All I Ever Needed

Taeyeon was not in a good mood now. In fact, she felt extremely annoyed over the smallest thing. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of leaves in the cool breeze, the sounds of sneakers crushing the gravel path separating the business and arts blocks and many others. On a normal day, she wouldn’t even notice their existence but not today. She was having her period and the cramps caused her to be highly irritable.

Taeyeon sighed and put her book down. She couldn’t focus and there was no point in staring at the same paragraph over and over again. Looking across the table, she watched as Jessica solved math problems like she was born to do it. The blonde was wrinkling her nose and frowning almost simultaneously, her hair was a little ruffled but nonetheless she still looked beautiful.

Crossing her legs on the bench, Taeyeon propped her chin against her hands and rested her elbows on the table. There was a soft glow on the left side of Jessica’s face as the setting sun’s rays hit their table at an angle. Taeyeon could see the distinct jawline and the brown in Jessica’s eyes and it warmed her heart. She wanted to reach across the table and touch Jessica’s cheek.

Just then, Jessica looked up. “Are you alright?”

Taeyeon shook her head. “It’s the cramps.”

“Ah, do you want me to get you something warm, like a cup of tea?” Jessica suggested, putting down her pen and adjusting the uneven bun on her head. She bit the pink rubber band and let down her hair. The blonde strands cascade down her shoulders. It was an amazing sight, at least for Taeyeon.

“No, I drank two cups of tea already.”

Jessica finished tying her hair in a neat ponytail. “I think you should take a break.”

Taeyeon sighed inwardly. A break wasn’t what she needed. No matter how many breaks she took, she just couldn’t focus. Maybe she needed something else. Something sweet. A sugar rush.

A sudden craving hit Taeyeon. She wanted to eat her favourite strawberry shortcake.

“Let’s go to the roof to take a breather.” Jessica stood up and packed her stuff.

Knowing it would be impossible to find a strawberry shortcake in school, Taeyeon accepted that a change of environment was the next best option to ease her irritable mood.

“Are you sure that noisy bunch wouldn’t be at the roof now?” Taeyeon asked. She couldn’t handle dealing with the school’s infamous trio named SHY. The trio comprised of Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Yuri and they belonged to the dance club. They often practise on the roof with their loud hip hop music.

The roof was a favourite hangout place for Taeyeon and Jessica. They were in different classes but met through a school event and became close.

“I’ll go and chase them away for you.”

Taeyeon grinned. “You’re spoiling me, always looking out for me.”

“Do I?” Jessica smiled. It was a smile that made Taeyeon forget about cramps. A smile that blocked out all the irritation Taeyeon was feeling.

“Should I stop spoiling you then?”

Taeyeon’s eyes widened in shock. “Of course not! I’m not complaining about the attention I’m getting, especially when it comes from you.”

Taeyeon felt her face redden as she grabbed her bag and hurried behind Jessica.

Looking at her watch, Jessica turned around to face Taeyeon. “I’m sure SHY has packed up and left. They were talking about catching a 6pm movie. Why don’t you go up to the roof first? I want to leave some stuff in the locker before I see you at the usual spot.”

Taeyeon pursed her lips. “Okay.”

Climbing up the raised concrete block in the middle of the roof, Taeyeon could admire the bird’s eye view it had to offer. It was autumn and the trees that lined the paths in school were dressed in various shades of brown. Looking into the distance, the image of a strawberry shortcake appeared in the clouds.

“If only there is a strawberry shortcake now…” Taeyeon wished.

A few moments later, Taeyeon heard familiar footsteps making their way towards her. Then she saw Jessica holding a white box in her hand as she gingerly climbed the concrete block.

“What’s that?” Taeyeon asked curiously.

“This is something that will erase that perpetual frown on your forehead and chase the dark clouds looming above your head away.” Jessica appeared to be holding in her laughter as she place the box on the concrete block.

“Sounds magical.” Taeyeon slowly opened the cover and let out a gasp when she saw the content.

“When did you get this?!” Taeyeon exclaimed, pointing to the thick slice of strawberry shortcake inside the box.

“I figured you would be grumpy since it’s the second day of your period and I don’t like to hang out with a cranky ahjumma, hence I bought this as a backup,” Jessica laughed as she explained.

“You’re spoiling me so much, Sica,” Taeyeon beamed with delight, her eyes twinkling with joy and her smile was radiant.

“Because you’re worth it,” Jessica smiled gently, patting the top of Taeyeon’s head. “Enjoy.”

This girl was all Taeyeon ever needed.


= The End =


A/N : A very random spur of the moment drabble inspired by a SONE. You know who you are. heh heh heh!


11 thoughts on “All I Ever Needed

  1. Waoooo is rare to find a reference of SHY which this is awesome. Anyway i can take taengsic like this anyday ^,^

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