(08) Of lunches and love

“Special delivery!”


Jessica looked up from her file and saw her new colleague Ji-Eun standing at her door. She noticed Ji-Eun was holding a colourful plastic box in a clear plastic bag in her hand.


Ji-Eun set the box on Jessica’s table and stood there, waiting for Jessica to open the box.


“Thanks, you may go now,” Jessica said, returning to reading the documents in her file.


“Aren’t you going to open it now?” Ji-Eun asked excitedly. Her eyes were twinkling with curiosity and her hands were clasped in front of her chest.


Jessica raised her brow.


“I’m just curious who the sender is. Lee Ahjusshi didn’t tell me who’s the sender. He only told me to pass it to you.”


“Lee Ahjusshi is?”


“Oh, the white-hair security officer at the lobby,” Ji-Eun explained.


Jessica wasn’t a person who made friends easily. She knew which security officer Ji-Eun was referring to. He greeted her every morning as she tapped her pass to enter the building and she would return his greetings. It just wasn’t her nature to go into details and make friends with random people in the street.


“It looks like a lunch box. You should open it and eat it now since it’s already 2pm,” Ji-Eun suggested, pointing to the box.


“I’ll open it after I finish my report,” Jessica replied firmly, hoping that Ji-Eun would get the hint and leave. Ji-Eun was a new staff who joined the company for a month. She was too bubbly for Jessica’s taste and reminded Jessica of her best friend Tiffany. Jessica was sure both of them would hit off very well.


Thankfully, Ji-Eun caught the hint and left the room. Jessica took the plastic box from the bag and opened it. It was a lunch box that had three separate compartments. The main compartment had three heart-shaped chicken mayo sandwiches, another held a handful of strawberries which were cut into the shape of hearts and the last compartment had a slice of chocolate cake with a pink heart frosting on it.


As Jessica was figuring out who the sender was, her phone beeped. She picked up the phone and smiled at the message.


I remember you told me you tend to skip lunch when you have a big project. Here’s a lunch made with love. Eat it while it’s warm! – Taeyeon


Three days later…


“Special delivery…part four!”


The same voice chirped at Jessica’s door. Ji-Eun was holding onto the same colourful plastic lunch box.


“To be honest, I’m really really curious about the sender of these lunch boxes. This is the fourth¬†consecutive day the lunch box has been appearing. Is it from a special someone?” Ji-Eun asked as she set the box on Jessica’s table.


“Go and do your work, Ji-Eun. I remember Mr Sung asking for a report by 3pm right?”


Ji-Eun let out a loud gasp. “Oops! I’ve forgotten!”


Jessica watched the young girl disappear out of her room in a flash. Since Monday, Jessica suddenly found herself looking forward to lunch everyday. She was really too busy to go out to grab lunch and was thankful to receive a homemade lunch which was hand delivered daily. Lately she had been too caught up in work to meet Taeyeon, therefore it felt like Taeyeon was with her whenever she ate the homemade lunch.


Smiling brightly, Jessica opened the cover of the lunch box in anticipation, wondering what Taeyeon had packed for her today.


This time, the main section contained six rice balls which had different facial expressions, all of which are smiling or winking at her. There were several slices of heart-shaped watermelons and a small slice red velvet cake with a tiny red heart-shape topping. Even the napkin enclosed had small pink hearts printed all over. Jessica couldn’t help but cringe a little at the lovey-dovey lunch.


As usual, her phone would beep after the lunch box arrived.


Fill your stomach with food and I’ll fill your heart with love. – Taeyeon


Jessica couldn’t wipe the smile off her face for the rest of the afternoon.


On Friday, Ji-Eun skipped into Jessica’s room at around the same time each afternoon and handed her the colourful lunch box.


“Your mood is always brighter after eating thehand-delivered lunch. I’m sure there’s something really special inside! Can I take a peep?” Ji-Eun said excitedly, her voice went a pitch higher.


“No,” came a flat reply.


“Aww…I’ve been the messenger for you, other than Lee Ahjusshi. It can’t be a confidential document disguised as a lunch box right? I promise I won’t tell anyone about the contents! I promise!” Ji-Eun waved her pinky at Jessica.


