Two beautiful Goddesses were strolling in the apple orchard. They stopped at a pavilion that was right in the middle of the orchard. It was perched on a slightly raised area, allowing for a commanding view of the main section of the vast apple orchard. Warm sun rays reflected off the rosy red apples, causing them to gleam.


Soojin took a sip of her apple tea and rested the cup onto the saucer. “I must commend Taeyeon and Tiffany for working together very efficiently. It has been a tough journey for them on Earth and they managed to pull it through without any mishaps so far. It’s funny how both of them aren’t a couple instead.”


“I could still remember Taeyeon when she was here and when she was courting Sooyeon. When Taeyeon started eating an apple at lunch and tea times, I knew my suspicions were confirmed. You should have seen that silly grin she had on her face when she ate her apples. Once, I caught her talking to the apple and even kissing it once before she took a bite. For a moment, I thought my staff had gone nuts.” Sooyoung circled a finger at the side of her head.


Soojin let out a soft laugh. “That’s a sign of being in love. To think you’re the Goddess of Love and you didn’t realize it any sooner than the rest of the staff.”


“Love is something very peculiar. As the saying goes, opposites attract. Maybe that’s the case for Taeyeon and Sooyeon. Both of them can be as different as day and night, yet sometimes they’re as similar as peas in a pod. Taeyeon has always been very friendly and sociable with everyone. She’s quite playful and I would have never expected her to fall in love with such a quiet and reserved girl like Sooyeon.”


“Everyone was surprised when they heard how one strong-headed angel fell for a pure-hearted one. It was truly a fairytale and even the older deities are envious of their relationship.” Soojin admired the vast apple orchard as she drank from her cup.


“Their knot between their love threads is much bigger and stronger than most of the others. The fact that they managed to find each other on Earth despite the loss of their memories shows they’re fated to be together, whether in Heaven or on Earth. I’m envious of their love,” Sooyoung said with a wistful sigh.


“They’re down to the final three,” Sooyoung said, pouring a cup of apple tea for her elder sister.


“It’s about time,” Soojin replied. “This apple orchard needs the tender loving care from Sooyeon. She is sorely missed around here. We should watch over them for the last three couples and make sure nothing goes wrong so that they can return to Heaven.”


Sooyoung’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment as she recalled her sister’s scolding regarding the harsh punishment she administered on Sooyeon.


“Once Taeyeon and Tiffany bind the final couple, the mission is completed and the doors of Heaven will open to receive Taeyeon and Sooyeon. It should be happening very soon.”




After nearly three months of stringing couples together, Taeyeon and Tiffany were down to their final three couples. Yuri had been a great help to them, trying to look out for potential couples and even getting her friends to recommend potential couples. Time was fast running out for them and today was the final day of their mission.


While they were walking down a busy street, Yuri spotted her teammates, Yoona and Seohyun, across the road. Yoona and Seohyun were linking arms and chatting happily with each other as they walked. Both of them seemed to be shopping together judging from the paper bags that were on Yoona’s free arm.


Yuri stopped in her tracks, causing Taeyeon and Tiffany to follow suit. An idea popped into her head and she smiled.


“What’s up, Yul?” Taeyeon asked, looking in the same direction as Yuri.


“I just spotted my teammates across the road – the two tall girls who are walking hand in hand. The two of them have been childhood friends and they are very close to each other. I can sense that each of them has feelings for each other but none of them are brave enough to admit it. I guess they’re worried it would spoil their friendship if either one admits to having feelings for the other person,” Yuri explained. “Therefore, I would like to ask both of you to help me string them together.”


Taeyeon’s eyes immediately went to their hands and she followed the threads on their fingers. A wide smile appeared on her face. She turned to look at Tiffany, whose facial expression mirrored hers with an additional eye-smile thrown in.


“Consider it done, Yul. The good news is, their threads are already touching each other so it would be a piece of cake to string them together. Leave the job to us while you order some food for us at the café down the end of the street,” Taeyeon beamed.


Taeyeon and Tiffany crossed the busy road at the junction and followed the young couple from behind. Yoona and Seohyun went into a fashion boutique while Taeyeon and Tiffany stood outside, admiring the window display while keeping a watchful eye on the young couple.


