“You’re so useless! You know that?! Ugh!” Donghae hissed as he scolded Jessica, his face reddened with anger boiling at its peak. He had enough of his girlfriend’s clumsiness and he was about to give her a hard lesson when someone took hold of his hand.


“It is very ungentlemanly to hit a girl.”


Donghae turned to the owner of the hand restraining his trembling one, the grip of the newcomer was firm and strong. He frowned upon seeing a familiar face.


“Mind your business, Choi Siwon!” Donghae barked as he tried retrieving his hand from Siwon’s grasp.


“I do mind, Donghae. Jessica is like a sister to me. The three of us have practically grown together if that cocky brain of yours hadn’t forgotten.” Siwon riposted as he released Donghae’s hand.


Donghae snarled at him as he rubbed his wrist which had reddened from Siwon’s tight grip. “Didn’t know you’re back, Siwon.” Donghae commented with a frown before he turned to his girlfriend and jabbed a finger at her forehead, “You’re lucky that Siwon came in time.”


Jessica stayed mum, accepting Donghae’s harsh treatment thinking that she had deserved it. But Siwon wasn’t pleased with Donghae’s action. He frowned at the mistreatment of a friend.


“Stop that, Donghae. Go somewhere to cool off. Jessica and I will take care of this mess.” Siwon said, his voice deep and clear.


With a scoff, Donghae straightened himself and walked off without a word, leaving Siwon and Jessica to settle the mess.


Jessica bent down to quietly pick up Donghae’s shirt. She was about to pick another one of her boyfriend’s apparels when a hand reached out to grab the same item. Jessica looked up to meet Siwon’s gentle eyes.


“Let me help.” Siwon said as he gave the girl a smile.


Jessica returned a forced, tight-lipped one before she allowed Siwon to take the apparel. Looking down at the mess of clothes before them, she muttered in a weak voice. “Thank you, oppa.”


“I’m just glad he didn’t hurt you.”


Taeyeon’s eyebrows furrowed upon witnessing the scene. The newcomer was no stranger to the couple and this perked her curiosity as to who this Siwon guy was and whether he was good or bad. She resolved to stick around to get to know more of this man and his relation to Jessica.


Taeyeon was now hiding at a nearby shop to eavesdrop on Jessica and Siwon. She could clearly hear the man consoling Jessica.


“Jessica, it’s okay. Donghae’s gone now, but as much as I don’t want you to think too much about what happened today, I can’t help but ask. Was he like this all the time?”


Jessica only sniffled in response as she picked up some of her boyfriend’s clothes and dropped them into the basket. Siwon helped her out, his face filled with genuine concern. Taeyeon felt herself burn with jealousy upon seeing the man’s sincerity in helping Jessica out.


Jessica shook her head in response to Siwon’s query, although her quivering lips and teary eyes betrayed her denial.


“Jessica, please be honest with me. Has he been treating you like this often?” Siwon pleaded as he stood up and took hold of the basket before offering a hand to the girl.


Jessica took hold of his hand, her sobs muffled yet vivid to Taeyeon’s ears. Taeyeon found herself on the verge of crying as her heart clenched along with the sight of her love’s pitiful state. What had made Taeyeon’s heart bleed more was to see that she wasn’t the one who was comforting Jessica at this moment. It hurt her to see someone else in her rightful place.


“H-He’s changed, Siwon-oppa.” Jessica finally replied as tears began running down her face.


Taeyeon could make out Siwon’s frown from her point of view. She bit her lower lip when she saw that the man had placed the basket on the ground to pull Jessica into his embrace. Taeyeon felt her heart squeeze against her ribcage as she witnessed Siwon engulf the sobbing girl with his warmth and whisper words of comfort into her ears.


“Shh… It’s going to be fine. Oppa’s here to take care of you, okay? I’m going to make sure you’re going to be fine with Donghae. I’ll be here for you whenever you need me. Super Siwon’s going to be there for little Jessica…just like old times.”


Jessica momentarily pulled away from her oppa. This time, she was smiling amidst her tears and sniffles.


“Thanks for being here for me, oppa…” Jessica managed to mutter as she wiped away her tears.


Taeyeon found herself helplessly looking on, unable to do anything in her power to be there for someone she had grown to love. Her heart ached in yearning for someone who was already in a relationship even though it had been a rocky one.


I was supposed to be the one doing that! It was supposed to be me who’s hugging her and comforting her.


