The rustling of leaves was accompanied by the scratching of a pen against paper. Instead of focusing on reading her notes, Taeyeon’s attention was on the person next to her.

Taeyeon and Jessica were sitting beneath a huge tree in the cool weather. They were doing revisions before the big test next week. Deciding that it was too stifling to study at the library, the pair opted to go outdoors.

Taeyeon’s eyes landed on the curve of Jessica’s nose. She observed how Jessica’s long lashes batted, how her brows were knitted as the blonde focused intently on solving the equations in the workbook, how she could bit her lips whenever she faced a difficult question and how flawless her porcelain skin was.

Just then, the scratching sounds stopped. Jessica stopped momentarily to push her horn-rimmed glasses up her nose. Taeyeon hurriedly turned her head back to her notes and almost dropped the book on her lap.

“Taengoo ah, stop staring and study. The test is just next week.” Jessica used her pen to tap Taeyeon’s forehead lightly.

Taeyeon laughed, guilty at being caught red-handed. Her ears were burning and her cheeks were turning red. “It’s because you’re distracting. You’re too beautiful.”

Jessica closed her book and turned around to face Taeyeon. “Then maybe we shouldn’t study together since I’m such a distraction.”

“Hey!” Taeyeon pouted, pretending to be upset at Jessica’s suggestion.

Jessica giggled, unable to resist kissing Taeyeon on her nose seeing that adorable sight in front of her. “Silly girl, you’re supposed to be studying your notes, not my face.”

Taeyeon propped her chin in her palms. “Guilty as charged.”

“Let’s take a short break. My brain’s a little fried,” Jessica suggested.

“Great suggestion!” Taeyeon immediately took Jessica’s book out of her hands, spun herself around so that her back was facing Jessica and casually lay down on Jessica’s lap before the blonde could say anything.

Taeyeon looked up at the blonde with a huge grin on her face.

“Ahh, so this must be how angels look like,” Taeyeon said wistfully, twisting the ends of Jessica’s hair.

“Cheeky,” Jessica raps Taeyeon’s forehead with her pen.

“Ouch!” Taeyeon whined.

“You deserve it,” Jessica said defiantly as she ran her fingers through Taeyeon’s soft brown hair. That little action made her feel relaxed. Spending time with her loved one was always enjoyable.

Taeyeon rubbed the red spot and sulked. Then, she felt her head rising as Jessica lifted her knees. A soft tender kiss landed on her forehead, making her heart flutter and the butterflies in her stomach go crazy.

“One more,” Taeyeon pointed to her pouty lips. “Over here.”

Jessica shook her head and pushed Taeyeon up. “Resting time is over. Back to revision time.”

Taeyeon’s smile dropped and turned into a frown.

“Let me have an energy booster before I start.” Without hesitation, Taeyeon placed her hands at the sides of Jessica’s face and pressed her lips against the blonde’s.

Jessica was a little surprised but she didn’t resist. She merely let the stress in her body dissipate as she melt into her lover’s kiss.

“Satisfied,” Taeyeon grinned from ear to ear after they broke apart. She noticed how crimson Jessica’s cheeks were and couldn’t help letting out a chuckle.

Both of them resumed their revision. A few minutes later, Jessica felt Taeyeon shift her weight to lean against her arm.

“I love you.” A soft and sincere declaration of love.

Jessica stopped writing. She turned around to see Taeyeon gazing at her. Twisting the pen in her hand, Jessica used the end of it to tap on Taeyeon’s head.

“I love you too.”

Taeyeon’s lips were slowly forming a huge smile on her face. Her heart was beating faster than just now and warmth was filling every inch of her body.

“I’m glad you do.”

Taeyeon’s right hand searched for Jessica’s left hand and held it. Their fingers laced together naturally and their smiles soon matched each other’s. They gave each other a tender look before they returned to their books.




A/N: Happy 10th Anniversary Girls’ Generation! Let’s go on together forever!