Chapter 8

Jessica turned pale. She felt cold sweat on her back. She was about to scream for help when she heard another voice in the dimly lit street.


“Hold it right there!” a voice yelled.


Jessica tried to look at the person who was approaching the teenager from the back.


“If you dare lay a finger on that lady, I’ll make sure my knife goes through your ribs before you can even say ‘cream puffs’,” a low voice said.


The teenager felt something jabbing his spine. Fearing for the worst, he decided to make a quick retreat.


“Okay, I’ll leave her alone!”


He ran off in the opposite direction and into the darkness of the street.


“A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be wandering around the small streets in Tokyo, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area.” There was a change in the tone of voice. It was more feminine now compared to the earlier deep tone.


Jessica stared at the owner of the voice and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the familiar face approaching her.


“Looks like my whisk has a new use as a weapon instead of just whipping stuff up in a bowl,” Taeyeon laughed as she kept it into her backpack.


“I know some self-defence! I was about to kick him where it hurts when you came along,” Jessica said defiantly.


Jessica was surprised at bumping into Taeyeon in this random side street. Deep inside her, she was glad Taeyeon came to her rescue but she didn’t want to admit it. Strangely, her heartbeat was still relatively fast though she was safe now.


There was a faint scent of cocoa as Taeyeon stood within inches away from Jessica. She smiled and looked at the taller girl, trying to make out her sharp features despite the dim lighting in the street.


“Well, well, not a word of thanks.” Taeyeon shook her head and let out a long sigh. She placed both hands on the store’s window, effectively trapping Jessica between her and the store.


Taeyeon was pleasantly surprised to chance upon Jessica at such an unexpected place. She was heading home after having drinks with her Japanese friends at a nearby pub. From afar, she spotted a hooded person taking out a knife from his back pocket and threatening the woman with it. Although she knew she wouldn’t had been able to win that person in a fight, her sense of justice took over her rational mind and she decided to step in to help.


Upon getting closer to the two of them, Taeyeon’s heart skipped a beat when she realised that the woman was Jessica.


Jessica, even the plainest clothes can’t hide your beauty. Of all places to meet…we must be destined to meet in the strangest situations.


Taeyeon heard the teenager demanding for money and felt infuriated. She had to come up with a plan soon in order to save Jessica from that kid. Digging around her bag, she managed to arm herself with her whisk for self-defence.


“What are you doing along this street then?” Jessica questioned. She pressed her back against the glass window as Taeyeon inched closer to her. She felt her breathing quickened as the gap between them got smaller. A while ago she was thinking about Taeyeon but little did she expect the latter to appear in the flesh right now.


“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Taeyeon said cheekily. “We seem to be running into each other in the most unusual circumstances eh?”


“Not that I’m interested to know. I’m going back to my hotel now,” Jessica said plainly, cleverly disguising her excitement at seeing Taeyeon again. She brushed Taeyeon’s arms aside and walked briskly towards the main road.


It would be good to have some company…I shouldn’t have brushed her away. My pride is at stake, it’s too late to turn back now.


Taeyeon didn’t move from her spot as she saw Jessica walk away.


Jessica…she makes me want her more each time I see her. Did she cast a spell on me? Aish, that evil seductress.


“I have freshly baked chocolate muffins with me. Would you like to taste them…with me?” Taeyeon called out, running after the blonde.


Twenty minutes later, they were back in Jessica’s hotel room. Jessica was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed, waiting to be served. Taeyeon took the muffin out of the plastic container and placed it on a plate.


“Freshly made by yours truly,” Taeyeon proclaimed as she handed the plate to Jessica.


Jessica took a sniff at the muffin and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Feed me.”


“Hey, I’m the one who saved you from that petty thief earlier on and I’m being treated like a slave now?” Taeyeon said in mock anger, raising her eyebrows.


“Well, you can either choose to feed me or else just pack up and leave.”


Taeyeon stuck out her tongue. “You drive a hard bargain.”


She pinched the side of the muffin and fed it to Jessica. A thick brown liquid flowed out from the centre of the muffin.


“There’s Baileys in the muffin?” Jessica asked after swallowing the muffin.


Taeyeon nodded. “You like Baileys? It’s my first time experimenting with this alcohol.”


“Yup, that’s one of my favourite alcohols.” Jessica closed her eyes as she savoured the alcoholic muffin. It was something she had never eaten before and it tasted really good.


“So you like it smooth and creamy eh?” Taeyeon said. She took a bite from the remaining piece of muffin and felt the sweet taste of Baileys coating her tongue.


“Hey, that’s my muffin. Go get a new one yourself,” Jessica said, pointing to the white box at the dressing table.


“Sharing is caring, so let’s share,” Taeyeon grinned.


I missed you…I want you…I long for you…I need you…now…right now…


Taeyeon leaned forward and kissed Jessica’s lips as she took the plate away from the blonde and placed it on the bedside table. Her heart was thumping very loudly and her legs were turning into jelly soon. The two cans of Asahi beer must have given her the courage to express her desire for Jessica openly.


