Chapter 9

The next two days seemed to past by in a blur. Sooyeon was kept busy at school as she had to help cover for her colleague who was down with a bad case of gastric flu. She wanted to spend more time with Taeyeon but luck wasn’t on her side. At the same time, Taeyeon was kept busy packing her stuff for her impending departure from the countryside.

Finally one evening, Sooyeon found some time to make Taeyeon’s favourite carbonara pasta. She packed it neatly into a plastic container, intending to meet her for dinner at the guesthouse. Putting on her jacket, she strolled towards the guesthouse, humming a happy tune.

“Good evening Seungri, is Taeyeon at home?” Sooyeon asked.

“Hey Sooyeon noona. Taeyeon noona was out since morning and hasn’t been back,” Seungri said, peeking from behind the main door.

“Did she say where she went?” Sooyeon asked.

Seungri shook his head.

“Please pass this to her. Tell her I made it. You can have some too, I made extra. Thank you Seungri.” Sooyeon handed the box to Seungri. With heavy steps, Sooyeon made her way back home.

Sooyeon finally reached the main gate of her house. She looked up and saw a familiar figure sitting on the steps leading to the main door. The figure got up and approached Sooyeon with a wide smile.

“Hello dear, missed me?” Taeyeon had a cheeky grin on her face.  She had her hands behind her back as she skipped towards Sooyeon.

“Where have you been to?” Sooyeon whined, pounding Taeyeon’s arms.

“I was busy with work. Spent most of my time in town library. The internet speed is much faster than the guesthouse’s. Sunny called me regarding a new business opportunity. A large wine company has called for an agency pitch and it would be good to add it to our portfolio. Needed to do some research on its products so I parked myself at the library,” Taeyeon explained. She produced a bunch of tulips from behind her back and handed it to Sooyeon.

“You’re not getting away with flowers only. I made pasta for you. It’s with Seungri. In fact, I just came from the guesthouse. How long have you been sitting here? I didn’t see you earlier on when I left the house,” Sooyeon asked, admiring the flowers.

Taeyeon merely smiled. “It’s cold out here, aren’t you inviting me in?”

Sooyeon held Taeyeon’s hand as she led herinto the house. After a quick greeting with Mrs Jung, the two girls headed for Sooyeon’s bedroom for a chat.

“So tell me more about your pitch. What do you do at a pitch?” Sooyeon asked as she placed the bunch of tulips into a vase.

Taeyeon lay on Sooyeon’s bed and stretched her body, exhausted after a day of running errands and preparing for her pitch. Soon Sooyeon joined her on the bed and the couple cuddled as Taeyeon briefly explained the nuts and bolts of the advertising industry to her. There was a lot of research to be done to find understand the client’s background and to work towards their brief.  Other advertising agencies would also be joining the pitch and Taeyeon and her team had to ensure their ideas were fresh and most importantly, being able to meet the client’s objectives.

“No wonder you’re so exhausted. Let me give you a massage,” Sooyeon offered. Taeyeon couldn’t resist. She liked how the younger girl always managed to find the correct spot to knead and worked her magic to ease her tired muscles. Taeyeon sat upright on the bed and Sooyeon knelt behind her, massaging her tired shoulders and neck with her hands.

“Are you hungry? I could whip up some noodles for you,” Sooyeon suggested.

Taeyeon shook her head. “I’m full. So full of love. All my hunger pangs went away the moment I see your beautiful face.”


“Ouch!” Taeyeon shrieked. “Why did you smack my head for?”

“For being overly cheesy again,” Sooyeon reprimanded in a joking manner.

Taeyeon turned around and covered the younger girl’s lips with her own.

“I missed your soft lips and I’m sure you miss the cheesy me,” Taeyeon said after pulling away from the kiss.

The next moment, Sooyeon pushed Taeyeon off the bed playfully and wrapped herself with the quilt. Taeyeon quickly peeled the quilt aside and slid next to her. She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around Sooyeon in case the latter tried to escape from her.

