(05) Of sleepovers and yummy breakfasts

The fragrant smell of freshly made French toast reached Jessica’s nose. She rolled onto her back and slowly stretched her arms and legs. Sliding an arm to the empty spot beside her, Jessica couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the person preparing breakfast. She slid out of bed, slipped on an oversized tee, washed up and padded her way to the kitchen.

Jessica leaned against the wall and watched Taeyeon flipped the toast for the final time before she scooped it onto a plate. The act of someone making breakfast for her warmed her heart and made her feel loved. It was a feeling that was foreign to her initially, having stayed alone for a few years. However, since the couple got together, Jessica grew to appreciate this simple and meaningful act of love.

“Whoa!” Taeyeon exclaimed, almost dropping the plate of toast onto the floor. She was surprised to see Jessica standing at the entrance of the open concept kitchen. Taeyeon had woken up early to prepare a sumptuous breakfast for Jessica because the latter stayed over at her apartment.

Taeyeon hadn’t expected Jessica to wake up so early, knowing she was a sleepyhead, especially on weekends. Moreover, the sight of Jessica wearing one of Taeyeon’s oversized tee with only a pair of cotton shorts underneath made Taeyeon’s legs go soft for a moment. Fortunately, her reflexes were fast and she managed to save the plate of toast.

“Good morning,” Jessica said in a sultry voice. The smirk on her face showed her pleasure in knowing that she was a distraction to the baker.

“G-good morning. Breakfast is ready,” Taeyeon greeted as she set the plate onto the table. Though it wasn’t the first time she had seen Jessica with her bed hair and wearing one of her pajamas, Taeyeon’s heart was still racing like a Formula One car on a race track.

Jessica sat cross legged on the chair opposite Taeyeon. Stretching her long slender legs under the table, Jessica rested her feet on Taeyeon’s lap. Taeyeon broke into a silly grin as she passed Jessica the cutlery, her hand intentionally lingering on Jessica’s for a moment before releasing it.

“Hope you like what I’ve prepared,” Taeyeon beamed.

It was quite a huge spread for two people. There were French toast, pancakes with bananas and Greek yoghurt with berries. Jessica’s eyes darted from left to right, wondering which dish she should start off with. Breakfast was a meal that was never high on Jessica’s list. She survived on a cup of black coffee and a bagel or sandwich which she grabbed at the café near her workplace. Now, the breakfast spread dazzled her.

“That’s a lot of food for breakfast! What time did you wake up to prepare them?” Jessica asked in amazement.

Taeyeon merely grinned. “Let’s tuck in before they turn cold. Start with the yoghurt first if you’re undecided. Greek yoghurt is filled with calcium and protein and this helps to keep you fuller for a longer time. I added some berries to give it a bit more flavour.”

“Thank you for the lovely and thoughtful meal.” Jessica blew a kiss across the table and the couple tucked into the homemade breakfast happily.

After dropping Jessica at her apartment, Taeyeon drove to the café. Humming a tune as she entered the café from the back door, she put on her apron and washed her hands.

“Let me guess, Sica stayed over,” a voice said as Taeyeon was studying the recipe book.

Taeyeon turned around and saw Yuri smiling at her. She couldn’t hide the blush that was flooding her cheeks as she nodded shyly. After a brief chat about the plans for the cafe, the bakers went about preparing the ingredients for the cakes they intended to bake.

“Yul…,” Taeyeon said hesitantly while whisking the eggs.

Yuri stopped kneading the dough and looked at her best friend. “Yes?”

“Hmm…I’m thinking of asking her to move in with me. We’re both very busy and sometimes I hardly get to see her. If we move in together, we would be able to see each other more often,” Taeyeon said wistfully.

The couple’s work schedules were quite irregular; Jessica tended to work late on weekdays and Taeyeon was busier on the weekends. They couldn’t afford to meet each other daily so they communicated daily via phone and Line app. On weekends, they took turns to stay over at each other’s apartments in order to spend more time with each other.

