Get Lucky

Colourful lights spun around the crowded dance floor while rock music pulsated through the huge speakers. Dancing sweaty bodies were squashed against each other as everyone soaked up the hot and electrifying atmosphere in the club. Tonight, the popular in-house DJ was at the helm, mixing a range of tunes to get her customers up on their feet.

“Hey Yulster!”

The DJ caught someone waving to her from the dance floor. She waved back, her other hand still supporting the head phones that was pressed onto one ear. Her head bobbed along with the beats of the music and she mixed song after song.

Her name was Kwon Yuri. She went by the name of Yulster whenever she was on shift. It sounded cooler than her real name and it was a good conversation starter. Often, people had expected her to be a male but was pleasantly surprised to see a slim, tall and tanned female instead.

During her short break, Yuri went down to the dance floor to say hi to her regular customer she saw earlier on. On her way there, she stopped at the bar counter to grab a mix of vodka and redbull. Something to keep her energy level up to last through the night.



A blonde broke away from a group of women at a table and ran over to hug Yuri. Yuri used her free arm to hug her while pressing a kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you for coming,” Yuri beamed, happy to see her regular customer at the club.

“I brought my friends to the club. One of them is getting married next week and we’re throwing a hen’s night party for her! Let me introduce you to her!” Jessica, Yuri’s friend, said excitedly.

Jessica pulled Yuri towards the table. She pointed at a dark hair woman with fair skin.

“That’s the bride-to-be! Tiffany, come over here. Let me introduce the most charismatic DJ in town!”

Though Yuri had seen many pretty women like Tiffany, her smile was particular alluring. It had a peculiar hypnotic effect that got her hooked.

Yuri flashed her signature lopsided grin which often caused both men and women to fall for her charms. Tiffany was no exception. Yuri noticed the glint on the bride-to-be’s eyes as she approached.

“Congratulations on your engagement, Tiffany!”

“Thank you,” Tiffany replied shyly. She was surprised to discover that Yuri was a woman. Yuri had her hair tucked underneath a military cap and she wore a army-printed jacket over a white tank top. She thought Yuri was a male as she couldn’t see her clearly from the dance floor earlier on. Yuri had a strong look with her sharp jawline and piercing eyes yet she exuded an air of femininity up close.

“Let’s celebrate with a drink!” Yuri proclaimed.

The party of four nodded excitedly. Yuri noticed they were drinking red wine and shook her head at their choice of alcohol.

Yuri frowned. “No, no, this isn’t accepted as a drink. Hyo, get me two jugs of long island tea! Ten tequila shots too! In the meanwhile, as a welcome drink, Tiffany, finish this up.”

Yuri shoved her glass of alcohol, vodka and Red Bull, into Tiffany’s hand. “One shot.”

Tiffany opened her eyes wide, taken aback by the DJ’s request. She had only just met Yuri and didn’t expect the DJ to be so insistent.

“Come on, why are we waiting? Why are we waiting?” Yuri chanted, clapping her hands in rhythm. Tiffany’s friends joined in the chanting as well, earning a glare from the bride-to-be.

“Tiff, it’s your hen’s night. You should drink up!” Jessica egged her friend on.

With a nervous smile, Tiffany emptied the glass. Yuri gave Tiffany a thumbs up and a side hug for being such an obedient girl.

Moments later, a short woman with multi-coloured hair appeared by their table, holding two hugs of drinks. A young boy held a tray of shot glasses containing an amber liquid and a slice of lemon.

“Everyone drinks one shot of tequila while the bride-to-be aka Tiffany shall drink two. Agreed?” Yuri yelled, raising two fingers.

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered. Tiffany was left with no choice. She didn’t want to be a spoilsport because they were out to have fun as single women tonight. A mini celebration before she got engaged.

All of them clinked their glasses together in unison. They licked the salt off the rim of the glass before swallowing the amber liquid. Yuri watched Tiffany squirm a little as the burn of the tequila travelled down her throat. Yuri pointed at the lemon slice and told Tiffany to suck on it.

Yuri swiftly took the empty shot glass from Tiffany’s hand and replaced it with a full one.

With a tilt of her head, Yuri motioned for Tiffany to finish the second glass. “Next one.”

