(14) Of Halloween and treats

As Jessica ambled into the kitchen, she heard sounds of someone rummaging through the cabinets. She saw several doors of their cabinets open and a small figure crouched behind one of the open doors.  

“Taeyeon ah, what are you doing?”

Several crockery and boxes were scattered all over the floor. The older woman stuck her head into the cabinet and seemed to be looking for something.

“Darling, what are you looking for?”

“A cup,” Taeyeon replied with her head still in the cabinet.

“What sort of cup? Oh, you’re going to hit your…”

Before Jessica could finish her sentence, Taeyeon hit the back of her head against the edge of the cabinet as she stumbled backwards.

“OUCH!” Taeyeon yelped, rubbing the back of her head.

Jessica hurried to Taeyeon’s side and helped soothed the throbbing pain on the latter’s head.

“Are you okay?”

Taeyeon nodded with a wince.

“What cup are you looking for? Your cup is at the basin.”

Taeyeon shook her head. “Not that one. It’s a special cup. I bought it when I was in LA.”

“You mean the skull cup?”

Taeyeon smiled and nodded merrily.

“And why are you looking so intently for that cup all of a sudden?”

“Because it’s Halloween this weekend!” Taeyeon beamed.


“And it would be awesome to drink from a skull cup!”

“Oh my gosh, you’re such a kid, darling.” Jessica pinched Taeyeon’s cheeks.

Minutes later, order was restored in the kitchen. Soon, the aromatic smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the apartment. Taeyeon brought out two cups of coffee and two chocolate muffins to the living room and set them on the table. She dimmed the lights, leaving only the fairy lights switched on at the centre console. Warm lights filled the living room and music from an iPod flowed through the speakers. Romance was in the air.

Little girl, watching her reflection

As she parts her curls into four sections

“Hmm…what’s the special occasion?” Jessica asked as Taeyeon snuggled up next to her. Taeyeon played with the ends of Jessica’s hair while leaning in for a kiss.  

Their lips met for a brief moment. “Do I need a reason to romance my lover?”

Jessica giggled as she pressed her lips against Taeyeon’s. “Of course not,” she mumbled.

Taeyeon pulled apart shortly. “Baby, the coffee’s getting cold.”

Pouting like a kid, Jessica reluctantly reached for her mug. It was such an anti-climax move by Taeyeon.

“Yes you are like the sun so always stay bright,” Taeyeon sang as Kehlani’s song came to an end. “Cheers, baby.”

Taeyeon raised her skull cup and clinked it against Jessica’s white ceramic mug.

Jessica’s brows knitted in a frown. “I still cannot understand why you like skulls and all the other horror stuff.”

Taeyeon laughed. “As long as I love you the most, you have nothing to worry.”

“You had better!” Jessica poked Taeyeon’s forehead with her index finger. “Else you bet I’ll be scarier than your worst nightmare.”

Taeyeon’s eyes opened wide and she covered her mouth in mock fear. “Yes madam!”

The couple continued to tease each other as they sipped coffee and enjoyed each other’s company.

The following day, Jessica spotted a tray of purplish donuts in the kitchen. The donuts were decorated with various designs such as spider webs and bat sprinklers.

That woman is really into the whole Halloween thingy.

“Bring some to your office and share them with your colleagues,” Taeyeon offered as she appeared in the kitchen. “I’ll pack them into the box.”

Jessica nodded, peering at the purple leftover cream in a bowl and the flour scattered all over the table top.

“Want to help me make some more?” Taeyeon grinned. “Donuts are really easy to make.”

“I wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation. Several customers who patronised A Spoonful Of Sugar fell ill after eating the Halloween donuts,” Jessica said in a newscaster voice while bending forward in a fake stomachache.

Taeyeon laughed out loud. “I never know you’re that dramatic.”

“I have many other tricks up my sleeve,” Jessica said with glee.

About an hour later, Jessica sauntered into the kitchen while talking on the phone.

“Yes, I know. Ya, we’re at home.”

Taeyeon was making donuts and paused when she saw Jessica walking in.

“What are we doing? Oh, Taeng’s making donuts. You can swing by to grab some if you like. They look normal…for now.”

Taeyeon smiled once she verified the caller on the other line with Jessica. It was Jessica’s best friend Tiffany.

Jessica switched to video call and held the phone in front of Taeyeon. Taeyeon, not realising the phone was in front of her, continued to pipe cream onto the donuts.

“Ah, the baker’s all smiles. This shows it’s going to be something really special. I’ll definitely swing by to taste them.”

Taeyeon looked up with a grin and waved at Tiffany. “Be my guest.”

Jessica ended the call and informed Taeyeon she was going out with Tiffany to a nearby mall to shop.

