Light was fading away very quickly as the lamps lining the pathway started to light up. Five people stood on the wooden jetty; two on one side and three on the other.

Yuri and Tiffany were standing behind Taeyeon, urging the short girl to approach Jessica and tell her the truth. Taeyeon took two steps forward but stopped when she saw a scene unfolding in front of her which made her heart sink.

Jessica and Siwon were facing each other, illuminated by the light from the lamppost. Siwon was holding Jessica’s hands and there was an obvious look of love in his eyes. Jessica was looking up at him, grateful that he had saved her from her obnoxious ex-boyfriend. The end of Jessica’s thread suddenly started creeping along the wooden board towards Siwon’s. Siwon’s thread responded in kind by moving closer to Jessica’s.

Both Jessica and Siwon’s threads were bobbling in front of each other, as if waiting for the other thread to make a first move. They swirled in a hypnotizing dance as Taeyeon and Tiffany watched helplessly. The threads’ movements mirrored the thoughts of their human counterparts.

“Jessica,” Siwon began. “I’m glad you’re alright.”

Jessica’s face turned a shade of pink as she looked back at the face she had grown to like over the past few weeks.

“Thank you for saving me, Siwon oppa,” Jessica replied in a soft gentle voice. It made Siwon’s heart flutter and his thread danced with delight.

To the horror of Taeyeon and Tiffany, Siwon’s thread started to coil around Jessica’s. It was then they knew that Siwon and Jessica was the last couple in their mission.

Taeyeon never expected such an ending for her mission. Her heart clenched in her chest, making it difficult for her to breathe. It pounded in protest against the unfolding scene before her. Taeyeon’s heart had wanted to scream, it had wanted to pop out of her chest and offer itself to Jessica, but Taeyeon knew she couldn’t do such thing. She placed both hands on her heart, eyes closing to feel the pain of being stabbed with a hundred daggers repeatedly, feeling the searing sensation of being prickled by something sharp, prodded incessantly as she continued to struggle in keeping herself from bursting into tears at the unbearable pain of losing one’s love to another.

Tiffany whispered to Yuri about Siwon and Jessica’s threads coiling around each other and the tanned girl let out an audible gasp. Yuri’s heart went out for Taeyeon, who went through so many difficulties in order to get closer to her loved one yet was now faced with such a tough challenge.

This is the end, isn’t it? Why can’t it be a happy ending? Sooyeon, my love, are we not destined to be together?

The next thing that happened ripped Taeyeon’s heart into a million pieces.

“I love you, Jessica. I loved you since we were little kids. I was angry with my parents for sending me overseas to study and for losing the opportunity to confess to you. When I saw how Donghae abused you, I was extremely upset,” Siwon paused, gazing lovingly into Jessica’s brown orbs.

“Now that you’ve broken up with him, I hope you’ll give oppa a chance to protect you for the rest of your life,” Siwon continued, his voice filled with sincerity and love.

Tears welled in Jessica’s eyes and she gave a quick nod of agreement. A broad smile appeared on Siwon’s face as he bent down and placed a chaste kiss on Jessica’s lips, arms wrapping themselves around Jessica in a tight embrace.

Drops of tears rolled down Taeyeon’s cheeks uncontrollably as she watched Jessica’s thread coil around Siwon’s the moment they kissed. It felt like all the air had been sucked out of her lungs at that moment and she almost collapsed onto the ground. Fortunately, Yuri wrapped an arm around the shorter girl who was trembling badly, giving her the support that was needed.

“Taeng, we’ve got to do it. They’re the last couple,” Tiffany whispered to her despite the sadness lacing her tone. She knew this must be the way Heaven had wanted it and Taeyeon had to overcome this final barrier in order to succeed. It was a test to see how strong Taeyeon was, emotionally.

“You need to be strong…for yourself and for Sooyeon. This is the final step before the both of you can be together,” Tiffany emphasized, trying to remain calm in front of Taeyeon when in fact, her heart was also in pain, seeing how Heaven was treating Taeyeon at this last juncture.

Taeyeon wiped her tears from her face with her hands. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and focused her thoughts on tying the two threads together despite her vision blurring at the unbearable sight. Taeyeon tried keeping her tears at bay as she struggled with her ability to tie the two threads together. Yuri stood behind Taeyeon, ready to hold her housemate in case she collapsed.

Once the threads were tightly wound around each other after so much effort on Taeyeon’s part, Tiffany held out her fingers and rubbed them together. Soon, a knot was formed and it grew bigger by the second.

When the knot was firmly made between Siwon and Jessica’s threads, Taeyeon and Tiffany’s threads broke apart from each other instantly. They unwound themselves in a flash and laid flat on the ground. The mission was completed and the two Angels didn’t need to be linked by their threads anymore. Both Taeyeon and Tiffany were free.

The next instant, Tiffany’s face lit up when she saw her thread heading for Yuri’s. Both threads coiled around each other rapidly and a strong knot was formed within seconds. Tiffany was overjoyed and she immediately kissed Yuri’s cheek, sharing the good news with her. The celebration didn’t last long when both their sights came upon a sullen Taeyeon.

Yuri went over to Taeyeon and ruffled her hair. She gave Taeyeon a pat on the back, followed by a tight hug of comfort.

“Taeng, you did it. Good job, shorty,” Yuri said with a warm smile when they broke apart from the hug.

“We’ve completed the mission, Taeyeon. I guess this is the end. I’m going to miss you and Sooyeon,” Tiffany said sadly.

It was her farewell to Taeyeon, her first crush and colleague in Heaven and her mission partner on Earth. It had been a long journey and she would miss seeing the dorky smile on Taeyeon’s face. Tiffany was thankful to the Goddess Sooyoung for giving her an opportunity to be with her loved one and for giving her a chance to help out Taeyeon with her struggles in winning back Sooyeon. Tiffany had been grateful for being able to see Taeyeon’s charms as a person. Most of all, the Angel had been most thankful for meeting Yuri, for the Kwon had given her a chance at love.

