(02) Of love and surprises

It was a cool evening and Jessica and Tiffany were having dinner at an open-air Western restaurant.

“Planning anything special for the day?” Tiffany asked as she cut her ribeye steak into bit-sized pieces.

“What day?” Jessica asked.

“Valentine’s Day? What other day could I be asking? It’s way too early to ask about your lover’s birthday.”

“Oh, I completely forgotten about that.” Jessica took a stab at her salad and ate the greens coolly.

“How could you? It’s your first Valentine’s Day together as a couple. Make it a memorable one!” Tiffany exclaimed, surprised at the indifference of her best friend.

“It’s just another day in the year. We’re already past thirty, too old for this fancy commercialized affair,” Jessica replied, her tone of voice was thick with dejection.

Tiffany stared at her friend with a questioning look on her face. “There’s something bothering you.”

“Nothing. Eat your dinner,” Jessica replied in a straight voice, poking her at pasta blankly.

Tiffany placed her cutlery on the table and cross her arms in front of her chest. “Spit it out, Jess.”

Jessica didn’t bother to reply Tiffany and continued to focus her attention on the strands of yellow noodles on her plate.

“Let me guess, you’re looking forward to celebrating V-day with your baker, planning a surprise for her but she’s not free,” Tiffany predicted.

A frown and a soft sigh from her dinner partner confirmed Tiffany’s prediction.

“You’re one strange woman. Your heart and your lips don’t match. Your heart has been waiting in anticipation for this day to arrive but your lips say otherwise,” Tiffany laughed. “I’m curious about your plans for the day. Tell me.”

“I bought a matching pair of aprons and planned to put it to good use by baking cookies together on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Then on the actual day, I’ve applied for half day leave to visit Everland with her.  At night, I was thinking of enjoying a candlelight dinner at the Western restaurant on the hilltop….but now….everything has to be shelved.”

“Wow, Jung Sooyeon, I’m amazed. I never know you as a romantic person. Jung Sooyeon has softened,” Tiffany laughed. “Anyway, what is she busy with? I’m sure she can spare a few hours.”

“She’s in Tokyo for a short business trip.” The sadness in Jessica’s voice was growing.

“Ah, no wonder. She can’t be back in time?”

A sigh escaped Jessica’s lips. “Nope. She’ll be back the day after Valentine’s day.”

“Fly over to visit her! Give her a surprise!” Tiffany suggested.

“I wish but I’m bogged down by this latest project. It wasn’t easy to get Mr Sung’s approval for the half day leave to go Everland. Now, I guess it’s a good thing I’ll be busy on Valentine’s Day and wouldn’t have to worry about being alone,” Jessica said sadly. She played with the ring on her left hand, lost in her own thoughts.

“You can celebrate it on any other day. In fact, make everyday a Valentine’s Day!” Tiffany tried to console her best friend.

Jessica let out a short sigh and shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever.”


Valentine’s Day

The alarm on the bedside table rang. Jessica rolled over and pressed the button on the top of the clock, silencing it immediately. She lay on Taeyeon’s side of the bed and buried her face in Taeyeon’s pillow, trying to imagine that Taeyeon was there with her. Just then, her phone beeped. She picked her phone up from her bedside table and brought it in front of her. The corner of her lips turned upwards into a smile and her eyes lit up instantly when she saw the sender of the message.

Being in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Wish I could wake up next to you, wrap you in my arms and kiss you all over right now. Sorry I’m away for a business trip. I’ll make it up to you when I get back. Miss you, love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!  – Cheesecake K.

Jessica read the message several times. It brought a smile to her face, knowing how sweet Taeyeon was.

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Wish you were here beside me. Hurry back after your meeting. Love you too. – Baby

When Jessica stepped into the office, she saw a small commotion among the team members sitting outside her office. Everyone stopped whispering and looked at Jessica the moment she got near.

“What’s happening?” Jessica asked, looking at the team members. All of them wore wide smiles on their faces and were giggling among themselves.

“There are some gifts for you,” Josh, her colleague said.

“Okay. Thanks Josh,” Jessica replied, eyeing her colleagues suspiciously.

“You’re pretty popular!” Josh added in a whisper while standing in front of Jessica. He threw her a wink and went back to his room.