Jessica was glad Taeyeon often took the initiative between the both of them when it came to physical satisfaction. Usually Jessica was the one who had to be more proactive when she was with other women. This time, she could take a back seat and let Taeyeon lead the way.


Tipping Jessica over, Taeyeon crawled on top of her and continued to kiss her. There was a mixture of bitter and sweet as the dark chocolate and Baileys cream blend together in their mouths with the aid of their tongues. There was no awkwardness between them as they spent the rest of the night exploring new tastes in bed.


The next morning, Jessica woke up to an empty spot next to her. She hugged the pillow Taeyeon slept on and it felt warm. Taeyeon probably just left the room moments ago. It wasn’t a surprise to her since she made it clear right from the start that she was just looking for fun, not a serious relationship.  She disliked the burden of being in a relationship and being in this casual one with Taeyeon suited her well.


She spotted a handwritten note on her desk as she was going to shower.


“Food is our common ground, a universal experience. – James Beard”


Why would she leave such a note? I guess everytime we meet, there’s food involved?   Jessica thought to herself. Nonetheless, she kept the note in her schedule book before stepping into the bathroom.




“Taeyeon-san, had a good dream last night? You’re beaming from ear to ear!” a Japanese baker said as he secured his apron around his waist.


“Never had a better night,” Taeyeon grinned.


Taeyeon woke up early as she had to head back to her hotel to wash up before going to work. It was with much reluctance that she had to leave the sleeping blonde. Work was her main priority and the reason why she was in Japan. She was exhilarated to find out that their overseas schedules in Japan coincided and they would be able to meet each other for the next three weeks.


To be honest, Taeyeon had never expected her “one-night-stand” to last for so long. She wasn’t really a player. In fact, this was only her third time getting involved in such an affair. The first two times were due to silly bets with her friends during her tertiary days. Being young and carefree, they often went to parties as a form of stress relief from their school work. However, since leaving school, she hadn’t really been in a relationship with anyone due to her hectic workload and irregular hours.


Her relationship with Jessica was beginning to feel more like a love affair then just a fling. The more time she spent with Jessica, the more her heart longed for her. Yet at the back of her mind, she kept reminding herself of Jessica’s rules and sadly had to supress her ever-growing feelings inwardly.


“Taeyeon-san must have met up with someone special. She has been smiling since she came in this morning,” one baker whispered to another.


After putting on her chef’s hat, Taeyeon got busy with work as she counted down the hours to meeting the beautiful blonde again.




Jessica had an early dinner with a friend because her friend needed to leave by 7pm to catch a concert. She didn’t want to go along since it wasn’t a group she was familiar with. After dinner, she decided that she wasn’t in the mood for shopping and headed back to the hotel to work on Taeyeon’s website.


By 9pm, she got bored and was pacing around the hotel room with a glass of red wine in her hand. She felt warm though she was wearing a tank top and shorts in her room.


“Why is that woman not here yet?” Jessica said aloud, glancing at her watch every 5 minutes. Taeyeon texted an hour ago to inform her that she would be swinging by tonight. She was feeling needy and wanted some action to release the tension within her.


Jessica wanted to pick up the phone to call Taeyeon but felt that it would make her seem very desperate. Grumbling to herself, she plonked herself on the bed and watched CNN on television. Minutes seemed to be crawling by like a tortoise trying to cross a highway.


At 9.30pm, the room’s phone rang. Jessica bent over to pick it up and spoke in a seductive voice, thinking it was Taeyeon. Turned out that it was the hotel receptionist and she wanted to inform Jessica about a package that her Japanese colleague left at the hotel for her.


In fifteen minutes, Jessica was back in her room watching television again after picking up the package from the front desk. Her mobile phone beeped and she rushed to the dressing table to read her message. Turned out it was her colleague who texted her, asking if she had received the package as it contained some important information regarding her project. Jessica hastily typed a reply and threw her phone onto the bed.


After an hour, Jessica decided that she would cook up some excuse to give Taeyeon a call, just to check if she was on the way to the hotel.  She was about to dial Taeyeon’s number when she heard the doorbell ring.


Taeyeon was standing outside the door with a sheepish grin plastered across her face. “Sorry I’m late.”


Jessica had the urge to drag Taeyeon onto her bed and devour her instantly but she held back. Her pride was important and she didn’t want to appear that she hungered for Taeyeon that much.


Taeyeon helped herself to a bottle of mineral water from the mini bar and sat on the chair by the window.


“Been waiting in anticipation for me?” Taeyeon teased. Jessica always rolled her eyes when she was excited or nervous. Taeyeon caught that small gesture the blonde made as she walked into the room.


“I was busy working. In fact, I just received a stack of documents from my colleague that I have to complete in 2 days’ time,” Jessica defended. She was sitting cross legged on the bed while talking to Taeyeon. She decided to leave a bigger gap between them in case she was unable to suppress her flames of desire.