“Yoong, this hat is so pretty. It would suit you well.” Seohyun picked a blue beret and placed it on Yoona’s head. Then she picked a dark brown vest for Yoona to wear before the latter paraded down the shop’s aisle like a fashion model, stopping to pose near the store window.


“Gorgeous, just like Michelangelo, the painter.” Seohyun let out a girlish laugh, covering her mouth.


“Now’s your turn!” Yoona picked up a dress that resembled a milkmaid’s uniform and made Seohyun change into it. Then it was Yoona’s turn for revenge as she erupted into a hearty laugh when she saw Seohyun coming out of the changing room with a sheepish look on her face. Both of them took turns to change into various outfits and at times, poked fun at each other.


Taeyeon looked longingly at the young couple in the store. It reminded her of an incident that happened when she and Sooyeon had started dating in Heaven. Sooyeon made Taeyeon wear a sheep costume to a themed party at the Ministry of Life while the former acted as a shepherd. Taeyeon was made to follow her around and only allowed to answer ‘meh meh’.  Everyone, including her boss, Sooyoung, was surprised that Taeyeon was willing to play the role of the obedient sheep. In the end, to ‘reward’ Taeyeon for being so obliging and obedient, Sooyeon allowed Taeyeon to spend the night in her arms in her apartment.


Tiffany, on the other hand, was lost in her own thoughts too. The red haired girl never expected to open her heart to another person, much less a human being. Yuri, the outgoing track and field captain, captured her heart the moment she sat down next to her in class. Yuri’s sincerity won her over and the dorky captain became her joy and happiness while she searched for Taeyeon.  Yoona’s playful antics reminded her of Yuri. She wished her mission would come to a close very soon so that everyone involved would be relieved of their pain.


“Hey, shall we?” Taeyeon’s voice broke Tiffany’s thoughts. Tiffany turned to face the shorter girl and nodded.


With little effort, Taeyeon pulled the red threads of Yoona and Seohyun together and the threads coiled around each other. Tiffany rubbed her thumb and index finger together slowly, trying to form a knot. The threads danced around on the floor for a little while, before Yoona’s thread tied itself around Seohyun’s, thereby forming a small knot.


Taeyeon and Tiffany stood outside the store and observed the threads. Yoona was smiling bashfully as Seohyun helped her put on a necklace around her neck. When Yoona turned around, she held Seohyun’s hands and said something which made the younger girl blush to the colour of beetroot. Meanwhile, the knot was tightening as Yoona spoke. The moment Taeyeon and Tiffany saw a nod from a shy Seohyun, a big knot was formed.


The two Angels smiled and gave each other a high five before disappearing from the store front. They knew their attempt was successful and were delighted by it. It was a good feeling to string happy couples.


“I’m so envious of them. If only, Sooyeon and I could be…”


“Taeyeon, your time will come very soon. We only have two more couples to go. With Yul’s help, we’ll definitely succeed. Don’t fret!” Tiffany encouraged, giving Taeyeon a pat on the back.


The two of them met up with Yuri at the café and they ate a quick meal before heading out to the nearby park to try their luck at finding the last two couples. On the way to the park, the trio bumped into Sunny and her friend.


“Hey Sunny, out shopping?” Taeyeon asked. There was a sense of familiarity when Taeyeon looked at the taller girl standing next to Sunny. It dawned on her that the girl was the senior who was interested in Sunny during the orientation party.


“Yes. What about yourselves?” Sunny asked. Taeyeon noticed Sunny was behaving a bit oddly, as if she was nervous about bumping into them. The next moment, Taeyeon’s eyes went straight to Sunny’s left hand and her suspicion was confirmed when she saw Sunny’s thread coiling around that of the taller girl’s.


“We just had a quick bite at the café and are heading for the park,” Yuri replied, sensing there was a rather awkward atmosphere.


“She is…?” Tiffany asked, curious about Sunny’s friend. She, like Taeyeon, saw the threads coiling around each other.


“Oh, let me introduce her. She’s Hyomin, our senior at school. Hyomin, this is my classmate Taeyeon. This is Taeyeon’s housemate, Yuri and that’s Yuri’s girlfriend, Tiffany.” Sunny pointed to each other them as they exchanged greetings with one another.


“She’s only a senior? Or something more?” Taeyeon sniggered. Sunny’s face was flushed bright pink and she quickly turned away briefly, embarrassed by her reaction.