The scent of fresh roses filled her room when she opened her door. There were three bouquets of red roses; two in red and another in pink. Both bouquets of red roses were sent from two different male clients whom she had worked with on previous projects. The pink one was from Tiffany. They made a pact to send each other flowers after graduating from university until they got attached. However, they never bother to break that habit though they dated in the past few years.

There were a box of chocolates and a large pink box on Jessica’s desk. The box of chocolates was given by a male vendor who used to work with Jessica in a previous project. She tore the card off the box, read it and threw it away into the bin. She made a note to bring the box to the pantry to share with her team.

What piqued her interest most was the large pink box. There were small white hearts printed all over the box. Her name ‘Jessica’ was printed with silver glitter across the top of the box. There wasn’t a note to say who the sender was and that made her very curious. Jessica untied the pink ribbon around the box and opened it. White and pink tissues surrounded the contents of the box.

First, Jessica picked up a glass bottle that was filled with small red and pink origami hearts. A handwritten sticker with the words ‘Everyday Love’ was pasted on the exterior of the glass bottle. There was a small note pasted on top of the bottle.

Each heart represents a day since I met you in Tokyo. To you, everyday love. 

The note was a dead giveaway of the sender’s identity. No one else could beat Taeyeon in terms of cheesiness. Lifting another small glass bottle from the box, she noticed it contained a variety of pink, red and white heart-shaped hard candies.

Stressed spelt backwards is desserts. A spoonful of sugar keeps the stress away!

“If I finish this bottle, I’ll be diabetic!” Jessica said to herself. Nonetheless, she continued to dig through the contents of the box. She fished out a matching set of red lacy lingerie from the bottom of the box.

Wear this when I get back and I promise you a night to remember when I’m back.

Jessica could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks as she lifted the flimsy piece of material up from the box.

“It hardly covers anything! That pervert!” Jessica said aloud with a laugh.

Just then, her phone vibrated on her desk. She picked it up and somehow knew who the sender was without looking at her phone.

I hope the gift arrived at your office. p/s: If the lingerie doesn’t fit, I wouldn’t mind if you aren’t wearing anything. 😛 – Cheesecake K.

“Oh my gosh, she’s incorrigible!” Jessica exclaimed.

Thank you for the gift. Clear your mind of impure thoughts while you’re at work, Pervy Kim. – Baby



Jessica looked up from her phone to see Mr Sung standing at her door. She hurriedly stuffed the red lingerie into the box and hid it under her table. She fanned herself, giving the excuse that the air-conditioning was probably not working well.

Mr Sung flashed a warm smile at her. “I’ve sent something like that to my wife years ago for our first anniversary.”

That made Jessica even more embarrassed. She wished there would be a huge cupboard which she could hide. Throughout the meeting, she couldn’t help but think about the gift Mr Sung gave his wife.  She couldn’t meet Mr Sung’s eyes directly when they were discussing about work matters. It was just too awkward to do so. She could only wish for time to fly and for the meeting to end quickly.

Soon, it was time for lunch. Jessica was meeting Tiffany for lunch today. As she stepped out of her office’s security gate, she saw a young boy holding a bouquet of red roses and was approaching her. Just then, Tiffany appeared next to Jessica, curious about the sender of the red roses.

The boy said nothing except to hand her the roses and left.

“Your secret admirer?” Tiffany asked, looking around for card but there was none.

“No idea.”


“I doubt it. Both of us agree that flowers are a total waste of money because they are not long lasting,” Jessica replied, inhaling the fresh scent of roses.

“There’re eleven roses in the bouquet, which means there’s still a missing one,” Tiffany pointed out.

“Is there such a logic?” Jessica asked.

“Well, I have a feeling you’ll receive the last rose from the sender. Twelve roses mean be mine,” Tiffany said, flashing her eye-smile and linking her arm with Jessica’s as they headed for lunch.

“Are you part of this?” Jessica raised her brows at her friend.

“No! It’s just a hunch.” Tiffany dismissed the accusation and changed the topic.

During the afternoon tea break, Jessica was surprised to receive a phone call from Yuri, asking to meet her at the lobby of her office building. When she arrived downstairs, she was shocked to see Yuri holding a cup of iced coffee and a small white box that had the cafe’s name printed on it.