Taeyeon’s lips spread into a wide smile as she continued. “I love seeing her angelic face when she sleeps. Her sleepy face when she wakes up is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen. I love making breakfast for her and seeing her face light up with appreciation.”

“That sounds sweet and workable. Have you talked to her about this?” Yuri asked.

Taeyeon shook her head. “I don’t know how to broach the subject with her.”

Yuri pursed her lips and thought for a moment. “I can’t think of a way to help you except to advise you to be honest with her. Hey, the Kim Taeyeon I know is much braver. You’ve made the first move at Tokyo so this tiny question is peanuts!”

“I’m worried she may find my apartment a little too sparse and small. After all, I didn’t imagine I would be attached and live with someone, hence my tiny living space,” Taeyeon said apprehensively.

Yuri came over to Taeyeon and patted the shorter baker on her back. “That should be the least of your worries. Trust me, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. On the other hand, maybe she might ask you to move into her apartment instead! It’s much bigger and nearer to the café!”

Taeyeon’s frown was replaced with a smile. “Thanks Yul. Wish me luck!”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine,” Yuri winked.


A week later

Taeyeon and Jessica were shopping in a mall on a Saturday evening when Taeyeon suggested going to the supermarket. Tonight Taeyeon would be staying over Jessica’s apartment and she wanted to prepare a nice breakfast for her loved one. Knowing that Jessica’s fridge was usually devoid of proper food besides fruits and chocolates, Taeyeon wanted to get some groceries.

“What would you like to have for breakfast tomorrow?” Taeyeon asked while pushing the trolley through the supermarket aisle.

“Hmm…I do not have any particular cravings for now. Cook whatever you like. Surprise me!” Jessica beamed merrily at the baker.

Taeyeon scratched her head. “Ah…that’s such a tough challenge!”

“I would love to see what the most sought after baker can come up with for breakfast. I’ll be looking forward to it!” Jessica grinned before disappearing at the end of the aisle, leaving Taeyeon standing in the middle of the canned food section.

“Sheesh…that woman…,” Taeyeon mumbled while she cracked her head to come up with tomorrow’s breakfast menu.

That night, Taeyeon and Jessica sat at the balcony of Jessica’s apartment and admired the night scenery while chatting with each other. Taeyeon drank sparkling orange juice while Jessica was enjoying her Baileys. They were sharing chocolate dipped strawberries that Taeyeon made earlier on. Jessica had an arm around Taeyeon’s waist and the baker was resting her head on the consultant’s shoulder. They chatted about random topics from the economy to the latest fashion trend. Occasionally there were moments of silence but there wasn’t an air of awkwardness between the couple as they sipped on their drink, and listened to the sounds of the traffic in a distance.

“How nice it would be to spend every night like this with you,” Taeyeon said softly before planting a light kiss on the back of Jessica’s palm. She was hoping to steer the conversation towards moving in together.

“Then my shoulder would ache,” Jessica answered jokingly, stroking Taeyeon’s soft hair with her fingers.

Taeyeon quickly sat upright and massaged Jessica’s shoulders. That elicited a sigh of satisfaction from Jessica. “That feels so good. A baker’s fingers are indeed strong yet nimble.”

“Of course!” Taeyeon said proudly, beaming from ear to ear. She cupped Jessica’s face and brought it closer to hers.

“A baker has a good sense of taste too. I can tell what you had for dinner. Let me find out right now,” Taeyeon said cheekily as she leaned forward to kiss Jessica.

However, Taeyeon felt Jessica’s hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her away.

“We had dinner together, so obivously you knew what I ate! Cheaterbug!” Jessica rebutted, poking her finger at Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“Aish, my attempt to kiss you is foiled by your intelligence,” Taeyeon replied in defeat, throwing her hands up in the air.

Jessica cocked a brow. “That’s called intuition.”

“Whatever.” Taeyeon mimicked Jessica’s usual phrase, resulting in a smack on the thigh from the latter. A red mark in the shape of a palm quickly formed on Taeyeon’s fair skin.

“It hurts,” Taeyeon pretended to whine like a little kid. Jessica immediately silenced the baker with a chocolate dipped strawberry.

