No Strings Attached


Need – something you have to have

There are five different levels in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

Physiological needs, security needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualizing needs


After physiological and security needs are fulfilled, people will move onto the next level of needs – social needs. Social needs comprise of affection, intimacy, family, relationships, etc. People need to feel a sense of belonging and being accepted by the people around them, be it at work, at home or at play. They need to love and be loved by others. Often, this need for love can be fulfilled both physically (sexually) and emotionally.


4 thoughts on “No Strings Attached

  1. Hello there author,
    I have read so many fanfics lately. Well this is certainly not my first time into fanfics. I have been in so many fandoms, on and off, well, life gets in the way -hehe pardon me-. Most of fanfics out there, that i read, are angsty and i cant stand as much. Oh i love fluff. I found your blog just recently, which is such a shame, i love that you put fluff and light-hearty mood in stories you wrote. So easy to read, beautifully written, cant help but smile and join the train of feelings as i read on. I just finished NSA, and im pretty sure i’d read every story you have in store. Im in love with the way you write. Im looking forward for your next works. Please keep on writing, author!!

    • Hi there! Thanks for the lovely compliments. To be honest, I am a lousy angst writer coz I am too in love with fluff and happy endings. Haha! Life’s already filled with troubles and stories are a way to escape from them (even if it just temporary). Glad you like the stories and I appreciate you taking the effort to leave a note coz it keeps me motivated to write. 🙂

  2. LOL, ohmygod, i just, i don’t know how i’m back into fanfic world,
    and still reading taengsic btw, xD
    lolol just wanna let you know that i’m an old fan since soshified era and so happy that i found your collections here kkk, i eved downloaded some of your pdf years ago >_<
    heheh, so happy,
    please keep writing <4

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