Chapter 5

“Ahem…am I interrupting anything?”


Taeyeon and Yuri turned around to see Jiyeon standing at the entrance of the kitchen. Jiyeon was unsure if she should enter the kitchen, seeing the stern expression on Yuri’s face.


“We were just chit-chatting. Jiyeon, perhaps you would like to sit by side of the table and watch us instead?” Taeyeon suggested, pointing at the high chair next to the table.


“Since we’ve agreed to help you bake the cupcakes for your school’s charity event, let us handle it. You can be in charge of selling them at the event,” Yuri added with a smile.


“Okay.” Jiyeon felt bad about disrupting their work flow. She sat on a high chair near the side table and watched the two bakers work their magic.


Soon, the smell of chocolate cupcakes filled the air. Yuri helped to bake another round of cupcakes while Taeyeon and Jiyeon were in charge of frosting the freshly baked cupcakes.


“Can you remember what I’ve taught you about frosting?” Taeyeon handed Jiyeon a piping bag.


“Yes, Seonsaeng-nim.”


“Alright, then we’ll leave the frosting to you while we bake a few more batches of cupcakes.”


After every few cupcakes, Jiyeon would ask Taeyeon to come over and take a look at her cupcakes to see if she had done well. Yuri couldn’t help but keep a watchful eye over the both of them. She knew that Taeyeon had no ulterior motives but she couldn’t say the same for Jiyeon.


After their fifth batch of cupcakes, they heard someone enter the kitchen from the back door.


“I smell cupcakes!” a bright voice called out amid the noise of the kitchen mixers and whisks.


Taeyeon grinned merrily as she watched Jessica saunter into the kitchen. Jessica picked up one of the frosted cupcakes for a closer look.


“Too bad you can’t have any of them. These are meant for the charity event tomorrow.” Taeyeon waltzed across the kitchen and stopped in front of Jessica. She plucked the cupcake from Jessica’s hand and placed it back on the tray.


“Jessica, this is Jiyeon, Taeyeon’s student from the Academy.” Yuri made a face at Taeyeon, signalling to the latter to introduce the student.


Taeyeon mouthed an ‘Oops’. She had conveniently forgotten about Jiyeon the moment her lover stepped into the kitchen. That was the effect Jessica had on Taeyeon since day one.


Jessica extended her hand for a handshake and introduced herself. Jiyeon greeted Jessica with a slight bow. Jiyeon held Jessica’s gaze for a moment before letting go of her hands. Jessica noticed that Jiyeon’s pupils were slightly constricted and the younger girl appeared to be checking her out.


“Pleased to meet you. Taeyeon mentioned about your school’s charity event. I hope it will be a huge success,” Jessica replied. She was used to people checking her out but this time there was a hint of hostility in Jiyeon’s stare.


“Taeyeon, perhaps you would like to entertain your guest first before continuing to bake.” Yuri was trying to create an excuse for Taeyeon and Jessica to chat since it was inconvenient to do so in front of a stranger.


“I’ll be right back!” Taeyeon said happily and she led Jessica into the dining area of the café.


Jiyeon watched Taeyeon disappear out of the kitchen with the guest.


“Yuri sshi, is that one of your friends? The two of you seemed to know her very well,” Jiyeon asked, out of curiosity.


“Yes she is.” Yuri gave a short reply, not wanting to reveal any other information.


“Is she very close to Taeyeon Seonsaeng-nim?”


That question put Yuri off a little. She didn’t understand why a student would want to know such a detail. Nonetheless, she replied her with a simple ‘Yes’.


Jiyeon continued to pipe the rest of the cupcakes but it was obvious her mood had changed since Jessica’s appearance. In terms of appearance, she had to admit that Jessica was very beautiful but she felt that she wasn’t too bad either. She had a strong feeling this woman was the person who came to pick Taeyeon up after class that night.


It was a little while later before Taeyeon returned to the kitchen. She was smiling from ear to ear, as if she had won the lottery.


“Goodbye Yul, goodbye Jiyeon sshi. Good luck with your charity event tomorrow! Hwaiting!” Jessica waved goodbye before leaving the kitchen via the back door.


