Chapter 1

The air was crisp and the sun was shining gloriously in the open field. I closed my eyes for a moment inhaling the smell of flowers that filled the air. I took off my sandals and stepped onto the soft grass that was freshly cut, letting the blades of grass tickle the soles of my feet.


I spotted someone sitting under the shade of an oak tree and it looked familiar. When I got closer, the person’s unmistakable blonde locks shone in the sun. She shielded her eyes with her hand and smiled brightly at me. With her other free hand, she beckoned for me to join her under the cool shade of the oak tree.


I hurried over, almost half running towards the golden girl sitting under the tree. The moment I stood in front of her, my heart was pounding like crazy. Her brown eyes were twinkling and her pink luscious lips were calling out to me.


“Have a seat here,” she said, patting the empty spot next to her.


I obeyed immediately and she let out a giggle. It was the most melodious tune I ever heard.


She turned around to face me and her lips were curved into a sweet smile. 


“Actually…I…” I stuttered.


“You like me, right?” she said gently. She was leaning towards me and I could smell the magnolia-scented body wash she used.


I was shocked she knew of my feelings for her.


She tucked my hair behind my ear and whispered into it, “And I like you too.”


I felt like I was floating on cloud nine and I was deliriously happy. She placed one hand below my chin and tilted it up. I saw her face just inches away from mine and I felt my heart almost stop beating for a moment. I felt her sweet warm breath on my face and braced myself for the physical intimacy I had been longing for.


I closed my eyes, pouting my lips for contact with hers.


A light object flew across the row of seat and hit a girl who was sitting at by the window. She picked up the eraser from the floor and turned around to glare at the perpetrator.


“What?” Yoona mouthed, turning around to glare at her classmate. She was irritated by Seohyun who had interrupted her of her pleasant daydream. The girl of her dreams was about to kiss her and she was rudely interrupted.


Seohyun scribbled on a piece of paper and held it up for Yoona to read.


“Stop daydreaming else you’ll fail Geography!”


Yoona sulked and turned back to face the front of the class.


After the class had ended, Seohyun came over to Yoona’s desk.


“Dreaming of your golden girl Jessica Jung again?” Seohyun said in a firm voice, sounding like a teacher reprimanding her student.


Yoona’s face turned a shade of pink and she pulled Seohyun’s blouse, forcing her classmate to bend down.


“We were about to kiss!” Yoona hissed, glaring at Seohyun.  “And you spoilt the moment!!”


“I bet she doesn’t even know your existence!” Seohyun brushed Yoona’s hand from her blouse and stood straight up. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked down at her classmate.


Yoona stood up, meeting her classmate eye to eye.


“I’m sure she does. I’ve been trying to hang out in places she appears in,” Yoona said defensively.


Seohyun flicked her fingers at Yoona’s forehead. “It’s just an obsession. You’re better off focusing your energy on your studies.”


“Seohyunnie, don’t you agree that she’s just so…hot?” Yoona said dreamily, ignoring the pain on her forehead.


“Hot indeed. Always getting into hot soup for breaking so many girls’ hearts. Then again, not like she cares.”


“It’s not her fault that her beauty is beyond description,” Yoona continued, totally ignoring what Seohyun had just said.


“That’s only because your vocabulary is poor,” Seohyun rebutted.


“Gosh, Seohyunnie, must you be the wet blanket all the time?” Yoona sulked.


“Time for our next class, Yoong. Stop daydreaming.” Seohyun watched Yoona pack her bag before the both of them left for their next class.


As they walked down the corridor, Yoona suddenly jabbed Seohyun in her ribs, causing the latter to squeak. She grabbed Seohyun’s wrist and pulled her behind a pillar.


“It’s her!” Yoona squealed, sneaking a peek from behind the pillar.


Seohyun scanned the busy cross junction in front of them and saw Yoona’s object of affection.


“Oh my God! Look at her legs!” Yoona was trying to contain her excitement. She used her hands to cover her mouth in order to mute her high-pitched squeals.


Jessica was dressed for her gym class and she wore a pair of navy blue shorts and a rather tight-fitting white tee that showed off the curves of her ample assets. She was surrounded by a few of her classmates and they were chatting merrily, causing quite a commotion as people around them stopped to look.  Jessica Jung was blessed with good looks and no one would blame anyone for falling for her charms. She had rejected countless love confession, leaving many hearts broken.


“So? Don’t you want to meet her? Let’s walk over right now.” Seohyun stepped out and pulled Yoona along.


“But I…I….am not…prepared!” Yoona wailed, clinging onto the pillar.


Just as they approached the cross junction, they saw a trio heading in their direction. It was an infamous bunch of people, namely the troublemakers of the school. Two short people flanked the sides of a tall tanned girl who had her blouse tucked out of her skirt and the school jacket draped over one side of her shoulder. The tallest girl was sucking on a lollipop and had a haughty look as she strolled down the corridor leisurely.


