(13) Of surprises and New Year’s celebration

With twist of a wrist, the cafe’s doors were securely shut. Yuri gave Taeyeon a pat on her back and flashed a bright smile.

“Thanks for the great job this year, Taeng!”

Taeyeon returned the favour and gave a pat on Yuri’s back too.

“Without Yoona and yourself, we couldn’t have made it this far.”

“It’s a team effort. May we enjoy even better sales in the new year!” Yuri proclaimed, pumping her fist in the air as the two good friends walked towards their cars.


“Have fun in Tokyo!”

A Spoonful of Sugar, the cafe which was co-owned by Taeyeon and Yuri, was closed for the New Year holidays. They had been working hard since the start of the cafe and did overtime to cater to the Christmas crowd, hence Taeyeon decided that they deserve a short break before they welcome the new year.

Taeyeon let out a short sigh. “Actually, I’m not going Tokyo anymore.”

“Huh?” came a puzzled reply. “Why?”

“There’s a delay in Sica’s project and she will be working till 31st December. So, there’s no point in going to Tokyo for such a short trip and rushing back here.”

“That woman’s quite the workaholic eh? I often hear you change your plans at the last minute due to her work.”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think she has a choice since she’s the project lead.”

“You can always find something interesting to do in Seoul. See you in the new year!” Yuri gave a big wave as she entered her car.

Taeyeon nodded and waved back.

The next day, Taeyeon appeared at Jessica’s office with three white boxes. The boxes had the cafe’s signature sticker on them. Everyone was whispering and wondering about the contents of the boxes. Taeyeon’s cafe was popular and some of the office workers frequented the cafe for its cakes and pastries. Many of them tried to catch a glimpse of the famous baker at the reception. Taeyeon became rather embarrassed at the attention she was getting and regretted not calling Jessica to check on her schedule instead of arriving unannounced at the latter’s office. She smiled and greeted the office workers with a slight nod.

It was about thirty minutes later before Taeyeon was ushered into Jessica’s office. Jessica had just finished a long meeting and was preparing to go to the next one soon.

The frown on Jessica’s face disappeared and was instantly replaced with a wide smile when she saw her visitor.

Jessica waltzed across her room towards Taeyeon. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

“A surprise visit to see how you’re doing. I brought strawberry rolls for you and your colleagues. A little year end gift.” Taeyeon set the boxes on a side table. “I made them yesterday.”

“Thank you, darling.” Jessica said lovingly when she was within Taeyeon’s earshot. She was ecstatic to see Taeyeon but at the same time was mindful of her behaviour in the office. Only a handful of closer colleagues knew about her relationship and she didn’t want it to spread like wildfire.

“What time are you knocking off work today?”

Jessica thought about it for a moment. “Probably 8pm if nothing goes wrong.”

“Great. I’ll meet you at your office lobby. We can go for dinner together, perhaps?” Taeyeon suggested excitedly.

“I hope so. It’s New Year’s Eve and I hope I don’t have to spend it in the office,” Jessica replied with a pout.

“I will wait for you. Take your time. I shall not hold you up anymore. Fighting!” Taeyeon gave Jessica a reassuring rub on her arm before she left her office.

Thankfully Jessica managed to leave the office at 8pm. With no plans in mind and Jessica was feeling rather drained from work, they decided to order pizza and eat in the comfort of Jessica’s apartment.  

“Sorry we couldn’t go Tokyo because of my work,” Jessica said apologetically as she drank the red wine. “It would have been so fun. I miss the food there.”

“Having pizza is definitely not what I had in mind for countdown,” Taeyeon huffed, crossing her arms.

Jessica threw her arms in the air. “Hey, I had no choice…”

A light kiss silenced the consultant.

Playing with the ends of Jessica’s hair, Taeyeon replied, “Silly girl, I’m only kidding. The location doesn’t matter. The company is more important. I get to spend the end of the year and the start of the new year with you, what else is better than that?”

Jessica’s worry faded. She pinched Taeyeon’s cheek before planting a kiss on the baker’s nose. “Cheesy even at the last hour of the year?”

“Every moment, every day, as long as I am with you,” Taeyeon grinned. She held Jessica’s face with her palms and planted a kiss on her lips, savouring the taste of red wine on her lover’s lips.

The moment became hotter as hands roamed and kisses got more intense. It cumulated to the bedroom where they made love as they counted down to the brand new year.

When cheers rang in their neighbourhood, signaling the dawn of the brand new year, the couple was pressed tightly in a hug.

“Happy New Year, baby. Love you,” Taeyeon whispered, catching her breath.

Fingers brushed through the strands of hair that were plastered across a sweaty forehead. “Happy New Year, darling. Love you too.”

They giggled at their messy look, comparing who looked worse.

“This has got to be the best way to ring in the New Year, with my soulmate beside me,” Taeyeon paused for effect. “Naked.”

“Ya!” Jessica kept smacking the baker out of embarrassment. She could feel her face heating up despite the fact that they had already seen each other’s birthday suits so many times. On the other hand, Taeyeon couldn’t stop laughing at her lover’s reaction.

The next morning, Jessica struggled to get out of bed early. She was so reluctant to leave the warmth of her naked lover who was sleeping soundly next to her and also the comfortable bed. However, Jessica had a mission.

Quietly slipping out of bed, Jessica threw on her nightgown and headed for the kitchen. She wanted to prepare breakfast for Taeyeon as a surprise to make up for not being able to go Tokyo.

Placing the iPad on the tabletop, Jessica pulled out the recipe she found and started following the instructions. She had been so focused on beating the eggs that she hadn’t noticed someone entering the kitchen. It was only when a pair of arms circled her waist and a warm kiss on her shoulder that Jessica jumped out of her skin and spilled the bowl of beaten eggs.

“Baby, why are you up so early? I want you in bed with me,” Taeyeon whined, her eyes half-opened. Her hands were slowly travelling south and stopped at Jessica’s thighs. “Are you preparing breakfast for us?”

Jessica frowned when her mission was ruined. There wasn’t going to be any surprise for Taeyeon anymore.

“I wanted to make up to you, for not being able to go to Tokyo.”

Taeyeon planted a kiss on Jessica’s shoulder before resting her chin on the same spot. Her hands were rubbing Jessica’s thighs and it sent waves of pleasure throughout the consultant’s body.

“I have a better idea. Why don’t you make it up to me in bed? I prefer breakfast in bed, you know, that kind of breakfast,” Taeyeon persuaded, her voice thick with lust.

Jessica set the bowl on the table in case it slipped from her hands. Her body was reacting instantaneously to her lover’s touch.

“No thanks to your sudden appearance, I’ve spilled egg on my nightgown and some on the floor too.”

“You won’t need the nightgown when we are having breakfast. Leave the mess there. I’ll clean up, after our breakfast.” Taeyeon held Jessica’s hand and held her up to their bed.

Lifting up the hem of the nightgown, Taeyeon pulled the soft fabric over Jessica’s head and discarded it on the floor. With a gentle push, the consultant fell backwards onto the bed while the baker crawled on top of her.

Lips met , hands roamed, legs entangled as the couple celebrated the start of a new year in their own way.

= The End =