Chapter 9

The familiar scent of Polo Ralph perfume and kiss on her eyelid woke Jessica up from her sleep. She fluttered her eyelids open slowly and stretched her arms above her head.

“Good morning, baby,” Taeyeon greeted softly. She pushed aside the strands of chestnut-coloured hair from Jessica’s forehead and kissed it. “Did I wake you up?”

Jessica caught Taeyeon’s arm and pulled the baker towards her. Taeyeon knelt on the floor to get closer to her sleepy lover. She brushed aside some loose strands of hair covering Jessica’s face and kissed the tip of her nose.

“You smell good,” Jessica mumbled, nuzzling her nose against Taeyeon’s neck and leaving many small pecks on the length of the baker’s neck. She slipped two fingers between the buttons of Taeyeon’s blouse and caressed the soft skin underneath.

“Baby, you make me want to slip back into bed and have breakfast with you, you know, our kind of breakfast.” Taeyeon’s voice was filled with satisfaction from the gentle caress.

“I would like that, very much,” Jessica purred like a lazy cat. Her warm breath was tickling Taeyeon and the baker was enjoying every bit of it.

Taeyeon placed her hands on either side of Jessica’s face and kissed her. The kisses started off slowly and gently before gaining speed and ferocity.

“To be honest, I would love to but I have a meeting at 8am and Yuri’s taken the morning off so… I can’t…,” Taeyeon said sadly, stroking Jessica’s arm after they parted. The temptation of getting back in bed and making love with her fiancée was great but she had work to do. The long and hot kissing session was all she could manage at the moment.

“I’ll be working late tonight. Got a conference call at 7.00pm. Wait up for me tonight okay?”

“I wouldn’t dare to disobey the boss. May I leave for work now?” Taeyeon asking, sticking her lips out in a pout.

Jessica giggled. “Yes you may.”

“Let’s make sweet love tonight,” Taeyeon said huskily. She kissed Jessica on the lips before leaving the apartment.

Recently, Jessica had been working till past midnight due to the preparation work for the LA project. At the last minute, she was roped in to help with a presentation since she would be joining her colleagues for the trip.

The couple hardly had time to see each other throughout the week and were so grateful when the weekend came. They spent the last weekend at home, watching movies on cable television, cooking simple meals and making love.

Unable to fall back to sleep, Jessica decided to wash up and go to the office early. Stepping out of the hot shower, she noticed some wordings on the mirror. The steam from her hot shower fogged up the large mirror in the bathroom, enabling the words written in soap to appear.

I just want to stay by you day and night. The best feeling I get it when I see your face early morning and when I dream about you by night. ~ Karla Kinsey

Butterflies were set a flutter in Jessica’s stomach and it made her fall in love with Taeyeon all over again at that very moment. It reminded her of how Taeyeon used to leave handwritten notes of quotes for her after spending a night in her hotel room in Tokyo. Now, Taeyeon had upped the game.


Later that evening, Taeyeon and Yuri were going through the accounts and planning for new cakes for next month at the cafe after closing hours. Both of them were alone in the cafe and Yoona had gone home for the day.

“Sica is off to LA next Monday, is it?”

“Yup, she would be gone for almost three weeks,” Taeyeon said with a sigh.

In less than a week’s time, the couple would be separated by almost nine thousand kilometres and with sixteen hours of time difference between them. Suzuki’s team was awarded the project for the charity event, hence Taeyeon would be spending most of her time in Tokyo while Jessica was away in Los Angeles. This trip would be the longest they are apart since getting engaged and moving in together.

“Well, you know her job entails travelling. Be thankful she hadn’t been travelling a lot after you got engaged. Tiffany says Sica used to live out of her suitcase.”

“But I can’t imagine being without her for twenty one days!” Taeyeon whined like a little kid.

“Ya, don’t show me your aegyo!” Yuri smacked Taeyeon on her head. “You’re busy with the Tokyo charity event anyway. You wouldn’t have time to think about her.”

“Kwon Yuri,” Taeyeon said sternly and stared at Yuri dead in her eyes. “When you fall in love with someone, you’ll be able to feel my pain of missing someone so terribly. Without her, the air is stale, chocolate is bland, rainbow cake is dull…,”

Yuri rolled her eyes. “Ya, Kim Taeyeon! I get it.”

Taeyeon propped her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her palms. She let out a long sigh. “I’m not looking forward to the Tokyo charity event.”

“Why? I thought you always enjoyed working with Suzuki.” Yuri was flipping through the stock list and marking down the items they would need to replenish.

“I do. It’s just the actress who is part of this event is a little…too friendly.”

That caught Yuri’s attention. Putting her papers aside, she asked, “What do you mean?”

