Midnight Kiss

Taeyeon and Jessica were as different as day and night. They hung out with different groups of friends in school. They saw each other everyday but didn’t really bother to interact with one another. It was a school camp towards the end of their first year in university that they had the opportunity to spend time interacting with each other.



Since that school camp, Taeyeon and Jessica became close friends. No one really knew what made them stick together like glue but perhaps it was because opposites attract. They were like magnets, always seen together, rarely apart. Thankfully both of them were in the same faculty and they chose identical modules so that they could hang out and study together.



It was a coincidence that Taeyeon and Jessica stayed in the same neighbourhood and they would share the same bus home. They would call each other at home, spending hours on the phone though they had just spent the day at school. At times they would link arms while walking to the bus stop. While they were eating, Taeyeon would casually tuck Jessica’s loose strands of hair behind her ear to prevent her hair from touching the food on the plate. Jessica would always wipe the ice cream stains off Taeyeon’s mouth whenever they ate at the ice cream parlour. To them, those actions seemed normal since they were close friends.



Soon, Sunny, Taeyeon’s good friend, began to question the latter on her close friendship with Jessica.



“Don’t you have any special feelings for her? Don’t be mistaken, I’m not being jealous,” Sunny paused. “Are you sure you’re just friends?”



Those questions set the wheels in Taeyeon’s minds turning. Had she unconsciously fallen in love with her best friend?



Taeyeon began to look at Jessica from a different perspective. She realised she loved the way Jessica smiled, it was different from everyone else. Heck, she could even tell what Jessica was thinking about just by observing Jessica’s mannerisms and facial expressions. They told each other everything, from the smallest details to the largest stories, sometimes even more than what they would share with their own family members. They would chat daily on the phone and via text messages. Sometimes, one of them would fall asleep to the other person’s voice at the end of the line. Taeyeon noticed that waking up to Jessica’s long texts the next morning always made her smile and brightened her day. Were those signs of being in love?



Taeyeon enjoyed teasing Jessica and watching the latter frown or growl at her. Occasionally, Jessica might even smack the back of Taeyeon’s head to teach her a lesson for teasing her. They didn’t always agree with each other and would end up arguing. However, at the end of the day, they would still make up and be on talking terms again. After each argument, they grew closer.



It took a year end party to make Taeyeon admit that she was in love with her best friend. Jessica had insisted Taeyeon on going over to her house so that she could share her cosmetics with the latter. Jessica knew that Taeyeon wasn’t familiar with the wide array of cosmetics and how to doll herself up, so she offered to help do the makeup on Taeyeon’s face.



It was the first time Taeyeon saw Jessica with full make up on and dressed in a shiny tube dress. In fact, Taeyeon almost forgotten to breathe when Jessica stepped out of her room to show Taeyeon her dress. It took Jessica’s powerful smack on the head to wake Taeyeon out of her daze.



“You look so beautiful tonight.” It was cliche but that was Taeyeon’s true feelings.



Both of them enjoyed themselves thoroughly at the party, mingling with friends and sharing drinks. It was 11pm and everyone was starting to leave since some of them had to work at their part-time jobs the following morning.



Taeyeon and Jessica took a slow walk home once they arrived at the main road in their neighbourhood. They wanted to ‘walk off’ the alcohol in their system. Their arms would brush each other’s at times and both of them would burst out giggling. Taeyeon felt the heat rushing to her cheeks and blamed it on the alcohol. Jessica, on the other hand, was blushing profusely though she said nothing about the pink flush on her face.



The night was a little chilly and the sky was clear. Jessica was warming herself up by rubbing her arms. Taeyeon chided her for being so vain and not bringing a jacket along. Pulling out a shawl from her bag, Taeyeon wrapped the fabric around Jessica.



Smiling brightly, Jessica said thanks before the both of them continued walking home. It was almost midnight when they stopped outside Jessica’s house. Taeyeon took a glance at her watch and it showed 11:59pm.



“We’re here,” Taeyeon announced.



“Yes we are.” It was a rhetorical answer.



“So erm…,” Taeyeon stuttered.



“Ya?” Jessica said, her breath was as soft as cotton.



Taeyeon played with the ends of her fingers.



“I want to say that I had a good time at the party…”



“Me too. It was fun.”



“Ya, it was.”



“It’s almost midnight… and there’s just this… feeling… it’s calming…”



“You mean like your name, Taeyeon equals calm?” Jessica let out a chuckle.



A spark of joy burst through Taeyeon’s body when she heard the chuckle.



“Ah ya, something like that…”



“Taeng, are you trying to tell me something?” Jessica raised her brows and looked directly into Taeyeon’s eyes.



“Sica, I like you more than a friend…I like you…like this.”



With a slight tiptoe, Taeyeon pressed her lips against Jessica’s. Just then, there was a beep on Taeyeon’s Baby-G, signalling that it was midnight.



Taeyeon was about to pull away when she felt Jessica throwing her arms around her back and pulling her closer. Their lips moved in sync with each other’s, like how their heart beated in harmony at that moment.



When they finally pulled away, their breaths were short and their foreheads still touching.



“I like you like this too,” Jessica whispered, as they weaved their fingers with each other’s.



Taeyeon wore the widest grin in the life that night. She finally had the answer to Sunny’s question.





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