Tiffany resisted. The taste of tequila was still lingering in her mouth.

“Come on, it’s only a teeny weeny glass.” Yuri leaned closer, putting a hand at the small of Tiffany’s back and lifting the glass towards Tiffany’s lips.

Tiffany was shaking a little. The DJ was rather intimidating yet she felt compelled to do what the DJ commanded. Then she felt a hot breath next to her ear that sent tingles down her spine.

“Tonight’s the last shot at your freedom. Drink up and be merry,” Yuri whispered into Tiffany’s ear while her hand was caressing the small of Tiffany’s back.

Lifting the glass to her lips, Tiffany repeated her earlier actions and emptied the alcohol into her body. She was burning from head to toe and she was certain alcohol was only part of the reason. The roving hand at her back added to that burning sensation.

“Now that’s a good sport!” Yuri grinned.

“Yulster, it’s your gig!” someone yelled from the bar counter. Yuri raised her hand and made an ‘okay’ sign.

“Time for me to leave this table of gorgeous looking women and go back to my work station. Looks like I need to heat things up a little. Drink one shot of tequila each and I want to see every single one of you out on the dance floor in the next five minutes.” Yuri wagged her finger at each of the four women at the table.

“Especially you.” Yuri lingered at Tiffany, the last person she pointed to and flashed a smile at her.

Tiffany was embarrassed she was getting so much attention. What she hadn’t expected was Yuri suddenly leaning over and planting a light kiss on her cheek before disappearing into the crowd. She touched the spot where Yuri had kissed and there was a tingling sensation. The feeling was different from how her boyfriend kissed her. Maybe it was the effect of the tequila shots. The softness of the lips and its spontaneity left her feeling oddly dissatisfied with that quick kiss and wanted more.

Pushing those thoughts out of her mind, Tiffany reminded herself she was going to be engaged to her boyfriend of ten years next week.

“Yulster’s always like that. Randomly kissing people on the cheek or smacking their butt, especially if you’re a woman. She means no harm,” Jessica explained seeing her friend’s worried expression.

Yuri was back at her work station and her fingers were working very quickly on the laptop to find that particular song she had in her head.

“Got it!” Yuri mumbled to herself. Pressing a few buttons, Yuri got the song going. She looked up and saw the group of four women making their way to the dance floor, positioning themselves near Yuri, as if to mark their attendance.

Yuri grinned as she pumped the music through the speakers.

Like the legend of the Phoenix,
All ends with beginnings.
What keeps the planets spinning,
The force from the beginning.

We’ve come too far
To give up who we are,
So let’s raise the bar
And our cups to the stars.

Yuri couldn’t help but stare at Tiffany when she saw the woman gyrating her hips awkwardly to the music. Judging from her years experience, Tiffany was definitely feeling high after all those drinks earlier on. She was probably a social drinker and couldn’t hold her alcohol well.

She’s up all night till the sun,
I’m up all night to get some.
She’s up all night for good fun,
I’m up all night to get lucky.

We’re up all night till the sun,
We’re up all night to get some.
We’re up all night for good fun,
We’re up all night to get lucky.

Tiffany grabbed Jessica and the both of them were moving their hips and hands to the beat of the music. Yuri was amused at Tiffany’s actions. The DJ finished the remainder of tequila sunrise that next to her mixer, her eyes never leaving the pair that was dancing.

Just then, Tiffany looked up and saw the DJ staring at her with piercing eyes. Yuri made ‘bang bang’ hand signal just as the chorus came on.

We’re up all night to get lucky.
We’re up all night to get lucky.
We’re up all night to get lucky.
We’re up all night to get lucky.

“We’re up all night to get lucky! We’re up all night to get lucky! Isn’t that the reason why we are all gathered here?” Yuri bellowed into the microphone.

A loud chorus of ‘Yes’ came from the packed dance floor.

“I hope every one of you will get lucky tonight! A special shout out to a friend whom I’ve just met. She is going to be a beautiful bride next weekend. Congratulations, Tiffany! Have a blessed marriage!” Yuri announced, waving one hand in the air.

Everyone on the dancefloor cheered loudly much to Tiffany’s embarrassment. Yuri shot Tiffany a wink and a lopsided grin. Tiffany glared icily at the DJ who merely laughed it off.

