One of a Kind

The couple stood in front of each other near the door of their apartment. Tiffany tied a red knitted scarf around Jessica’s neck. She adjusted the scarf before flipping the long blonde hair and letting it settle nicely onto Jessica’s shoulders. Jessica adjusted the pink beanie on Tiffany’s head, carefully tucking the stray hairs underneath the beanie and behind her ears.


Once both of them were satisfied, they headed outdoors where a thick snow had blanketed the ground overnight. They headed for the small park opposite their apartment, holding hands, intending to have fun in the snow. It was a chilly Sunday morning on a Christmas eve but there were a lot of people at the park. Most of them were children who were running around, throwing snowballs at each other.


“Hey Jessi, that looks like a good spot. Shall we build a snowman?” Tiffany asked, flashing her eye-smiles at Jessica.


Jessica wasn’t too keen on playing in the snow because it was cold and wet. Nonetheless, she knew how much Tiffany loved playing in the snow and she didn’t want to be a spoilsport. She nodded and followed Tiffany.


Tiffany gathered the snow and started building the base of the snowman while Jessica went around hunting for twigs and stones to form the snowman’s face. By the time Jessica got back, Tiffany made two small snowmen.


“Jessi, I’ve made two snowmen, or snowgirls! One for you, one for me!” Tiffany said excitedly, pointing at the balls of snow.


Jessica giggled. Tiffany was always the tough and strong girl but deep inside, there was a kid waiting to burst out and have fun. Jessica hurried over to Tiffany’s side and placed all the items she found onto the ground.


The girls started decorating their own snowman with twigs, stones and leaves. When they were done, they stepped back to admire their handiwork.


“Hey Jessi, why is your snowgirl so plain? There’re so many stuff left over,” Tiffany frowned.


Jessica’s snowman only had two twigs as arms, a twig for nose and two stones as eyes. On the other hand, Tiffany even made a scarf using dried leaves for her snowman. She even made indents on the snowman’s face, resembling a smile.


“I guess I’m just plain and ordinary so that fits the description of me,” Jessica said plainly, sticking her gloved hands in her jacket pockets.


Tiffany came over and gave Jessica a hug. “You’re not plain and ordinary. I keep telling you that you’re special in your own ways. I forbid you to think of yourself like that.”


Jessica shrugged her shoulders. Since they started dating two years ago, Tiffany had been reassuring Jessica that she was perfect and wonderful, especially in her eyes. The blonde was often insecure about her looks, afraid that Tiffany would leave her for some other girls since Tiffany’s job in sales required her to spend a lot of time socializing with clients.


Tiffany released Jessica from the hug and pulled the latter towards her snowman. She found more dried leaves and stones nearby and added them to Jessica’s snowman. Now Jessica’s snowman had a scarf, was winking with one eye, had a wide smile and there was a heart imprinted on the snowman’s left chest.


Jessica couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of her snowman. It was so different from the one she decorated initially.


“This is you, Jessi. The girl with the cute wink and beautiful smile. The girl with a big heart who always cared for others,” Tiffany said in a serious tone. She turned her head to face the blonde, holding Jessica’s hands. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of Jessica’s nose.


“This is the girl I fell in love with two years ago and my love for her could only grow stronger with each passing day.”


The last sentence caused Jessica’s heart to melt as warmth rushed through her veins, heating up her face, lifting the corners of her lips, resulting in a sincere smile on her face.


Tiffany grinned brightly at the sight of the blushing blonde. “Let’s have some hot chocolate. My hands are freezing after touching all that snow.”


A look of worry appeared on Jessica’s face. Her brows were creased as she pulled Tiffany’s wet gloves off her hands and tucked them in her jacket pocket. Rubbing the cold pair of hands with hers, she blew gently at the hands, trying to warm them up with her breath.


“Better?” Jessica asked with concern.


“As long as I’m with you, I’m filled with warmth. Warmth from your love,” Tiffany said with a cute wink, causing Jessica to blush to a deeper shade of red. “Shall we?”


Jessica nodded bashfully. She held one of Tiffany’s hands and stuffed it into her jacket pocket as they headed for the café.


They spent a long time at the café, chatting over hot chocolate and cheesecakes. Once Tiffany’s gloves were relatively dry, Jessica slipped them onto their rightful owner before they left for home.


When they got home, they changed out of their winter wear into matching sweaters. Curling up on the couch in the living room, Tiffany dimmed the lights as they watched their Christmas tree come alive with its twinkling lights.


“Remember the time when we saw our first snow together?” Tiffany asked, wrapping her arm around Jessica’s shoulder pressing her cheek to the latter’s.


Tiffany felt a nod against her cheek.


“You were jumping around for joy and yelling loudly. Some people even looked out of their apartments, wondering what was happening with the amount of noise you were making,” Jessica giggled as she recalled that night.


“It’s such a magical moment to see the first snow, especially with your loved one.” Tiffany turned her head slightly and kissed Jessica lightly.


The blonde snuggled closer, burying herself in the warm embrace of the raven-hair girl. Both of them sat there in silence, watching the LED lights twinkling in their tree and listening to the Christmas carols that were playing on the radio.


“Tiff, is that something new on the top of the tree?” Jessica said suddenly. She suddenly noticed a light blue box tied near the glittery star that was on top of the tree. It wasn’t there before they left the house.


“Oh really? I don’t see anything new,” Tiffany said innocently.


“It’s there. The light blue box, near the star.”


“Light blue box?”


Unable to hide her curiosity, Jessica got up from the couch and headed for the tree. She pointed it to Tiffany when the latter stopped right next to her.


“Hmm…I wonder how it got there. Oh look, there’s your name on it.” Tiffany pointed to the silver text that was embossed on the box.


Jessica raised her brows suspiciously at Tiffany as she took the box down from the tree.


“Why don’t you open it since it has your name on it?” Tiffany urged.


Jessica untied the shimmery white ribbon and opened the lid of the light blue box. In it was a silver ring that had a snowflake design on it.


Tiffany reached for the ring and took it out of the box. Jessica watched Tiffany curiously as the latter took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.


“Jessi, after being together for two years, now coming three, you’ve become a huge part of my life. You’re never plain and ordinary in my eyes. You’re unique and special, someone not replaceable. If you need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night but tonight’s not the night,” Tiffany paused, her pulse was racing.


Jessica looked at the pair of dark brown eyes that were gazing lovingly at her. She felt the sincerity in those pair of eyes. It was the same pair of eyes that gave her love, hope and security. The same pair of eyes that she fell for when they saw the first snow together.


“I want to tell you a reason a day, for as long as we’re together. You’re one of a kind, just like a snowflake. Please be mine, forever,” Tiffany’s voice started to shake a little when she uttered the last four words. She held the ring between her thumb and forefinger.


Tears welled in Jessica’s eyes. “I will.”


Tiffany couldn’t conceal her joy when she heard those two words. She slipped the ring onto Jessica’s finger and threw her arms around the blonde, enveloping her in a bear hug. When she finally released the blonde from the hug, she pulled Jessica in for a kiss.


Their lips fitted each other’s perfectly as Tiffany cradled the back of Jessica’s head, trying to deepen the kiss they shared. Jessica tilted her head, allowing Tiffany to take the lead as their passions for each other exploded at the stroke of midnight.


Two naked bodies were joined together, beneath messy sheets and pillows.


“Merry Christmas, Tiff,” Jessica whispered, smiling at the raven-hair girl while lying in bed.


“Merry Christmas to you, Jessi, my lifelong partner.” Tiffany flashed her eye-smiles at Jessica, delighted by the new status they shared.



= The End =

This story is inspired by this blog entry.


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