Chapter 7

“Darn birds again!” Taeyeon muttered as she tossed around in bed. “Why are they so noisy early in the morning?!”



“Good morning,” Sooyeon greeted with a wide grin on her face.



Taeyeon turned towards the direction of the voice and opened one eye. She let out a long yawn and stretched herself on the bed, almost falling off the edge of the bed.



“Good morning,” Taeyeon said, rubbing her eyes.



“Did you sleep well?” Sooyeon asked, concerned. The bed wasn’t terribly big but it managed to fit both of them comfortably since both of them were rather slim and small built.



“It’s difficult to sleep well with someone as gorgeous as you beside me. I could sacrifice my sleep and look at you for the whole night,” Taeyeon smirked, admiring the beautiful bare face in front of her.



“Oh my God, you’re such a cheesy person. Do all advertising people have such sweet talking lips as you?”



“Well, it depends on the context and the person I’m talking to. I’m not usually like this. Somehow you bring out the cheesy side of me,” Taeyeon laughed.



“Cheese cheese cheese. I’ll make you a huge ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast later. I’ll go wash up first. See you in the kitchen in a while,” said Sooyeon as she got out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Taeyeon lazed on the bed. She pinched herself twice to ensure that she wasn’t dreaming about what happened last night.



I told her about my feelings. Was that considered a confession? Aish, what’s said cannot be taken back. She doesn’t seem to be rejecting me. So I stand a chance? Do I have to ask her formally? Or shall I just let nature takes it course? Aish! Some of the previous girls I date are not the least bit as complex as this!




“Aahhhh” Taeyeon said, feeling frustrated. She sat upright and ruffled her hair. “Why is love so complicated?”






Taeyeon took a huge bite of her homemade sandwich.



“It tastes good!” Taeyeon said, between mouthfuls of lettuce and cheese.



“I added four slices of cheese into the sandwich for the cheesy person over here,” Sooyeon grinned, patting Taeyeon’s head.



“I want to follow you to the school. Mrs Hwang told me you’re teaching art at an elementary school in this town,” Taeyeon said abruptly, putting her sandwich on the table.



“Why?” Sooyeon asked, feeling puzzled by Taeyeon’s sudden request.



“Because I want to know how you spend your day. Because I want to know you better. Because, just because…” Taeyeon’s voice trailed off, her face turning red.



“It sounds like you’re intending to stalk me. Well, rather than following me around aimlessly, you can be my personal chauffeur since you’re using Miyoung’s scooter. I kinda miss riding on it since she’s away now,” Sooyeon said with a smile.



Taeyeon nodded happily. She was more than happy to be her chauffeur, for the day or even forever.






“That’s a truly eye catching helmet you’ve got!” Taeyeon exclaimed, pointing at the helmet in Sooyeon’s hands.



“Miyoung gave it to me as a gift when she got her scooter. She wanted to bring me around when she got her license. It’s really colourful and bright eh?” Sooyeon giggled. She placed the bright pink helmet with floral prints on her head while Taeyeon helped her secure the strap underneath her chin.



“If you observe closely, there’s a letter J embroidered on the strap of mine and MY on yours. It’s our initials. Miyoung always call me Little Jung coz I was smaller in size than her when we were young. That nickname kinda stuck till now,” Sooyeon pointed out as she climbed onto the back seat of the scooter.



“Ah, this explains why your handkerchiefs have MY J on it. I thought it stood for My J. Isn’t Miyoung younger than you? Why does she call you Little Jung?” Taeyeon asked, curious.



“Miyoung is used to being the older child in her family and she loves to fuss over me, like how an older sister would. Since we’re the same age, she decided to call me Little Jung so that she would feel like an older sibling. She gave those handkerchiefs to me before she left for the States. She wants to be close to me while she’s away. That silly girl…”



“She sounds like a really fun person to be with. So where’s the first stop, Little Jung?” Taeyeon asked in a playful manner as she climbed onto the scooter and revved up the engine.