The mood in the kitchen was awkward but Taeyeon was totally oblivious to it.


Yuri asked Jiyeon to help pack the frosted cupcakes into boxes, hoping that would distract the young girl from having any stray thoughts.


It was almost 1am when they finally finished baking and frosting all the cupcakes. Yuri offered to send Jiyeon home since Taeyeon stayed quite near the café. It was obvious Jiyeon wasn’t happy at the choice of the driver. However, she kept her feelings to herself, said goodbye to her teacher and left the café with Yuri.


Jessica was drinking Baileys at the balcony when she heard Taeyeon enter the apartment. Stepping into the living room, she went towards the tired looking baker and enveloped the petite woman in a hug.


“My poor darling looks so tired,” Jessica cooed, cupping Taeyeon’s face with her hands. The creamy smell of Baileys lingered in the space between them.


Taeyeon’s eyes came alive at the touch of the pair of cold hands on her skin. She nodded weakly in Jessica’s hands, pouting like a little kid asking for love.


“Let me make you feel better,” Jessica said, pulling the baker into the bathroom.


They settled comfortably in the bathtub, with Jessica sitting behind Taeyeon and curling her legs around the baker’s. She lathered up some shampoo and washed Taeyeon’s hair. Taeyeon closed her eyes and enjoyed the soothing massage.


“Is Jiyeon a fast learner?” Jessica wondered as she kneaded the baker’s tired shoulders.


“Not the fastest in class. She has a passion for baking and is keen to learn,” Taeyeon replied. She opened her eyes and played with the bubbles in front of her.


“She was checking me out the moment I stepped in.”  There was a change in Jessica’s tone of voice. It sounded more serious because she wanted to get her point across.


“Really? I didn’t notice.” Taeyeon was too distracted by Jessica to notice Jiyeon’s reaction. “The reason is clear, my baby’s too beautiful for anyone to ignore, guy or girl.”


Jessica smiled to herself. She knew Taeyeon’s innocent reaction was genuine and it was obvious that it was an infatuation on the student’s part.


“What time do you have to go to the fair tomorrow?”


“I need to send the cupcakes by 8am since the fair is starting at 9am. I’ll be hanging around to help out for the morning since I’m free.”


“I’ll come along with you tomorrow since I’m not working. It would be fun to visit a school fair and maybe I could help do my bit for charity and also to spend time with you.”


Taeyeon turned around, causing huge ripples in the bathtub. Some soapy water spilled onto the bathroom floor.


“That would be great! Thanks baby!” Taeyeon pressed her lips against Jessica’s and slid her hands down the sides of Jessica’s body, feeling the soft body responding to her touch. Her right hand stopped on Jessica’s thighs and she couldn’t stop the corner of her lips from turning up, forming a mischievous grin.


Jessica knew what the look on Taeyeon’s face meant.  She swatted the hands that were resting on her thighs and held Taeyeon squarely by her shoulders.  “Darling, we need to wash up and go to sleep soon. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.”


“You and I know that we can survive on little sleep. What’s more, we’ve already saved some time by skipping the step of taking off our clothes,” Taeyeon said cheekily, her eyes twinkling with lust. She playfully pushed Jessica against the bathtub and pressed her lips against her fiancee’s.


Soon, the bathroom was filled with moans of pleasure.




The next morning, Taeyeon and Jessica arrived ahead of time. Yuri couldn’t join them since weekends were the busiest times for the cafe. Jiyeon greeted Taeyeon happily when she got out of the car but her smile faded the moment she saw Jessica getting out of the passenger seat. Nonetheless, she greeted Jessica politely before helping them to unload the cupcakes from the car.


The fair started at 9am and crowds started streaming into the school. Music was playing through the public announcement system and that livened up the mood of the school. Taeyeon decided to stay at the stall to help despite Jiyeon’s attempts at assuring her she would be fine since there were two other students to help out. Meanwhile, Jessica went to the other stalls to do her part for charity, or so she claimed. Taeyeon knew that her main aim was shopping.


