Three Things

See you.

It is that simple. When I see you, my heart beats a little faster, my stomach feels a little lighter and my smile shines a little brighter. You don’t realise the effect you have on me whenever you appear within my sight. No one else can make me smile like the way you do.

That stubborn loose curl that sticks out whenever you brush your hair, that twinkle in your eyes whenever I mention ice cream, the cute dimple that appears whenever you grin and the frantic biting of your nails whenever you’re stressed. The way you hold the umbrella to shield me from the pouring rain while you get half drenched, the way you subtly pull me to the other side of you (away from the direction of the traffic) when we cross the roads, the way you blush whenever I compliment you. Those little actions you never know you are doing make me fall in love with you.
Kiss you.

Since the day I first met you, I crave your lips on mine. Call me crazy but no one would forgo the opportunity to kiss those luscious full lips of yours. The glint of your lip gloss in the sunlight enhances the pink of your lips and makes you even more desirable.

You can’t imagine the amount of courage I had to muster when we first kissed. I swore I felt my feet lift off the ground and my heart almost burst through the ribcage when our lips first touched. It was and still is the best feeling in the world because I have been wanting to kiss you for the longest time.

I like the way you kiss. It isn’t because you’re a good kisser. I like the unexpected kisses you spring on me, especially those while we are talking. You make it feel like it is the most natural thing to do while we are lost in our own conversation.

Till today, your kisses still take my breath away.

Hug you.

Your hugs are my favourite. The way your arms curve around my back and how your body fits mine perfectly whenever we hug makes the experience feel so magical. You make me feel loved whenever I hug you and you hug me back even tighter. I don’t feel like letting you go each time we hugged. I would hug you all day if I could.

I found home in your arms. You give me the comfort and security no one else have. I can’t imagine a life without you.

Come, Taeyeon ah, wrap your body around mine and let’s hug. I want to spend forever with you.

= The End =


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