Encore (9)

Encore – A piece of music played at the end of a recital responding to the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to the performance, shown by continuous applause.


The white iPhone vibrated on the table, signalling an incoming text message. Drying her hair with one hand, Jessica picked up the phone with the other free hand to read the message.


Look out of your window – Taeyeon


A smile appeared on Jessica’s face immediately when she saw the sender’s name. She hurried to her window and stuck her head outside, wondering what Taeyeon was up to.


Illuminated by the lamppost along the road, Jessica spotted a bouquet of red roses and an iPad with the message “Missed me?” She couldn’t see the person’s face clearly as it was blocked by the flowers. Jessica hurriedly slipped on a hoodie and a pair of shorts and skipped out of her house. She narrowly avoided stepping on her neighbour’s cat as she dashed out of the door and headed for the lift.


Taeyeon was already waiting with open arms when she saw the blonde appearing at the gate.


Those legs…this is the first time I’ve seen so much skin and boy, I’m not complaining.


There was a wide smile on Taeyeon’s face as she enveloped the blonde in a hug, taking in the scent of freshly washed hair. She planted a kiss on Jessica’s left temple and ruffled the still-wet blonde locks.


After they broke away from their hug, Taeyeon handed Jessica the bouquet of roses and watched the blonde smiling from ear to ear. Taeyeon had just returned back to Seoul after the nationwide tour which took two months. She missed Jessica terribly and rushed to her house after she was done unpacking her stuff at her own home.


“My first bouquet of flowers from you after five months of being together. It’s such a nice surprise!” Jessica beamed as she sniffed the roses.
“Giving roses to a girl is a classic way of showing love. Anyway, do you want to go for coffee now?” Taeyeon was still grinning from ear to ear.  Jessica was her joy and she thought about her a lot during her nationwide tour.


Jessica bit her lips and thought about it for a while. “Would you like to come to my place instead? My parents have gone on a short holiday for this weekend and the house is empty.”


Taeyeon’s eyes lit up instantly. “That sounds great. Let’s go!”


Jessica made Taeyeon a cup of coffee and got her some biscuits. They were busy catching up, after not seeing each other for more than two months. Jessica laid her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder and circled her arms around Taeyeon’s waist while Taeyeon had her left arm wrapped snuggly around Jessica’s waist. Every now and then, Taeyeon would bend down and kiss the top of Jessica’s head as they chatted.


Taeyeon slid her left hand downwards and began running her fingers along Jessica’s exposed thigh. Things started to get a little steamy when Taeyeon cupped Jessica’s butt with her left hand and playfully patted it to the rhythm of a random musical piece.


It suddenly dawned on Jessica how inappropriately dressed she was. She was used to wearing only a tee and a pair of shorts when she was at home. However, she had been too excited about Taeyeon’s appearance that she had forgotten to cover herself up decently in front of a guest.


“I should get changed. I just got out of the shower when you texted me earlier,” Jessica said nervously, breaking free from Taeyeon’s grasp.


“You’re not going anywhere,” Taeyeon smirked as she pulled Jessica by her arms and met her lips, kissing her. She sucked on Jessica’s lips hungrily, enjoying the fruity taste of her lip gloss.


Missing Taeyeon very much, Jessica decided that she could afford to change later on, after savouring the pair of kissable lips.


Taeyeon slid a hand behind Jessica’s head and started drawing small circles at the base of Jessica’s neck, making the blonde melt into a puddle. It was something that Jessica enjoyed each time they kissed.  While stroking Jessica’s back, Taeyeon made a startling discovery which caused her to smile in her kiss.




Taeyeon shifted her position until she was hovering above Jessica, not breaking the kiss at all.


“I missed you so much,” Taeyeon whispered huskily after taking a quick breath. She moved her hands upwards, starting from her thighs to the side of Jessica’s body.


“Me too,” Jessica replied, breathlessly. Her mind wasn’t able to focus properly anymore as Taeyeon slowly teased her with her hands stroking the sides of her body, her thighs and her back.


“Can I?” Taeyeon asked, rather abruptly after breaking away from the kiss. She was looking straight at the pair of brown eyes that were gazing back at her.


Jessica was a little puzzled by what Taeyeon’s comment. It took her a full five seconds before she realised what Taeyeon was asking. Taeyeon already had one hand on the zipper of Jessica’s hoodie and it was obvious what Taeyeon was planning to do.


Jessica was shy at the thought of going a step further with Taeyeon.


“I’m …” Jessica paused, not knowing what to say. Her mind wasn’t in order and her body was weak.


