(16) Of cotton candy and teenage dreams

Jessica padded across the living room, holding a stick of strawberry flavoured kit kat.

“This year, I want to do something different for Valentine’s Day,” Jessica announced as she joined Taeyeon at the couch.

Taeyeon draped an arm lazily across Jessica’s shoulders as the latter snuggled next to her and fed Taeyeon the piece of chocolate.

“Sounds fun. Any idea on what you want to do?”

“Yup!” Jessica squealed, clapping her hands with glee. Taeyeon was a little taken aback by that reaction. It was rare coming from the usually cool and serious Jessica. Nonetheless, that reply piqued her curiosity.

“I want to fulfill my teenage dream!”

“What is it? Becoming a singer? A professional bowler? A painter? A fashion designer?”

Jessica wriggled her finger at Taeyeon. “Nope, nope, nope, nope. I want to go on a date at the funfair. I have never been on a date to the funfair when I was in school and I regretted it big time. Someone did ask me once but I was too focused on my studies to bother about romance at that time.”

Taeyeon let out a guffaw, almost bending over. She stopped only when Jessica smacked her back several times.

“I can’t believe you’re such a nerd in school!” Taeyeon wiped tears from her eyes. “You look like the type that would be hanging out at the mall with a bunch of girl friends after school.”

“Ya ya! I’m the studious type. I hardly hang out with friends after school unless it’s the school holidays. My name appearing on the Dean’s list isn’t an easy task, hmp!” Jessica cross her arms and looked away from Taeyeon in frustration.

Taeyeon pressed a kiss on the corner of Jessica’s lips and circled her arms around the consultant’s waist. “I’m glad your efforts paid off and you scored yourself a great job. Now, you can focus your efforts on your lover to make up for the lost time.”

The kisses moved slowly along Jessica’s jaw towards her ear then going down her neck, leaving goosebumps in their trail.

Jessica let out a sigh of satisfaction. She couldn’t resist this sudden attack and turned as soft as marshmallows in Taeyeon’s warm embrace.

“You’re such a sly fox,” Jessica’s voice was hardly audible.

“We need to make up for your lost time during school. Shall we?” Taeyeon separated herself from Jessica and led her upstairs to their bedroom.


On Valentine’s Day


Jessica lay on her side and slowly opened her eyes. Thick messy brown hair filled her vision. Moving her eyes further down, she noticed Taeyeon was wearing a short sleeve white tee.

She got up in the middle of the night to dress up? Jessica thought to herself when she noticed Taeyeon even wore pink sweat pants. The last she remembered was of both of them sharing a steamy night. Clutching the blanket to cover her modesty, Jessica shifted into a more comfortable position as she watched Taeyeon sleep.

Waking up next to your loved one was truly amazing. Jessica studied every little detail of her sleeping lover; her luscious hair, her cute ear, her smooth and fair complexion. She softly brushed the frizzy strands on Taeyeon’s head, enjoying the scent of her shampoo. Unable to hold back any further, she ran her hand down Taeyeon’s arm, her fingers grazing across the fair smooth skin.

Just then, Taeyeon roused from her sleep. Without opening her eyes, she flipped her body over and faced Jessica, her hands naturally went under the blanket, gliding across Jessica’s toned abs and stopping at the honey buns.

“Good morning darling. Happy Valentine’s Day,” Jessica greeted as she kissed the top of Taeyeon’s head.

A pair of dry lips met Jessica’s collarbone. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” came a sincere reply. “You got up to dress in the middle of the night?”

Taeyeon’s head nodded against Jessica’s chest. “I was cold. You stole most of the blanket.”

A pair of hands lifted the hem of Taeyeon’s tee. “Awww, let me warm you up right now.”




The couple cooked a simple meal at home that evening. After getting dressed, Taeyeon suddenly whipped out a red box and presented it to a surprised Jessica.