Hyomin smiled sweetly and gave Sunny a light nudge. Feeling shy, Sunny finally admitted that the both of them were dating. Taeyeon broke into a wide smile and gave Sunny a light punch on her shoulder, feeling proud of herself. This couple was one of the first whom Taeyeon managed to link up using her special power.


Yuri and Tiffany were looking at Taeyeon, who gave them a wink as they shared a common understanding of their next course of action.


“We shall not delay you from your date any longer. Enjoy yourselves!” Taeyeon said merrily as the trio waved goodbye to the couple. The trio disappeared around a corner and watched the couple holding hands as they strolled in the opposite direction.


“You know what to do.” Taeyeon whispered to Tiffany, with a smile on her face.


Taeyeon and Yuri watched anxiously as Tiffany attempted to form a knot between Sunny and Hyomin’s threads. If their threads formed a knot, they would be down to only one couple. The trio waited with bated breath as Tiffany focused her energy on tying the knot.


After what seemed like eternity, a small knot was finally formed between Sunny and Hyomin’s threads. The trio erupted into cheers at Tiffany’s success and Yuri pulled them into a group hug.


“We’re now down to the last couple!” Tiffany proclaimed loudly. Both Taeyeon and Yuri nodded vigorously, feeling energized by the success of Sunny and Hyomin.


Just one more and Sooyeon would be free from her miseries on Earth. Then we can be united in Heaven again. Sooyeon ah, please wait for me. I’ll be coming for you very soon.


Tiffany pulled Taeyeon and Yuri out of the side street and headed for the park, with Taeyeon almost stumbling to catch up as her legs were much shorter than the two taller girls. Tiffany couldn’t contain her excitement and the adrenaline rush was making her high.


One more couple to go… Yul and I would be together forever.


After three hours of scouting for couples in the park, the trio was visibly exhausted and their earlier excitement level was reduced to almost zero. The afternoon sun was setting and its orange rays peeked between the buildings in the background.


“I can’t believe we’re still short of one couple!” Yuri complained, exasperated by the search. “Those two look like they’re so in love with each other, why is it that you couldn’t string them together?”


Taeyeon and Tiffany merely looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Throughout the three months, they gained a lot of valuable experience on how to sport potential couples that would definitely work. However, when it came down to the last couple, they just couldn’t string anyone together no matter how hard they tried.


“Could it be Fany and me? Let’s try again. Maybe it will work,” Yuri suggested. She held her hand, which was intertwined with Tiffany’s, up and gestured for Taeyeon to pull their threads together.


“Yul, it wouldn’t work because our threads are still knotted tightly together. It’s just that you can’t see it,” Taeyeon replied sadly, lifting up her left hand which directly caused Tiffany’s left hand to be lifted slightly as well.


Yuri released Tiffany’s hand and crouched onto the ground, at a loss of what to do. The three of them ended up sitting on a bench and staring at the pond in front of them.


Suddenly, an idea struck Yuri. She jumped up from the bench and turned around to face the other two. “Maybe it’s Seungyeon unnie. Remember how you managed to string the boy at the café and her together?”


Yuri and Tiffany looked at Taeyeon with hopeful eyes but were faced with a sad look on Taeyeon’s face instead.


“My sister is out of the country on a school exchange program and would not be back until the next semester,” Taeyeon said helplessly.


Yuri’s heart sank as she collapsed back onto the bench again, shaking her head. Taeyeon buried her head in her hands, trying to stop tears from rolling down her face. Tiffany, caught between the two of them, was contemplating if she should console her girlfriend or Taeyeon since both of them were feeling upset. In the end, Tiffany wrapped her left arm around Taeyeon and leaned over to Yuri to plant a kiss on her cheek.


“The deadline is tonight. Do you think we can make it?” Taeyeon said aloud. She hugged her knees and propped her head on them. Her heart was filled with fear and worry.


“I’m sure we’ll succeed. Have more faith in yourself.” Tiffany gave Taeyeon a reassuring rub on the back though she was also just scared of the consequences if they failed their mission.


Just then, Taeyeon spotted a familiar person walking by the edge of the pond. The person looked in Taeyeon’s direction and their eyes met. A wave of mixed feelings washed over Taeyeon in that instant.


“Sooyeon…” Taeyeon blurted out.





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