“Tsk, domestic violence. I can’t imagine how red my fair thighs would be if we lived together,” Taeyeon teased after swallowing the fruit.

“I’m tired. Let’s finish up and sleep,” Jessica said abruptly. She rose from the couch and headed into the kitchen with her empty glass and plate.

“That was really odd. Her mood changed so suddenly. Is it because of what I hinted about moving in together?” Taeyeon muttered to herself before she got up and followed Jessica.

The following morning, Taeyeon gave her usual kiss on Jessica’s eyelid before leaving for work at the cafe. Jessica was half awake but pretended to be deep asleep when Taeyeon kissed her. She had mixed feelings in her heart since last night and didn’t want to face Taeyeon that morning. She needed to talk to someone about it.

When Jessica finally decided to get up, she noticed a pink post-it stuck on her phone.

Everyday I spend with you is the new best day of my life.

That brought a smile to Jessica’s face and somewhat eased the uncomfortable feeling in her heart. She kept the note and rang her best friend’s number.


“You look troubled,” Tiffany asked with concern, seeing the furrowed brows on Jessica’s face. They were having lunch at a cafe in Cheongnam-dong.

“I suspect Taeyeon is suggesting we stay together in the same apartment,” Jessica sighed.

Tiffany twirled her fork around her pasta. “Oh, what makes you think so?”

“She has been dropping hints every now and then. I…I don’t know how to react…it doesn’t help that she makes really good breakfast! It makes me yearn for more each time we stayed over at each other’s place,” Jessica said excitedly.

“Isn’t that good? You’ve been complaining it’s lonely and that you wish for someone to warm the huge bed you sleep on. Plus, you’re getting breakfast from the heart, isn’t that great! Since she’s asking you to stay together, why not? Why are you hesitating?” Tiffany was unable to understand why her friend was feeling perplexed by Taeyeon’s hint.

“I don’t really know why I’m hesitating either. Maybe it’s because I can’t imagine living with someone for a long time, like forever? I mean, there would be someone permanently sharing my bed with me. What if … what if I roll onto her since I’m so used to sleeping alone? What if we cannot decide which side of the bed we want to sleep in?”

“Isn’t it sweet to wake up next to your lover every morning? Isn’t such a beautiful sight to admire your lover’s sleeping face that is basking in the soft morning sun?” Tiffany said dreamily.

“Tiff, you’re being too imaginative. Moreover, it’s quite difficult for that to happen since she wakes up far earlier than me for work and it is usually even before the sun rises,” Jessica said flatly.

“Admit it Jessi, I can tell you’re happy just thinking of the scene I was describing earlier on,” Tiffany smirked. She knew her best friend inside out and could read her like an open book.

A tinge of pink coloured Jessica’s cheeks and that confirmed Tiffany’s assumptions.

“What if she squeezes her toothpaste from the middle instead of at the end? What if she’s a messy eater? What if she likes to munch on chips and drops them all over the floor? What if she complains about me taking such a long time to shower? What if…”

“Jessi!!” Tiffany called out, interrupting her best friend’s rambling. “You’re overthinking and worrying too much!”

“Am I?” Jessica raised her brows innocently. “I thought those are valid concerns.”

“And so what if they are. You two would need to figure it out among yourselves. Both of you would definitely need to come to a compromise. Look at it from the bright side, at least you would be able to learn more about her before deciding if you want to live the rest of your life with her.”

Jessica remained deep in thought. Her plate of pasta was left untouched.

“Jessi, I’m not asking you to marry her right now. What happened to the swift and quick decision maker Jessica Jung Soo Yeon who strikes fear in her subordinates? Ah, I’m beginning to see the docile and domesticated side of Miss J. That’s how love has changed my best friend,” Tiffany joked, earning an icy glare from her friend.


The couple hadn’t been able to meet often in the past week and it showed in the passion they shared in bed last night. Nonetheless, Taeyeon still woke up early the following morning to prepare a nice breakfast for Jessica though she was feeling tired. That was one of her ways of expressing her love for Jessica.