“It’s okay. Let’s not rush into things.” Taeyeon plopped back onto the sofa. With her arms wide open, she beckoned Jessica to lie by her side. She enveloped the blonde in her tight hug, wrapping her arms around Jessica’s neck, taking in the scent of her shampoo. The lovely peach scented shampoo lifted her mood and washed her weariness away.


They continued to chat, updating each other about their recent activities and soon it was past midnight. Jessica offered her guest room to Taeyeon and her parents weren’t in. Taeyeon took up the offer without hesitation since she didn’t have to travel home alone in the middle of the night.


They kissed goodnight at the living room and headed for their respective bedrooms. Jessica changed out of her hoodie and slipped into a comfortable oversized tee before lying in bed. Staring at the ceiling, she wondered if Taeyeon was asleep the moment her head hit the bed as she looked a little tired earlier on.


Half an hour later, Jessica was still tossing and turning in her bed. There seemed to be knots in her chest and she was feeling somewhat frustrated, not knowing what was the exact cause of it. Unable to sleep, she decided to make herself a cup of warm milk. Walking into the living room, she spotted a mop of hair peeking out from the sofa and the television was switched on at a very low volume.


Standing behind sofa, she bent down and wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s neck.


“Why are you not sleeping yet?” Jessica asked, plastering her face next to Taeyeon’s cheek.


“I don’t usually sleep so early when I’m at home. Why aren’t you sleeping yet then? I see you’ve changed into something more comfy.” Taeyeon turned her head around and planted a light kiss on Jessica’s cheek.


The knots in Jessica’s chest seemed to lessen after the kiss.


Maybe that is really what I really need.


Jessica hopped onto the sofa, next to Taeyeon and they resumed their earlier position in the sofa with Jessica resting her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder again. Out of the blue, Jessica started to brush her lips gently across Taeyeon’s neck, causing the latter to twitch.


“Sica, what are you doing?” Taeyeon asked, puzzled by the blonde’s sudden increase in physical intimacy.


“Nothing,” Jessica answered innocently. She wrapped an arm around Taeyeon’s waist and started to nibble Taeyeon’s neck.


“Sica, if you continue to do this, you know that I want more right?” Taeyeon said bluntly, trying to suppress any wild thoughts that were flooding her mind right now. She was gripping the edge of the sofa tightly in order to keep her hands away from the blonde.


“Ah huh…” Jessica continued kissing Taeyeon, slowly moving upwards from her neck to her ears. She licked the shell of Taeyeon’s ear and nibbled her ear lobe.


Taeyeon had enough of being teased by Jessica. Her heart felt like it as beating at one hundred beats per minute and perspiration began to form on her forehead. Shifting her body weight, Taeyeon managed to pin Jessica against the sofa while she hovered above her.


“I take it as a yes to my earlier request then,” Taeyeon smirked before planting her lips on Jessica’s.


Passions were running amok as Taeyeon’s right hand reached for the hem of Jessica’s oversized cotton tee while they were busy kissing each other. Slowly but surely, she lifted the cotton tee until she felt Jessica shiver from the anticipation of what was coming up.


Taeyeon broke away from the kiss and looked into Jessica’ eyes. Jessica’s eyes were unable to focus on Taeyeon’s face, her heartbeat was erratic, her breathing was uneven and her body temperature was rising.


“Sica…” Taeyeon whispered huskily as she gently stroked the toned stomach underneath the tee. Her hand started inching upwards, just like a mountain climber who was aiming to reach the peak. Then she plastered her lips on Jessica’s jawline, kissing from one end of her jaw to the other.


Her skin is silky smooth…


“Yes?” Jessica replied, breathlessly. She felt that her soul was being taken to Heaven, bit by bit.


“Should I…proceed?” Taeyeon asked, pretending to be innocent.


“Yes…” Jessica’s voice trailed off.


“Is that a reluctant yes or a positive yes?” Taeyeon joked, grazing her lips across Jessica’s neck.


“Yes…Yes…positive…” Jessica curled her toes and tangled her fingers in Taeyeon’s hair as the latter started to kiss her exposed collarbones.


Taeyeon’s hands roamed around Jessica’s body freely, exploring the curves of her body, feeling every inch of her bare skin. She allowed her tongue to taste the silky soft skin along Jessica’s collarbones, stopping at one end of her collarbone and leaving her mark. Jessica didn’t mind a bit, in fact, she wanted more but was too embarrassed to ask.


Taeyeon’s caught the hint when she heard the deep moans coming from Jessica. “Sica ya…your room or mine?”


Without saying a word, Jessica slowly rose from the sofa and led Taeyeon in the guest room where they continued sharing their love for each other on another level.




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