At the end of the night, Yuri went to take a breather at the back alley of the club. There were several people hanging around, all puffing away on their cigarettes. Yuri was no exception. She lit up the stick and took a deep puff before exhaling a cloud of smoke. It was pure relaxation for her.

As Yuri took another drag on her cigarette, she saw a group of four women trying to flag a taxi at the main road. Three of them were supporting one friend who appeared drunk. Squinting, Yuri realised it was Tiffany. She guessed Tiffany wasn’t a seasoned drinker and must had been knocked out by the combination of tequila shots, long island tea and red wine.

“Scored a goal tonight?”

Yuri turned her head in the direction of the voice. It was Hyoyeon, the bartender.

“My job is a DJ, not a soccer player. I don’t need to score goals every time I’m at work,” Yuri said with a tinge of sarcasm.

“Judging from your wide smile, it does seem like you managed to get a penalty kick at least. Come on, don’t be shy. Tell me about it.” Hyoyeon nudged Yuri’s elbow.

Yuri blew a puff of smoke into Hyoyeon’s face, causing the shorter girl to cough before walking away to snub out the remainder of her cigarette.


Four days later…

Yuri was taking a short break from spinning music at the club. As usual, she went to the back alley to smoke. She sat on the steps leading onto the main road and lit her cigarette. Tonight was rather quiet so she took her time to enjoy the cigarette.

Pulling out her mobile phone, Yuri checked for messages and started to reply to some of them.


A husky voice broke the silence of the back alley. Yuri looked up from her phone and saw Tiffany standing in front of her. To be exact, a sobbing Tiffany in a light pink dress was standing in front of her. Tears were streaming down her face uncontrollably.

Yuri took a deep puff before snubbing the remaining cigarette under her leather boots. She got up from the steps and stood in front of Tiffany. Without saying a word, Yuri pulled Tiffany into a hug, allowing the fair skinned girl to sob into her clothes. Many questions flooded Yuri’s mind but she knew it wasn’t the time to ask any of them.

A few moments later, Yuri’s phone vibrated in her pocket of her cargo pants. Using one hand, she used one hand to pull the phone out of her pocket while the other arm remained wrapped around Tiffany’s back.

“Yes. Taking a smoke break. I’ll be right back,” Yuri barked into the phone.

The weight on Yuri’s shoulder shifted. Yuri held Tiffany by her shoulders and looked directly into her. She used her thumb to wipe the tear that was rolling down Tiffany’s face.

“S-sorry. I-I shouldn’t have c-come…I-I don’t know why I thought of you…and I-I just…”

Yuri shook her head. “You don’t have to explain. I’ll be done in an hour.”

Holding Tiffany’s hand, Yuri led her to the staff changing room. She gave Tiffany a bottle of mineral water, told her to wash up at the toilet and that she would be right back.

True to her words, Yuri appeared an hour later. Truthfully, she had applied to end her shift earlier, citing the reason that she had something personal to attend to. Thankfully her boss didn’t mind since it was a week day night and the club wasn’t packed.

Yuri grabbed a windbreaker from her locker and draped it around Tiffany’s shoulders before they left the club.

“Have you ridden on a motorcycle before?” Yuri asked as she handed Tiffany a helmet.

Tiffany shook her head.

“There’s a first time for everything. Hop on and hold me tight. I wouldn’t want to destroy that beautiful face of yours.”

Yuri’s heart skipped a beat when she felt a pair of arms circling her waist and the warmth of Tiffany’s body pressing against her back. She focused on the road and sped through the streets.

They stopped by a small hill overlooking the view of the city. It was breathtaking but both of them weren’t in the mood to take in the beautiful twinkling night sight. Instead, they took a slow walk along the quiet road.

“He wants to call off the engagement.” Tiffany finally spoke.

Yuri stopped in her tracks. Tiffany was a few steps behind her. Yuri turned around slowly to face the fair-skinned girl.

“He said he isn’t ready to get married. I assumed he has another woman but it doesn’t seem to be the case. My friends told me it’s pre-wedding jitters but I can’t accept it. I don’t know why he’s behaving like that. We’ve been together for ten years. Ten long years!! Does it mean nothing to him at all?” Tiffany threw her arms in the air, frustrated at the turn of events.

