Give it to me now

Jessica felt Taeyeon gently weaving her fingers with hers and leaning exceptionally close to her. Their arms touched and it was rather electrifying. Occasionally Jessica felt Taeyeon looking at her instead of looking at the giant screen in front of them. She watched enough movies and dramas to guess that Taeyeon was trying to find a ‘right’ moment to kiss her.


They had been together for almost a month and the furthest they went was a goodbye hug everything they parted. For the last three times when they parted at the foot of Jessica’s apartment, it was a little hesitant. Taeyeon had a strange look in her eyes and tended to bit her lips, a behaviour that sprouted only recently. Jessica didn’t think too much about it.


However today was different from their usual movie date. Taeyeon appeared to be a little more touchy and distracted during the movie. Jessica couldn’t hold it in any longer and turned around to ask why Taeyeon was behaving oddly. It was then she realised Taeyeon’s face was just inches away from hers. She could feel Taeyeon’s warm breath and gentle gaze. In a matter of seconds, their noses were touching.


Jessica’s heartbeat increased three folds. It was the first time she had been so close with someone. Taeyeon was her first girlfriend but she knew she wasn’t Taeyeon’s first since the latter mentioned she dated before.


A warm wet lip touched Jessica’s upper lip. In a moment of panic, Jessica instinctively moved away and used her free hand to cover Taeyeon’s mouth. Both of them stared at each other with big round eyes; one was too embarrassed and the other was startled by what happened.


Taeyeon mumbled something but it wasn’t clear since Jessica had her hand firmly planted on Taeyeon’s mouth. Jessica mouthed an anxious apology and loosened her grip a little.


“Sorry, I should have asked first,” Taeyeon repeated. “Guess I was too anxious.”


“N-no… I was just… taken by surprise,” Jessica said shyly.


“It’s okay. Let’s take it slowly,” Taeyeon said with a smile as she lifted the hand off her mouth and held it in hers.


Jessica’s heartbeat wasn’t slowing down. It wasn’t the first time they held hands but this felt totally different.


Taeyeon brought Jessica’s hand up. “May I kiss your hand instead?”


There was a slight pause before Jessica gave a small nod. Her body tensed up in preparation of the intimate contact.


A wide smile grew across Taeyeon’s face as she lifted the hand towards her lips and kissed the back of Jessica’s hand. Her eyes never left Jessica’s as she observed the younger girl’s reaction. Taeyeon planted another kiss on a different part of Jessica’s hand and continued watching.


Sensing no severe rejection, Taeyeon slowly parted the long slender fingers and kissed the tip of each one. She kissed each knuckle, letting her lips linger a little before moving to the next knuckle. She saw the delight in Jessica’s eyes and the hitch in her breath when she finally kissed Jessica’s palm.


Jessica felt the heat rising from her stomach to her cheeks and a different sort of heat pooling in another part of her body. Taeyeon’s kisses were soft and gentle. The butterflies in her stomach came alive with vigour when Taeyeon once again leaned closer to her.


“May I kiss… …”


Jessica’s heart was pounding like crazy. She hadn’t expected such waves of joy and excitement when Taeyeon’s lips touched her hand. All of a sudden, she wanted to feel Taeyeon’s lips on hers. She was certain it was going to be amazing.


“Your earlobe?”


“Oh?” Jessica was a little surprised. It wasn’t the body part she had expected.


“You sound disappointed.” A lopsided grin appeared on Taeyeon’s face.


“Eh, no. I…I…,” Jessica refused to admit that she was hoping the question was about her lips.


Jessica felt the warm pair of lips nibbling on her earlobe before a wet tongue licked the shell of her ear. She never knew kissing earlobes could invoke images of rainbows bursting in her head. A hand slipped around Jessica’s waist and rested on the back of her back. Such intimacy almost caused Jessica’s heart to burst out of her ribcage.


Taeyeon was coming at Jessica fast and furious and it seemed Jessica couldn’t back away. In fact, it felt so good. Too good. Every inch of her muscle relaxed and waves of pleasure washed over her body.


When Taeyeon’s lips left her skin, Jessica was completely flustered. Her breath was uneven and her body was warm.


“Are you alright?” Taeyeon asked with a grin. There was an obvious tone of mischief in her voice. It was as if she was tempting her girlfriend with those kisses in the hope of aiming for the final one on her lips.


“I am fine,” came an almost breathless reply.


Taeyeon swept the loose strands of hair from Jessica’s face.


“When you are ready, give me a hint. Maybe you can say ‘give it to me now’?” Taeyeon teased, with a twinkle in her eyes. Leaning back comfortably in her seat, Taeyeon intertwined her fingers with Jessica’s and placed their hands on her thigh.


A few seconds later, Taeyeon sensed Jessica leaning towards her and a slight tug on their intertwined fingers.




Taeyeon turned around to face Jessica. “Did you just say something?”


Jessica was sure she was as red as a beetroot and was certain she said each word very clearly. Nonetheless, if she wanted to satisfy her want, she had to repeat her sentence.


“Give. It. To. Me…”


A pair of lips silenced Jessica before she could finish her sentence. A hand brushed through Jessica’s hair and rested on the back of her head. Another hand wrapped around her back as the kiss deepened.


That was when Jessica saw fireworks erupted in her head, filling the mind with a multitude of colours.


= The End =