“Hi Sica,” Yuri greeted. “Taeng wanted me to pass this to you.”

“Hi Yul, she sent you here?” Jessica asked, puzzled by Yuri’s greeting.

Yuri nodded. “I need to clarify something. I’m the one who baked the item but I credit all cheesiness to Kim Taeyeon. I hope you don’t cringe as much as I did when I was baking it. Enjoy.”

“Thanks Yul. Do you know what other tricks that woman has up her sleeve?”

Yuri shook her head and smiled. “I’m only in charge of this portion.”

“You’re a great friend. I’ll make sure she gives you a big treat for all your troubles.”

Yuri laughed. “She owes me a lot of favours.”

Jessica opened the white box when she was back in her office. It contained nine red velvet cupcakes, each with a single line of text piped onto an edible fondant.

Perfect match, Be mine, I love you, XOXO, You complete me, Forever yours, I’m yours, 愛してる, 사랑해


“No wonder Yuri was quick to explain herself. I’m sure she doesn’t want to be associated with such cheesiness,” Jessica muttered to herself. She whipped out her phone and took a picture of the cupcakes before sending it to Taeyeon.

Cheesiness knows no boundaries. I’m already yours. ❤ – Baby


Yul did a good job! Enjoy them while they’re fresh. – Cheesecake K.

At around 7pm, Josh popped into Jessica’s office. “It’s V-Day. Aren’t you supposed to go out on a date with Taeyeon?”

“She’s in Tokyo for a business trip,” Jessica replied. She had been engrossed at work and the whole Valentine’s Day craze was out of her mind till now.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Nonetheless, Happy Valentine’s Day Jessica! I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t stay too late!” Josh waved goodbye and left.

Since Jessica had no appointments that night, she continued clearing her work in the office. It was past 11pm when she reached home. Opening the door, a trail of tea lights and rose petals greeted her.

“What the…,” Jessica muttered. She took off her heels and dumped her handbag onto the couch in the living room before following the trail of tea lights and rose petals. The trail started at the living room and made its way up the stairs, presumably ending at the bedroom on the upper level of their loft apartment.

“Taeyeon ah, are you at home?” Jessica called out. However, there wasn’t a reply.

Just then, Jessica heard someone walking down the stairs.

“Darling, what are you doing here? I thought you’re supposed to be back only tomorrow morning?” Jessica asked, surprised to see Taeyeon at home. Taeyeon wore an unusually bright smile on her face and seemed to be hiding something behind her back.

“How could I ever miss our first Valentine’s Day together? When my meeting ended, I rushed off to buy a ticket for the last flight back to Seoul,” Taeyeon grinned. Then she produced a single stalk of red rose from behind her back.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. This rose completes the bouquet of eleven red roses you received this afternoon. Twelve red roses signify be mine. I love you,” Taeyeon said sincerely before handing the rose to a visibly shocked Jessica.

Without waiting for Jessica to react, Taeyeon stepped forward to kiss Jessica on her lips. Their kiss was intense and passionate as they wrapped their hands around each other’s back. When they finally broke apart, both of them were breathing heavily.

“What are you talking about? I’m already yours,” Jessica whispered, her face as red as a ripe tomato.

“Did you bring your gift home? Erm…the red one…?” Taeyeon asked, their noses still touching and breaths still heavy.

“You’re such a pervert. Mr Sung caught me looking at it!” Jessica complained, pounding Taeyeon on her shoulders.

“Too bad Mr Sung wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sight of the woman wearing it because it’s meant for my eyes only,” Taeyeon said cheekily.

“Ya, Kim Taeyeon the pervert!” Jessica pinched Taeyeon’s arms causing the baker to jump in pain.

“Time’s running out, I have some other things planned. Let’s start off with a nice warm shower.” Taeyeon held Jessica’s hand and led her into the bathroom upstairs.

The couple enjoyed a warm rose-scented bubble bath, giving each other sensual massages and almost ended up making love in the bathtub if it wasn’t for Taeyeon who insisted they get dressed for a sweet dessert she prepared.

Taeyeon reminded Jessica to wear her gift while she headed for the kitchen. They met in the living room a few minutes later. Taeyeon had a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. This was accompanied by a plate of chocolate coated strawberries and a chocolate molten lava cake.

