Hug A Lot

Once upon a time, there lived a King and a Queen who stayed at a castle by the lake. They had two beautiful daughters. The elder one was Princess Sica Sleepalot and the younger was Princess Yoongie Chompalot.

One morning, three members of the royal family were having breakfast at the dining hall; King Kyung Ho, Queen Soo Young and Princess Yoongie. It wasn’t unusual for Princess Sica to miss breakfast as she preferred sleeping to eating and would often sleep till it was nearly lunch time.

The King and Queen were getting concerned about their elder daughter’s future as she was of age to get married. However, Princess Sica often stayed at home and didn’t like to go out to socialise unlike her younger sister Princess Yoongie.

“Soo, our Princess Sica is turning twenty one and she is still not attached. What shall we do?” the King asked.

“Kyung Ho dear, I have no idea too. All I wish is for someone who would give our Princess Sica happiness,” the Queen replied.

Princess Yoongie looked up from her bowl of cereals. With a milk moustache and mouth still filled with cereals, she spoke. “Dad, Mum, how about holding a dinner party and getting all the eligible people to attend?”

The King glared at his younger daughter. “Yoongie! How many times do I have to remind you not to talk with your mouth full? It isn’t elegant for a princess to do that.”

“Sawwrryy.” Princess Yoongie swallowed her cereals and washed them down with a cup of orange juice.

“Kyung Ho dear, I think Yoongie’s idea is good. Shall we give it a try?” Queen Soo suggested.

The King frowned.

“King Kyung Ho, I would like to give my thoughts on this,” a voice appeared next to the King said.

The King jumped up shock and turned around to see his advisor standing next to him.

“Advisor Seo Thinkalot, please inform me of your presence before you speak. My heart isn’t as strong as it was in my younger days.”

“I did make my presence felt. My heels clicked across the marble floor earlier on but I guess you must be engrossed in your thoughts and failed to notice me,” Advisor Seo said calmly.

“Alright. My bad then. Do share your thoughts with us,” the King said.

“A dinner party is a good opportunity to see how each of them interacts with Princess Sica and to learn more about their personalities,” Advisor Seo Thinkalot said.

The King thought about it for a while and nodded slowly.

“That seems like a plan,” the King said.

“Yay, a dinner party! I can get to dress up and have fun!” Princess Yoongie exclaimed. However, the moment she caught her father glaring at her again, she quickly added. “I mean it’s a good chance for Unnie to dress up and meet other people!”

The glare on the King’s face was replaced with a smile. “Let’s arrange for a dinner party next Saturday. Please see to the invites, Advisor Seo.”


It was the day of the dinner party at the Royal Hall. Princess Sica was woken up early in the morning to prepare for the big day. Many maids fussed around her, from setting her hair, painting her nails to dressing her up. Princess Sica wasn’t pleased with all these activities and was visibly bored through the whole process. She couldn’t understand why her parents had to make such a big fuss for her to meet someone.

Evening came and the dinner guests started arriving. There were Knights from all the surroundings regions who came because of Princess Sica. Princess Sica was well known for her beauty but was rarely seen in public. This was a golden opportunity to see her up close and to win her heart. Plus she was known for her icy demeanor and lack of smile. Therefore whoever who could make her smile would be the person who could date her, and ultimately marry her.

The King and Queen observed the guests from the second floor balcony of the Royal Hall, intending to see how they interacted in a social setting and more importantly, how they presented themselves in front of their precious daughter.

Princess Yoongie held hands with her elder sister as they made their way through the crowd, chatting with the guests. The two sisters lit up the night with their dazzling beauty and glittery gowns. They were a contrast to each other; Princess Sica wore an icy look while her younger sister was all smiles. Princess Sica appeared more nervous in the crowd and was seen holding tightly onto her younger sister’s hand, the latter whom was a social butterfly.

However, the moment Princess Yoongie spotted her boyfriend Sir Dimples arriving at the Hall, she ditched her sister and headed straight into his arms. Poor Princess Sica was a little overwhelmed by the guests when she was left alone.

“Shall we meet them now?” the King asked.

The Queen nodded in agreement.

“I’ll arrange for them to meet us individually at the Dining room,” Advisor Seo said before disappearing in a flash down the stairs.

One by one, the Knights were called into the room where the King and Queen would be seeing them. Each of them had to give a self-introduction and the reason why he was the best candidate to date the Princess.

A multi-colour hair knight stood in front of them. He wore gold chains of various thickness around his neck and had tattoos on his arms. On his head was a black snapback with the bold letters ‘OBEY’.

“Yo yo, I’m Sir Hyolo Dancealot. I can do all sorts of dances from hip hop to popping. If the Princess is unhappy, I can do a dance that would brighten up her day!”

The King and Queen shook their head in horror.

The next knight entered the room in large strides. He was tall, tanned and had the built of an athlete.

“I’m Sir Yul Swimalot. I love to exercise and spend at least two hours in the gym and another two hours in the pool everyday. Swimming is an exercise that works out every muscle of your body. Knowing how to swim is also essential is saving one’s life. I can teach this life skill to the Princess and also ensure her safety. I’m fit and strong and definitely will be able to protect your dearest daughter.”

The King smiled and gave a nod of approval. “This one sounds like a good match, do you agree?”

The Queen nodded in agreement. “Yes he is. However, I’m worried he is concerned with working out and may neglect our daughter.”

Another knight entered the hall. He was of medium built and had long luscious hair that was tied in a ponytail. He wore a white suit with gold trimmings and gleaming white leather shoes. He gave a hair flip before he started his introduction.

