Can’t Sleep

“What?” Jessica exclaimed, sliding her sunglasses down her nose.

“I’m sorry, Miss Jung. The room you’re sharing with Miss Im is a double bed instead of twin beds. This was the hotel reservation details made by your company. Perhaps you would like to check with them,” the hotel receptionist explained.

“Is there another room with twin beds?”

“I’m afraid the hotel is fully booked due to the conference and we do not have any spare rooms. I’m sorry about that.”

Jessica’s heartbeat quickened knowing she had to share a double bed with her colleague Yoona. She had a crush on Yoona, the younger woman who was bubbly and would cheer everyone up with her infectious laughter. However, she never had the courage to approach Yoona to tell her how she felt. They shared a close relationship and Jessica had no plans to sabotage it by confessing to Yoona.

“What happened?” Yoona asked when she saw Jessica’s worried expression as Jessica approached her.

“Youngji made the wrong booking. I told her we’re sharing a room and to book twin beds but she ended up booking a double bed instead.”

“Ah, she can be quite careless at times,” Yoona comment. “Hmm, are you okay with sharing the bed?”

“Ah, yes. O-okay,” Jessica stuttered. “Sure.”

Yoona smiled brightly. “That’s great. Problem solved. Let’s hurry to our room and wash up. I’m so exhausted from the long flight.”

Jessica smiled, somewhat uncomfortably.

Thump thump thump

Jessica’s heart was beating very quickly.

Once their suitcases arrived at the room, Yoona told Jessica to shower first since she wanted to study the room service menu and the facilities of the hotel.

After a shower, Jessica felt more refreshed. She stepped out of the bathroom and saw Yoona sleeping soundly on the sofa. Yoona’s head was slightly tilted and her chest was rising and falling with each breath she took. There was a slight smile on her face, as if she was having a sweet dream.

Jessica couldn’t help but stare at Yoona. She padded across the room and sat at the edge of the bed while looking at Yoona.

Yoong is an angel sent from Heaven. She looks so serene and beautiful, even in her sleep.

Jessica gasped when Yoona stirred in her sleep. She was worried about being mistaken as a pervert staring at her colleague. Standing in front of Yoona, she gently shook the sleeping woman’s shoulder.

“Yoong, wake up. Time for you to shower.”

With a brief yawn, Yoona opened her eyes and stretched her arms.

“I don’t wanna shower, I wanna sleep!” Yoona whined like a little kid jokingly, punching her fists in the air.

“Hey hey, go shower. You’re stinky,” Jessica teased. “You’re not allowed on the bed until you shower.”

Yoona stuck out her lower lips in a pout before getting off the sofa lazily. Jessica swore her heart almost jumped out of her rib cage at that adorable sight. She quickly looked away lest the blush on her face showed her true emotions.

Wanting to take her mind off sleeping next to Yoona, Jessica flicked through the channels on the television, hoping to find something which would interest her. Unfortunately, images of the sleeping Yoona filled her mind and she couldn’t focus on watching television at all.

When Jessica heard the bathroom door open, she became a little flustered, unsure of what to do.

“If you want to watch television, you can do so. I can sleep under any conditions,” Yoona said with a lopsided smile.

“Ah, I’m going to sleep soon so I’ll switch it off.”

Jessica had to will her eyes away from Yoona as the latter was applying moisturiser.

Oh my God, those never ending long and fair legs.

Jessica lay on her back and pulled the blanket up to her chin as Yoona switched off the room lights, leaving only the bathroom light and corridor lights on. Her heartbeat quickened as she felt Yoona crawl onto the bed and lie down.

“Good night, Sica. Sweet dreams.”

“Go-good night, Yoong.” Jessica wanted to slap herself for stuttering but she couldn’t help it. Not when her crush was sleeping next to her in the same bed.

Moments later, Jessica heard soft breathing coming from her left side. Yoona must have fallen asleep. On the other hand, Jessica was wide awake. Earlier on she had been tired after the long flight but upon learning the news that she had to share a bed with Yoona, she couldn’t sleep.

Lying on her back and facing the ceiling, Jessica tried to count sheep in order to sleep. The thought of her crush lying next to her was too distracting, causing her to lose count several times.

If I moved a little, our arms would touch. My heart, it’s going crazy. My head is filled with thoughts about her. I can’t sleep.

Yoona moved a little, startling Jessica. The younger woman was closer to her and Jessica could feel Yoona’s warmth. Tilting her head to the side and intending to steal a quick glance, Jessica immediately regretted her decision. It was too difficult to pull away from Yoona’s face. The force of attraction was too strong.

Jessica quickly closed her eyes and tried to sleep. The scent of citrus wafted through the air and reached Jessica’s nose.

She smells so good. So, so good.

Just then, Jessica felt an arm land on hers. She gulped.

Yoong, I…I am not your teddy bear. Yoong, don’t do this to me. Yoong!

Just when Jessica wondered if she ought to lift Yoona’s arm and place it onto the bed, the arm curled around Jessica’s back.

She’s so soft. She’s so fluffy. She’s perfect.

A moment later, Yoona’s head tilted forward. The crown of Yoona’s head touched Jessica’s chin. Fireworks of all colours exploded in Jessica’s head.

What are you doing to me? I’m going crazy. I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep.

Jessica was worried Yoona could feel her erratic heartbeat and the numerous butterflies that were fluttering in her stomach. Her worries were unfounded when she noticed the younger woman sleeping soundly, without a care in the world.

Unable to control her emotions anymore, Jessica bent her head and planted a light kiss on the crown of Yoona’s head. The younger woman merely snuggled closer and their bodies touched.

Yoong, is this a sign? Or am I just dreaming?

Yawn. Finally, a yawn. Jessica was beginning to feel sleepy. Maybe it was the warmth from Yoona, or perhaps it was the thought of snuggling up close with her crush that made her body relax after a long day.

I’m not sure what would happen tomorrow but I’ll just enjoy the moment. Thank you, Yoong.

Minutes later, Jessica drifted off to dreamland with her crush in her arms. Little did she realised that both of them were smiling as they slept.

= The End =

A/N: Inspired by the picture of sleeping Yoona.

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