Taeyeon beckoned for the blonde to join her at the couch. They cuddled and fed each other the chocolate molten lava cake. To be exact, Taeyeon was licking the warm liquid chocolate off Jessica’s lips. They took the opportunity to kiss whenever their lips met.

“You owe a lot of people lunch for helping you fulfill your tasks today,” Jessica reminded.

“I think so too,” Taeyeon laughed. “I’ll be so broke.”

“Thank you for surprising me throughout the day. I really appreciate it. I’ve initially planned for a few things but when I knew you had to fly for work, I abandoned all my plans. Now I feel bad for not surprising you with anything today,” Jessica said with a pout.

Taeyeon ran her fingers through the soft blonde locks. “I should be the one feeling bad for almost not being able to celebrate this special day with you because of work.”

“Whatever it is, I’m glad you’re back right now. I got you a present. I left it in the cupboard in the kitchen. I meant to give it to you tomorrow when you’re back,” Jessica said.

“I saw it. I like it alot, thank you,” Taeyeon mumbled against Jessica’s lips as she kissed her yet again. Jessica had given her matching couple aprons.

“Try the strawberries. I got them from Tokyo and they’re very sweet. I coated them with melted chocolate just now.” Taeyeon pointed to the bowl of chocolate coated strawberries on the coffee table.

Picking up a chocolate coated strawberry, Jessica held it by the leaf and licked the bottom of the strawberry in a slow and deliberate manner. She closed her lips over the strawberry and bit it in a slow motion.

The act of eating the strawberry in that manner was very sensual and it was fanning the flames of desire in Taeyeon. Jessica repeated the action with another strawberry while batting her eyelids at Taeyeon innocently. When Taeyeon leaned over for a kiss, she was pushed away by Jessica who said she was busy eating strawberries. Jessica stuck her long legs out and prevented Taeyeon from coming too near.

After watching Jessica eat three strawberries in a row in the same sensual manner and being kept at a distance from her by Jessica’s legs, Taeyeon ruffled her head and squeezed her eyes shut. She was very turned on by her partner who refused to let her interrupt her sweet snack.

“That’s it! I can’t hold it in any longer!” Taeyeon proclaimed. She got off the couch, grabbed Jessica by her arm and pulled her into the bedroom forcefully.

In the end, it was Jessica who was in charge when they got to the bedroom. After pushing Taeyeon onto the bed, Jessica pulled off her nightgown to reveal Taeyeon’s gift on her. Taeyeon’s eye grew as round as the full moon and her eyes were burning with lust.

“It looks really good on you,” Taeyeon said huskily, unable to take her eyes off her partner.

Jessica winked seductively as she crawled towards Taeyeon. She pulled the oversized tee above Taeyeon’s head and threw the fabric onto the floor. Taeyeon involuntarily shivered when cool air came in touch with her bare skin. On the other hand, she felt the heat travelling from her head to her toes as she watched her lover flashing a devilish smirk and whose eyes were filled with desire.

Jessica straddled Taeyeon at her waist and planted a trail of butterfly kisses along her jaw and down to her neck. Taeyeon was gripping the bed sheets tightly, enjoying every moment Jessica’s lips came into contact with her skin.

After they shared their passion with each other, both of them lay on the bed with Taeyeon wrapping an arm around Jessica’s back and Jessica lying on Taeyeon’s chest, listening to the baker’s rapid heartbeat.

“Taeyeon ah, thank you for making the effort to come back in time to celebrate it with me. I love you,” Jessica whispered, burying her face in the crook of Taeyeon’s neck.

Taeyeon wrapped one hand behind Jessica’s head and stroked the latter’s arm. Taking a breath, she started singing a Japanese pop song. Her soothing and calm voice filled the quiet room.


Monday, Let me hear your dream
Tuesday, I want to be closer to you
The Wednesday
I want to know more about you
Thursday, I wish upon a star
Friday, to let me dream [of you]
The night rains of endless feelings
To you…Everyday Love

Everyday Everyday love

“Everyday you’re in my heart, I love you too,” Taeyeon said sincerely. She planted a kiss on Jessica’s head and pulled her closer.

The couple spent the rest of the night wrapped snuggly in each other’s embrace and their hearts beating as one.


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