“Hey, that nickname is only meant for Miyoung to use. She’ll probably smack you if she hears you calling me that. It’s her copyright,” Sooyeon chuckled.

“Let’s go to the community club. I’ve an art lesson with the kids,” Sooyeon replied, giving a light knock on Taeyeon’s helmet.



“Little Jung, Little Jung,” Taeyeon repeated jokingly.



Sooyeon gave a hard tap on Taeyeon’s helmet and pinched her waist.



“Ah that hurts!” Taeyeon yelped.



“Serves you right for being disobedient!” Sooyeon reprimanded before wrapping her arms securely around Taeyeon’s waist.



Taeyeon turned around and stuck her tongue out at Sooyeon before they head off for their first destination.






At the community club



“Good morning Miss Jung!” a class of around twelve nine year old children greeted Sooyeon in unison when she stepped into the class.

“Good morning class! Let’s take out your drawing block and colour pencils. Today, you’re going to draw a portrait of your good friend. I want you to sit in front of someone in class whom you think are good friends with you. Now, please listen to me as I show you the basics of drawing someone’s face,” Sooyeon explained.



Soon, the classroom was filled with excited children trying to draw their good friend’s portraits. Some of the children were very focused on their drawing while others were fooling around with their friends. Taeyeon was watching Sooyeon from the back of the classroom, trying to be inconspicuous as she didn’t want to disrupt Sooyeon’s class.



Sooyeon was walking around the classroom, giving advice on the children’s drawings. She looked towards the back of the room and saw Taeyeon engrossed in reading a children’s fairytale. She watched the older girl from afar, observing the various facial expressions Taeyeon had as she read the book.  Sometimes Taeyeon broke into a soft giggle as she flipped through the pages. At times, she would bite her lower lips and furrow her brows as she turned the page.



She looks just like a carefree kid. It’s such a contrast from the first day I met her. I ought to capture these moments.






“Goodbye Miss Jung!” a young girl called out. The children formed a line and exited the classroom orderly.



“Goodbye! Remember to submit your completed drawing to me next week!” Sooyeon said as she waved goodbye to each child who was leaving the classroom.


A rather tall “child” appeared at the end of the line.



“Goodbye Miss Jung!” Taeyeon said in a childish voice, trying to imitate one of the children.



Sooyeon gave Taeyeon a light smack on the head. She picked up a piece of A3 sized paper from her table and handed it to Taeyeon.



Taeyeon gave Sooyeon a suspicious look as she unrolled the piece of paper. A look of surprise appeared on her face. She gasped in amazement when she saw her self-portrait.



“You drew this during class earlier on?” Taeyeon asked, surprised.



Sooyeon smiled shyly and nodded. “Well, we had to draw a picture of our good friend and since my best friend Miyoung isn’t around, you’re the next person I thought of.”



“Thanks Sooyeon, it’s beautiful. You’ve a talent for drawing,” Taeyeon praised, admiring the drawing.



“Thank you. Time to head to our second location now, my personal chauffeur,” Sooyeon said, giving Taeyeon a nudge.



“Yes madam!” Taeyeon rolled the piece of paper up and carefully placed it into her bag.




At an orphanage



Sooyeon linked her arm around Taeyeon’s and led her into a single storey building. Children from as young as four to as old as twelve gathered at a hall where volunteers were serving lunch to them.



“Miyoung and I used to come here very often when we were younger. She has a heart of gold and always wanted to help the children in whatever she can. The volunteers are distributing lunch to the children. After this, the children are given some play time before they need to complete their homework,” Sooyeon explained as she led the way towards the volunteers.



After the children had finished their food, the volunteers broke up into smaller groups and played games with the children. Taeyeon was assigned to two young girls aged six. She wasn’t sure what to do and the atmosphere was rather awkward as the rest of the groups were already chatting or playing games.



Suddenly she thought of a movie she watched while she was resting in the hospital from one of her fainting spells.



“Hey kids, have you heard of the banana song?” Taeyeon asked.