Yuri remained quiet.

Tiffany let out a sigh and sat on one of the benches lining the road. “A day after the party at the club, he called me to tell me he wants out. We talked about it and agreed that he will come back to me with an answer in three days’ time. He called me this evening to confirm his decision.”

Yuri finally understood why Tiffany was in tears. Tiffany’s heart must have been shattered into bits. She stretched an arm across Tiffany’s back and wrapped it around her shoulder. She gave Tiffany’s arm a reassuring squeeze. The DJ was never good at consoling people and didn’t see the need to.

“Men are just bloody bastards! I spent my entire youth on him! Do you know how precious a woman’s youth is?? He doesn’t care a thing in the world because he can jolly well get any woman he wants at any age. Age doesn’t matter to a guy!” Tiffany yelled. Her voice was loud and felt with anguish.

Suddenly, tears started to pour as if the flood gates had been released. Tiffany started crying again. Yuri turned her body halfway and pulled Tiffany into a hug. Tiffany was pounding her fists on Yuri’s shoulders, venting her frustrations and pain at the DJ.

Yuri felt tears soaking her tee. This was the second time on the same night. She bent down and pressed a kiss on the crown of Tiffany’s head. Then another on Tiffany’s temple. She stroked Tiffany’s back in an attempt to calm her down. She didn’t like people who cry so much because she never knew what to do with them. Nonetheless, she chose to remain silent and let the crying woman pour her heart out.

“Yul…make me feel better…please…,” Tiffany pleaded.

“How?” Yuri asked, puzzled by the request.

“I don’t know…I-I know you can…somehow…,” Tiffany sobbed. Her fingers slid underneath Yuri’s jacket and clawed at Yuri’s t-shirt clad back.

Strangely, Yuri enjoyed the sensation of Tiffany’s nails digging into her back. It was a pleasurable feeling and it sent tingles down her spine.

Yuri tilted her head and pressed a kiss at different spots along the side of Tiffany’s face. Her lips found Tiffany’s ear and started nibbling it gently. The sobs grew softer and eventually stopped. The crying woman appeared to have calmed down.

A moment later, a wet sensation tickled Yuri’s neck. It was definitely not Tiffany’s tears as the trail of wetness travelled along her collar bone to her jaw, making Yuri feel hot and bothered.

“Tiffany…” Yuri’s pulse quickened and her voice became more husky. “Stop.”

Oblivious to Yuri’s request, Tiffany continued lining Yuri’s jaw with urgency.

“Tiffany,” Yuri said in a serious tone. She gently pushed the woman away and stared at her. “You’re a good person. You’re just upset right now and your mind’s all muddled up. Please don’t make me do anything to you that you would regret.”

Tiffany looked at Yuri with tears welling up in her eyes. It was a sight that made Yuri go weak. The DJ looked away but a voice made her turn her head back.

“Yuri…I poured my heart out to you because I know you can make me feel better. I didn’t tell anyone else because I trust you. I came to you because my heart told me to do so.”

Yuri. A name she hadn’t heard in years. How did Tiffany even know her real name? It dawned on Yuri that Tiffany probably saw the metal tag around her silver necklace which bore her real name and date of birth when the latter was sobbing against her chest.

Yuri pushed Tiffany’s dark hair behind so that she could have a better look at the beautiful face in the dimly lit street. Brushing through Tiffany’s hair with her fingers and stopping at the back of her head, Yuri spoke.

“I will make you forget all the unhappy things.”

Tiffany only managed to nod briefly before a pair of lips landed on hers. Yuri kissed her hungrily, using her tongue to trace the outline of the luscious red lips with vigour. She cupped Tiffany’s face and adjusted her position so that she could get a good angle. Tiffany gladly accomodated and allowed the DJ to do whatever she fancied.

Midway through their heated kissing session, Yuri pulled away abruptly.

“Let’s go.” Yuri got up from the bench and pulled a bewildered Tiffany along.

“We’re going to fly. Hold on tight,” Yuri instructed as she revved the engine of her motorcycle. The engine roared through the streets as the DJ sped home.

