a sizzling affair

It was a rainy Sunday morning. Taeyeon was bored as she couldn’t go cycling in the bad weather. She had already completed the latest Need for Speed game on the Playstation and there was nothing much to watch on cable television. She got up from the couch and paced around the house, trying to find something to do. She flipped a few magazines and books, tried to rearrange the photos on the shelves and watched the rain drops hitting the white tiled balcony floor but she was still bored.


“Sica, have you finished revising yet?” Taeyeon called out from the living room.


“Not yet, go find something to entertain yourself first. Let’s go for a nice lunch later,” Jessica replied from the study room. She was busy preparing for her upcoming Chartered Financial Analyst exam and it would be her final one before she would become certified.


Taeyeon let out a long sigh. Her girlfriend was busy with exams preparations for the past two weeks that she had practically no time for her.


Fifteen minutes later…


Knock knock


“Sica, can I come in?”


“Yes darling.”


Jessica looked up from her thick textbook and removed the glasses from her nose. She inhaled deeply and gave herself a good stretch.


“I made you a cup of hot chocolate.” Taeyeon pushed the book aside and set the cup on the table.
Jessica held onto Taeyeon’s hands and said, “You’re so thoughtful, as always. Thank you.”


“Your hands are so cold, why don’t you put on your sweater?” Taeyeon asked while rubbing Jessica’s hands with her own.


“Why do I need a sweater when I’ve got my personal heater?”


Taeyeon laughed. She sat on Jessica’s lap and enveloped the younger girl in a hug. Taeyeon missed Jessica’s sweet scent and her touch. Taeyeon was usually asleep by the time Jessica went to bed after doing her revisions.


“I’m sorry I haven’t been spending enough time with you. After my final exam tomorrow, let’s go for a short holiday,” Jessica said softly, nuzzling her head in Taeyeon’s neck.




“When did I ever break my promises to you?” Jessica said reassuringly. “Now be a good girl and go read a book or play one of your old games. Maybe you should try to break one of your previous high scores. I’ll be done soon.”


Jessica gave Taeyeon a pat on the butt, nudging her to go. However, Taeyeon refused to get up from Jessica’s lap and was sulking.


“You haven’t broken my record for Tetris yet. You’ve about two hours to do so. If you win, I’ll buy you three bags of gummies.”


Taeyeon’s eyes lit up and she happily leapt off Jessica’s lap.


“I’ll break your record in fifteen minutes!” Taeyeon proclaimed. She kissed Jessica’s forehead before leaving the room.


An hour and a half later…


Jessica got out of the study room to use the toilet. She headed for the living room to see what Taeyeon was up to.


There was no one in sight. The television was on and the volume was very low. There was an iPad and some random magazines strewn all over on the couch. Jessica picked up the iPad and a wide smile appeared on her face when she saw the screen. Taeyeon had broken her record by more than a thousand points.


“That girl must have been pounding the controller. She had been trying to beat my high score since a month ago. Looks like I gotta get her a new one soon. Now where could she be?” Jessica muttered to herself as she wandered around the apartment.


“Taengoo ah, where are you? I’m cold and I need my personal heater,” Jessica called out as she walked around the apartment.


There was no response. Walking into the kitchen, Jessica saw an opened packet of alphabet pasta on the table. Upon a closer look, Taeyeon used the alphabet pasta to make some words.


Three simple words in Korean Hangul : ‘I miss you’.


Reality hit her and she realised how much she had neglected Taeyeon during her preparations for her exam. Jessica felt guilty for neglecting her loved one and vowed to spend more time with her after her final exam to make up for it.


Just then, the main door of the apartment opened. Taeyeon chucked the wet umbrella into the umbrella holder by the door and removed her sandals before coming into the house.


“Where have you been?” Jessica asked in a worried tone, leaning onto the kitchen door. “Why didn’t you tell me you had to go out?”


There was a weird sizzling sound when Taeyeon opened her mouth to speak. Occasionally, a random popping sound could be heard.


“Sorry baby. I didn’t want to disturb you while you were studying. Anyway, I just popped out to the convenience store nearby to get these!” Taeyeon said while holding up two packets of sweets.


“What are these?” Jessica raised her eyebrows as she stared at the packets of sweets.


“I was watching Unwrapped on cable and they showed the making of such a candy. They’re called Pop Rock candies. According to the program, as they dissolve, they would sizzle in your mouth, causing mini explosions. It’s awesome! I’ve not tasted something like this before! Do you want to try some?” Taeyeon waved one packet in front of Jessica excitedly, flashing a bright smile.


“Oh no thanks. You’re the one with the sweet tooth. I’m almost done, shall we go for lunch soon?” Jessica asked, wrapping one arm around Taeyeon’s waist and using her other free hand to comb Taeyeon’s bangs.


Taeyeon shook her head gently as she circled her arms around Jessica’s neck. She brushed Jessica’s long brown hair to the back and played with its ends.


“I’ve decided to make you lunch instead. Let’s have grilled fish fillet and alphabet soup,” Taeyeon smiled. “Then we can spend some time getting cosy with each other instead of wasting our time travelling to the restaurant.”


“Sounds great. Is that why you were playing with the alphabet pasta in the kitchen earlier on?” Jessica reprimanded Taeyeon jokingly, pinching Taeyeon’s nose.


Taeyeon blushed. “I’ll clean it up…soon.”


Jessica tilted her head forward and gave Taeyeon a kiss.


“I miss you too, darling,” Jessica mouthed during the kiss.


They craved for each other’s touch so badly. Taeyeon placed one hand behind Jessica’s head and pulled her closer. Taeyeon was sucking on Jessica’s lips hungrily and was about to slip her tongue into the latter’s mouth when there was a soft pop in her mouth. Shortly, a few more popping sounds were heard.


Both of them pulled apart from the kiss.


“What was that?” Jessica asked in a surprised tone. “It felt like there was something tinkling on my tongue.”


“Oops, I think it might have been the Pop Rocks candy. I emptied one packet into my mouth on my way up. I guess there’re some bits which are still not dissolved completely,” Taeyeon replied, her cheeks turning red.


Sizzle sizzle…pop pop…


“Ah…I can taste it now. This corner of my mouth…” Taeyeon uttered as she was using her tongue to feel around her mouth.
Sizzle sizzle…pop pop…


“Let me help you with it.” The corners of Jessica’s lips turned up into a bright smile as she pressed her lips against Taeyeon’s. She gently parted Taeyeon’s lips with her tongue and slid it into Taeyeon’s mouth.


Mini explosions burst out in Taeyeon’s mouth as their tongues explored all areas within. They finally broke away from the kiss after all they were certain that the mini explosions had died down.


“That was a whole new twist to kissing,” Jessica giggled bashfully.


“Let’s do it again. I have two more packets with me. I bought different flavours to try,” Taeyeon said excitedly, shaking the two packets of sweets.


“Darling, it’s almost lunch time. You can eat it after lunch. Now go prepare lunch while I finish reading my last chapter.” Jessica patted Taeyeon’s butt and pushed her towards the kitchen.


Taeyeon spun around and grinned while making a heart sign over her head.


“Saranghaeyo Jung Soo Yeon!”


Jessica burst out laughing at her childish lover. “Saranghaeyo Kim Taengoo.”


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