Without knocking on the door, Sooyoung walked into the dimly lit room while looking at the documents in her hand.

“Boss, regarding that toothpaste ad, I’m thinking of using…” Sooyoung said as she approached the huge desk that was cluttered with various drawings. It was her boss’ habit to dim the lights when she worked till late as she felt that the bright lights were distracting. The only light sources were coming from the 27-inch iMac and a LED table lamp on her desk.

Sooyoung peeped over the huge monitor and saw her boss slumped on her desk, her left arm hanging loosely by the side of the chair and her right hand was still gripping onto the Wacom pen.

“Boss, boss! Are you okay?” Sooyoung asked anxiously as she dropped her documents onto the desk. She grabbed her boss by the shoulders and shook her violently in an attempt to wake her up.

“Ya Shorty, get the car! Boss has fainted again!” Sooyoung yelled.


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