Chapter 6

Jessica spent the twenty minutes packing her stuff neatly into the luggage or into the wardrobe. She was a typically neat person but she wanted to ensure that everything was spotless. Afterall, Taeyeon was coming to her hotel room later. After she finished packing, she plonked herself onto the couch and enjoyed a glass of red wine before heading for the shower.


Ding Dong


Jessica stepped out of the bathroom and skipped her way to the door. She opened it without looking through the peep hole since she knew who it would be.


“Hello!” Taeyeon greeted chirpily.


“Hey, you’re early as usual. Come in,” Jessica commented as she held the door for Taeyeon.


“For you.” Taeyeon was grinning from ear to ear as she held a white box up for Jessica to see.


Jessica took the box from Taeyeon’s hand and headed towards her dressing table.


Taeyeon was surprised to see Jessica opening the door, dressed in the hotel’s white bathrobe instead of casual clothes. Her hair was wrapped in a white towel while the bathrobe was loosely wrapped around her body. Taeyeon’s thoughts went wild as she imagined the sexy figure beneath that bathrobe. She placed the box of cakes onto the dressing table and sat on the chair while waiting for Jessica.


“Give me a moment while I change,” Jessica said as she disappeared into the bathroom.


A few minutes later, Jessica emerged from the bathroom wearing a loose fitting blue blouse and a pair of pink cotton shorts. Her damp hair caressed her shoulders as she sashayed towards the dressing table. Taeyeon tugged at her collar, feeling blood rushing all over her body, as her eyes followed the blonde as she walked.


“Thanks for the cakes. You have not seen anything I’ve done yet, no need for advanced payment,” Jessica said as she opened the box and peered at its contents.


“It’s only polite to bring something when visiting someone. Take these as a welcome gift. I made them this morning.”


Taeyeon stood an arm’s length away from Jessica, keeping her distance. She knew that if she were to stand too close to Jessica, she couldn’t guarantee that she could keep her cool.


“Taeyeon, which one do you want? There’re so many nice ones, I can’t decide,” Jessica furrowed her brows at the selection of cakes. She grabbed Taeyeon’s arm and pulled the latter closer so that they could take a closer look at the cakes.


“How about green tea chiffon cake?” Taeyeon suggested, trying to keep a straight face. She was shaking inside, worried her legs might give way due to Jessica’s touch. She could smell the scent of green tea shower foam Jessica used and she liked it.


Shower-fresh Jessica…nice smelling Jessica…oh what am I thinking?!   Taeyeon willed herself to think of the cakes and keep her mind off Jessica.


“I can’t finish a slice by myself, so you’re gonna have to share it with me so that I can try the rest of the cakes.” Jessica pulled Taeyeon towards the couch.


It was a rather tiny couch since the hotel room wasn’t very huge. Their arms touched as they sat next to each other and Taeyeon looked away bashfully, feeling the warmth on her cheeks and ears.


“Hmm, it’s good,” Jessica complimented. Taeyeon grinned, feeling happy that her cakes were appreciated.


Jessica cut a small corner of the cake with her fork and held it to Taeyeon’s mouth. “Say Ahh…”


For a moment, Taeyeon couldn’t decide if she ought to eat the cake from Jessica’s fork. Truthfully, she had only packed one fork into the box and she knew that Jessica would definitely share the cakes with her since the blonde enjoyed sampling a variety of food instead of eating one portion by herself. She was hoping for such an interaction with Jessica this evening and her opportunity was here.


Taeyeon leaned forward and ate the cake as Jessica held the fork. “Hmm…my cake is delicious!”


“Self-praise is no praise, my dear,” Jessica laughed, patting Taeyeon’s arm with her free hand.


“Hey, you agreed it’s good too. In fact, you said it first!” Taeyeon slapped Jessica’s thigh playfully. She let her hand linger a little longer on Jessica’s thigh, feeling the soft silky skin before she removed it. Her pulse quickened as Jessica continued to feed her using the fork.


One mouthful for Taeyeon, one mouthful for Jessica and the cycle repeated itself until the cake was finished. Taeyeon smiled at the thought of the indirect kiss they were sharing. It reminded her of the night she was high on sake and the illusion she had about kissing Jessica. She wished it was real.


Jessica, on the other hand, enjoyed having someone around instead of having to stay alone in the room. She had a plan brewing in her head to try to make Taeyeon stay for as long as possible, and hopefully hit a lucky break tonight.


After their finished eating the green tea chiffon cake, Jessica rose from her seat and peered into the box again.


“What shall I try this time?” Jessica said aloud.


“The mango cream cake. It’s one of the best sellers in the store.”


“Sounds great,” Jessica remarked. She placed the cake on a plate and brought it to the desk. She pointed at the chair and asked Taeyeon to sit on it.


“I’ve drafted a rough website structure, based on what I think you would like to include in your website. Do let me know if you have any comments.” Jessica sat on the window ledge, eating her cake while Taeyeon was browsing through the draft on her laptop.


“Looks great to me. It would be nice to have a section for new products. We intend to come up with new recipes every month.”


Jessica hopped off the ledge and stood next to Taeyeon so that she could read the text on the laptop’s screen. She leaned forward and placed her hand on the mouse. Taeyeon hurriedly removed her hand from the mouse so that Jessica could use it. The brief contact was enough to make Taeyeon’s heart skip a beat.


