(11) Of kisses and stars

A bell chimed as the door of the café swung open. Yoona stepped out of the kitchen to greet the customer who had entered the café.


“Hello Sica unnie!” Yoona greeted merrily with a slight bow.


“Hello Yoona,” Jessica replied rather awkwardly.


“Taeyeon unnie is in the kitchen. Shall I call her?” Yoona offered, noticing the smile on Jessica’s face despite the awkwardness.


Jessica shook her head. “It’s okay.”


“Aren’t you here to look for her?”


Jessica’s cheeks turned pink instantly. She didn’t expect Yoona to vocalise her thoughts so casually. Just fifteen minutes ago, Jessica was wondering if she could enter the café to look for Taeyeon since she was in the neighbourhood.


Falling in love with Taeyeon had given her strange urges since they sealed their relationship as a couple. Since the moment she woke up, Jessica had counting down the hours to the dinner time when both of them agreed to meet. In the end, Jessica decided to pop by the café during lunch time just to say hi.


“Ah, I get it. You want to surprise Taeyeon unnie! She’s in the kitchen, you can go in.” Yoona pointed to the kitchen door.


Jessica could only smile with embarrassment as she headed for the said direction.


Standing at the door, Jessica saw Taeyeon kneading dough on the table.


“Yoong, can you place an order for unsalted butter and sugar? We’re running out of them,” Taeyeon instructed, without looking up.


“Hi. Yoona is outside, shall I call her?”


The voice caught Taeyeon by surprise.


A wide smile grew on Taeyeon’s face in a flash. She took a glance at the clock on the wall.


“For a moment, I thought it is dinner time already!” Taeyeon hurriedly wiped her hands on the apron and walked towards Jessica.


That made Jessica blush even deeper.


“I happen to be in that area so I decided to drop by to say hi.”


“Just a hi? Your office isn’t nearby so how about something more than a simple hi before you leave?” Taeyeon grinned as she leaned forward for a kiss.


Just as Taeyeon’s lips were about to touch Jessica’s, Taeyeon heard footsteps coming into the kitchen. The couple quickly backed away from each other.


“Oops, I’m so so so sorry!” Yoona apologised in succession. “I heard Taeyeon unnie saying my name so I came to see what you needed.”


“Unsalted butter and sugar,” Taeyeon said casually, shrugging her shoulders.


“Got it. I’ll leave you two in the kitchen then,” Yoona quickly said as she stepped out.


“Shall we continue?” Taeyeon asked cheekily once Yoona was out of sight.


Jessica noticed a CCTV at the corner of the kitchen and shook her head. “There’s a camera in the kitchen. I’m sure Yoona would be able to see what’s happening here.”


Taeyeon laughed and gently pinched Jessica’s nose. “I never knew you were such a shy kitty. You’re definitely not like this when we’re alone.”


“Ya, Kim Taeyeon!” Jessica landed a few smacks on Taeyeon’s arms. By now, she could feel the heat on her cheeks and neck.


The baker could only bend over with laughter and she continued to tease Jessica.




Dinner was at Taeyeon’s place. Taeyeon wanted to refresh her bedroom and decided to hang some decorations to liven up the plain looking room.


When Jessica arrived at Taeyeon’s apartment, she noticed an extra pair of shoes outside. A familiar face greeted her as the door opened and it wasn’t Taeyeon. It was Yuri, Taeyeon’s best friend and partner of the café.


“Hey Sica.”


“Hello Yul.”


Awkward silence. Jessica didn’t expect Yuri to greet her at the door. Fortunately she didn’t throw herself at the person opening the door else it would have been total embarrassment. Taeyeon did mention she had invited Yuri over for dinner but it had slipped Jessica’s mind. She was looking forward to spending the night with Taeyeon and hadn’t expected someone else.


“Dinner’s almost ready. Taeyeon is in the bedroom trying to put up some decorations. Why don’t you help her?”


“You don’t need any help?”


Yuri shook her head and pointed to Taeyeon’s bedroom. “I’ll call you guys when I’m done. Don’t worry about it.”


There was a torn plastic bag on the floor, along with several pieces of glow-in-the-dark stars in various shapes and sizes. Taeyeon was arranging the stars while squatting on the floor.


“Hey darling.”


The sultry voice made Taeyeon jump to her feet instantly and rushed over to the woman who was posing at the bedroom door.


Lips melded and hands circled each other’s body as their bodies met. It was a quick kiss since Jessica was conscious about Yuri being in such close proximity to them.


“What are you doing?” Jessica asked as both of them squatted among the stars.


