Words from the heart

The smell of citrus reached Yoona’s nose just before she was enveloped in a hug from behind. The pair of  arms wrapped themselves around the curve of her waist and the hands interlocked just below her belly button. The warm embrace was comforting and made her feel loved.


“You lost weight again,” a husky voice whispered into Yoona’s ear.


Yoona stroked the arm around her waist. “It’s because you weren’t around to feed me,” Yoona replied in mock anger.

“Ah, it’s my fault. Let’s go for a good meal right now!” The arms unwrapped themselves around Yoona’s waist. One hand found its way to Yoona’s hand and their fingers intertwined.


Yoona and Yuri had been dating for the past two years. They met through a mutual friend and hit off instantly, bonding over food.


Yuri’s job required her to travel occasionally to various parts of the world. She made it an effort to call Yoona before the latter’s bedtime to have a short chat and to wish her good night no matter what time zone she was in. Sometimes they may chat until Yuri had unknowingly fallen asleep at the end of the line due to the time difference. This gesture hadn’t gone unnoticed by Yoona.


When Yuri slept over, Yoona liked how Yuri brushed her fingers through her blonde hair and how Yuri’s fingers would end up at Yoona’s chin. The fingers would lift Yoona’s chin a little before a pair of lips swooped in to capture Yoona’s lips.


Yoona also loved how Yuri would suddenly sweep her off her feet literally. It was random but she enjoyed the surprise lift from her lover and how they would fit each other perfectly as Yuri twirled her around.


There was just one thing which was bothering Yoona since the start of their relationship. Yuri had not uttered the three magical words of love. It was always “I like you”, not “I love you.” To Yoona, there was a difference.


One evening, the couple was walking along the street, on the way to Yoona’s apartment when Yoona stopped in her tracks.


“Yul, I want to know how you feel about me,” Yoona said firmly.


Yuri chuckled as she tugged some loose strands of hair behind Yoona’s ear.


“I like you.”


Yoona let out a short sigh.


“What’s wrong?” Yuri asked, concerned about the change in Yoona’s expression.


“We have been dating for more than two years but I have not heard those three magical words from you.”


Yuri held up three fingers and said with a smile, “I like you. Three words.”


This time, Yoona sighed inwardly. It seemed Yuri didn’t get what she was trying to say.


The couple continued the walk in silence until they arrived at Yoona’s doorstep.


Yuri planted a kiss on Yoona’s forehead before bidding goodbye. Yoona returned the favour by giving Yuri a hug before they parted.


Yoona was a little disappointed tonight. She told herself she ought to be thankful that Yuri liked her. Perhaps Yuri wanted to wait for the right moment before she utter those words.


About an hour later, Yoona heard a knock on her door. She opened it and saw Yuri standing at her door with a serious expression.


“Yoong, you asked me about how I feel about you. You wanted me to utter the three words but I realised I can’t.”


Yoona was taken aback by Yuri’s statement.


Suddenly, Yuri whipped out a bouquet of roses and held it in front of Yoona.


“I can’t say those three words because you’re worth much more than that. I need five words to express how I feel about you.”


A short pause before a lopsided grin appeared on Yuri’s face.


“Yoong, I love you very much.”


Tears rolled down Yoona’s cheek as she leapt into Yuri’s arms. Yuri wrapped Yoona in a tight embrace and pressed a kiss on the latter’s temple.


“I suppose that’s okay?” Yuri asked softly.


A nod on Yuri’s shoulder was the answer to her question.


“Silly girl,” Yuri chuckled, brushing her fingers through Yoona’s hair.


= The End =


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