“Would you like to sit down instead? It would be easier for you to make the changes,” Taeyeon said. Her breaths quickened as she felt Jessica’s body pressed against her arm. Jessica didn’t seem to have any unusual reaction as she focused on adding Taeyeon’s requirements on the draft copy.


Jessica shook her head. “How about placing the ‘new items’ section over here? It’s more upfront. I’ve also built in a section for social media. You can link your youtube, facebook and twitter accounts here when you have them in future.”


Taeyeon gulped. “That…that would be great.”


Jessica’s arm brushed against Taeyeon’s body as she retreated back to the window ledge. She continued eating her cake while Taeyeon continued to browse through the draft.


I can’t even focus on the words on the laptop now. All I see is her face and…that bathrobe she was wearing earlier on! That touch…her touch…I just can’t…focus…


“Ok, done. Looks like I owe you a lot of cakes and pastries for the amount of effort you’ve put in.” Taeyeon swirled her chair around, facing Jessica after much difficulty in reading to read the contents on the screen.


Jessica laughed. “It’s nothing much actually. Are you trying to make me fat by eating so many delicious pastries? Not everyone is blessed with good genes like yours.”


“Oops, my true motive has been revealed,” Taeyeon grinned. Led on by her subconscious thoughts, Taeyeon rose from the chair and walked towards Jessica. She stopped in front of Jessica, her thighs touching Jessica’s legs. The flames of desire within her were rising rapidly.


“How’s the cake?” Taeyeon asked, pointing to the half-eaten cake on the plate.
“Delicious.” Jessica licked her lips very slowly and smiled sweetly at Taeyeon.


“There’s cream on your lips,” Taeyeon said, her voice suddenly deepened.


“Really? I must have been too careless,” Jessica replied casually. She was about to get off the ledge to get a piece of tissue to wipe her mouth when Taeyeon placed both arms on either side of Jessica’s hips, preventing her from doing so.


Taeyeon tilted her head and inched towards Jessica’s face.


“Let me clean it for you,” Taeyeon offered.


Their faces were very close to each other, almost touching. Jessica could feel Taeyeon’s hot breath on her face and the sudden rush of blood from her heart to her face. She sat there, frozen like an ice sculpture. Taeyeon’s lips were just centimetres away from Jessica’s. By natural reflex, Jessica closed her eyes.


Taeyeon placed her left hand on Jessica’s face and tilted it upwards. Using her right thumb, she gently wiped the excess cream off Jessica’s lips.


“Done,” Taeyeon said firmly.


Jessica opened her eyes and looked directly into Taeyeon’s brown eyes. She felt her face burning with embarrassment due to her earlier misjudgement. A devilish smile flashed across Taeyeon’s face.


Two can play at that game, Kim Taeyeon.


“Sorry you had to use your thumb. I meant to use a tissue to wipe the excess cream off my face when I’m done eating,” Jessica said, holding Taeyeon’s right thumb between her fingers.


Jessica held Taeyeon’s thumb to her mouth and gently brushed it across her lips before using her tongue to lick the cream off it. Taeyeon was trying her best not to hyperventilate as she felt the warm tongue curling around her thumb. Her heart was pounding rapidly against her ribcage.


After the cream was gone, Jessica held Taeyeon’s thumb up, as if she was admiring an expensive porcelain cup. “Ok, looks clean though I would still advise you to wash it under the tap,” Jessica said in a matter-of-fact tone.


Just as Jessica leaned back against the window, her blouse slid off one side of her shoulder, revealing the pink lacy bra she was wearing. Taeyeon swore she could just grab Jessica by her shoulders and push her onto the bed that very instant but she didn’t. Instead, she calmly stood aside so that Jessica could go to the toilet.


Jessica tried to suppress a giggle as she brushed past Taeyeon on her way to the toilet. Taeyeon’s legs turned jelly and she almost collapsed onto the floor. Fortunately she managed to grab the chair in time and sat down on it, taking deep breaths to calm herself down.


Kim Taeyeon, get a hold of yourself!


After emerging from the toilet, Jessica found Taeyeon with standing near the door of her hotel room.


“Since you’ve got the basic structure of the website right, I’ll leave you to do your magic,” Taeyeon said politely. She put on her shoes and opened the door. Leaving the room was the best way to avoid unleashing her inner desires.


“Ah, I thought you would like to stay behind for a while more to see if I made the correct changes. Make sure you bring along more delicious cakes when I show you the next draft,” Jessica said, trying not to sound too deflated. She thought she had Taeyeon hooked and that Taeyeon would stay for the night.


“I will. Good night, Jessica.”


“Good night, Taeyeon.” Jessica closed the door as Taeyeon turned around and headed for the lift lobby.


Jessica uncorked a bottle of red wine and poured the red liquid into a wine glass.


“I must say her willpower is quite strong, though I wish she stayed so that I could get some action tonight,” Jessica said aloud, swirling the red wine in her glass.


She turned on the television and flicked through the various channels while drinking her red wine.


Ten minutes later…


Ding Dong


“Hmm…I wonder who it is. I’m sure I didn’t call for room service,” Jessica mumbled to herself as she went to open the door.


She peered through the doorhole and saw Taeyeon standing outside. She unlocked the door and opened it.


“Taeyeon? You’ve forgotten to take something?” Jessica asked, feeling puzzled.




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