(07) Of work and love



A single light, the shuffling of papers and the furious typing on a keyboard were the only signs of life in the living room. An occassional sigh escaped Jessica’s lips as she stared at the excel spreadsheet in front of her. She bit her lips and scribbled some notes on the paper next to her.


“Baby, when did you wake up?” a sleepy voice said.


Jessica turned around and saw a half-asleep Taeyeon rubbing an eye while talking to her. The baker had messy hair and her loose top exposed one shoulder.


Taeyeon cupped Jessica’s face and planted a kiss on the crown of the latter’s hair. “You should be sleeping, not working.”


Jessica returned the favour by kissing Taeyeon’s exposed shoulder. “I have some urgent stuff to rush. It’s past your bedtime and you have an early start tomorrow. Go to sleep.”


“I’m not going back to sleep if you aren’t,” Taeyeon sulked.


“Don’t be silly. You’re obviously very tired so go to sleep, darling. I’ll join you very soon.”


“I don’t want, I don’t want,” Taeyeon whined like a kid. “The bed’s cold without you.”


It wasn’t the first time Jessica had slipped out of bed after the couple rested for the night. Initially Taeyeon would complain about Jessica being a workaholic and neglecting her health, hence Jessica would go to bed with the baker first. Once Taeyeon was asleep, she would slide out of bed and head to the living room to work. Jessica had a huge project on hand and it was very stressful for her. Her mind was in often overdrive and she couldn’t fall asleep. Rather than waste time tossing and turning in bed, she decided to spend her time more constructively by doing some work instead.


Jessica sighed. She wasn’t in the mood to deal with a childish lover right now.


Jessica pulled Taeyeon towards her and kissed her fully on the lips. “Darling, I’m almost done with work. Now, go upstairs, tuck yourself in bed and close your eyes. In a few moments, I’ll wrap myself around you like a koala. Then, you can’t complain about being warm okay?”


Smiling, Taeyeon nodded and went to bed. In the end, Jessica went on to work for another hour before she finally headed for bed. By then, Taeyeon was fast asleep. She crawled under the blanket cautiously, trying not to wake Taeyeon up. As promised, she wrapped her arms around Taeyeon. The baker shifted a little in her sleep and hugged the arm around her chest. Jessica smiled at the tiny gesture, her heart filled with warmth. She realised it was the little things in life that matters most and she succumbed to sleep.




“S-sica…baby….oh my…,” Taeyeon panted. She squirmed and wriggled under Jessica, riding out the waves of pleasure her lover was giving her.


Just then, Jessica’s phone rang. Everything stopped in that instant. The pair of wet lips that was sucking on her collar bone just seconds ago was gone. The hands that were touching her with eagerness left too.


“Hello, Jessica Jung speaking.” An authoritative voice. Jessica’s work voice.


Taeyeon stared at her lover wide-eyed and panting heavily. She couldn’t believe Jessica stopped midway in giving her pleasure and chose to answer a phone call instead.


“Ah yes…yup…that’s right…,” Jessica muttered as she got out of bed and pulled an oversized tee over her head. She disappeared down the stairs, leaving an extremely dissatisfied, half naked Taeyeon in bed.


It was one of the few times the couple made love but each time, it would be interrupted by Jessica’s work phone calls. Initially, the couple would finish what they were doing before Jessica returned the call. Nowadays, Jessica would rather stop abruptly and answer the call instead.


Taeyeon was frustrated. Jessica’s work was affecting their love life.




On another occasion when the couple was making love, Jessica’s phone rang again. This time, Taeyeon happened to be on top and refused to get off Jessica. She kept kissing her lover in all places, trying to prevent her from reaching for the phone. In the end, Taeyeon lost. She couldn’t fight the icy glare and threat from her lover and had to move aside in order for Jessica to answer the phone.


“Hello Mr Kim…no, you’re not interrupting anything.”


“Yes you are,” Taeyeon grumbled under her breath, as if she was answering on behalf of Jessica.


Jessica rolled on her side, away from Taeyeon and continued talking.


“What? Oh no, I’m exercising. Ya, that’s why I sound a little out of breath.”


Taeyeon burst out into laughter immediately after hearing Jessica’s lame excuse. She had to cover her mouth with a pillow to prevent Jessica’s client from hearing her thunderous laughter.


Since Jessica was still in bed, Taeyeon thought of a naughty idea. She wrapped her hands and legs around Jessica and started to stroke her. This caused the consultant’s breath to hitch. Then Taeyeon left a trail of wet kisses from Jessica’s shoulder up to her ear. She knew Jessica wouldn’t be able to fight back since the latter was busy talking on the phone.


