Taeyeon squatted on the ground and buried her face in her hands. Her body was trembling as she cried.


“Why? Why? Why?”


“Why, what?” a voice suddenly asked.


“Why did I declare that I love Sooyeon?” Taeyeon said, amid her tears.


“So you mean you do not love her?” the voice asked again.


Taeyeon scratched her head and wondered why the voice sounded so familiar. She looked up from her hands and saw someone standing in front of her. Her eyes slowly moved up from the person’s feet to her waist, then her chest and finally stopping at her face as she slowly rose from her position.


The person raised a brow at Taeyeon and looked a little upset.


“Taengoo doesn’t love me anymore,” the voice was filled with sadness.


“Sooyeon?” Taeyeon blinked twice and rubbed her eyes. She stared at the person in front of her.


Gorgeous brown locks that framed the flawless smooth face, twinkling light brown eyes that could light up the whole night sky, expressive eyebrows that twitched with the owner’s mood and a pair of luscious pink lips that were made for kissing. Taeyeon’s eyes lit up the instant she verified the identity of the person in front of her. She pounced onto Sooyeon, throwing her arms around Sooyeon’s back and rained kisses all over the Jung’s face.


“So…does my Taengoo love me still?” Sooyeon teased, giving a light kiss on the tip of Taeyeon’s nose when the Kim was done kissing her all over. She couldn’t stop giggling at the sight of her excited lover; from a sulking Angel to a happy one within minutes.


It turned out that Sooyeon had woken up early in the morning and noticed a visibly tired Taeyeon still sleeping soundly. She didn’t want to wake Taeyeon up and wanted to pick a basket of fresh apples from the Orchard as a celebration of their return to Heaven. She carefully lifted Taeyeon’s arm that was wrapped around her body and slipped out of the bed. She was on her way back to their home when she spotted Taeyeon sweeping the leaves at the gate and mumbling to herself.


“Of course! With all my heart and soul, and every inch of my body! I’ll show you how much I love you, Jung Sooyeon, this instant!” Taeyeon declared before she wrapped an arm around Sooyeon’s back and the other behind Sooyeon’s head and kissed her passionately on the lips.


When they finally broke apart, Sooyeon whispered breathlessly, “I love you, Kim Taeyeon, since the beginning of time till eternity. Thank you for your selfless love.”


The two lovers hugged each other tightly, tears falling like rain as they professed their undying love for each other.




Meanwhile, Soojin and Sooyoung arrived at the Love Vault and they headed towards the section where the deities’ threads were kept. Sooyoung picked up the bottle containing Tiffany and Yuri’s red threads. She smiled at the fond memories of the loud and daring Angel who used to work for her.


“It’s amazing the kind of thing love does to you. It was only a crush, a one-sided love, but she was willing to sacrifice herself to help Taeyeon. And now, she’s willing to give up her peaceful life in Heaven for a mortal,” Sooyoung said, studying the contents of the bottle.


Tiffany and Yuri’s threads were tightly knotted and bobbing actively in the liquid. It was the start of young love and it was full of energy. Sooyoung knew that their knot will grow bigger with time, as both of them go through hardships in life together, thereby strengthening their bond.


“That’s the magic of life,” Soojin added. “Have you erased the memories of the rest of the people involved in this?”


Sooyoung nodded. “They will wake up and have no memories of the existence of Taeyeon and Sooyeon. However, couples who have been strung together by Taeyeon and Tiffany will still be together. Taeyeon’s elder sister Seungyeon will be an only child in the family.”


“Donghae and Siwon and their families will have their memories of Sooyeon removed completely since they’ve served their purpose in the mission,” Sooyoung continued.


Soojin gave a nod of approval.


Sooyoung transferred the bottle from the deities’ section to the mortal section since Tiffany was no longer an Angel. As she placed the bottle carefully onto one of the shelves in the main hall of the Love Vault, a sudden flash of light caught their attention. It came from the section where the deities’ love threads were kept. They decided to investigate the unusual occurrence.


Upon reaching the aisle, Sooyoung noticed a sparkling gold light that emitted from the apple-shaped bottle on the shelf. She picked the bottle up carefully and both sisters observed its contents.


Their eyes widened with surprise when they saw the apple-shaped bottle containing Taeyeon and Sooyeon’s threads up close. The two separate red threads had transformed into a single thick golden thread that was shimmering amid the pink liquid in the bottle.


“The golden thread…that’s very rare right?” Soojin asked.


Sooyoung nodded slowly. “This is love in its purest form. One that transcends immortality, life, and death.”


“So, have you seen this happen before?” Soojin asked her sister, whose eyes remained rooted at the golden thread dancing in the pink fluid inside the delicate bottle.