The students standing along the corridor parted, leaving a pathway for the trio to walk through. Seohyun quickly pulled Yoona back and they pretended to be admiring the courtyard from the corridor. They waited till the trio had past them before they went on their way to the next class. The leader of the pack was known to randomly pick someone to bully every month.


At lunch the next day, Seohyun saw Yoona busy writing on a piece of fancy paper. A plate was food was left untouched on the tray next to her. She placed her tray on the table and peered over Yoona’s shoulder to see what her classmate was up to. It was unusual for the girl to be engrossed in doing her schoolwork and neglect her food.


Yoona heaved a sigh of relief and leaned back on her chair, only to be startled by someone staring at her.


“When did you appear?” Yoona exclaimed, catching her breath.


“You’re writing a love confession to her?” Seohyun picked up the piece of paper and studied its contents.


“Yikes!” Yoona was frantically trying to snatch the paper back from Seohyun but the latter merely plastered one hand on Yoona’s forehead, preventing her from coming too close while she read the letter.


“Yes I intend to drop it into her locker.”


“Hmm…do you have a spare copy of the fancy paper?” Seohyun asked.


“Yes, why?” Yoona asked, puzzled by the request.


“You made some grammatical errors here and I think your undying love for Jessica Jung could be further improved on.”


“Oh really?” Yoona peered over Seohyun’s shoulder.


“Seohyunnie, would you be so kind to help me with it then?” Yoona blinked twice, giving Seohyun her puppy eyes look.


Seohyun let out a sigh. “I don’t have a choice right?”


Yoona grinned. “I’ll buy you a truckload of sweet potatoes!”


After Seohyun was done, Yoona copied each word carefully onto the new piece of paper.


“By the way, do you know which locker belongs to her?” Seohyun asked curiously.




“Erm…then how are you going to drop it into her locker?”


“I’m sure I’ll be able to find out her locker number,” Yoona said confidently.


Seohyun shook her head and sighed. “For someone who’s obsessed with her, your lack of information on your crush is extremely appalling.”


Seohyun dug into her schoolbag and pulled out a slip of paper. She stuffed it into Yoona’s hand before turning back to eat her lunch.


Yoona unfolded the piece of paper in her hand.


Three numbers were written on the paper.


“Seohyunnie, I love you!!” Yoona exclaimed, hugging her classmate and almost squeezing the life out of her.




“Finally,” Yoona muttered to herself.


Ten minutes ago, Yoona was peeking from the nearby staircase, ensuring that the coast was clear before she headed for the particular locker. She waited till the end of the school day before she made her move.


Yoona’s heart was beating very quickly as she stood in front of the locker. She slipped the envelope containing her love confession into the locker and disappeared as quietly as she appeared. Now all she could do was to wait.


That night, Yoona was tossing and turning in bed. She had been texting Seohyun on her mobile phone all night but had to stop at midnight because Seohyun insisted that she had to sleep. Sleeping before midnight enabled cells to regenerate therefore Seohyun was insistent on sleeping then since she was a health freak.


Yoona lay in bed, facing upwards, turning to her left, then turning to her right. She tried lying face down on her bed and counting sheep but it didn’t help.


Would she meet me or not?

Would she like me or not?

Would she reject me?

Would she think that I’m a psychotic stalker?? Ahhhhh!!


The next morning, Yoona showered and combed her hair neatly. She contemplated about tying her hair into a ponytail like how she usually did when she went to school.


Today I need to look good for her.


In the end, she kept her hair straight and let it fall over her shoulders.




“Wow, new look for your date later on?” Seohyun gave Yoona a strange look when she saw her classmate walking into the classroom with a wide smile plastered on her face.


Yoona gave her a sweet smile before sitting down. For the whole morning, Yoona only had the image of the golden girl she was hoping would appear later on. She was counting down the moments when the bell rang so that she could rush out to meet her.


Instead of feeling excited at meeting her crush, Yoona was more nervous and anxious. She was worried that she might be faced with a rejection. In fact, she had mentally prepared herself for a rejection and how she would react to it should that happen. However, deep in her heart, she wished and hoped that Jessica would accept her love confession.


Once the bell rang, Yoona immediately rushed out of the classroom and headed for her locker as if she was doing a hundred meter sprint. From a distance, she spotted a figure leaning against her locker. She slowed down and approached the person cautiously.


The person had a bronze skin tone and a half smile. She had a pair of piercing dark brown eyes which were staring straight at Yoona. There was a plastic white stick sticking out of her mouth. Her school blouse was tucked out and her school tie was hanging loosely around her neck. The school jacket was draped over one shoulder as she tapped her feet randomly, as if she was waiting for someone.


In the person’s hand was a familiar looking envelope with fancy prints.


Oh my God! Yoona gasped.



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