The bacon and sausages were sizzling noisily in the pans while Taeyeon was beating the eggs in a bowl. She hadn’t heard Jessica entering the kitchen until she felt a pair of arms circling around her waist and a chin propping onto her right shoulder. Then a warm body pressed against her back, sending jolts of electric current pulsating through her body.

“Good morning,” Jessica whispered huskily into Taeyeon’s ear before kissing her ear lobe.

“That’s the sexiest good morning I ever experienced,” Taeyeon said breathlessly. Her heart was beating very erratically.

“Your bacon and sausages are about to get burnt.” Another whisper but this time, Taeyeon reacted quickly to the situation. She set the bowl of beaten eggs on the table and turned off the fire.

“If they’re burnt, then I guess I’ll just have you for breakfast.” Taeyeon’s eyes twinkled with lust as she spun around and closed the gap between them.

After a quick groping and kissing session, Taeyeon resumed her duty of preparing for breakfast while Jessica sat on a stool and watched the baker at work. Occasionally the baker would stop by for a quick kiss before continuing to prepare the rest of her dishes.

When Taeyeon was done, the couple brought the food to the dining table.

“Looks really delicious,” Jessica praised.

“Looks can be deceiving. Try this red velvet pancake I made and taste it for yourself.” Taeyeon cut up a small piece of pancake and fed Jessica with her fork.

The corners of Jessica’s lips lifted in a smile.

“It’s delicious,” Jessica commented with her mouth half-full.

“How about this?” Taeyeon cut the sausage into bite size pieces and fed one tiny piece to Jessica.

“I could get used to this, you know? Having home cooked breakfast and someone feeding it to me every morning,” Jessica teased.

Taeyeon broke into a smile and leaned forward, propping her chin using her hands. “You do know that I could do that for you…on a longer term…or even forever….”

Jessica stopped eating and looked at Taeyeon. Taeyeon was starting to feel a bit worried. She wondered if she broached the subject of moving in together at the wrong time. She didn’t dare mention anything about it since the last time Jessica ended the conversation abruptly.

Both of them were looking at each other, as if waiting for the other person to say something first.

“How about…” “Should we…” Both of them said simultaneously.

Taeyeon laughed. “You first.”

“No, you’re older, you go first,” Jessica insisted.

“Finally I gained an advantage because of my age?” Taeyeon teased.

“Just for now,” Jessica said playfully.

Taeyeon took a quick breath. “What I meant to say was that I hope we could move in together. It would be nice to spend more time with you despite our busy schedules. I’m sure we can work things out somehow. I cherish every moment I spend with you, even if it’s just to watch you sleep next to me.”

Taeyeon paused for a while to study Jessica’s reaction. However, the woman was a master of controlling her expressions and at the moment, it was void of any reaction. She was starting to get a little worried.

“And…you’ll get to eat delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners with the person you love!” Taeyeon added, pointing at herself with a big smile on her face.

Jessica could feel the sincerity of each and every single word the baker uttered. She was touched. Without a word, she rose from her chair and went towards Taeyeon. Cupping the small face in her hands, Jessica bent down and kissed Taeyeon’s forehead.

“I’m all for it,” Jessica said in a soft tone.

“Really?” Taeyeon blinked twice after Jessica stepped back. “For a moment, I thought you were going to smack me for being too cheesy.”

“Should I?” Jessica pursed her lips and rubbed her chin.

“No, this is what you should do instead.” Taeyeon pulled Jessica towards her and sealed the latter’s lips with her own.

Jessica tried to escape from Taeyeon’s clutches but to no avail as the baker swiftly wrapped her legs around the consultant’s waist, preventing her from running away.

“You’re one mean and cunning baker…” Jessica mumbled between kisses.

Taeyeon’s hands sneaked underneath Jessica’s tee and slowly inched up her bare back. “You like me, good or bad and that’s a fact…”

“Just shut up and kiss me…”

= The End =

A/N: This story happened after Taeyeon and Jessica got together after meeting in LA and before they threw their engagement party. It talks about the hesitation of moving in together.


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