The lovely orchard, where the Goddesses of Love and Life treaded, was slowly engulfed in dark mist. Both Soojin and Sooyoung held their breaths as they looked over the darkening Earth from the portal which they had summoned.


Within the portal, the Earth’s magnificent view began panning inwards, zooming into the atmosphere of the planet, passing through the clouds as it lowered its vision, revealing a peninsula that was all too familiar to the two goddesses. Their gazes tuned into Seoul and within the city, the portal revealed a park that was being swallowed by the darkening horizon as the sun slowly sunk.


“And it all boils down to the last couple.” Sooyoung heard her sister speak, eyes still concentrating on the scene coming from the portal.


The Goddess of Love unconsciously nodded, eyes locked onto her esteemed angel, whom she had punished.


“Everyone is present and in place now,” Sooyoung said solemnly, watching the people who were gathered at the park.

Soojin watched the scene unfold quietly. If nothing went wrong, the Gates of Heaven would be opening its doors to the two Angels who would be returning home soon.


“And we wait…,” Sooyoung’s voice trailed off.






Taeyeon’s heart fluttered when she saw Jessica mouthed those two words. She missed hearing her lover call her by that nickname. It also gave her the courage to approach Jessica and tell her the truth about what was going on.


Taeyeon was about to take a step closer to Jessica when her stride got caught in mid-air upon hearing a loud and gruff voice, coming from the opposite direction.


“Yah, Jung!”


Taeyeon’s face darkened and her fists clenched tightly upon recognizing who it was. Taeyeon and her friends saw Jessica flinch in fear and the Jung turned her attention to the source of the gruff voice.


Tiffany and Yuri eyed Taeyeon cautiously, noticing Taeyeon’s trembling back frame. Yuri was about to grab Taeyeon and restrain her when the petite girl suddenly sprinted towards the marching figure. Donghae stomped his way towards Jessica, who was standing on the pond’s wooden jetty.


“Jung! What’s with this sudden meeting, huh?! I am going to meet my friends this afternoon. Now, I’m running late!” Donghae hollered as he got closer. His voice was so loud that even Taeyeon, who was quite a distance away with Yuri and Tiffany following behind her, could hear him clearly.


“I want to tell you something, oppa.” Jessica said calmly, eyes devoid of emotion.


“If it isn’t important, that can wait.” Donghae seethed through gritted teeth. He was fuming with anger. Any moment now, the man would strike Jessica, but since they were in a very much public place, he didn’t dare lay a hand on her.


“Please hear me out,” Jessica meekly pleaded.


“What?! Tell me now!” Donghae crossed his arms, unashamed of showing his annoyance.


Jessica took a deep breath, eyes momentarily caught Taeyeon’s before her gaze turned to her boyfriend.


“Donghae oppa, let’s break up.”


The world seemed to have been frozen in time at that point. Everything seemed to have stopped in their tracks. Taeyeon’s heart pounded despite being at a certain distance. She heard Jessica’s words vividly. Her angelic Sooyeon had finally mustered the courage to break up with her heartless boyfriend. As much as Taeyeon had been relieved by this decision, she was now fearful for the outcome of this meeting.


On Yuri and Tiffany’s part, they stopped in their tracks when Taeyeon froze in her spot. Their gazes shifted to the couple near the end of the small wooden dock. Tiffany noticed Jessica’s lowered head and shivering body. The Hwang had an inkling of what had transpired. Her suspicions were confirmed when Donghae burst out in anger the very next instant.

“Are you joking, Jung?” Donghae hissed, teeth gritting in anger. He was beet red now, his voice ominously low like a wolf’s growl. The three spectators noticed the clenching of his fists and the trembling of his back as they warily approached, minds mutually conspiring to protect Jessica this time around should things go awry.


“I’m serious, oppa,” Jessica replied in all honesty. She felt like some heavy weight had been lifted off her chest.


“Why you-”


Donghae raised his fist, ready to throw a punch on his girlfriend. At the same time, Taeyeon darted towards him, ready to jump on him and tackle him to the ground. She was an arm’s reach of him when someone else had beaten her to the man.


Siwon sprinted past Taeyeon towards Donghae, tackling him before Taeyeon had the chance. Siwon had subdued Donghae, pushing his body down the rickety wooden planks by the time Yuri and Tiffany stepped onto the wooden jetty. Taeyeon found herself standing close, eyes wandering from the two guys to Jessica. Everything happened within seconds.


The jetty creaked at the weights it was supporting. Jessica found herself holding onto one of the wooden rails supporting the planks, utterly shocked by what had just happened.


“Oof! Get off me!” Donghae screeched as he tried pushing Siwon off him. “Let me go, Siwon!” Donghae struggled as he tried to get up.


“I will let go if you promise not to hurt Jessica anymore.” Siwon said as he maintained his firm grip on the man beneath him.


“Just, let me go!” Donghae shouted, earning the attention of some passersby.


“Siwon oppa, please…” Jessica’s voice caught everyone’s attention, especially Taeyeon, who found herself confused as to why Jessica would still have it in her to allow Donghae his freedom knowing that he could potentially harm her.


“Please let him go, Siwon oppa.”


Jessica’s plea was enough for Siwon to release the flustered Donghae, getting off the man before lending out a hand to Donghae. The furious Donghae brushed off Siwon’s hand, frowning at Jessica before he shifted his glare to Siwon.


Then, Donghae turned to Jessica and pointed a finger at her. “You’re breaking up with me? Why? Is it because of him?”