Sooyeon stuck her lower lip out in a pout. Taeyeon giggled and covered the younger girl’s arm with light kisses.

“Sooyeon ah…have you considered my proposal of moving to the city with me? I wanna say cheesy things to you every day and night. I wanna count the stars with you every night. If I ever ran out of stars, I’ll start counting them again from the start. I wanna wake up with you by my side and plant kisses all over your beautiful face every morning,” Taeyeon said as she ran her fingers through Sooyeon’s hair and played with the ends of it.

The day after the spring fair, Taeyeon went to meet Mrs Jung at her house while Sooyeon was away at school. She intended to get her blessings for bringing her only daughter to stay in the city with her and to possibly spend the rest of her life with her. After much reassurance from Taeyeon, Mrs Jung agreed to let Sooyeon go. Mrs Jung was reluctant to part with her daughter but she knew that it was for Sooyeon’s benefit if she left the countryside to gain more experiences and opportunities to see the world and grow. Moreover, she knew that she could depend on Taeyeon.

Once Taeyeon had obtained Mrs Jung’s permission, the next hurdle would be Sooyeon. She knew that Sooyeon could not bear to leave her mother and her comfort zone behind. The countryside was where she spent most of her life. She didn’t want to give her any pressure and told her to think about it.

Sooyeon gazed tenderly into Taeyeon’s eyes, her hands running along the side of Taeyeon’s face.

“Taeyeon ah, you know I can’t bear to leave my mother here. I’m worried I can’t adapt to the fast paced life in the city.”

“The city is not too far away from here. We can always pop by here for a weekend trip. I know your mum is more resistant to moving out of the countryside since she spent her whole life here. But you’re young and talented, you ought to go to the city to seek new opportunities and growth. I managed to get in touch with an arts school for kids. You can use your talent for art and impart your knowledge to the kids there,” Taeyeon explained, gently caressing Sooyeon’s face with her fingers.

“I don’t know…I’m just…afraid of challenges and change.”

“If you don’t give it a try, you won’t know. I’m sure you can adapt well to the city. I’ll be there, I’ll help you out. You’re not going to walk down the path by yourself. Give the both of us a chance and we’ll work things out together.” Taeyeon pulled Sooyeon closer to her, hugging her and enjoying the scent of the floral shampoo she used.

“Taeyeon ah, give me a bit more time to think about it okay?”

“Yes my dear. Let’s sleep and don’t think about it, shall we?” Taeyeon kissed Sooyeon’s forehead.

Sooyeon nestled her head against Taeyeon’s chest, afraid to let Taeyeon see the tears that were about to escape her eyes.

Taeyeon ah…I would love to go with you…It’s just that…I’m not mentally prepared yet. This is all too sudden for me. Please give me a bit more time…





Are you an angel? I’m sure you are. Your sweet smile melts my heart. You’re the only one who makes me feel this way. I want to wake up beside you every morning.

Sooyeon stirred in her sleep. She placed an arm across Taeyeon’s waist and snuggled closer to her.

“Good morning dear,” Taeyeon leaned over and kissed Sooyeon on her forehead and tip of her nose.

“Good morning, why are you up so early?” Sooyeon yawned, still feeling very sleepy.  Her eyes were half open and she looked at Taeyeon.

“I wanna spend more time admiring my baby. I’ll miss waking up next to you,” Taeyeon whispered as she planted a line of wet kisses along Sooyeon’s neck and onto her collar bone. She slid her hand inside of Sooyeon’s tee, feeling the naked smooth skin of Sooyeon’s.

It wasn’t the first time Taeyeon attempted to get closer to Sooyeon on the nights they spent together. Sooyeon knew that Taeyeon wanted a bit more from the relationship but she was not prepared for such close physical intimacy. Sooyeon held Taeyeon’s hand and gently pulled it out from under her tee. Sensing her discomfort, Taeyeon decided to stop.  She didn’t want Sooyeon to feel like she was rushing into things if she’s not prepared yet.