“Wow, matching red scarfs with white hearts!” Jessica exclaimed as she unwrapped the present. “How sweet. A couple ‘must have’ attire. Thank you darling.”

Taeyeon picked up the scarf and looped it around Jessica’s neck before tucking the ends into her trenchcoat. Jessica couldn’t wipe the wide smile off her face as she stood still while watching Taeyeon. Jessica did the same with the other scarf and soon both of them were ready for their date at the funfair.

It was a coincidence that there was a small scale funfair in the area. Usually funfairs were common sights in summer and one could rarely find such an event during winter.

Walking hand in hand down the street, the couple matched their steps as their boots crunched the snow beneath their feet. The smell of hot dogs and tteokbokki welcomed them as they arrived at the ticket box located outside the fairgrounds. There was already a queue for tickets and the couple hurried to get in line.

“I have always wanted to visit a funfair like this,” Jessica said dreamily.

“I still find it hard to believe my fiancee is a nerd in school. With such a beautiful face and good figure, I’m sure many people are hitting on you. I would have imagined you were extremely popular in school.”

“Of course I was but it didn’t mean I had to go out with every single person. The companion matters and it wasn’t easy to date me in the past ya.”

Taeyeon chuckled. “I should be thankful the nerdy Jessica Jung is willing to go out with me.”

“You should be,” Jessica replied arrogantly before tightening her arm around Taeyeon’s.

Inside the fairgrounds, stalls lined the sides of the walkway. Music was playing through the speakers and smell of food wafted through the air. People were lining up for food and others were trying their luck at the different game stores. The couple strolled through the crowds, taking in the sights and sounds.

Just then, something caught Jessica’s eye. She pulled Taeyeon towards one of the game stores.

“I want that soft toy!” Jessica tugged at Taeyeon’s arm and using her other hand to point at a grey husky soft toy that was sitting on one of the shelves at the game store.  

“Sure. I’ll win it for you.”

Taeyeon dropped a few notes into a box and was handed a plastic gun with three foam bullets. The objective of the game was to hit the moving cans on a conveyor belt in order to score a prize.

Taeyeon picked up the plastic gun and squeezed the trigger. The first aim went wide. Jessica let out a disappointed gasp.

The second and third shots were on target and the metal cans fell to the ground.

“Ahjusshi, the first shot was a trial shot. It shouldn’t be counted. Can you let her have another try, please?” Jessica pleaded, giving the middle aged man at the game store a tearful look.

The man grunted and gave a slow nod. “Alright. One last shot.”

“Thank you ahjusshi!”

Taeyeon let out a short breath and shook her arms to loosen the muscles. “Whoa, now the pressure’s on me eh?”

Jessica squeezed Taeyeon’s shoulders. “Taeyeon ah, I really want the husky. I’m sure you’ll try your best to win it for me right?”

“What do I get if I win?”

“A night you won’t forget in a long while,” whispered Jessica teasingly.

Taeyeon smirked as she got into position to pull the trigger. The atmosphere was tensed as everyone around the game store waited with bated breath.

A loud pop was heard, followed by the clanking of a metal can on the floor. The audience cheered as the man handed over the soft toy to an excited Jessica.

“It’s so fluffy I could die!” Jessica squealed as she buried her face in the huge soft toy. Taeyeon smiled fondly as she looked at the delighted woman hugging the toy.

“Thank you darling!” Jessica threw herself onto Taeyeon, with the soft toy squashed between them. She wrapped her arms around the older woman and pressed a kiss on the latter’s cheek.

“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy too.” Fuzzy feelings filled Taeyeon’s heart and reached her toes. It felt warmer than the summer’s sun.

As they walked through the crowd, the sweet smell of candy floss led them to the food stalls. After making their purchases, the couple headed for a quieter area of the funfair, away from the crowd.