Taeyeon couldn’t take it anymore when she saw how Jessica had relaxed in Siwon’s hold, how the girl she loves had been pacified by another man’s soothing words and actions, but despite the frustrations Taeyeon felt over Siwon’s appearance, a small part of her felt better, knowing that someone was there for Jessica during her moments of despair though Taeyeon had hoped that she could be there for Jessica during these times.


How I wish I could be there for you, Jessica… I want to show you how much I love you, but I couldn’t. Why must Heaven be so unfair?


Turning away from the heartbreaking scene, Taeyeon looked up at the darkening skies with a pleading gaze. She swallowed a mouthful of air as she tried keeping her tears in check. Releasing a sigh, she lowered her head as she quietly walked away. A rogue tear ran down her cheek, but she didn’t bother brushing it away.


Her vision began to blur as her eyes brimmed with tears. She hastily made her way through the streets, occasionally bumping into pedestrians as she began to sprint away from the oblivious Jessica and Siwon.


Taeyeon was a mess when she reached her doorstep. Her hair was ruffled, her eyes were swollen from the crying, and her body was plagued with exhaustion. She took haggard steps past the foyer and straight into her room, not bothering whether her housemate was home or not. She collapsed on her bed not long after. The soft mattress, that would’ve usually comforted her, felt cold.


Why? What’s wrong with her and me? Why can’t we be together?!


Taeyeon cried in her bed until her pillow became soaked with her tears. She silently lamented her fate and it was in that instance where she found herself alone. She realized that she was just as helpless as Jessica was. They were both suffering from the pains that love had brought upon them.


Lying on her back, Taeyeon stared listlessly at the ceiling, her thoughts fleeting to the apple girl. A small incredulous laugh left Taeyeon’s lips.


So this is how love feels… It’s not as sweet as people had thought it would be. To me, it’s really painful.


Taeyeon fell asleep after a few more hours of mourning over her pitiful state.




“Hey there.”


“Omo! You’re here!” Tiffany’s eyes formed inverted crescents upon seeing the girl at the door. She lunged forward and wrapped the visitor in a tight hug before tiptoeing to plant her lips on the other girl’s.


She giggled upon seeing a red-faced Yuri when she pulled away.


“Still not used to these things?” Tiffany teased as she led Yuri into her foyer.


“You shouldn’t surprise me like that.” Yuri said as she sat down beside her girlfriend. “Especially not in public.”


Tiffany’s smile only widened as she wrapped her arms around Yuri’s neck, pulling herself closer before whispering into Yuri’s ear in a husky tone, “But you like it, love.”


Yuri felt her breath hitch as Tiffany’s lips brushed her ear with every word she muttered. They had been dating for awhile now and whenever Tiffany wasn’t out stringing couples with Taeyeon, she would spend her time with Yuri. They would be visiting amusement parks, taking leisurely strolls along the white sandy beach near Tiffany’s dorm, or they would be having movie nights at Tiffany’s just like this one.


Yuri had gotten to know that Tiffany was a touchy person and she would easily get jealous whenever Yuri would stare at other girls for too long. And this is one of the countless moments where Tiffany would prove her dominion over Yuri.


“Tiff… w-where s-should I p-place the… popcorn?” Yuri tried to muster the courage to blurt out a sentence when Tiffany suddenly straddled her. Yuri released her hold on the bag of popcorn and drinks upon seeing the twinkle in Tiffany’s onyx eyes.


Without warning, Tiffany captured Yuri’s plump lips, tracing her tongue along the lines, making the taller girl tense at her aggressiveness. With some nibbling and coaxing on Tiffany’s part, Yuri responded to the kiss, snaking her hands around her girlfriend’s waist, pulling Tiffany closer to her as their kiss escalated into a battle of tongues.


They both stared lovingly into each other’s eyes when they pulled away, panting. It was Tiffany’s turn to blush when Yuri brushed off her offending forelocks that blocked her face.


“You’re beautiful,” Yuri breathed out as she admired Tiffany’s facial features, tracing her fingers along the contours of her girlfriend’s face, sending tingling sensations throughout Tiffany’s body with her every touch.


“But not as beautiful as you.” Tiffany retorted, playfully tracing the bridge of Yuri’s nose, making the Kwon wrinkle her nose to her touch.


“You’re so adorable!” Tiffany squealed at her girlfriend’s cute expression.