Intending to lighten the somewhat awkward atmosphere, Sooyeon rolled onto Taeyeon and hugged the girl.

“Today is the last day you’re going to be here. Let’s make the best of it, shall we?” Sooyeon gave Taeyeon a kiss on her forehead before tickling her. On the surface, Sooyeon made up her mind to give her brightest smile for Taeyeon although she was hurting inside, knowing that Taeyeon would be leaving.

“You sure know my weakness,” Taeyeon complained as she struggled to get out of Sooyeon’s grasp while laughing heartily.


The couple spent Taeyeon’s last day revisiting the places around the countryside; the reflection lake, the gardens where the spring fair was held, the town and several fruit and vegetables farms. Taeyeon bid goodbye to some of the farmers and fishermen whom she met and made friends with during her three week stay at the guesthouse.

As the day wore on, Sooyeon’s heart got heavier and heavier. She knew that she would probably not see Taeyeon in a long time after tomorrow, or possibly never again unless she was determined to pack up and leave her current life at the countryside. Seeing Taeyeon’s bright smile as she went around taking photos of the place, Sooyeon decided to pick up her spirits and let Taeyeon leave the place with happy memories and reminded herself not to cry in front of Taeyeon.

That night, all of them had dinner at the guesthouse. Mrs Hwang cooked a big feast and everyone helped themselves to several helpings at the dinner table. After dinner, Mrs Jung pulled Taeyeon aside to have a quiet chat with her at the garden.

“Taeyeon, you’re a sensible and matured young woman. Honestly I have no worries entrusting my daughter to you. I fully support this relationship and I hope it would work out for the both of you. The biggest hurdle now is Sooyeon. Do give her some time to think about moving as it is not an easy decision. She has never left the countryside ever since she was born. As a mother, I respect whatever decision she makes, as long as she’s happy,” Mrs Jung said.

“I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. I’m sorry I can’t send you off tomorrow as I would be busy at the store. Do come back to visit us often okay?” Mrs Jung added, before giving Taeyeon a warm hug.

“Mrs Jung, thank you. Thank you very much for believing in and for trusting me. I’m prepared to wait for Sooyeon, no matter how long it takes. Thank you…” Taeyeon said, hugging Mrs Jung back.

Mrs Hwang and Sooyeon watched the two ladies talking to each other from the kitchen window.

“As you can tell, your mother is very supportive of whatever decision you make. The final verdict lies with you,” Mrs Hwang said, patting Sooyeon’s back.

Sooyeon let a tear roll down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away.

“I’ll leave you two to chat tonight. I’m sure your mother doesn’t mind you staying over tonight. I’ll let her know,” Mrs Hwang smiled as she left the kitchen.

Sooyeon pretended to wash the cups when Mrs Jung and Taeyeon walked into the kitchen. Mrs Jung had a quick chat with her daughter before giving her a hug and leaving for home. Taeyeon could sense that Sooyeon was feeling rather upset at her impending departure and she wanted to ease the pain of departure. Despite her heavy heart, she wanted to act strong in front of Sooyeon.

“Oh, I suddenly remembered I rented a few DVDs which I’ve not watched. Shall we watch it together in my room? I could make some popcorn. Let’s not sleep tonight. I wanna chat with you and enjoy your company until the sun rises,” Taeyeon suggested, snaking an arm around Sooyeon’s waist.

“Okay,” Sooyeon replied with a tinge of sadness in her voice.


Sooyeon shoved Taeyeon into the bathroom to take a shower as she picked a movie from the stack of DVDs on the table and loaded it into the player. Once Taeyeon finished showering, Sooyeon made her watch the movie first while she took a quick shower.

Taeyeon decided to wait for Sooyeon to finish before starting the movie. She picked up her iPad from her bag and flipped through an e-magazine while waiting for Sooyeon to be done.

About ten minutes later, Taeyeon looked up from her iPad when she heard the bathroom door open. A familiar lavender scent filled the room as Sooyeon stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in only a white towel that was wrapped around her chest. Her hair was tied up in a neat bun and the dim room light reflected off the droplets of water on her bare shoulders.

