Bed Warmer

“Sica’s darling is home,” Taeyeon called out as she took off her shoes at the door.


Looking at her watch, Taeyeon realised that it was nearly midnight and Jessica was probably asleep. She mouthed a soft ‘Oops’ , hoping that her earlier greeting wouldn’t wake Jessica up.


Taeyeon wasn’t usually home so late but tonight was an exception because she had to attend a Halloween party organized by her department at work.


Stepping into the bedroom, Taeyeon was surprised to see Jessica still awake and holding an iPad in her hands while sitting upright in bed. It was past Jessica’s bedtime and the sleepy head should had been asleep by now.


Taeyeon was dressed as a sheriff for the Halloween party and she hadn’t changed out of her clothes yet. She had removed her brown cowgirl hat but still had the red scarf, shirt, vest and pants on her. Noticing the smooth fair shoulders that was exposed by the loose camisole Jessica was wearing, Taeyeon whipped out the fake pair of handcuffs from her belt and pretended to handcuff Jessica.


“You’re way too sexy, madam. Guilty as charged!” Taeyeon proclaimed, holding Jessica’s handcuffed wrists.


Jessica unleashed her aegyo. “Sheriff Taeng, can’t you let me off this time? After all, I waited for you to return home so that we could cuddle and kiss in bed. The bed feels so cold without you.”


Taeyeon pursed her lips, pretending to be deep in thought. “Hmmm…that sounds like an awesome idea.”


“Enough of play. Go and shower. I want to cuddle with my bed warmer,” Jessica said with a yawn.


Taeyeon chuckled at the sight of the sleepy blonde with messy hair. She brushed her fingers through Jessica’s hair and tucked her under the blanket. “I’ll be right back after my shower then. Meanwhile, close your beautiful eyes and try to sleep.”


Five minutes later…


“Taengoo, are you done yet?”


“I just stepped into the shower, darling,” Taeyeon called out from the bathroom.


Ten minutes later…


“Taengoo ah…are you done yet?”


“Not yet darling. Please try to sleep. I’ll be right there.”


Ten minutes later…


Taeyeon stepped out of the bathroom and was glad to see Jessica sleeping soundly. She dried her hair before sliding cautiously onto the bed, for fear of waking Jessica up. However, to her surprise, Jessica opened her eyes and turned around to face her.


“Darling, why are you still awake?” Taeyeon asked with concern.


“Because the bed is so cold without you,” Jessica sulked.


Taeyeon pressed her forehead against Jessica’s and wrapped her arms around Jessica’s back, giving the latter a hug.


Jessica tucked her head in the crook of Taeyeon’s neck, taking in the citrus scent of the body wash Taeyeon used. She pressed her body against Taeyeon’s and curled one leg with the latter’s, nestled close. Feeling the warmth on her body, Jessica closed her eyes and felt peace tinkling from her heart to her toes.


Pressing a kiss on the crown of Jessica’s head, Taeyeon whispered a ‘Good night’ before closing her eyes and enjoying the satisfaction of cuddling with her loved one.


“Good night Sheriff Taeng.”




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