Donghae then pointed at Siwon, who calmly stood near Jessica. Taeyeon watched in silence as she saw Jessica’s thread uncoil from Donghae’s thread with ferocity, until it was completely free. At the same time, Tiffany let out a gasp and tugged anxiously at Yuri’s arm, telling her about the threads since Yuri couldn’t see them. Yuri and Tiffany were delighted as it meant that there was a glimmer of hope for Taeyeon to be reunited with Jessica.


“I’m breaking up with you, not because of him, but because I’m tired of being mistreated by you.” Jessica managed to retort as she stood her ground against her boyfriend, having found courage in Siwon’s presence as well as from someone whom she didn’t expect to be there for her.


“I don’t believe you! You’re cheating on me with him!” Donghae grumbled as he pointed an accusing finger at Siwon and Jessica.


“She wasn’t cheating on anybody, Donghae.” Someone from behind Donghae suddenly voiced out.


Donghae turned, surprised to see another female approach. She was around Jessica’s frame, though a little shorter, and had almost the same features as his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, although with softer features and paler skin.


“W-Who are you?” Donghae took a step back, clearly surprised by this person’s sudden interruption.


“The name’s Taeyeon and I happen to be Jessica’s friend.” Taeyeon glared at Donghae before stealing a glance at Jessica, who had been frozen in her spot, clearly not expecting Taeyeon to intervene.


“What’s your business here?” Donghae demanded as he stalked towards Taeyeon. The two had a staring match, which made Jessica fear for the Kim, whom she had obliviously learned to love.


“You’re the one cheating on her, Donghae.” Taeyeon pointed out, unfazed by Donghae’s glare and towering form.


“And how do you prove that, huh?”


“My friends and I saw you dating another girl at the mall not long ago. You should just end this, Donghae. Stop making Jessica suffer. She deserves someone better, someone who could take care of her,” Taeyeon said. She shifted her gaze to Jessica and it softened when their eyes met.


Someone like me… Taeyeon said in her heart.


“Hey! She cheated on me! She is cheating on me with my own friend, Si-” Donghae argued, his face flushed with anger, but he had been cut short.


A fist had suddenly collided with his face, making him reel backwards, hitting Siwon’s still figure. Jessica, Tiffany, and Yuri gasped in shock at what Taeyeon had done. Siwon’s eyes widened at Taeyeon’s deed, not expecting such a reserved-looking woman to pack such a powerful fist.


“Wake up! The world doesn’t revolve around you,” Taeyeon growled, rubbing her right hand after she had managed to land a punch on the obnoxious guy. She had lost her patience on the man who had been abusing her eternal love.


Donghae groaned, clutching the side of his face as he tried to steady himself. The girl may be small, but she could certainly pack a punch. He glowered at Taeyeon, lunging forward to retaliate only to have Siwon hook his arm in his iron grip.


“Don’t.” Siwon’s voice awakened him from his rage. “You’re causing a scene already.”


“Shut up! Shut up!” Donghae screamed as he broke free from Siwon and shoved the man away. Eyes seething with rage before they landed on Jessica.


“You!” Donghae growled as he hobbled over towards Jessica. “You’re the cause of all this!”


Siwon recovered in time, setting himself firmly between Jessica and Donghae. Taeyeon took the chance to pull Donghae back by the collar, surprising not only herself but also everyone around her for her boldness and strength.


“Stay away from her!” Taeyeon shouted as she shoved Donghae further away. The seething man was about to attack Taeyeon when someone yanked him back and grappled him to the ground, pinning him on the area where the wooden planks ended and met the park’s pathway.


Donghae found himself under the power of another woman – Kwon Yuri.


“Don’t mess with my friends, mister,” Yuri said through gritted teeth as she bent the man’s arm in a very awkward position, earning groans from him in response.


Donghae tried, albeit pathetically, in escaping Yuri’s death grip, but the woman wouldn’t budge. She had the upper-hand in this position. Jessica just watched as Donghae pleaded for mercy under Yuri’s power. Taeyeon found herself relieved that the situation had finally been resolved.


“What’s going on here?” the park’s officer inquired upon seeing the ruckus. Yuri had released the man, dusting herself as Tiffany helped her up.


“Sir, this man has been making a scene when his girlfriend tried breaking up with him.” Tiffany wasted no time in explaining, “He tried to hurt the poor girl and my friends just lent a hand in protecting her.”


The officer shifted his glance from Tiffany to Donghae before settling on Yuri. The middle-aged man took in the bruises forming on the boy’s face.


“Can you tell me what happened, mister?” The officer asked as he set his eyes on a disheveled Donghae.


“It’s none of your business, old man,” Donghae grumbled as he stalked off, away from the officer, Siwon, and the girls.


The officer scratched his head at the still fuming man before turning back to the others.


“Are you people alright?”


“We’re fine, sir.” Tiffany said as she wrapped her arms around Yuri’s.


“Please take care. I will see to it that the man won’t go around and cause trouble.” The officer tapped his hat before walking off in the direction of Donghae.


Taeyeon heaved a sigh of relief. She approached her housemate and engulfed Yuri in a light embrace. The taller girl wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s back in return.


“Yul, thanks for helping me out there.”


Yuri patted Taeyeon’s head, grinning before nudging Taeyeon towards Jessica. Tiffany smiled at her mission partner before beckoning for Taeyeon to reunite with her long lost lover. Taeyeon looked at Jessica’s red thread which was lying on the ground, giving her the courage to approach Jessica and to declare her undying love for the Jung no matter what consequences she would face.


The remaining orange light from the sun was fast disappearing. The lamps lining the pathways were already beginning to light up as the night settled on them. Time was running out for both Taeyeon and Tiffany, but the two Angels had somehow realized that Jessica might be the key to the last pair.



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