Sooyeon walked towards Taeyeon in a slow deliberate manner. Taeyeon sensed something was amiss. Sitting upright on the bed, she suddenly went limp and the butterflies in her stomach went wild. She swallowed hard when Sooyeon climbed onto bed and straddled her.

“Errm…Soo…yeon? You…you…need some clothes to change into? I…I have a set of PJs for you if…you want…” Taeyeon stuttered, her breathing got heavily as Sooyeon learned closer. Sooyeon’s face was just inches away from Taeyeon as she looked into her eyes, then her lips.

Taeyeon gulped.  It was such a drastic change of behaviour as compared to earlier this morning. Her face was burning up and her heart was about to burst through her chest.

Sooyeon removed the iPad from Taeyeon’s hand. She gently grazed her lips across Taeyeon’s and finally came to a stop on Taeyeon’s left ear. She nibbled Taeyeon’s ear gently before moving to the base of her neck. At this point in time, Taeyeon’s hormones went insane.

I won’t be able to hold it in anymore if she continues kissing me….Sooyeon ah…what are you doing?! Is this an open invitation for me??

Sooyeon stopped kissing Taeyeon’s neck abruptly. She flashed a devilish smirk, removed the white towel and let it slowly fall onto the bed. Leaning close to Taeyeon’s ear, she whispered hoarsely, “I’m ready. I’m all yours tonight.”

That sentence ignited the spark in Taeyeon’s desire for the younger girl. A rush of heat started from Taeyeon’s chest and spread throughout her body. She swiftly pinned the girl down onto the bed and stared at her wet lips. Those lips were calling out to her. Taeyeon tilted Sooyeon’s head and covered Sooyeon’s lips with hers.  Soon their tongues became entangled in the heat of passion, their bodies melded together as they made love for the first time since they met.


Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby Baby ~

Taeyeon stuck her hand out of the quilt and felt around the bedside table for her mobile phone.

“Hello, Taeyeon speaking,” Taeyeon said sleepily.

“Boss! Are you awake? We’re arriving in half an hour. Sunny’s driving like a crazy woman! Ouch!  Sunny just smacked my head. Talk to you later, boss!” Sooyoung’s cheery voice rang at the opposite end of the phone.

Taeyeon placed the phone back onto the table and pulled the quilt over her head. She looked at the sleeping figure next to her and smiled. Brushing her dark brown hair away from her face, Taeyeon planted a kiss on Sooyeon’s forehead and the tip of her nose.

A grin slowly appeared on Sooyeon’s face. She still had her eyes closed when she placed her arm around Taeyeon’s naked back and traced the outline of her spine.

“Dear, we need to get up soon. Sunny’s arriving in 30minutes. She’ll surely nag at me if I’m not ready.”

“I’m feeling lazy. Can we lie here for a few more minutes?” Sooyeon asked with her eyes half open.

Taeyeon kissed Sooyeon’s collar bone and started trailing down south. “Dear, since you’re awake and there’s still some time left before they arrive, let’s make full use of it eh?” Taeyeon said mischievously between kisses, her hands running down the smooth skin of Sooyeon’s back.

The butterflies in Taeyeon’s tummy awoke and went wild again for the umpteen times since last night. Sooyeon knew what the older girl wanted and wasted no time in satisfying her request.


“This is Sunny, my best friend and partner at work. And this is the shikshin I’ve been talking about, she’s Sooyoung,” Taeyeon introduced the two girls who were standing at the living room.

“So this is the girl whom workaholic Taeng is falling head over heels in love with. I’m Sunny, pleased to meet you,” Sunny extended her hand for a handshake. Sooyeon blushed as she shook Sunny’s hand.

“Hello, I’m Sooyoung. Taeyeon’s my boss at work,” Sooyoung smiled and shook Sooyeon’s hand.

“So what’s a good place for lunch here?” Sooyoung asked, looking around the guesthouse.