The two girls shook their heads.


“Ok, I’ll teach you. It’s really easy! Jiyeon, you start by going like this…Ba Ba Ba Babanana Ba Ba Ba Babanana…” Taeyeon said very slowly so that the little girl could follow her beat.



“Alright, now Hyomin, you’re next. You’ll say Potato Na Ah Ah Banana Ah Ah…” Taeyeon continued as she looked at the other girl.



After repeating the rhythm a few times, the little girls soon caught the beat and started singing merrily with Taeyeon rapping the rest of the lyrics.



A few other children overheard the catchy tune coming from Taeyeon’s group and joined in along with them. Sooyeon was amused by Taeyeon’s idea as she watched her entertaining the children from a distance.



I thought she would be uncomfortable and would probably want to leave soon. On the contrary, she looks like one of them, singing and dancing around with the kids. Such a dork!



Soon the whole hall started singing along to the song in Despicable Me 2, led by Taeyeon who was dancing around like one of the minions in the movie.






“Thanks to you, the kids had a lot of fun earlier on.”



“To be honest, I didn’t expect such a rousing response from them. I’m glad they had fun. I had fun too!” Taeyeon said as she put on her helmet.



“Are you tired?” Sooyeon asked as she climbed onto the scooter once again.



“I’m a little tired but I’m good. I guess I’m not exactly a very outdoor person. I’m too used to staying in the office most of the time, slouching in my comfy chair and staring at the PC. Don’t worry, I’m still wide awake and a safe rider,” Taeyeon assured. “Where’s the next stop?”



“Home. My home. I’ll cook you something nice to eat since you’ve been such a great help today.”



Taeyeon patted the familiar pair of hands that was wrapped around her waist. She turned around and mouthed a ‘Can’t wait to try it’ before revving the engine and heading for home.






“How’s my pasta? Does it suit you tastebuds?” Sooyeon asked, untying the apron from her neck. She sat opposite Taeyeon at the small dining table, watching Taeyeon taste the home cooked carbonara.



“I could eat this forever,” Taeyeon complimented as she stuffed another forkful of pasta into her mouth. It felt like it was the best thing on earth she had ever eaten and was even more delicious than those cooked by Michelin chefs.

“Thanks for the compliments. Oh, you’ve some sauce on your lips,” Sooyeon said gently. Using a napkin, she leant across the table to wipe the cream sauce off the side of Taeyeon’s lips.



Taeyeon held onto Sooyeon’s hand before she could move it away from Taeyeon’s face after wiping away the cream. Shocked, Sooyeon dropped the napkin onto the table and looked at Taeyeon with wide open eyes. Taeyeon gazed gently at Sooyeon, her eyes admiring every inch of that flawless complexion. She rose from her seat, intertwined her right hand with hers and kissed Sooyeon’s fingers tenderly. Leaning across the table and placing her left hand behind Sooyeon’s head, Taeyeon pulled the girl in swiftly for a tender kiss.



Her lips are so soft and smooth. It’s unlike the other kisses I’ve had. I wanna kiss this pair of lips forever and ever.



Sooyeon was taken aback by the sudden kiss. However, within seconds, she closed her eyes as she felt herself melting into Taeyeon’s embrace.



Taeyeon slowly broke away from the kiss, their noses still touching. Both of them stared into each other’s eyes silently as they pulled away from each other slowly, their fingers still intertwined.



“Sorry…”    “I…”  Both of them said simultaneously. They paused and looked at each other.



“Sorry, I was too direct. I…I…didn’t know what came over me,” Taeyeon stuttered. Her heartbeat was definitely not slowing down after that slow kiss with Sooyeon. She felt that it was the right moment and she decided to seize the opportunity.



“I wasn’t expecting it,” Sooyeon said calmly, her face in a shade of pink. “But it felt good.”



Taeyeon arched an eyebrow and looked at the girl, puzzled at what she just said.



Did I hear correctly? Did she just say the kiss was good or she meant the pasta was good?