“Actually, it’s my first time seeing this ever since I was assigned on this domain. I have only read of the golden threads in the Annals of Love, but I haven’t seen one up close.” Sooyoung replied, a smile slowly crept up her lips before she gingerly placed the bottle back in its place.


Sooyoung turned to her sister, her smile widening before she held the older goddess’ hand. “I think we might need to promote some angels. My ministry is getting a bit more hectic as the ages pass. Don’t you think it’s fitting to create a link between our offices?”


Soojin raised a brow at her sister, “What are you thinking this time, Sooyoung? Don’t tell me that you’re going to delegate some administrative task to an Angel?”


“Taeyeon and Sooyeon fit that role. They can watch over the newly wedded couples or those with huge potential to start a family and then they can help them form the fruits of their love.”


Soojin’s eyes lit up, “Oh, so you mean to say that they will be watching over married couples and bless the mortals’ love with new life? I think I’d like that idea. Besides, Taeyeon’s an Angel of love and Sooyeon’s an Angel of life. I think that office is very much fitting for the both of them.”


Sooyoung smiled at her sister, “Then, why don’t we get to work on their papers?”


The two sisters found themselves strolling through the shelves of the Love Vault whilst discussing their plans about Taeyeon and Sooyeon’s promotion. The golden thread of Taeyeon and Sooyeon glistened just as the vault’s locks clicked in place.




The stars on the ethereal ceiling of Taeyeon and Sooyeon’s room twinkled as they loomed over the two figures cuddling in bed. A comfortable silence encompassed the room as sleep reigned over the bundles. One of them stirred, snuggling closer to the familiar warmth as her hand slithered on smooth skin before settling over a bare back. The other figure instinctively tucked herself in Taeyeon’s embrace, sharing the heat emitting from the other Angel.


Sooyeon never felt so comfortable ever since she had been banished to the mortal world. Right now, in her lover’s embrace whilst being lulled to slumber by her love’s rhythmic heart beats that matched her own, Sooyeon had never felt so relaxed and secure and loved. Finally, she could rest in the arms of someone who deserved her, whether on Earth or in Heaven.


This moment, right here, in this otherworldly room which they called home, Sooyeon couldn’t ask for more. They were finally in each other’s arms after a few lifetimes of suffering. Their reunion a while ago had been intense. Passionate had been an understatement. The unruly pile of blanched clothes, the ruffled sheets, and a few pillows on the floor served as testament to the hunger and longing they had for each other. Sooyeon’s dazed mind couldn’t have thought of a much better reunion than this.


“Sooyeon…” Taeyeon rasped, her husky voice stirring something within Sooyeon. Taeyeon’s fingers traced her lover’s arm, earning a hum that made Taeyeon’s heart pound.


“Hmm?” Sooyeon replied, her body snuggling closer to Taeyeon, eyes closed as she concentrated on hearing the loud thumping of her lover’s heart, Taeyeon’s steady breaths tingling her skin as she basked in the love provided by Taeyeon.


“I’m sorry.” Taeyeon whispered as she continued admiring her sleeping lover.


Sooyeon’s eyes opened at the apology. She looked up to meet Taeyeon’s lovely dark orbs with a questioning stare. “What for, Taengoo?”


“For letting you suffer so much. I’m sorry for not being quick enough to save you. I-”


A pair of lips cut off her monologue. Sooyeon’s lips molded perfectly with hers and soon, Taeyeon seemed to have forgotten her words. She simply lost herself in her lover’s lips.


When Sooyeon pulled away, her eyes met Taeyeon’s once more. “Taengoo, we both had our share of suffering, but what matters the most is that we have each other for eternity now.”


Taeyeon’s heart felt like bursting out of her ribcage when she heard Sooyeon’s words. She found herself falling deeper – as if she could fall further into the deepest abyss of love. Taeyeon leaned in for a kiss and Sooyeon met her halfway. The stars twinkled as they watched the two Angels made passionate love to one another. The moon blessed them with its calming beams of light as they savored each other’s love in heartwarming kisses and tender caresses.




“Yuri-ah,” the husky tone awakened the tanned woman from her reverie. Yuri turned her head to meet beautiful eye crescents beaming at her. A smile tugged Yuri’s lips as she took hold of the other person’s hand, placing them on her lap as they watched the calming scenery of the park at dusk.


“Yes, Fany-ah?” Yuri answered, eyes taking in the darkening scenery as they watch the sun set in the horizon, giving the skies a wonderful kaleidoscope of hues from bright orange to seductive purple.