“The café by the lake,” Taeyeon and Sooyeon said simultaneously. They realised what just happened and giggled shyly.

“Oh my gosh! This is my first time seeing the cool Taeng giggling like a school girl. Going soft after three weeks with nature? Or could it be due to the good influence of the kind and beautiful Sooyeon over here?” Sunny teased, slapping Taeyeon on the back.

“Shhh! Don’t sprout rubbish, Kyu. Let’s go for brunch. I’m starving!” Taeyeon said, shoving Sunny towards the main door.

“I can see why you would fall in love with her. She’s beautiful, seems sincere and has such a sweet voice. A pleasant contrast from your previous fling with that money sucking air stewardess. Looks like you finally had some action last night. Next time, wear a collared top or at least use a scarf to hide that love souvenir you’ve gotten,” Sunny chuckled, pointing at the red mark near Taeyeon’s collarbone. Taeyeon quickly tugged at her tee, trying to cover the red mark.

“Ahh, stop teasing me! That was a fling and let me remind you this is a serious relationship. Sooyeon’s very shy and it wouldn’t be nice if she overheard what you just said!” Taeyeon whispered, dragging Sunny away from the other two girls who were walking behind them.

The four of them headed for lunch in Sunny’s car. Over lunch, Sunny and Sooyoung exposed embarrassing incidents about Taeyeon and all of them except Taeyeon had a good time laughing at her expense. At one point in time, Sooyeon had to use her handkerchief to wipe off the tears after laughing out loud at all the hilarious tales about Taeyeon.

After lunch, they went back to the guesthouse to pick up Taeyeon’s luggage. Seungri was the first one who ran over to give Taeyeon a hug.

“Taeyeon noona, do remember to visit us when you have the time. If you have the latest code breaker for the new playstation game, let me know alright!” Seungri grinned as he released Taeyeon from the hug.

“We shall see. I don’t want your mother to come after me for teaching you all the codes for playing games and end up neglecting your studies.”

Next was Mrs Hwang. “Taeyeon ah, don’t forget about us. I wish you good luck in your career and your love life,” Mrs Hwang said, giving a side glance to Sooyeon.

Sunny came forward to thank Mrs Hwang for her hospitality and for taking good care of Taeyeon during her stay at the guesthouse.

Finally, the time came for the most painful departure. Everyone else politely moved away, giving the couple some time alone with each other. Taeyeon stood in front of Sooyeon and held her hands. “I believe this is only a temporary goodbye. I’m confident I’ll see you soon. I’ll be waiting for you, always. Sooyeon ah, I have not told you this before. I truly love you.” Taeyeon brought Sooyeon’s hands to her lips and kissed her fingers tenderly.

Sooyeon was fighting very hard to hold back her tears as she stared her loved one in front of her.

“I’m sorry I can’t leave together with you. I’ve a lot of things to think about before making my final decision. I need time.”

“Don’t apologise. You did nothing wrong. You came into my life and stole my heart. I’m your willing victim. You truly made me feel like I’m on cloud nine.”

Taeyeon wiped a tear that rolled down Sooyeon’s cheek. She pulled her in for a hug and they remained in that position for a while.

“Taeyeon ah, I love you too,” Sooyeon whispered into Taeyeon’s ear before giving her a kiss on her cheek.

Woof! Woof! 

“Okay, I’ve not forgotten about you, Angel.” Taeyeon bent down and gave the dog a hug, ruffling its golden fur. The dog was about to lick Taeyeon’s face but she swiftly avoided contact with that wet tongue. She was still not used to that dog’s way of showing affection even after three weeks.

“It’s time for me to go. Goodbye my dear.” Taeyeon kissed the back of Sooyeon’s hand tenderly before heading for the car.

Sunny and Sooyoung were already in the car waiting for Taeyeon as she walked towards them. Taeyeon got into the car, wound down the window and waved goodbye as the car sped off.

Sooyeon stood at the side of the road and watch the car disappeared down the road. Once the car was out of sight, she hugged Mrs Hwang and burst into tears.


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