“What felt good?” Taeyeon asked, confused.



“This…” Sooyeon leant forward, wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s neck and pressed her lips onto hers.



“Hmm…it’s…good…the kiss…and the cream…” Taeyeon said between kisses.



After the second and longer kiss, Taeyeon couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as she ate continued to eat the home cooked pasta Sooyeon made for her. Sooyeon, on the other hand, was as red as a beetroot as she ate her share of pasta.






Taeyeon crept up behind Sooyeon as she was doing the dishes. She slid her arms around Sooyeon’s waist, hugging the girl tight as she whispered into her ear, “Now I know why people say love is what makes you smile when you’re tired. I’ve fallen in love with you, Sooyeon.”



“Did I add cheese into the carbonana? Hmm…I’m sure I didn’t,” Sooyeon blushed, feeling the blood rushing to her face.



“I can’t help but be cheesy when I’m around with you,” Taeyeon pouted and rested her head on Sooyeon’s shoulder.



“Maybe you ought to find a client that sells cheese when you get back. I’m sure you’ll have tons of creative cheesy ideas to sell their cheese,” Sooyeon smiled as she tilted her head and leaned onto Taeyeon.



“That’s true. Let me text Sunny about it. Maybe she would have found the client by the time I get back,” Taeyeon laughed, her arms still wrapped around the younger girl’s waist.



“Ah yes, you’re going back soon,” Sooyeon said, with a tinge of sadness.



She’s only a guest. A guest who’s here for a short holiday. Nothing will come out of this. It will never work after she leaves here. Why did I…kiss her…back?



The mood suddenly became serious.


“Let’s not think about that shall we? What shall we do now?” How about watching DVDs at my room? I rented several DVDs from the video store in town, just in case I was bored,” Taeyeon suggested, trying to lighten the atmosphere. She tugged at the younger girl’s waist.



Casting her worries aside for the time being, Sooyeon replied, “Okay, let me change and put on a thicker jacket before going over to your place.”






The two girls huddled under the quilt on Taeyeon’s king size bed at the guesthouse. They were watching Legally Blonde on the huge LED TV. Fifteen minutes into the movie, Sooyeon felt Taeyeon resting her head on her shoulders. She turned around and noticed Taeyeon had fallen asleep. She sat there in silence, enjoying Taeyeon’s scent and warmth of her sleeping body as she continued to sleep with her head on her shoulder.



Taeyeon ah, sorry to make you spend the whole day running around with me. You must be really exhausted. I really appreciate your company today. It has been a long while since I felt so happy. Taeyeon ah, thank you.



Sooyeon switched the television off and slowly slid both Taeyeon and herself onto the bed. She lay on her side and studied the baby face that was illuminated by the moonlight. She gently removed the rubber band from Taeyeon’s hair so that the older girl could lie on the pillow comfortably. Taeyeon’s blonde hair fell messily on her shoulders. She caressed Taeyeon’s cheeks and used her fingers to trace her jawline.



Taeyeon ah, I’m falling deeper and deeper for you. I don’t know if my heart would be able to take the pain when you leave this place…when you leave me.

As if Taeyeon could read her mind while she was sleeping, she placed her arm behind Sooyeon’s back and snuggled closer to her.



Sooyeon smiled and wrap her legs around Taeyeon’s.



“Stop it, don’t do it…” Taeyeon mumbled, out of the blue.


Sooyeon was startled. Perhaps Taeyeon felt uncomfortable and didn’t like her snuggling so closely. She was about to remove her hand when she heard Taeyeon exclaim.


“Ya Angel, stop licking my face!” Taeyeon yelled, waving one of her arms wildly.



Sooyeon chuckled and pressed Taeyeon’s flailing arm onto her body.




This silly girl must have been so traumatised by Angel.



She planted a light kiss on Taeyeon’s forehead before resting her head against Taeyeon’s chest. She wrapped her arm around Taeyeon’s waist and soon drifted off to sleep.


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