Taeyeon stood next to Jiyeon at the stall. After her conversation with Yuri and Jessica last night, she became more sensitive to Jiyeon’s actions. She noticed that Jiyeon would brush against her arm when taking the cupcakes or touch her back lightly if she needed to reach over to get an empty box from behind Taeyeon. Such interactions were seemingly harmless. However, Yuri hinted at Jiyeon’s possible infatuation on her, making Taeyeon more wary of the teenager.


As the crowd grew bigger, Taeyeon decided to stand in front of the stall to attract the attention of visitors and get them to buy cupcakes. It turned out to be an advantage as some of the visitors recognised Taeyeon. They came over to the store and bought several cupcakes from her, earning a signature on the box of the cupcakes. Soon, there was a queue forming in front of their stall. The students manning the stall were delighted at the support they were getting.


Just as Taeyeon handed out a box of cupcakes to a customer, she felt someone rest a hand on her hip.


“I never knew my darling is that popular,” Jessica purred into Taeyeon’s ear.


A wide grin appeared on Taeyeon’s smile as she thanked the customer before turning around to face Jessica.


“You mean you doubted my popularity? I’m Queen of the baking world!” Taeyeon crinkled her nose at Jessica, causing the latter to giggle.


“I got you and the rest of them some cold drinks. Go and rest while I take over from you,” Jessica spoke into Taeyeon’s ear since the music was booming from the speaker diagonally from their stall.


“Thank you,” Taeyeon said with a smile, patting Jessica’s hand.


Jiyeon saw the close relationship between Taeyeon and Jessica; it was evident in their tone of voice and the way they touched each other. She knew that they were more than just good friends. Her heart sank though her face still wore a smile whenever she was talking to Taeyeon.


In the next hour, there were several males who gathered at their stall. It was obvious who the main attraction was this time. Taeyeon merely sniggered to herself as she watched the male university students flocked to Jessica’s side and insisted on buying cupcakes from her instead of the other two student helpers.


Jessica was unfazed by the attention she was getting and continued to serve each customer in the same polite manner.


“You’re quite an attraction,” Taeyeon said with a laugh while she handed Jessica a bottle of water to quench her thirst.


Jessica flipped her hair from her shoulders, causing a few gasps among the guys in the queue. She gave Taeyeon a wink before continuing to serve the rest of the people in the queue.


“Seonsaeng-nim, do you want to go over to help her? I can manage the packing over here,” Jiyeon offered.


“Nah, she’ll be fine.”


Jiyeon saw the smile on Taeyeon’s face. It was different from her usual cheery kind of smile. It was a smile that was meant for the person one was in love with.




Taeyeon stopped staring at Jessica’s back view and faced Jiyeon. The moment their eyes met, Taeyeon knew Jiyeon had a burning question to ask and this would be the best time to answer her.


“Jiyeon sshi, I realised I have not formerly introduced Jessica to you. I apologise for the brief meeting at the café last night. I should have done a proper introduction. Jessica, could you come here for a moment?” Taeyeon called out.


Jessica had a puzzled look for a moment when she stopped next to Taeyeon.


“Jiyeon, meet Jessica Jung, my fiancée,” Taeyeon said formally, patting Jessica’s back.


Jessica flashed a look at Taeyeon, wondering why the sudden introductions at the peak of their cupcakes sales. It was such a random moment. Nonetheless, Jessica extended her hand for a handshake and smiled.  She could tell that Jiyeon was shaking inside, possibly from the heartbreak that her teacher wasn’t single and available as she had imagined.


“Your Seongsaeng-nim tells me you’re a hardworking student. Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll surpass her in the near future,” Jessica praised.


Taeyeon pretended to be horrified at the thought of her student being better than her. Jiyeon broke into a smile at the comical sight. Just then, Taeyeon heard someone calling for her. The baker excused herself and went to help serve the customers in the queue, leaving Jessica and Jiyeon alone.


An air of awkwardness lingered between Jessica and Jiyeon.


“A lot of people mistakenly think that Taeyeon is still in the university. She never seemed to age a bit though she’s already past thirty. I’m so jealous of her,” Jessica joked. Jiyeon managed a smile, knowing it was just puppy love on her side.