“Good day, I’m Sir Steph Vainpot. I love grooming myself and wearing the prettiest clothes. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase clothes maketh the man. I’m a true embodiment of that phrase.”

“I fear he would be focusing on his looks than our daughter!” the Queen said worriedly.

The final knight entered the room. He was a petite fellow who wore a pink tee beneath a pair of blue overalls. He had a straw hat on his head and that made him resemble a farmer than a knight.

“Greetings. I’m Sir Sun Catchalot. I know I may not look like a proper knight but I was given knighthood from the King in my State because of my chicken catching skills. I can catch chickens with my bare hands in a matter of seconds. In this way, I can guarantee food for your daugher for the rest of her life!”

“Having food on the plate is definitely important but would this bring happiness to our dear Princess Sica?” the Queen wondered aloud.

The King sighed. “It seems like we didn’t managed to find the right candidate for our daughter.”

“Hold on! There is one more person! He’s so tiny I almost missed him among the crowd,” Advisor Seo. She gave a nudge to the shy petite knight and he tumbled into the Hall. Fortunately he managed to regain his balance and didn’t fall flat on his face.

Since the start of the Knight’s introduction session, Princess Sica was sitting in the shadows near her parents and didn’t say a word. However, she let out a giggle seeing how dorky the last minute addition looked. Her parents turned around and looked at their daughter. They were amazed to see the bright smile on their daughter’s face. Princess Sica wasn’t an expressive person and they were pleased to see the knight managed to elicit a giggle from her.

The petite knight was neatly dressed and appeared very ordinary. He had fair skin and a smooth complexion that would rival that of a newborn baby.

“Good evening King and Queen. I’m Sir Taeng Hugalot. I do not have any special skills or powers but I do know that a hug does wonders and that’s what I’m good for. It is difficult to explain the power of a hug but there is something comforting about snuggling up with your loved one or simply hugging someone after long hard day at work. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling and releases oxytocin, or more commonly known as the ‘love hormone’. A study on oxytocin has shown that it makes us look younger and could even fight aging.”

The King and Queen were amazed at the petite knight’s lengthy but convincing explanation.

“If you would allow, I would like to do a demonstration with the Princess.”

The King looked at his daughter for an answer. Princess Sica nodded and stepped down the steps to where Sir Taeng was standing.

Sir Taeng’s eyes lit up and a loud gasp escaped his mouth when he saw the Princess up close. He was blown away by how beautiful the Princess looked and hadn’t prepared his heart for it. He quickly covered his mouth with his hand and bowed as the Princess approached.

Princess Sica chuckled at the sight of the star struck Knight. She found his reaction rather amusing.

“You wanted to do a demo?” Princess Sica asked.

“O-oh yes,” Sir Taeng stuttered, his request was almost forgotten.

“Erm..mmm…first, open your arms wide and relax. I’ll do the rest,” Sir Taeng instructed once he regained his composure.

Princess Sica did as she was told and waited. Sir Taeng took a step closer, his heart was beating very quickly. Step after step he took until he was right in front of the Princess and could smell the fresh lavender shampoo she used. By now, his heart was pounding like crazy, as if it was bursting out of his tiny body.

Sir Taeng leaned forward, wrapped his arms around Princess Sica’s back and pulled her in for a hug. Princess Sica felt a jolt of warmth shooting through her body and tingles of happiness coursing through her veins. Then as if it was the most natural thing to do, Princess Sica mimicked Sir Taeng’s action and wrapped her arms around his back. Their bodies fitted each other perfectly as they relaxed into each other’s embrace.

The King and Queen rose from their seats and applauded, seeing the look of joy that spread across their daughter’s face. Princess Sica wore a beautiful smile on her face. It wasn’t just any ordinary smile but one that came from the heart. Her smile filled the room with a beautiful glow, like a candle in a dark room. Even the serious Advisor Seo couldn’t help but applaud, tears welling up in her eyes.

“This is the one for our daughter,” the King proclaimed.

“Yes, I agree with your decision Kyung Ho dear,” the Queen agreed readily.

Sir Taeng released the Princess from the hug. Everyone around them hushed, wondering what the Princess’ reaction would be. Afterall, the final decision was in her hands.

The hug left Princess Sica breathless and shaking. It was a heart pounding experience which she would never forget and left her craving for more.

Princess Sica pulled out a golden feather from belt that was tied to her waist. The feather was the symbol of the State her father ruled in. With both hands, she pinned the golden feather onto Sir Taeng’s chest.

Everyone cheered for joy. Sir Taeng held Princess Sica’s hand shyly, his face was as pink as the roses in the garden. As for Princess Sica, she had never smiled so much in her life before.

“Go date, get married and make babies soon!” Princess Yoongie shouted from behind one of the pillars in the Hall. She had been hiding behind the pillar with Sir Dimples since the interview started and was obviously delighted at the good news.

Princess Sica’s smile disappeared in an instant when she shot an icy glare at her younger sister. Sir Dimples quickly pulled Princess Yoongie away so that the newly minted couple could bask in their happiness.

Princess Sica led Sir Taeng to a balcony on one of the towers of the castle. It was a beautiful night with the full moon and stars twinkling in the sky.

“Can I ask for another demo? I think I need a second one to verify my feel-”

Before Princess Sica could finish her sentence, she was enveloped in a hug by Sir Taeng. This time, it was tighter and longer. It was a breathtaking and sweet moment as the couple hugged under the moonlight and many more to come in the future.

= The End =

A/N: This is the first crack fic I’ve written. It was inspired by a news story I read about a Koala named Sir Chompalot and a conversation with a friend. I don’t know what to choose as a title so I randomly picked one.


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