They sat across each other at a table. Taeyeon watched with amusement as Jessica licked at the pink cotton candy like how a little child would. What started as little licks became large bites as Jessica munched on the fluffy candy. Taeyeon’s eyes were drawn to the Jessica’s lips, her heart told her to kiss them but her mind held her back. Watching her loved one enjoying the simple pleasures in life was good enough.

“I can’t finish my cotton candy, can you help me?” Jessica extended her arm and held the stick in front of Taeyeon.

“Let’s finish it together then.” Taeyeon rose from her seat and leaned forward. She took a bite, enjoying the close proximity she shared with Jessica. Jessica took a bite and couldn’t help but giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Taeyeon asked.

Jessica picked out a tiny ball of pink fluff from Taeyeon’s nose. “You’ve got cotton candy on your nose.”

“This stuff is really sticky.”

“I think it’s because you eat like a kid. A messy kid.”

“Later you can kiss it off for me.”


Taeyeon chuckled as both of them continued to share the cotton candy. As the ball of pink fluff got smaller, the couple got nearer and nearer to each other, their noses almost touching. At the last bite, Taeyeon pulled the stick out of Jessica’s hand and pressed her lips against Jessica’s. With her other free hand, she placed it at the back of Jessica’s head as their kiss deepened.

Breaking apart, Taeyeon noticed how pink Jessica’s cheeks were.

“This is truly a sweet kiss,” Taeyeon commented, licking her lips while sitting down.

Jessica was blushing inside out. That kiss was simple yet magical and brought her to a whole new level of high. Still feeling somewhat embarrassed from the sweet encounter, she rose from her seat and prepared to walk away. “Let’s go to the ferris wheel! Last one there pays for the tickets!”

“Ya, that’s unfair!” Taeyeon called out as she hurried behind Jessica.

The colourful lights on the ferris wheel flashed and music blared from the loudspeakers. It was mostly couples in the queue. It appeared there was something romantic about taking the ferris wheel together.

“I recall someone having a fear of heights…hmm…” Taeyeon rubbed her chin. “Are you sure you want to take the ferris wheel?”

“With you around, I have no fear because you’ll protect me right?” Jessica cooed, tugging at Taeyeon’s arm.

Taeyeon smiled warmly, rubbing Jessica’s arm. “Of course. I always do and I always will.”

When it was their turn, the couple hopped into the carriage and waited for the wheel to move. The inside of the carriage was heated, thus making it very comfortable for its occupants. Taeyeon held Jessica’s hands as they sat side by side.

The wheel started turning slowly. Jessica let out a shriek when the gears kicked into motion. However, she managed to calm down after a reassuring hug from Taeyeon.

The couple enjoyed the bright lights of the funfair as they slowly rotated to the peak of the ferris wheel. Jessica rested her head against Taeyeon’s neck while the latter had her arm around the consultant.

“Thank you, darling.”

“For what?” Taeyeon patted Jessica’s hand and played with her long slender fingers.

“For making my teenage dream come true on Valentine’s Day despite the fact that we’re already so old.”

Taeyeon chuckled. She fiddled with the ring on Jessica’s finger before lifting it up and kissing it. “It’s never too late and we’re not that old. Thank you too, for allowing me to love you with my heart and soul.”

Jessica shifted and sat upright, facing Taeyeon. With her right hand, she stroked Taeyeon’s hair and touched her left cheek.

“I never quite imagined I would meet someone and settle down but I’m glad I did. When I’m with you, everything feels so right,” Jessica said blissfully.

Taeyeon touched the hand that was on her cheek. “The moment I held your hand, I knew you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. Thank you for coming into my life.”

Just then, the ferris wheel stopped. Their carriage happened to be at the peak. The couple looked out, admiring the night scenery for a brief moment.

“There is one last thing to do to complete my teenage dream.”

“What is it?” Taeyeon wondered as Jessica turned to face her.