Taeyeon met the pair of grateful yet sad eyes. She pulled Tiffany in for a hug, thankful for the help of her mission partner.

“I’m going to miss you too. Don’t worry, I’ll be looking out for you and Yuri in Heaven,” Taeyeon whispered.

Tiffany released Taeyeon from the hug when she saw Jessica approaching them with Siwon following behind. Yuri and Tiffany stepped away, allowing the star-crossed lovers to meet.

Jessica had a gentle smile on her face and it caused Taeyeon’s heart to do several somersaults. She looked so angelic when she smiled, a smile that captivated Taeyeon’s heart the first time they met in Heaven.

“Thank you, Taeyeon, for giving me the courage to break up with Donghae.” Jessica enveloped Taeyeon in a hug and kissed her cheek lightly. “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have the courage to say anything to him in the first place…”

Taeyeon almost melted into a puddle when the pair of warm lips touched her skin. Memories of their happy times in Heaven flooded her mind, filling her heart with joy and love. But the warm feeling soon dissipated when Taeyeon realized that Jessica wasn’t hers to keep here on Earth. Her heart throbbed painfully at the feeling of losing her love. She may have succeeded in her mission of freeing her lover from the bondage of suffering and punishment, but she had lost her Sooyeon in that triumph.

When Jessica pulled away from the hug, Taeyeon prevented her from doing so, wrapping her arms around Jessica’s waist, holding her tightly. Everyone around them was stunned by Taeyeon’s bold move. Taeyeon buried her face in Jessica’s hair and refused to let go. Tears started flowing down Taeyeon’s face again as she inhaled Jessica’s scent and savoured the warmth of her body. Sobs began to cradle Taeyeon’s body as she released her long pent up emotions.

“I love you, Jung Sooyeon,” Taeyeon whispered gently into Jessica’s ear, amid her tears, her hot breath sending shivers down Jessica’s spine.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew through the park. Leaves rustled and trees swayed in the sudden change of weather. Huge ripples were formed in the pond and caused the small paddle boats to rock gently on the water.

A circle of white light surrounded the couple, swallowing both Taeyeon and Jessica in its kaleidoscope by the second. Finally, it fully engulfed Taeyeon and Jessica, blinding everyone else at the scene.

Then, everything grew silent.


Taeyeon woke up to familiar surroundings. White fluffy clouds carpeted the floor and she saw two sets of white silken gossamer gowns hanging at the back of the bedroom door. She turned around to find an empty spot next to her on the bed. She recalled wrapping her arms tightly around Sooyeon’s waist at the wooden jetty before everything went blank.

Touching the empty spot beside her, Taeyeon noticed the pillow had a dent, indicating that someone had slept next to her.

Was it all a dream? It can’t be.

Taeyeon quickly got dressed and went out to the living room.

“Sooyeon-ie, where are you?” Taeyeon called out frantically, looking for her lover at every corner of their house. Unable to find her at home, Taeyeon hurried out to the main hall of their apartment to look for her.

Taeyeon searched high and low, going to all the possible places where Sooyeon would have been to – her office, the deities’ canteen, and the Garden of Life.

“Hi, have you seen Sooyeon?” Taeyeon asked every deity she met at the Ministry of Life. Everyone shook their heads, unable to give Taeyeon an answer.

Taeyeon’s heart was beating erratically, worried about Sooyeon. She was certain both of them had been brought back to Heaven.

Where are you, Sooyeon-ie?

While searching for Sooyeon at the Elysian Gardens, Taeyeon bumped into the two Goddesses, namely Soojin and Sooyoung, who were taking a stroll there. She greeted them formerly and bowed.

“Thank you for bringing me back safely, Goddess Sooyoung,” Taeyeon said, bowing again.

Sooyoung smiled and gave a quick nod of acknowledgement.

“Taeyeon, welcome back,” Soojin greeted with a warm smile.

“Thank you, Goddess Soojin,” Taeyeon replied politely. She hesitated for a moment before deciding to ask them where her lover was.

“Goddess Soojin and Goddess Sooyoung, do you know where Sooyeon is? She is supposed to be back right?” Taeyeon asked, her voice filled with worry.

The two sisters looked at each other and giggled among themselves as if there was an inside joke which only the both of them knew.

“Since you’re back, go clean the Heaven’s gates for one week before I decide on your fate. In case you’ve forgotten, this is also part of your punishment for the mistake both you and Sooyeon made and for going against my orders. You can start right now,” Sooyoung said sternly, ignoring Taeyeon’s question completely.

The reality struck Taeyeon when she realized that what she had gone on Earth wasn’t a dream. She assumed she had failed the mission when she declared her love for Sooyeon on Earth. Although she had finished her mission of stringing the couples together, she wasn’t allowed to reveal her true identity to Jessica who was Sooyeon’s incarnate on Earth.

“Yes, I will do it,” Taeyeon said sadly, resigning to her fate and punishment.

Taeyeon headed for the Heaven’s gates with a gilded broom. She started sweeping up the golden leaves that had fallen near the gate. With each sweeping motion, Taeyeon let out sigh, regretting what she did at the very last moment on Earth. Victory was within grasp but she lost it the moment she allowed her heart to rule her mind.

Stopping for a moment, Taeyeon pounded her own heart with her fist.

“Stupid me! Why did I ruin the whole mission at the last minute? Why couldn’t I hold on for a while more and see what could have happened? Why? Why? Why?” Taeyeon called out, pain building up in her heart, tears brimming her eyes.

“Why, what?” a voice suddenly asked.


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