Love Notes

The silhouette of Taeyeon working at her computer made Jessica’s heart flutter. Soft music was playing the background as Taeyeon typed away on the keyboard. Jessica had slipped into the study room unnoticed, watching Taeyeon from afar. Padding softly towards the desk, Jessica reached her hand forward to touch Taeyeon. However, she paused just inches away from Taeyeon’s shoulder as she was concerned about interrupting Taeyeon.

Taeyeon and Jessica had been together for three years. Their irregular work schedules meant that they couldn’t spend a lot of time with each other, hence every moment they spent together was precious. They often surprised each other in order to keep their romance going and to spice up their lives.

“Sica?” Taeyeon turned around to face the woman behind her. A bright smile slowly appeared on her face.

Jessica giggled. She reached forward and ran her fingers through Taeyeon’s blonde locks and across Taeyeon’s shoulders. That contact sparked an electric jolt that made her shudder with desire.

“How did you know I’m in the room? I thought I hardly made a sound?” Jessica said, planting a kiss on Taeyeon’s forehead.

“I can smell you. You’re using my favourite perfume, Ralph Romance.”

Jessica sat down on Taeyeon’s lap with one arm wrapped around Taeyeon’s neck. Their lips met and remained together for a long kiss.

“I miss you, a little more with each day,” Taeyeon said when they lips parted.

“Cheesy as always,” Jessica said, planting a kiss on Taeyeon’s nose.

“How do I look?” Jessica said as she showed Taeyeon her mobile phone, containing some photos she took during her photoshoot today.

“What’s the theme of the shoot for today? Party Queen? You look really sexy in your red leather pants and black leather jacket,” Taeyeon said, admiring the beauty on her lap. She had one hand around Jessica’s back and the other tracing the outline of Jessica’s jaw, down to her neck and finally stopping at her collar bones.

“It’s for a Club style collection for their new cosmetic range. Don’t I look beautiful?” Jessica flipped her hair with her free hand and smirked.

“Hmm…that’s a tough question to answer,” Taeyeon joked. She nuzzled herself in the crook of Jessica’s neck and nibbled the soft skin. Her warm breath fanned Jessica’s desire for the older girl.

“You’re not getting anything until you answer me,” Jessica warned jokingly, pulling away from Taeyeon. She wanted to tease Taeyeon further, testing her limits.

Taeyeon chuckled. “Feisty woman.”

Jessica stuck out her lower lip and got up from Taeyeon’s lap.

“I’m gonna shower. Meanwhile, come up with a lovely answer for my question and I shall decide if you’re good enough to enjoy a reward tonight.” Jessica stuck out her tongue and sashayed out of the study room.

After half an hour, Jessica stepped out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. She didn’t like having thick makeup on her face. While admiring herself in the mirror, she noticed a piece of yellow note stuck on the top of the mirror.

You asked me if you’re beautiful. Look at the person in the mirror. That’s the most beautiful person in the universe, and even in outer space.

“What’s the silly woman trying to do?” Jessica looked around and noticed a pink note stuck on the kitchen door. She walked towards it and peeled off the note.

I love the way you talk and laugh. You’re most beautiful when you smile and make my heart melt.

Jessica smiled to herself. Walking towards the living room, she found a bunch of notes stuck in a random manner on the wall. She peeled all of them and started to piece the puzzle together.

You make me feel so lucky and special. I wouldn’t know what to do without you in my life, my GorJess baby.

“Oh my God! Kim Taeyeon, you’re very cheesy! You’re making me cringe!” Jessica said aloud so that Taeyeon could hear her.

Thinking that Taeyeon would still be stuck in the study room, she hurriedly made her way there. She pushed the door open but there was no one in sight. Instead she saw pieces of notes stuck on Taeyeon’s 27 inch monitor, forming the shape of a heart. There was a message in the middle of the screen in large font saying, “Beautiful, Gorgeous, Pretty, Glamorous, Sexy…those are words which describe a person’s outward appearance but deep down in my heart, you mean more to me than that.”

Jessica felt Taeyeon’s arms around her waist, enveloping her in a back hug. Taeyeon propped her chin on Jessica’s shoulder and kissed her neck.

“You make my days beautiful and my nights wonderful. I love you, Jessica. I always will,” Taeyeon whispered softly into Jessica’s ear.

Jessica stroked the smooth fair arms that were wrapped around her waist. “Sometimes it slipped my mind that you’re a columnist. How would I know if these words are from your heart?”

Taeyeon spun Jessica around and lifted one of her hands and placed it on her heart.

“My heart only beats for you and only you. Can you feel it?” Taeyeon said, looking into Jessica’s brown eyes.

Jessica poked Taeyeon’s forehead and smiled. “You’re making me toes curl, you sweet-talking devil.”

Just then, both of them heard sounds of party poppers going off in the neighbourhood and people cheering.

Taeyeon pointed to the clock on the wall.

“It’s midnight. Happy New Year, baby! May we celebrate many more New Years together,” Taeyeon cheered.

“Happy New Year, darling! We need to pop champagne to celebrate. Let me get a bottle from the chiller,” Jessica said excitedly.

“Hold on, I’ve everything prepared here,” Taeyeon said as she separated herself from Jessica. She opened her cupboard and took out an ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Reaching under her table, she pulled out two party hats.

Taeyeon strapped the red hat onto Jessica’s head while she wore a blue one. Jessica popped the champagne and poured the bubbly golden liquid into the glasses.

“All ready for our mini party!” Taeyeon squealed.

They lifted up their glasses and crossed their hands with each other.

“Cheers to an awesome year ahead!” Taeyeon proclaimed.

“Cheers to a less cheesy you!” Jessica burst out laughing.

They tipped their glasses and drank from each other’s glass.

“Are my love notes good enough for me to claim my New Year’s reward?” Taeyeon asked anxiously as she untangled her arm from Jessica’s.

“Well…there’s room for improvement,” Jessica smirked.

“Hey, it wasn’t easy to come up with those lines within thirty minutes!” Taeyeon sulked.

“Aww…my poor darling must have killed millions of brain cells. Let me make it up with you. Since I’m not good with words so I’m gonna have to use actions to express my feelings,” Jessica replied seductively.

Jessica swept Taeyeon’s hair aside and kissed her forehead, nose and chin. She took the glass away from Taeyeon’s hand and set it on the desk.

Cupping Taeyeon’s face with her hands, Jessica leaned forward and kissed Taeyeon. The kiss started slowly and grew more passionate with every second. Taeyeon reached underneath Jessica’s tee and ran her fingers up and down Jessica’s back, as if she was playing a piano.

A soft moan escaped Jessica’s lips as she tilted her head to deepen the kiss.

Flames of desire were burning at their peak. Jessica pushed Taeyeon onto her chair and straddled her. Jessica nibbled on Taeyeon’s neck, sending waves of ecstasy throughout Taeyeon’s body.

“Sica…the bed…is more comfy than my chair…” Taeyeon said, her voice quivering.

“It’s refreshing to try a different spot around the house.” Jessica tugged at the hem of Taeyeon’s tee and attempted to pull it over Taeyeon’s head.

“Baby…there’s something jabbing my back. I think it’s my pen. I must have dropped it onto the chair earlier. Bedroom…please?” Taeyeon urged, her voice hoarse.

“Such a mood spoiler,” Jessica sulked. She reluctantly got up and pulled Taeyeon by the collar of her tee as she led the way to their bedroom.

Taeyeon and Jessica welcomed the New Year locked in a warm embrace as they made love to each other throughout the night.




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