Jessica ran her fingertips along Taeyeon’s jaw, causing Taeyeon’s heart to race. She used her hand to cup Taeyeon’s cheek and ran her thumb along the curve of the cheekbone. Taeyeon nestled in Jessica’s palm, feeling the warmth seeping into her skin. Jessica leaned in, eyes focusing on Taeyeon’s lips, her own lips parting slightly as she kissed her lover. She slowly opened her mouth a little, allowing for a deeper kiss as they wrapped their arms around each other.

“Every teenage love story includes a kiss at the ferris wheel when it is at the peak,” Jessica grinned, her eyes gazing softly at Taeyeon after they parted.

Taeyeon let out a chuckle. “So this is why you insisted on taking the ferris wheel despite your fear of heights. Silly girl.”

They shared several more kisses before the carriage arrived at the boarding point again.

After they alighted from the carriage, Jessica insisted on taking a photo of themselves with the ferris wheel in the background. They snapped several selfies, laughing as they came up with various funny poses. For the last shot, Jessica wanted Taeyeon to take a solo photo of her.

When Taeyeon held the phone in front of her to take the photo, she felt a warm tingling feeling at the pit of her stomach.

Standing in front of her was the most beautiful and happiest person in the world. Perhaps it was the flashing lights from the ferris wheel, the loud music, Jessica’s hair flying in the wind, her eyes twinkling like stars, her smile shining as bright as diamonds as she changed her poses.

“Maybe this is what people mean when they said the happier you are, the more beautiful you become,” Taeyeon mumbled to herself.

“Taeng, are you done taking the photo?”

Jessica’s voice broke Taeyeon’s thoughts. Taeyeon quickly snapped a few photos before flashing the ‘okay’ sign with her fingers. Jessica hopped over excitedly, eager to review the photos. Taeyeon watched Jessica flick through the photos on the phone and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Jessica asked innocently.

Taeyeon gently patted the crown of Jessica’s head and smiled. “I’m just amused by the reactions of the kid in front of me.”

“Kid? You mean me?”

Taeyeon nodded with a laugh. “My big baby.”

Moments later, the couple decided to head for home.

“Do teenagers kiss so much on Valentine’s Day?” Taeyeon asked playfully, strapping herself in the passenger’s seat.

“I’m sure they do. Are you hinting at something? Are you tired of kissing me?” Jessica growled.

“Of course not. I’ll never get tired of kissing you.” Taeyeon leaned across and kissed Jessica on the lips.

The frown instantly disappeared and turned into an embarrassed grin. “Same here.”

It was late in the night when the couple settled in bed. They were lying face to face, each of them taking turns to make funny faces to make the other laugh. It was apparent their energy levels were still high after a night’s out at the funfair.

“Actually, there’s one more thing teenage lovers do to end the night on a high,” Taeyeon giggled mischievously.

Jessica raised a brow, wondering what Taeyeon was up to.

A hand casually slipped around Jessica’s waist and drew circles on her back.

“They tend to be quite excited, you know, in a certain physical way. Taeyeon’s voice became a little husky as she inched closer, her lips brushing against Jessica’s forehead.

“You sound like you’re very experienced.”

“No no, of course not. I read from the internet that teenagers tend to be frisky and energetic. They need an outlet to express their love and affection for each other.”

By now, Taeyeon’s mouth was already on Jessica neck, leaving butterfly kisses. She shifted a little, her hand trailing lower until it arrived at the waistband of Jessica’s sweat pants.

“You are very expressive.” Jessica’s breathing became shallower and quicker.

“This is just the start. I’m going to make you feel like you’re eighteen tonight.”

With that, the hand slipped inside the sweat pants and slid down to the hip. They spent the night like two playful teenage lovers in bed.


= The End =

A/N: Wishing everyone an early Happy Valentine’s Day! Today happens to be the Lunar Valentine’s Day so it feels like a double celebration. Hope this one shot perks everyone up. Btw, the morning scene was inspired by koalahug97’s fan edit.