Yuri ran up the stairs, pulling a clumsy Tiffany with her. Fortunately she stayed on the third floor of a rented apartment and it was faster to go by the stairs than the old lift.

Before Yuri could shut the main door of her apartment once they were inside, Tiffany’s lips were all over the DJ’s neck and her hands were already pulling the leather jacket off Yuri’s shoulders. Yuri was amazed at how needy Tiffany was. Perhaps making out was a way of escape from the reality for her.

They stumbled in the dark before falling over an old sofa in the tiny living room. Both of them trying to get rid of each other’s clothes as fast as they could. By the time they made it to the bedroom, they had completely stripped each other off their clothes, leaving a trail of clothes behind.

Yuri pushed Tiffany roughly onto the mattress. Then she crawled over the fair-skinned woman. Tiffany saw a Phoenix tattooed onto Yuri’s right arm and reached forward to stroke it. The gentle strokes fanned the flames of desire in Yuri as she shifted her body lower and dived for a spot above Tiffany’s navel.

Tiffany’s breathing became ragged when Yuri began kissing the smooth skin of her stomach, slowly moving upwards towards her chin while Yuri’s hands were pressing her hands down to prevent her from moving around too much. The rest of the night was spent healing the hurt Tiffany suffered.

The next morning, Tiffany woke up with a slight headache. Her eyes felt swollen from last night’s crying. She pulled the blanket up to her chin and rolled onto her side, trying to find the person whom she shared a passionate night with. There was nothing but an empty spot next to her.

The smell of cigarette smoke wafted through the air. Tiffany turned her head in the opposite direction and saw Yuri standing at the balcony with her back towards her. Covering her naked body with a blanket, Tiffany padded her way to join the DJ at the balcony.

Yuri was smoking. It was her morning routine whenever she woke up. Her hair was messily tied up into a bun and she wore an oversized tee with a pair of boy shorts. She was surprised when she felt a warm body pressed against her back and a pair of arms wrapped around her waist.

“Good morning Yulster.”

Yuri took a long drag of her cigarette and blew out rings of smoke.

“I’m smoking. Why don’t you go and wash up first?”

“It’s okay,” Tiffany said sleepily. She rested her head on Yuri’s back and could hear the DJ’s heatbeat pounding quicker with each minute. It was evident she was the cause of the increased in heartbeat. Tiffany couldn’t help but laugh into the soft fabric.

Yuri took another puff. She didn’t want to turn around to look at the giggly woman yet. “There’re some old tees in that drawer. Go put something on.”

Tiffany released her grasp of the DJ. Yuri left the warmth leaving her back and was strangely missing it already. However, in the next instant, a pair of slender fingers slid under Yuri’s tee and ran up the skin on her back, pushing the tee upwards and exposing her back. Then Yuri jumped when she felt Tiffany’s naked body pressed against her back and a blanket enveloping the both of them.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” Yuri flicked the stub of the cigarette out of her balcony and turned around swiftly. She caught a glimpse of the gloriously naked body in front of her and quickly pulled the blanket around them, lest anyone else saw them.

Putting her hands around Tiffany, Yuri pushed Tiffany backwards slowly as they walked cautiously back into the bedroom, as if they were ballroom dancing.

“Thank you for making me feel better.”

Yuri raised her eyebrows. “You are welcome?”

“You said there’s a first time for something. I have experienced a few first times with you. My first time crying my heart out to someone I hardly know. My first time riding a motorcycle. My first time kissing a girl, oh well, not exactly my first time since I did kiss some of my girl friends before in my drunken stupor.”

Yuri wondered what Tiffany was trying to get at.

“My first time…making out with a woman…and it was mind-blowing. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities.”

Yuri couldn’t help but grin. To a certain extent, she was proud to have made an impression on Tiffany in that way.

Tiffany showered and got dressed.

“I may see you soon…to heal my wounds.” Tiffany planted a kiss on Yuri’s cheek and left her apartment.

Yuri watched Tiffany disappear around the corner and down the stairs. “Looks like I really got lucky this time.”



A/N: This one shot is inspired by Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and a real life incident which was told to me by a friend. Apologies for the abrupt ending. Had to get the story out but didn’t quite know how to end it. My first YulTi story.


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