“A little too enthusiastic…physically.” Taeyeon didn’t know how to put it across to Yuri.

“Maybe she’s just star struck by you or perhaps she feels closer to you because you’re a female while the rest are guys?” Yuri suggested. “Some people tend to be a bit more touchy, just like Tiffany.”

“Probably, though there’s another young girl in my team.” Taeyeon agreed Yuri’s suggestion was probably the best explanation for Yukiko’s behaviour. She didn’t want to go into the details of what happened in the MPV. She knew it was partly her fault since she had a little too much to drink. She should have persisted in not drinking beyond her alcohol limits.

“Come to think of it, why haven’t you been driving recently? Did you sell your car?” Yuri asked.

Taeyeon shook her head. A wide smile gradually appeared on her face as she said, “The pleasure is having your loved one pick you up and being able to spend those precious few minutes in the car together.”

“Cheesy. I wonder why Jessica puts up with you sometimes. Do you drown her in cheese everyday?” This time, Taeyeon managed to avoid being smacked on the head by Yuri.

“Almost. I would love to drown her with my cheesiness but lately we’ve been pretty busy at work so we hardly see each other. Tonight she’s working late again,” Taeyeon lamented. “I hope she’ll be done soon.”

Just then, Taeyeon’s phone beeped.

Incoming message from Melon Chan

Taeyeon’s eyes lit up as she read the message. A lopsided smile appeared on her face and she giggled to herself.

“Sica?” It was a redundant question since Yuri knew that only Jessica could invoke such a reaction in her good friend. Still, she was puzzled by the name on Taeyeon’s phone.

“Melon Chan is… … Jessica?” Yuri asked curiously. “I thought she’s known as Princess?”

Taeyeon giggled and nodded her head vigorously. “Cute isn’t it? It suits her perfectly and the Japanese pet name is appropriate since we both met each other there. It should be plural but it sounds like a mouthful when you say it out. I guess you don’t need to explain how her pet name came about.”

“Oh, spare me the details please!” Yuri covered her ears in horror.

That caused the short baker to burst out laughing.

“You know, you laugh differently when Jessica is around. I’ve wanted to tell you that for the longest time. I’m really happy that both of you are together after going through so much,” Yuri commented after Taeyeon had stopped laughing.

“Thank you. I guess we learn to appreciate each other more,” Taeyeon replied blissfully.

Fifteen minutes later, Jessica sauntered into the kitchen via the back door. Taeyeon leapt out of her stool and bounced towards the visitor. Jessica barely managed to greet Yuri before she was enveloped in a hug by the baker. On the other hand, Yuri was trying to hold back her laughter seeing ‘Melon Chan’ and trying not to look at a certain area of her body.

Taeyeon planted a kiss on Jessica’s cheek and almost landed another on her lips if not for Jessica’s quick reflex at avoiding it. Kissing on the lips was an intimate affair which Jessica was embarrassed to do so in public. The eager Taeyeon ended up planting a quick kiss on Jessica’s cheek again.

“Hi baby.” Taeyeon flashed a silly grin at the sight of the beautiful woman. Jessica still looked so ravishing after a long day at work. In reality, Jessica was pretty exhausted after a long day of meetings but her mood was immediately lifted when she saw Taeyeon.

“Hi Yul,” Jessica greeted, slipping her hand into Taeyeon’s. “Darling, are you ready to go?”

Taeyeon nodded as she stood on tiptoes. Jessica meant to turn around to look at Taeyeon but was instead met with a pair of soft familiar lips. She quickly pulled away after the light peck, shooting death stares at the baker.

“Busy packing. Can’t seem to find my paper. Oh, where did that recipe go to?” Yuri said aloud as she gathered the papers into a neat stack and placed them into a file. She couldn’t help but let out a laugh when she saw the reddening cheeks on Jessica’s face.

“Yul said she didn’t see anything. Shall we continue?” That remark from Taeyeon earned a smack from Jessica.

“It’s a night of smacks for me,” Taeyeon complained, rubbing the back of her head.

“Serve you right, Taeng. Sica, Taeng’s full of cheese tonight so you had better be careful not to drown in it,” Yuri warned.

Jessica laughed, her face still red from the embarrassing moment earlier. “I’m used to it. That’s what makes her so lovable.”

“Oh my God, you’re becoming as cheesy as her. Cheesiness is contagious. I better stay away from the both of you.”

All of them dissolved into laughter. Yuri was a little envious of the lovey-dovey couple, no matter how cheesy they were. She wondered when she would have the chance to shower her affection on someone she loved.

“See you tomorrow, Taeng. Good night Sica, drive safely.”

“Good night Yul. Drive safely too.”