“We’re almost done with school and…,” Tiffany found herself playing with Yuri’s fingers, a mannerism which indicated that the girl was anxious about something. “W-what are your plans a-after we graduate?”


Yuri turned to her lover with brows raised, quite startled by the sudden question about the future. She didn’t expect Tiffany to worry about this since she thought the girl was the kind that went with the flow. Taking in Tiffany’s hand, Yuri brought it to her lips before replying, “Why don’t we go on a vacation after graduation?”


Tiffany’s lips tugged upwards, her eyes formed inverted crescents at the suggestion. There was a sparkle in her eyes as they lit up with delight. “I’d love to, Yuri.”


Yuri got startled when a pair of lips lingered on her cheek. Her face flushed at the contact. Tiffany’s giggles rang through her ears when the other girl pulled away. The tanned girl turned to reciprocate the action, earning her Tiffany’s Cheshire smile when she pulled away.


“Pick a country, Fany-ah.”


Tiffany gave her girlfriend a confused look before she replied, “Err, France?”


Yuri released a sigh of relief when she heard her girlfriend’s answer. “Whew, I’m glad I know you too well.” She said as she raised two plane tickets to Paris, complete with a booked hotel and a tour itinerary.


Tiffany’s eyes widened like saucers upon seeing the contents of her Yuri’s raised hand. “Oh my God, Kwon Yureee!!!!”


Yuri found herself being tackled on the bench, earning curious stares from passersby as Tiffany rained kisses on her face, not caring about the unwanted attention that people had been giving them at the park. Yuri only chuckled when she found herself being straddled by her girlfriend on the bench, not minding her throbbing head and aching back which had collided with the wooden seat. She stuffed the tickets and documents into her huge jacket pocket while her eyes remained on Tiffany’s adorable dark orbs.


Yuri planted her lips on Tiffany’s plump ones, furtively giving her an innocent peck on the lips before she smiled at her girlfriend.


“I love you, Hwang Tiffany.”


“I love you more, Kwon Yuri.”


The images of Yuri and Tiffany now strolling across the snow-drenched park hand in hand on a calm winter night flashed through the portal. Giggles were heard from the two deities watching over the couple from Heaven. The couple’s threads were tied securely and with a click of two fingers, the portal disappeared, leaving the two figures alone lounging on the golden couch decorated with a white cushion and throw pillows.


“Now that we’ve sent off our favorite couple to Paris, we should reward ourselves some alone time.” Taeyeon wriggled her brows mischievously as she lay beside Sooyeon, stroking her lover’s hair.


Taeyeon’s smile widened when she heard Sooyeon’s unrestrained giggles before she found herself being playfully pushed off the couch, only to be pulled closer to her lover’s warmth.


“You’re being cheeky again, Taengoo,” Sooyeon pointed out, her Cheshire grin still evident. She leaned in to peck her lover’s lips before she sat up and beckoned for her lover to follow suit. “Let’s head home before the Goddesses catch us doing ‘other’ things aside from our tasks.”


Taeyeon jumped off the couch like a happy kid who received some present. Sooyeon laughed at her lover’s childlike antics.


“Oh my, Taengoo. You’re such a kid!”


“But you like me being a kid. I’m undeniably adorable!” Taeyeon proclaimed with a huge grin on her face.


“Hahaha! You’re kidding.”


“No, I’m not.” Taeyeon pouted, pretending to sulk over her girlfriend’s remarks. She had her back turned from her girlfriend, with her arms crossed over her chest. She felt a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and a familiar warmth pressed against her back. Her pout turned into a silly grin when she felt Sooyeon rest her head on her shoulder.


“Taengoo,” Sooyeon cooed in her most saccharine tone, “Love you…”


This was enough to make Taeyeon turn to her lover and reciprocate the hug. Taeyeon landed a peck on her lover’s lips before mustering a smile for Sooyeon. “Love you too, Sooyeon, and I’m so happy that we finally get to do a lot of things together since we’re both sharing this office for eternity.”


Sooyeon smiled, “Same here, my love.”


The two Angels drowned themselves in each other’s loving embrace as the golden thread inside the apple-shaped bottle, resting on their shared desk, shimmered.




2 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. I shall be the first comment here! Totally loving the fluffeh stories u have author ssi! I shall slowly read all of them. Muahahaha yay! The concept of angels is always so sweetttttt 😀 love triumphs all! Woohoo~

    • I’ve enjoyed writing this story alongside the young and talented janeycookie. She’s a great author and a nice friend to work alongside with. 🙂

      I hope you’ll enjoy reading the rest of the stories I’ve written. Have fun and be careful, don’t drown in fluff! 😛

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