“Ah, that’s great. Do your work then, I shall not bother you. If you don’t mind, I need to take a shower first. I stink,” Taeyeon said casually. She got up from the chair and headed to the toilet, her hands intentionally brushing past Jessica’s thighs.

The imagery of Taeyeon taking a shower in her toilet was causing her flames of desire to intensify. She drank the remaining red wine in her glass and slid under the blanket. She knew she couldn’t focus on completing her work, at least not for tonight.


Taeyeon stepped out of the toilet, drying her hair with the white hotel towel.


“I think I may have accidentally used your bath towel. It smells nicer than the usual hotel ones,” Taeyeon said nonchalantly.


“Where did you take it from?”


“From the lower rails. I think it’s yours. I can smell your scent.” Taeyeon took a deep breath with the towel pressed against her nose.


“There are some fresh towels on the upper rails but you had to take the one and only towel on the lower rail?” Jessica asked sarcastically.


Taeyeon chuckled, “Because I missed your scent.”  I really do.


Jessica threw a pillow at Taeyeon but the latter managed to dodge it.


“You’re done with your work already? Or am I too distracting for you?” Taeyeon winked with a huge smile plastered on her face.


Taeyeon was wearing the hotel’s bathrobe and the belt was loosely tied around the waist, causing the robe to part slightly in the middle.


Jessica quickly looked away for fear of losing control.  She refused to give into temptation and more importantly, didn’t want to be teased by Taeyeon for showing her true intentions.


“I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m tired,” Jessica lied. She wanted to get in bed with Taeyeon and spend her time cuddling with her.


“I’m dead tired. Pardon me if I snore tonight,” Taeyeon yawned.


Taeyeon switched off the room light, leaving only the bedside lights illuminated. She crawled into bed and lay on her side, facing Jessica. She snuggled closer and gave Jessica a quick peck on the lips. As she shifted back to her spot on the bed, one side of the bathrobe slid further down, revealing one side of Taeyeon’s bare shoulder.


“Good night darling. Sweet dreams.” Taeyeon closed her eyes and slid one arm around Jessica’s waist.


“Don’t you want to remove your bathrobe? Isn’t it uncomfortable? I can lean you a spare set of pyjamas,” Jessica offered. She found it odd that someone would want to sleep in a bathrobe.


With her eyes still closed, Taeyeon mumbled, “I forgotten to bring a spare set of clothes to change.”


“I can lend you a set. Go get changed,” Jessica gave Taeyeon a shove.


“I’m too tired to do so,” Taeyeon said lazily. “Unless you change it for me.”


Taeyeon rolled onto her back and spread her arms apart. Jessica took a deep breath and let it out slowly. The bathrobe was bothering her as it was fuzzy and taking up a lot of space on the bed. The thick material meant that it was warm to sleep beside Taeyeon. She wanted a peaceful sleep since she wouldn’t have any action tonight. Hence, she had no choice but to help Taeyeon change. It wasn’t the first time she saw Taeyeon naked anyway.


Straddling Taeyeon, she pulled the belt and the bathrobe slid apart and pulled it off Taeyeon. The older girl had nothing else on her besides a pair of tiny shorts. Jessica swallowed hard and proceeded to pull a cotton tee over Taeyeon’s head and arms. Usually she was better at pulling it off in lightning speed. She didn’t realised it took more effort to put it on, especially on a person who was sleeping like a log.


Jessica gingerly avoided the sensitive parts of Taeyeon’s body as she tried to dress Taeyeon in the tee. Her pride prevented her from initiating any action tonight, hence it took her an immense amount of self-control to prevent herself from unleashing her flood of kisses on Taeyeon.


“Seriously, you’re the first person I’m doing this for and I don’t know why I bother,” Jessica complained aloud, hoping Taeyeon would be able to listen. However, Taeyeon didn’t even move an inch.


“For such a tiny person, you’re very heavy. You’re radiating a lot of heat in the silly bathrobe. Ack! This is irritating! Now turn around so that I can pull your tee down at the back,” Jessica continued grumbling aloud.


Taeyeon turned around in a swift motion. The sudden forceful twist of her body caused Jessica fell on top of her. Her arm was pinned across Taeyeon’s chest and underneath Taeyeon’s armpit.


“What in the world?!” Jessica yelled. She could hear her heart pounding against her chest. This skinship was way too much for her, especially where her arm was resting on.


Taeyeon opened one eye and smirked. “You’re in the heat but refused to be the person who initiates it. I was just teasing you to see how good your self-control was. Looks like you’ve passed the test. Now’s the time to claim your reward.”


Taeyeon managed to flip Jessica on her back so that she could be on top. She started planting a row of wet kisses on Jessica’s neck and along her collarbones. Pulling the flimsy tank top off Jessica, she worked her way downwards very slowly, causing Jessica to shudder.


The rest of the night was heaven for Jessica.


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