Jessica was very reluctant to open the lunch box because she knew her lunch was filled with lovey-dovey messages from Taeyeon. It would be too embarrassing to show it to her colleague. Moreover, Ji-Eun was a new colleague and an overly enthusiastic one. She was concerned it would be the talk of the town for weeks. At the moment, only her closer colleagues knew of her relationship with Taeyeon since they only became a couple about a month ago.


“It’s just an ordinary lunch box,” Jessica said, hoping to dissuade Ji-Eun from wanting to take a look at its contents.


“Just a teeny weeny peek. I’m just curious about the type of food that’s in there,” Ji-Eun persisted.


Jessica sighed inwardly. It appeared that Ji-Eun wasn’t going to leave her room easily this time and she wanted to get Ji-Eun off her back.


Reluctantly, she opened the lid of the lunch box and hoped it wasn’t too cheesy this time.


“Huh? I thought it would be some cheesy looking heart-shaped sandwiches instead of plain looking ones. What a disappointment.”


“See, I told you it is just an ordinary lunch box.”


Ji-Eun left the room with disappointment written all over her face. It was obvious she was hoping to see some cheesy messages in the lunch box.


Jessica looked at her lunch box again. The sight of the plain looking contents puzzled her. It was a total contrast from the usual lovey-dovey messages that filled her lunch box for the past four days.


As she was pondering about her lunch, Jessica heard a knock on her door. She looked up and the corner of her lips instantly lifted.


“Hey you.” A familiar voice filled the quiet room.


Standing in front of Jessica’s desk was Taeyeon. The baker was beaming at her from ear to ear. She set a white box in front of Jessica and sat on the chair in front of her desk.


“Puzzled by the plain lunch box?” Taeyeon chuckled while looking at the surprised expression on Jessica’s face.


“More surprised than puzzled. It’s a surprise to see you here,” Jessica said, her eyes twinkling with joy. “How did you get in?”


“Well, I told the security I had an important appointment with Miss Jung and your friendly colleague Ji-Eun let me into the office.”


“I ought to tell her team leader to remind her about office security,” Jessica muttered to herself with a frown on her face.


“Oh, doesn’t it mean I’m not welcomed here?” Taeyeon rose from her seat.


Jessica hurriedly stood up and grabbed Taeyeon’s hand. “Of course not. You’re most welcomed.”


Taeyeon grinned cheekily.


“What brings you here today?” Jessica asked curiously after both of them sat down.


“As you can see, it’s an ordinary looking home made lunch today. The reason is…”


Taeyeon extended her arms across the table and held both of Jessica’s hands. Jessica waited in anticipation, wondering what the special occasion was.


“I want to tell you personally how much I love you. I love you, baby.”


Jessica’s face was instantly flushed with a shade of pink. Fortunately Taeyeon closed the door behind her when she entered Jessica’s room, hence her colleagues wouldn’t be able to see how shy she looked.


“You’re so cheesy, Kim Taeyeon!” Jessica whined, smacking Taeyeon’s arm. In front of her colleagues, she was had a cold personality. Only Taeyeon made her behave that way.


Taeyeon let out a laugh. She was pleased to know that Jessica was happy at her surprise visit. She missed seeing the bright smile on her girlfriend’s face.


Taeyeon lifted the back of Jessica’s hand and kissed it. “Love is the food for the soul. Besides taking care of your stomach, I’ve got to take care of your emotional well-being too.”


“I’m overflowing with cheese right now. I’m too full to eat anything,” Jessica joked.


Taeyeon frowned. “Hey, don’t waste my food! I’ll personally feed you so that you’ll finish every single bit of it.”


Jessica scrunched up her face and stuck her tongue at Taeyeon in a playful manner.


A corner of Taeyeon’s lips lifted in mischief. “Shall I check if your door is securely locked so that no one will barge in midway and see me sitting on your lap and feeding you bit by bit? Perhaps stealing a kiss or two as well?”


“Ya Taeyeon!” Jessica grabbed her pen and threw it at Taeyeon. “Are you crazy? We’re in my office right now, not at home!”


“I’m sure that thought did pass your mind before but there isn’t any suitable opportunity to do it. Now seems like a good time, don’t you agree?”


Another pen flew across the table and missed its target.


The rest of Jessica’s lunch was filled with laughter, and more importantly love.





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