Back at home, Taeyeon and Jessica lazed in the living room sharing a tub of strawberry ice cream. Taeyeon was wielding the spoon and alternate between feeding Jessica and herself. Twice, Taeyeon intentionally misaimed the ice cream at Jessica’s mouth, resulting in a pink smudge at the corner of Jessica’s lips. She took the opportunity to kiss it away but Jessica insisted on using a tissue.

Placing the ice cream aside, Taeyeon suggested giving Jessica a massage after a long day at work but the latter was extremely resistant. She tried to shower Jessica with kisses, something which Jessica enjoyed, but was flatly rejected as well. Desperate, she offered to serve Jessica her favourite Baileys to loosen up the tensed muscles (in a bid to create the mood) but Jessica wasn’t in the mood for drinking.

Taeyeon sighed inwardly. Her plan to get Jessica ‘in the mood’ tonight didn’t seem to be working. She remembered Jessica wanted to do the deed tonight but couldn’t understand why the total change right now. She wondered if that morning’s rejection had anything to do with it.

Jessica rose from the couch, saying she wanted to shower and sleep. She asked Taeyeon to help clean up in the meanwhile. Taeyeon did so very quickly, hoping to join her fiancée in the bathroom. However, Jessica had escaped into the bathroom and locked the door before Taeyeon could join her.

By the time Taeyeon was done with her shower, the bedroom lights were switched off with only one bedside lamp lit. Jessica was lying on her side in bed, curled up under the blanket. Only half her head was sticking out of the blanket.

Looks like I wouldn’t be getting any ‘desserts’ tonight. Sigh…time is running out before we part.

Taeyeon slipped into bed carefully, not wanting to wake her fiancée up. In the dark, she slid an arm around Jessica’s body as she curled around Jessica.

Wait a minute. Is she naked?

Taeyeon patted her hand lightly along Jessica’s arm, moving towards her butt. Then she inched upwards towards Jessica’s stomach. Wherever she touched, it was skin. Soft smooth skin and not a single trace of fabric at all.

She doesn’t sleep in the nude. Why is she not wearing anything tonight?

Taeyeon’s heart pounded loudly and quickly. Her breaths became short and when her hand arrived at one of the twin peaks, she gave it a light squeeze and realised it was reacting to her touch. Taeyeon swallowed hard.

“B-baby, a-are y-you a-a-a-asleep?” Taeyeon asked softly, her voice was shaky. Her heart was pounding hard and it felt like it would burst out of her ribcage anytime soon.

Jessica pushed the hand away and turned around slowly. There was a smirk plastered on her face as she stared intensely into the brown orbs that were filled with lust. She tugged at the hem of Taeyeon’s tank top and slid her hand along Taeyeon’s side, causing the latter to shiver with desire. Inch by inch, she lifted the piece of clothing until more of Taeyeon’s stomach was revealed.

“Did you say we should make sweet love tonight? How are we going to do it if you’re still dressed?” Jessica whispered, her hot breath tickling Taeyeon’s ear.

“Ya…we…should…do it,” Taeyeon said weakly. She placed both of her hands above her head, allowing her fiancée to remove her tank top with ease.

Jessica discarded that piece of clothing onto the floor swiftly. Lips met with fiery passion, hands roamed freely exploring every inch of bare skin, legs tangled in a mess and raw moans echoed through the night.



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  1. Hello Author-nim… New reader here… Came across this wonderful n awesome site while searching for some taengsic fics… N, i didnt regret that i stumble into this site… Your stories really make my day… This site is like, a heaven of taengsic fics… I could spend the whole day just to read all the available fics here… It was totally addictive! My favorite story is of course no string attached… N yeah, i just done read the sequel of that story (hope u can update soon, heee) i’ve fallen in love with this story… Cant wait for what will happen next.. It seems like some conflict will occur… Hee…

    I will always support you Author-nim… Fighting! Thank u for being exist… U r awesome! I really mean this… ^_^

  2. Oh my goodness, I just caught up and I know i’m super late since the last update but wow. Taengsic are the cutest, I love how cute n docile Jessica has become b/c of her baker ugh ♡. Throughly enjoyed the prequel and was surprised there wasn’t any other love rivalry(?) that would get in the way (Minjung didn’t count), and yet I should’ve known it’d be in the sequel omg. Should’ve seen Yukiko comin back w/ taengsic’s connections to Japan still… and it’s always a small world.

    Who knows when the next update will be but I sure love the story, Taeyeon should’ve told Jessica at least the name D:! But anyway, now i’m off to read more of your work. Thanks for posting this!

    • Thanks for the long comment and compliment! You are never too late to read and I am happy to know that people do visit my blog, considering the fact that I stopped writing for a long time. I hope you will enjoy the rest of my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

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