About two hours later, Jessica and Tiffany returned to Jessica’s apartment. A sweet smell welcomed them as they entered. There were several trays of donuts and muffins, all decorated Halloween style. Spider webs, bats, ghosts, crosses, brain patterns and the list went on.

“Gross!” Jessica squeaked, refusing to go near the donuts and muffins.

“Do you think I can eat one right now?” Tiffany asked excitedly, bouncing into the kitchen.

“Help yourself to as many as you like. Better still, bring everything home!” Jessica called out, waving her hands in disgust.

Just as Jessica turned around, a pair of arms enveloped her in a hug, almost causing her to drop her shopping bags.

“Hello Tiffany!” Taeyeon greeted over Jessica’s shoulders. “Eat whatever you want.”

“Thanks Taeng!” Tiffany beamed as she took her time to select which ones she wanted to try.

Taeyeon released Jessica from the hug and planted a kiss on the latter’s cheek.

“I’m baking a cake. It’s going to be ready soon,” Taeyeon announced as she waltzed into the kitchen.

About fifteen minutes later, a timer in the kitchen went off. Taeyeon carefully removed the cake from the oven, smiling from ear to ear.

Jessica and Tiffany were staring curiously at the baker, whose smile was rather unreadable.

Taeyeon covered the dome-shaped cake with buttercream, humming to herself. Tiffany stayed in the kitchen to help while Jessica decided to take a shower. Jessica suspected the cake had something to do with Halloween and prefered to stay away.

As Jessica padded downstairs to the living room, she sensed something amiss when downstairs was unusually quiet. With Tiffany around, there was never a quiet moment. Her loud boisterous voice rang throughout the apartment.

There was no one in the living room. Tiffany was definitely still around judging from the pink handbag on the couch. Jessica decided to head for the kitchen.

The moment Jessica stepped in, a cake in the shape of a human’s brain was shoved into her face. It was blood red and wriggled like jelly.

“Ta dah!” Tiffany yelled.

An ear-piercing high-pitched scream burst out.

A hand reached out to push the cake away, causing it to almost tip over. Fortunately, Taeyeon had anticipated Jessica’s reaction and hurriedly lifted the cake from Tiffany’s hands into her own.

“Kim Tae Yeon, you’re dead!” Jessica glared fiercely at the baker, her face was red with anger.

“It isn’t me!” Taeyeon protested, throwing her hands into the air.

“You’re banned from the bedroom for a month!”

By now, Tiffany was bending over with laughter.

“It really isn’t my idea! Tiffany Hwang, you better explain the situation!” Taeyeon tugged at Tiffany’s collar and pushed her towards Jessica.

“Hey, hey, don’t get me involved in your domestic dispute. I’ll get going now. Thanks for the treat!” Tiffany laughed as she hurried to the living room to grab her stuff.

“Ya, Tiffany Hwang Mi Young! Return my donuts and muffins!”

“Bye Jessi! Thanks Taeng!” With a wave, Tiffany disappeared out of the door.

Taeyeon followed Jessica up the stairs in the loft apartment. She stopped just outside of the bedroom and watched Jessica slip into their king sized bed.

Jessica refused to look at Taeyeon and chose to look at her phone instead.

“Sorry baby, I shouldn’t have joined Tiffany in scaring you.”

Jessica said nothing.

“I promise I’ll clear out all the Halloween donuts, muffins and cake before you wake up tomorrow.”

Jessica still remained silent and was looking at her phone.

“Baby, would you forgive me? This is really becoming like a nightmare to me. It is such a torture to be apart from you,” Taeyeon pleaded sincerely.

Jessica put down her phone and looked at the poor puppy standing at the top step of the stairs.

“You would clear everything Halloween-related including Jack and the skull mug?”

Taeyeon gasped. Those two items were her favourite. She couldn’t bear to give them up.

While she was looking at the floor and trying to come to a decision, Taeyeon felt Jessica’s hands on either side of her face, lifting it up. Their eyes met and Taeyeon sensed that Jessica wasn’t angry anymore. In fact, Jessica was grinning wickedly.

“So, am I scarier than your worst nightmare?” Jessica chuckled, tucking some loose strands of hair behind Taeyeon’s ear.

Taeyeon nodded furiously.

“Now that I had my revenge for you girls scaring me, I’m satisfied. The ban has been lifted with immediate effect.”

When Taeyeon realised she had been tricked, she jumped onto the bed and pinned Jessica down.

“You’re such a naughty girl.”

Giggles and squeals filled the bedroom as the couple spent Halloween in their own way.




=== THE END ===

A/N: This story is inspired by the pictures posted by Taeyeon in her instagram with regards to her baking and upcoming single 11.11. A few of us have been asking me to write something so I hope you don’t mind this rush job amid my busy work schedule. The song in Taeyeon’s instagram is Kehlani’s Bright. 

Have a happy Halloween!