Laughter soon filled the room as Tiffany and Yuri continued with their cheesy moments before they decided to commence their movie night together.


“Hmmm… What movie should we watch this time, sweetie?” Tiffany asked as she strode over to the DVD shelf where her collection of movies and series resided. She could feel Yuri’s eyes on her backside as she ran a finger down the stacks of films.


“I’m in the mood for a drama, dear.” Yuri’s husky tone made Tiffany smile as she found just the right series that would suit Yuri’s taste.


“Yul, I think we better go on a series marathon for tonight,” Tiffany suggested as she turned to face her girlfriend, raising the Blu-ray copy of a famous drama series for Yuri to examine.


Yuri’s lips upturned when she saw the title of the show. It was one of her favorite drama series, but she didn’t get to catch it on television when it aired because she had been busy at school.


“Oh my, you have a copy of that series?” Yuri said with excitement. “I was dying to watch that drama!”


Tiffany chuckled upon seeing Yuri flail her hands in enthusiasm.


“I’m seriously lucky to have you as my girlfriend!” Tiffany heard Yuri exclaim as she loaded the disc into the player. A smile crept through her face, but her grin turned into a frown when Yuri suddenly said, “I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who has a copy of my favorite drama series!”


“Yah! Kwon Yuri!” Tiffany suddenly turned to her ecstatic girlfriend, hands akimbo as she glared at the now petrified Kwon.


“I – I was just kidding, Fany. I’m sorry. I – I didn’t mean to say that.” Yuri was already trembling in fear. She feared Tiffany’s wrath since the red head had violent tendencies whenever she got mad.


Tiffany was amused at Yuri’s reaction. She carried on pretending to be mad as she quietly sat down on the couch quite a distance from her girlfriend. She silently turned on the television and watched the drama in utter silence.


Yuri shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she stared at her girlfriend, who seemed to be giving her the silent treatment. She sighed before she scooted closer to the red head, pleading, “Fany-ah, I’m really sorry. Really. I didn’t mean to say that. I was just too excited to watch the series. You know that I love you…”


Yuri carefully wrapped her arms around Tiffany’s waist as she apologized. She snuggled up to the crook of her girlfriend’s neck with hopes of coaxing the red head to concede to her apology.


Tiffany couldn’t bring herself to continue the act anymore and she eventually relented and allowed herself to be pampered by her girlfriend as they watched the drama.


“So, you forgive me now?” Yuri asked as she gave her girlfriend a sheepish smile.


Tiffany only chuckled in response. “I was just testing you, Yuri.”


Yuri pouted at the reply. Tiffany couldn’t resist not pinching the taller girl. “Omo, you’re so cute!”


Tiffany snuggled closer to her girlfriend, their faces a few centimeters apart before she rubbed their noses together, stealing a chaste kiss from Yuri before she pulled away. Yuri’s pout turned into a smile by then.


They shifted into a more comfortable position with Tiffany laying on Yuri’s lap as they focused on the series. The drama was a story about a businesswoman who met a baker on her business trip to Japan. The main character was a lonely, easygoing person who liked having company during her overseas stays. She usually had rendezvous nights with a famous actress whenever she came to Japan but everything changed when she accidentally mixed up her luggage with another person’s. That person was the baker, a fun-loving character who caught the protagonist’s interest.


Tiffany and Yuri were watching the scene where the main character was casually meeting her rendezvous partner at a local Japanese pub. Tiffany frowned at the relations between the two characters.


“Why is she like that? Didn’t her best friend already chide her about her one night stands? Heck, she only labels the woman as TYO.”


“Fany-ah, things will get more interesting once she gets to spend time with the baker.” Yuri commented as she ran her fingers through her girlfriend’s locks. Thoughts about seeing Tiffany being too close with Taeyeon back at the hospital entered her mind.


Yuri remembered what her friends had told her about Tiffany these past few days. Yoona and Seohyun, her childhood friends and teammates, had asked her about Taeyeon and Tiffany’s close relationship. Yuri had brushed off the thought of her housemate’s and her girlfriend’s closeness at first, but then, her two friends had one day informed her that Taeyeon and Tiffany were hanging out often whenever Yuri was busy with school or with her duties as captain of the Track-and-Field team.




“Hmm?” Tiffany replied, her eyes still locked onto the screen as she rested her head on Yuri’s lap.


“Do you have something going on with Taeyeon?”




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