All I Want For Christmas Is You

Knock knock


“Yuri ah, please open the door for me!”


Yuri unlocked the main door and saw a huge brown box in front of her. The box was tall and she couldn’t see the person holding it except for the arms that were wrapped around the box.


“Yoong, what’s that?” Yuri asked. She opened the door wide so that the younger girl could walk in.


“Jonghyun was clearing his cupboard and decided to pass me his train set.” Yoona kicked off her shoes and headed for the study room with Yuri following close behind.


Yoona set the box onto the floor. She rubbed her hands with glee as she opened the top of the sealed box with a penknife.


“Wow!” Yoona’s eyes lit up with excitement as she picked out a red shiny train from the box. She held it close, studying its design.


Yuri peered into the huge box and saw a collection of trains, tracks and some small buildings. There was a small transparent plastic box which contained some human figures, one of which resembled a station master.


“Look at this! It’s a motorized train and I can set it to go around the track when I’ve assembled it,” Yoona said excitedly, like a little kid unwrapping a present.


“Looks like the train set arrive at the right time. Something to keep you busy while I’m out,” Yuri said, smiling at the younger girl.


Yuri left the study room. When she reappeared twenty minutes after dressing up and putting on her makeup, Yoona was sitting cross-legged on the floor, looking deep in thought as she planned how she should arrange the train tracks.


Yuri squatted next to Yoona. She ruffled Yoona’s soft hair and planted a kiss on the latter’s cheek.


“Enjoy yourself, I’ll be out with Jessica and Tiffany. Be back late tonight, don’t wait for me.”


“Bye, have fun!” Yoona swung an arm around Yuri’s neck and pulled her in for a quick hug and kiss before she focused her attention back on the train tracks.




The living room was dark except for the running LED lights on the Christmas tree that was sitting in the corner of the living room. Both of them put up the tree to add a sense of festive mood to their apartment.


Yuri slipped off her heels and placed them onto the shoe rack before she stepped into the living room. She noticed a dim light coming from the bedroom and the apartment was quiet. Yoona was probably asleep but left the bedside light on.


As Yuri stepped into the living room, she almost tripped on a stool that was placed in the middle of the walkway. She looked down and noticed there was a piece of paper stuck to the top of the stool. It was a little note written by Yoona.


Flick on the switch near the stool and watch!


Yuri looked around for the switch that Yoona was referring to and flicked it on. A few seconds later, a red train came chugging by. There was a little card stuck on top of the train.


Follow me.


Yuri looked ahead and noticed the floor was covered with train tracks. She obediently followed the toy train as it chugged along the tracks and headed towards the study room. The train came to a stop at a station and there was another card that was stuck on the roof of the station.


Turn on the iPod. Flick the switch at the train station. Follow the train.


Feeling curious, Yuri followed the instruction on the card. She switched on the iPod and pressed play. A familiar Christmas tune by Mariah Carey filled the quiet room. There were two small portable speakers sitting on the open carriages of the next train and they were connected to the iPod via a cable. Flicking the switch, the next train, a navy blue one, moved off.


“What is she up to?” Yuri mumbled as she followed the next train.


I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree


This time, the train led her into the kitchen. There was a note pasted on the fridge.


Please take out the red wine from the chiller and bring two wine glasses along with you.


Again, Yuri did as she was told. She was suspicious of what Yoona was up to. Noticing that the train was leaving the kitchen, Yuri grabbed the said items and followed it out.


I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is you, you yeah


This time, the train led her into the bedroom. There was a row of battery operated tea lights that lighted the tracks and they extended into the room.


Oh, I won’t ask for much this Christmas
I won’t even wish for snow
And I’m just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe

A deep voice replaced that of Mariah Carey’s as Yuri stood outside her bedroom. A beaming Yoona was standing in front of Yuri, singing the lyrics to the Christmas song.


“Are you going to keep me waiting underneath the mistletoe?” Yoona asked cheekily.


“What mistletoe?” Yuri asked, puzzled by Yoona’s question.


“Look up.” Yoona pointed to the top of the door frame where a small mistletoe was hanging.


Yuri chuckled when she saw the decoration which Yoona had put up while she was out. She leaned forward and planted a light kiss on Yoona’s forehead.


“Hey, that’s too brief,” Yoona complained. “After all my effort of building the train tracks and placing the little notes around the house. It took me several hours to plan the route of the trains.”


Yoona folded her arms across her chest and stuck her lower lip out in a pout. Yuri grinned and gently pushed Yoona aside so that she could walk into the bedroom. She set the wine bottle and the glasses on the table before turning around to face Yoona, wanting to give the girl a hug for her efforts.


The next moment, Yuri let out a gasp. On their bed was a bunch of battery operated tea lights that were in a shape of a heart. In the middle of the heart were two Korean hangul characters arranged by red rose petals and said their initials ‘YoonYul’.


“Yoong…that’s very sweet of you,” Yuri was utterly surprised at the sight, covering her mouth with her hands. She was touched by Yoona’s effort.


Yoona wrapped her arms around Yuri’s waist in a back hug and propped her chin on the latter’s shoulder.


“All I want for Christmas is you, Yuri ah,” Yoona sang the last few lines of the song before kissing Yuri’s cheek.


Yuri was touched by Yoona’s sweet gesture. She stroked her arms that were around her waist and pressed her cheek against Yoona’s.


“Merry Christmas, Yuri ah. I love you.”


Their lips met in the sweet moment as they enjoyed the warmth from each other’s body.


“I love you too, Yoong.”


They shared some red wine flavoured kisses before Yoona rose from her chair and extended an arm to request for a dance. Yuri took the hand and they had an arm around each other’s waist, giggling away. Amid flickering tea lights and Christmas tunes, both of them enjoyed a slow dance while watching the snow falling from the dark sky outside their window.



= The End =


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