas tree.

Jessica chuckled when she saw the baker hard at work. “Now? It’s Christmas in a few hours’ time.”

“Better late than never.”

After almost two hours, the Christmas tree was ready. Jessica flicked the switch and the led lights on the small tree danced around. There were simple decorations, nothing too fancy. Taeyeon dimmed the lights and turned on the speakers. Familiar Christmas tunes filled the cosy living room.


Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I’ve been an awful good girl, Santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight


Taeyeon felt a hand place a hat on her head and she turned around to see a beaming Jessica.

“Santa baby, how about a dance?” Jessica extended her hand.

Taeyeon nodded gleefully, seeing the pair of reindeer antlers on Jessica’s head. The couple danced lovingly near the tree, giggling and kissing as they danced. Every moment felt so magical.

Later that night, Jessica was sitting comfortably on the couch, feeling tired from the day’s activities. Moments later, the smell of hot chocolate wafted through the air. Taeyeon was carrying two mugs, beaming from ear to ear as she entered the living room. She settled comfortably onto the couch and passed one mug of hot chocolate to Jessica. “Extra marshmallows.”

Jessica smiled warmly as she wrapped her fingers around the mug. Leaning close, she kissed Taeyeon on the cheek.

“Thanks darling.”

Taeyeon grinned and reciprocated with a kiss on Jessica’s lips.

“I should thank you for helping us this afternoon. With an extra pair of hands, everything ran so smoothly!”

“Ah, my fees are much higher than just a thank you, you know. My services aren’t cheap. It is definitely worth more than just words.”

Taeyeon’s lips drew back, revealing a sneaky smile.

“How about this for a deposit?” Taeyeon slipped her hand under the hem of Jessica’s loose fitting tee and ran her fingers across the latter’s back, earning a satisfied sigh from Jessica. “I’ll pay the rest later tonight.”

“Ya! I almost spilled my hot chocolate!” Jessica swatted Taeyeon’s hand away as the baker continued to roam the rest of Jessica’s body. The tingling sensation was making Jessica’s hand weak.

Hearty laughter rang through the living room as Taeyeon teased Jessica. Once it subsided, the couple gazed at each other, enjoying the warmth from the hot chocolate.

“I feel so blessed right now.” A blissful sigh escaped Taeyeon’s lips.

Fingers ran through Taeyeon’s hair, smoothing out the fray ends. “Why the sudden feel?”

“Because you are with me. Because I am with you. Because we have each other.”

Usually, Jessica would nag at Taeyeon for being cheesy but today, she was anticipating her lover’s sweet words. Perhaps the Christmas mood made her feel this way.

“It feels so good just spending time with you, the love of my life, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling under a warm quilt while watching the snow blanket the city.”

Jessica laughed. “I never know you can be so poetic.”

“Christmas is such a romantic season, even more than Valentine’s Day, don’t you think so?”

Jessica tilted her body towards Taeyeon and was stroking Taeyeon’s thigh. “Every moment spent with you is a romantic affair.”

Taeyeon giggled. “The cheese effect is great.”

Jessica buried her head in the crook of Taeyeon’s neck. “Honestly, I count my blessings to be able to spend time with you, considering how busy we can get.”

Taeyeon nodded as warm fuzzy feelings filled her heart. Turning her head, she kissed the top of Jessica’s head. Lifting her mug, she proclaimed, “To a happy, peaceful and joyous Christmas…and to spend many more Christmases with my baby!”

Jessica clinked her mug against Taeyeon’s and both of them took a sip.

“You’ve a chocolate moustache,” Jessica said casually.

Taeyeon naturally stuck her lips out in a pout. “Do what you are good at.”

With a chuckle, Jessica leaned forward and kissed away the chocolate marks.

Taeyeon set her mug on the coffee table before doing the same to Jessica’s mug.

Frowning, Taeyeon said with a mischievous grin, “I think you didn’t do a good job. I can still taste the chocolate on my lips. Now that your hands are free…”

Jessica placed one hand on Taeyeon’s cheek and used the other hand to push the latter’s chin up. “Don’t worry, I assure you I will clean it well this time.”

Pressing her lips against Taeyeon’s and using her tongue to seek entrance into the baker’s mouth, the couple shared warm passionate kiss as the Christmas night progressed.

= The End =

Inspired by the TaengSic picture and prompts (peace, heartwarming, contented) by YQ_Sone and the song request ‘Santa Baby’ from Alba.

Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!


18 thoughts on “(15) Of log cakes and hot chocolate

  1. Hi ! First merry christmas dear you really made my night as always with anther killing one shot from my one and only NSA couple . i want to thank you for this shor beautiful cheesy romantic story i really miss this couple ,a big THANK YOU . and thanks for using the song i requested , whenever i hear that song i remember taengsic . once again thank you authernim my fav taengsic writer .

    Ps : my name is Abla and not alba lol !

  2. merry xmas!! woohh thx for the cheesy update and end with byun moments too..haha ahh my taengsic feel
    kiddo taengoo always make sica’s happy..haha

  3. Merry Christmas!!! Sweet and lovely as always 😍
    May you have a warm and lovely Christmas as taengsic have 😉

  4. My favourite couple being so cheesy and fluffy to each other on such a joyous occasion! Merry Christmas to you! ^^

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