Heartbeat – Chapter 15

Suzuki, Hinata and Taeyeon were escorted to a small function room in the hotel. Several chairs, studio lights and a long table with white skirting were the only furniture in the room. Two hotel staff stood at the corners of the room while the first media team were setting up their equipment.

The first interview was with a major newspaper. It involved the organizers and the bakers only. Taeyeon breathed a sigh of relief when she discovered that not all the interviews involved Yukiko. The lesser the contact, the lesser the stress. Dealing with the media was hectic, Taeyeon didn’t want to deal with the additional pressure from handling the actress. The three of them breezed through the interview with Suzuki answering most of the questions.

Once the first interview was done, another journalist from a different newspaper entered the room. When the organizers mentioned about back to back interviews, Taeyeon was certain they were not joking.

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Heartbeat – Chapter 14

Taeyeon furrowed her brows as she tried to recall where she had seen the young lady in front of her.

The young lady had long wavy dark brown hair that framed her fair complexion. Her hazel eyes were beaming with excitement and she was twiddling her fingers.

“I’m Seungwan ah, Son Seung Wan.” Seungwan pronounced each word of her name slowly and clearly.

The name rang a bell and the face was vaguely familiar but Taeyeon was unable to recall where she met this person before.

“I attended your Choux Pastry workshop at the Seoul Culinary Academy two years ago. I had blue highlights at the ends of my hair,” Seungwan explained while doing a hair flip.

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Heartbeat – Chapter 13

Taeyeon woke up to incessant beeps on her phone and wondered who was bombarding her with text messages so early in the morning. Scrolling through the messages, a wide smile gradually grew on her face. Jessica was shopping and took photos of what she tried on in the fitting room. Taeyeon rolled on her back and replied the messages with lightning speed, her energy level spiking despite just waking up moments ago. After a few text exchanges, Taeyeon decided to call Jessica. She missed hearing her lover’s voice.

Taeyeon’s good mood was evident when she stepped into the kitchen. Ren was relieved his senpai was smiling as brightly as the summer sun despite the busy day ahead. It seemed she had recovered from her lousy mood last night.

When everyone was present, Suzuki rounded up his team for a meeting and gave a detailed run through on the event. The media embargo was going to be lifted tomorrow and heavy media coverage was expected. Also, the team would be assigned rooms in the hotel (where the event was held) in order to facilitate final preparations. Security would also be tighter during those days and everyone had to carry a photo id at all times. Everyone had to be on their toes and be alert at all times. Suzuki’s reputation was at stake and there was no room for mistakes.

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Heartbeat – Chapter 12

There was a lot of media buzz surrounding the upcoming charity event. So far, the only news released by the event organizers was about the team of award-winning bakers and the charity organization but none about the actress. Everyone was speculating about the actress in question. Several well-known names were thrown up for discussion but the organizers and everyone else involved in the event remained tight-lipped about it. Everyone had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and whoever who violated it would be heavily penalised. In this way, the organizers created hype and aroused interest in the event.

One morning, Suzuki was summoned to the organizer’s office for a meeting. It turned out that the organizers wanted Taeyeon to teach Yukiko how to bake. They needed some footage and photographs of Yukiko baking as part of their press release. In order to ensure Yukiko appear more ‘natural’ during the event, she would need to have prior practice in baking. Plus, it would be more credible that Yukiko put in some effort in contributing to the charity event instead of just making an appearance. This would greatly boost her popularity, thereby gaining more leading roles in dramas and endorsement deals. When Suzuki broke the news to Taeyeon, Taeyeon couldn’t help but suspect that Yukiko had a hand in requesting for the practice sessions. Afterall, Suzuki’s team had more than eight people, so why choose her specifically? Continue reading

Heartbeat – Chapter 11

Since returning from Tokyo, Taeyeon and Jessica made time for each other despite their busy schedules. It wasn’t anything unusual but this time, the looming thought of the long separation, seemed to be hovering at the back of their minds. They ordered takeaways most of the time, choosing to spend time with each other at home instead of going out.


Finally, it was the day Jessica had to depart for Los Angeles. Taeyeon and Jessica were enjoying an early breakfast in a café at the Incheon International Airport. They were sitting side by side with Taeyeon cutting up the bacon into small pieces and feeding the younger woman. Jessica was stroking Taeyeon’s thighs while being fed. Occasionally they would share a light peck between eating their breakfast. There was hardly anyone else in the café and they were sitting in a quiet corner so the couple were more open with their affection.

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Heartbeat – Chapter 10

“Good morning!” Hyun Seung chirped as he glided into the office pantry.


“Good morning,” Jessica replied after taking a sip of her coffee.


Hyun Seung stopped in his tracks abruptly and took a few steps backwards to face Jessica.


“Hey, do I detect a warm happy good morning?” Hyun Seung questioned, raising his eyebrow.


Jessica avoided his question and squeezed past him to exit the pantry.


“Ooh, someone’s in a good mood. There’s even a smile on her face,” Hyun Seung called out, sticking his head out of the pantry in the direction where Jessica was heading.

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Heartbeat – Chapter 9

The familiar scent of Polo Ralph perfume and kiss on her eyelid woke Jessica up from her sleep. She fluttered her eyelids open slowly and stretched her arms above her head.

“Good morning, baby,” Taeyeon greeted softly. She pushed aside the strands of chestnut-coloured hair from Jessica’s forehead and kissed it. “Did I wake you up?”

Jessica caught Taeyeon’s arm and pulled the baker towards her. Taeyeon knelt on the floor to get closer to her sleepy lover. She brushed aside some loose strands of hair covering Jessica’s face and kissed the tip of her nose.

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