“Trying to decide which ones to go on which part of my ceiling.”


“Ah huh…” Jessica was trying to see the pattern Taeyeon was trying to create but it didn’t make sense to her.


Taeyeon was focused in arranging the stars according to her own way. She arranged and rearranged them for a few times, unable to decide which layout was the best.


“Since the stars in the sky are random, let’s not crack over heads over this and just go with the flow,” Jessica suggested.


“That sounds like a good idea, baby! You can hand me the pieces as I paste them onto the ceiling.”


Taeyeon stepped onto a chair and stretched her hand for a piece of star.


After the initial few pieces, the couple had a disagreement on where the next few pieces should go. Jessica was pointing at one part of the wall while Taeyeon was intending to place that star elsewhere.


They decided to exchange places to get the other person’s perspective. As Taeyeon got down from the chair, she bended down, planning to kiss Jessica on the crown of her head. Jessica sensed what Taeyeon was trying to do and playfully avoided contact. However, this caused the baker to lose her balance and to topple over, falling flat onto the consultant. Fortunately, there was a huge beanbag on the floor and it broke Jessica’s fall.


“Are you alright?” Taeyeon asked worriedly as she combed the loose strands of hair from Jessica’s face.


Jessica nodded slightly, still a little stunned by the fall.


Just then, Yuri entered the bedroom. She saw Taeyeon lying on top of Jessica with their legs entangled and Jessica’s dress riding up her leg, exposing quite a fair bit of skin. She wasn’t able to see both their faces except that Taeyeon’s right hand was on Jessica’s exposed thigh.


Apologetic that she stepped in at the wrong moment, Yuri quickly backed out of the room. “Oops sorry! I didn’t see anything! By the way, dinner’s ready!”


The couple didn’t know if they should laugh or cry at that awkward moment. Taeyeon took the opportunity to seal their lips together. Her right hand slowly inched up Jessica’s thigh, pulling the soft fabric higher and higher.


Jessica started to wriggle under the weight of the baker, intending to break free.


“Darling, ah…Yul says dinner is ready,” Jessica uttered breathlessly as Taeyeon’s lips moved southwards to her neck.


Taeyeon didn’t bother and continued to plant butterfly kisses along Jessica’s neck and collarbone. Only when Jessica forcefully pushed Taeyeon away that the baker reluctantly stopped.


During dinner, Jessica hardly uttered a word due to the earlier embarrassing incident in the bedroom. The two best friends merrily chatted, as if nothing had happened. Usually Yuri would stay till late for drinks but this time, she excused herself after dinner to allow the couple to spend time alone them together.


The couple finished sticking the stars on the ceiling. Taeyeon switched off the light in the room so that the stars would glow. She slid onto the bed next to Jessica and the couple cuddled while admiring their handiwork on the ceiling.


“I didn’t know it can be quite relaxing to admire the stars, though they aren’t twinkling,” Jessica said, stroking Taeyeon’s arm.


“It is especially relaxing when we’re cuddling and watching them together,” Taeyeon grinned and planted a kiss on Jessica’s temple.




“I’m a hopeless romantic.”


“No, just cheesy.”


“Ya Jung Sooyeon! I’m trying to create a romantic atmosphere here.” Taeyeon launched a tickle attack on Jessica and both of them were wriggling violently in bed. In the end, Jessica managed to pin Taeyeon down with her arms and legs.


“I win!” Jessica proclaimed.


“Not yet.” Taeyeon stuck her head up and nibbled on the soft skin on Jessica’s shoulders. Somehow, it made the consultant go weak almost immediately and the latter subconsciously released the baker.


Taeyeon took the opportunity to flip around and ended up on top of Jessica, straddling her.


“I’m the ultimate winner,” Taeyeon announced, punching a fist in the air.


Jessica stuck her tongue out. “Childish!”


A corner of Taeyeon’s lips rose, forming a goofy smile.


“I bring out the child in you, the other side which hardly anyone knows. Everyone sees the cold and strong-willed Jessica but there’s more to you than that.” Taeyeon used her fingers to brush through Jessica’s hair.


The couple gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment. The only sounds were their hearts beating.


Taeyeon leaned forward. She whispered, “Baby, I love you, more than the stars in the sky.”


Jessica’s heart melted into a puddle that moment. She didn’t know what words to say so she used her own method of replying Taeyeon. Placing both hands on either side of Taeyeon’s face, Jessica brought the baker closer to her and kissed.


I love you too, Taeyeon ah


= The End =



A/N: This story takes place after the couple became official after they reunited at LA.


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