“You’re still young and I can see that you have the drive in you. Take the opportunity to learn more from Taeyeon and I’m sure she’s more than willing to help you.”


“I need to thank Seongsaeng-nim for being so patient with me. Thank you for your kind words too,” Jiyeon said politely.


“Well, time to get back to work and sell every single cupcake to raise funds!” Jessica was back in her authoritative mood like how she was at work.


The cupcakes were sold out before lunch time. Jiyeon thanked Taeyeon profusely for baking the cupcakes and for her help this morning. She also thanked Jessica, though it was just a simple ‘Thank You’ for helping out at the stall.


On their way to lunch, Jessica teased Taeyeon for being a heartbreaker.


“Tsk tsk, you broke a young girl’s heart. Kim Taeyeon, you da heartbreaker!”


“Fortunately it was a young girl’s heart, not an old… hmm…,” Taeyeon tickled Jessica’s chin as she stopped at the traffic lights.


“Are you saying I’m old?” Jessica glared at the baker who instantly broke into a hearty laughter.


“You started it, baby!” Taeyeon joked.


“If you dare break my heart, I’ll make sure you pay for it twice over,” Jessica threatened.


“Don’t be silly, you know I wouldn’t do such a thing! I love you more than my own life and all the cakes in the world.”


“There you go, being dramatic again, Cheesecake Kim. Lunch’s on you.”




“It’s settled. I told Jiyeon about Jessica,” Taeyeon announced, stepping into the kitchen of the café from its back door.


The sound of eggs being beaten in the bowl stopped.


“Thanks for telling me about Jiyeon.”


“Good to know that you’ve cleared things up. Sica knows?” Yuri asked, still hugging the bowl of beaten eggs.


“Sica knows what?” a voice said from the back door.


Yuri turned around, a little embarrassed.


“Parking is a nightmare along the back street nowadays,” Jessica grumbled.


“Lately there’re more restaurants and shops opening along this stretch of road, so it’s harder to find parking,” Taeyeon explained.


“Thanks for keeping an eye on this little fellow. She can be so dense sometimes,” Jessica said jokingly, ruffling Taeyeon’s hair.


“That’s why I have good friends and a lover with a big heart to guide me along.” Taeyeon drew a heart with her finger on Jessica’s chest. Jessica swatted Taeyeon’s finger away playfully but she didn’t expect to be pulled into a hug by the baker.


Taeyeon was about to kiss Jessica when she heard Yuri exclaim.


“This is a kitchen. Go get a room!” Yuri shielded her face with a spatula.


“Wow, Taeyeon unnie, Sica unnie!” Yoona squealed, excited to see her favourite unnies at the café.


The couple quickly disengaged themselves and stood apart from each other.


“I was wondering what the commotion was about when I heard Yuri unnie’s voice so I decided to take a look,” Yoona beamed. “And what a sight to behold when I entered the kitchen.”


“Hello Yoong,” Taeyeon greeted sheepishly.


“Hi Yoong,” Jessica greeted with a little wave of her hand, her face slightly red with embarrassment.


“Don’t worry about Yuri unnie and me, we’ll just arrange the cakes outside. Please continue with what you’re doing,” Yoona said, pulling Yuri by her sleeve. She sent Yuri eye signals, beckoning for the tanned baker to come along with her so that they could leave the couple alone.


Taeyeon swiftly wrapped her arms around Jessica’s neck once they were alone in the kitchen.


“Well, you heard Yoong. We’re supposed to continue what we were about to do earlier on,” Taeyeon said sneakily, her face inching closer towards Jessica’s face.


Their lips were about to meet when Jessica suddenly jumped backwards, breaking out of Taeyeon’s grasp.


“What happened?” Taeyeon asked, shocked by Jessica’s sudden reaction.


“CCTV! All the CCTVs are connected to the laptop at the cashier’s area right?” Jessica recalled.


“Ah huh…”


“This means that both of them can watch what we’re doing here right?” Jessica continued.


Then, they heard giggles coming from the café dining area, confirming their suspicions.


“Well, they’ll get used to it the more they see us kiss. Come here, baby,” Taeyeon laughed, before closing the gap with her fiancée.




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