Paint My Love

It was a cool autumn morning and Taeyeon was in the mood to paint the walls of their living room. She was flipping through some interior design magazines and was inspired to bring more ‘colours’ to their ‘dull and boring white walls’ in the living room.

That evening, Taeyeon dragged Jessica into a Home-Fix store to buy some cans of paint and paint rollers despite the latter’s reluctance to step into such a store. Taeyeon loved to spend time in such stores, fiddling with the different types of screwdrivers or reading the labels off various cleaning solutions. Jessica tried to persuade Taeyeon to get someone else to paint the walls, saving them of the effort and time but the shorter girl refused to budge. Jessica finally relented after the shorter girl promised to buy her the pair of heels she had been eyeing on.

The following day, both of them wore older clothes in case the paint splattered on them while they were painting. Taeyeon laid a canvas sheet on the floor, covering it completely. She taped the ends of it so that it wouldn’t move around. Then, Taeyeon prepared the paint and poured it into two trays.

Jessica rested her chin on her propped up arm on the dining table. As she watched Taeyeon prepare the paint, a warm sensation washed over her body. Taeyeon looked really sexy in her oversized tee with rolled up sleeves and the short girl had her hair tied up in a neat bun, exposing the fair skin on her neck. Her eyes were focused on Taeyeon, watching how she mixed the paint and poured it into the trays.

“Sica ya, I’m done. Let me show you how to paint then we can start painting this side of the living room,” Taeyeon said, beckoning for the taller girl to come to her side.

Taeyeon handed a paint roller to Jessica and took one herself. She dipped the paint roller into the tray, squeezed out the excess paint and rolled the paint onto the wall.

“It’s really simple. Now, you try it.” Taeyeon smiled and nudged her lover to the wall.

“I would do better if you teach me hands-on,” Jessica said, batting her eyelids and flashing a mega-watt smile at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon knew what Jessica was thinking about something else besides painting but she intentionally pretended she didn’t know what Jessica’s motive was. She held Jessica’s hand that was holding the paint roller, guided her hand to the tray and repeated the actions she did earlier on. Jessica was grinning from ear to ear as her back was pressed against Taeyeon. She was basking in her lover’s warmth while Taeyeon was demonstrating how to paint. She even took the opportunity to steal a kiss on Taeyeon’s cheek while Taeyeon was painting. All this while, Taeyeon tried to maintain a straight face. She knew that if she gave in, she would never be able to finish painting the wall.

Taeyeon decided to dangle a carrot in front of Jessica so that it wouldn’t seem so torturous for her to do the task. “Sica ya, the sooner we finish painting, the faster we can go to the mall to get your heels.”

Jessica seemed to come alive at that suggestion and instantly dipped her paint roller into the tray and hurriedly started on another part of the wall, continuing from where Taeyeon had left off. Taeyeon chuckled to herself before she picked up her paint roller and started painting the opposite wall.

Ten minutes later…

“Taengoo ah…,” Jessica whispered into the shorter girls’ ear.

Taeyeon shivered a little when a pair of hands circled her waist. That caused her paint roller to go out of line. She let out a short grunt before tilting her head to face Jessica.

“Yes darling?” Taeyeon asked, trying to remain calm as she thought about how to salvage the crooked line on her wall.

“Shall we take a short break?” Jessica batted her eyelids at Taeyeon.

“But we barely started…it has only been ten minutes?”

Jessica sulked as she went back to her wall and reluctantly pick up her paint roller.

Five minutes later…

Taeyeon felt a warm breath down her neck before a pair of lips started to nibble at her ear lobe. She was startled by the sudden physical touch since she hadn’t heard Jessica walk up behind her.

“Sica ya, I can’t paint the wall evenly if you’re doing this to me,” Taeyeon said. This time, she was quick enough to stop painting so that she wouldn’t accidentally go out of line with her roller.

“You like me nibbling your ears, don’t you?” Jessica whispered huskily.

“Yes I do but not now. Shoo, go paint your side of the wall.” Taeyeon gave Jessica a pat on her butt and gently nudged the taller girl to the opposite wall.

Ten minutes later…

Taeyeon took a step back to admire her half-painted wall, holding the paint roller in one hand while her other hand was resting on her hip. She was pleased with her handiwork, nodding happily to herself when she felt a pair of lips pressed against her neck.

Soon, the pair of lips was leaving imprints everywhere on Taeyeon’s face and neck. Taeyeon fought the urge to react to the relentless kisses so that she could finish painting the wall. The pair of lips worked their way down from Taeyeon’s jaw to her shoulders, leaving a wet trail behind.

Taeyeon attempted to continue painting while ignoring the pleasant sensation that was moving slowly down the length of her neck. The breaking point came when Jessica had one hand on Taeyeon’s waist and the other was reaching under the baggy t-shirt Taeyeon wore. Taeyeon shivered a little when the cold hand touched the bare skin on her stomach. Those fingers danced across her stomach and tugged at the waistband of her shorts playfully.

Taeyeon finally crumbled and succumbed to temptation. She threw her paint roller into the tray, causing a slight splatter of paint onto the canvas sheet. Turning around, she held Jessica by her shoulders and pinned her against the wall, pressing her lips against the ones that were on her neck a moment ago.

Taeyeon felt Jessica holding back a little when they were kissing. She broke apart; her breaths were short as she stared into the brown orbs that were looking back at her.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Taeyeon asked, puzzled by her lover’s strange reaction.

“Taengoo, I don’t want to get paint in my hair,” Jessica cooed.

Without saying a word, Taeyeon grabbed Jessica’s hand and pulled her into the bedroom where they continued to paint each other’s desire with the colours of the rainbow.

= The End =

This story is inspired by this blog entry.


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