Jessica tried to wriggle out of Taeyeon’s grasp but failed miserably. She almost let out a moan into the phone when Taeyeon sucked on a pulse point on her neck. Fortunately she ended the call in time.


“Next time don’t do that. Can’t you tell I was on the phone with my client? Moreover he is an important one,” Jessica reprimanded.


“And I was making love to my darling! This is more important to me!” Taeyeon argued. She knotted her brows and sulked.


Jessica felt guilty for letting her work interrupt their love making but she had no choice. She couldn’t ignore the important client’s phone call.


“Sorry darling. Let’s continue from where we left off…” Jessica ended her sentence seductively and pressed her lips against Taeyeon’s.


However, Taeyeon pushed Jessica away and turned her back against her lover. “I lost my mood.”


“Sorry.” Jessica curled her body against Taeyeon’s back, spooning the baker. She hoped that by doing so, Taeyeon’s anger would be appeased. However, it was obvious Taeyeon was feeling frustrated as she didn’t bother to reciprocate Jessica’s action.






Taeyeon rolled on her side and stretched her hands, wanting to hug her lover but there was no one beside her. Opening an eye, she saw the time and guessed Jessica must be working at the living room again. She knew Jessica was stressed out over this project and it was evident in their love making session earlier. Jessica’s mind seemed to be preoccupied and Taeyeon knew she didn’t have Jessica’s full attention. It felt like Jessica was merely going through the motions.


Slipping on her nightgown, Taeyeon headed downstairs to look for Jessica. True enough, she saw the blonde hugging her knees and staring at the laptop, deep in thought.


Taeyeon took a seat opposite Jessica and propped her chin with her hands on the table. “You left me feeling cold again.”


Jessica looked up from her laptop with guilt written all over her face. “Sorry darling, there’s something bothering me about work and I just had to finish it before I can sleep in peace.”


“Work is never ending and you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.”


“I know. This project is quite a huge one and Mr Sung had specially assigned this important client to me. I got to make it succeed.”


Taeyeon got up from her seat and walked to the back of Jessica. She circled her hands around Jessica’s shoulders and pressed a kiss on her cheek. “You’re feeling so stressed out that you can’t sleep well. How are you going to perform at your best? You need a clear mind to think and formulate the best strategies. At this rate you’re working, your health is going to suffer and it’s making my heart ache.”


Jessica took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. She played with Taeyeon’s fingers and kissed the back of Taeyeon’s hand.


“Your work isn’t just affecting you. It’s affecting me,” Taeyeon paused. “It’s affecting us. I feel that I’m losing you to your work. It makes me worried that I’m losing my place in your heart.”


Taeyeon’s words struck Jessica’s heart and it was Jessica’s wake up call. Jessica had been neglecting Taeyeon for quite a while because of her work. Taeyeon was her soulmate and her lover, someone whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She wouldn’t be able to find someone else like her if she lost Taeyeon. Truthfully, she could easily find another job with her qualifications and experience if she wanted to.


Deciding that Taeyeon was more important than any other client at work, Jessica closed the lid of her laptop, weaved her fingers with Taeyeon’s and got up from her seat. Leaning forward, she kissed Taeyeon gently on her forehead.


Jessica looked at Taeyeon directly and said in a serious tone. “You’re always my number one, Taeyeon ah. Nothing can ever replace you okay? Thank you for packing lunch for me and for sending me encouraging messages during work. You’ve been such a great support, I honestly do not know what I’ll do without you.”


The worried brows eased up and the corner of Taeyeon’s lips automatically lifted into a wide smile.


Taeyeon cupped Jessica’s face and held it close to hers. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard from you. Thank you, baby.”


“Hey, I’m learning slowly okay. I’m just not as expressive and as cheesy as someone.” Jessica poked Taeyeon’s nose with her finger.


At this point in time,Taeyeon let out a yawn. Jessica gave Taeyeon a tug and the couple headed to the bedroom hand in hand.


Lying on the bed in their favourite position, Taeyeon wrapped her arms and legs around Jessica tightly and buried her face at the back of Jessica’s neck.


“Darling, why are you hugging me so tightly?”


“I’m not going to let you escape to the living room to do work anymore. I’m going to wrap myself tightly around you so I’ll wake up if I sense you trying to slip out of bed again,” Taeyeon mumbled into Jessica’s neck.


Jessica laughed. She lifted one of Taeyeon’s hands and brought it to her lips. “You stole my heart and kept it hidden deep inside you, so I can’t escape without it.”


“Cheesy Jung.”


“All because I love a particular Cheesecake Kim.”



A/N: Based on this prompt. This scene is set in the time when Taeyeon moved into Jessica’s apartment after they were an official couple.


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