The smell of approaching rain lingered in the air. Dark clouds crept across the sky and soon what was white turned into grey. Minutes later, there were soft tapping on the windows which soon turned into pitter patter. Then, the sounds of the water hitting against the windows got louder and quicker. It was raining.

Taeyeon hugged the mug of hot coffee in her hands as she looked out of her window. She watched the people below scrambling for shelter as they were caught unaware by the sudden downpour.

She loved the rain. The splatter of raindrops on different surfaces such as a glass window or a concrete ground sounded like music to her ears. Some of the splashes were higher pitched than others. The bigger raindrops tended to sound squishier than the smaller ones.

After watching the people for a few minutes, Taeyeon got up to wash her mug and realised that it was almost 1pm. Her loved one would be coming home soon.

Slipping on her rain boots, Taeyeon took an umbrella from the umbrella holder and headed for the bus stop just across the road. Soon, a crowded bus arrived. People were pouring out of the bus and running into the bus stop, hoping to seek shelter from the rain. Among the crowd that was rushing in, one particular person stood out from them.

Taeyeon opened her umbrella and stood near the exit of the bus. As the person exited the bus, she offered a hand to help the person down before wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Seems like someone has forgotten to bring her umbrella again? It’s the raining season right now, you know?” Taeyeon reprimanded in a joking manner.

“It gives you a chance to hug me like this, isn’t it what you enjoy doing the most?” the girl grinned.

“Sica ya, what if you caught a fever and fall sick?” Taeyeon said, holding Jessica closer to her so that she wouldn’t be wet.

“Then I’ll have your fullest attention because you’ll fuss all over me,” Jessica giggled. Earlier on, as the bus was approaching the bus stop, she couldn’t hide her smile when she saw her loved one waiting for her over there.

“Trust you to joke about something like that! Touchwood!” Taeyeon patted Jessica’s head jokingly.

“Hey, I’m not a piece of wood. I’m a warm blooded young woman who can easily turn you into a puddle just by doing this.” Jessica breathed into Taeyeon’s ear and nibbled her ear lobe.

“Arggh…Sica ya, we’re in the public right now!” Taeyeon squirmed as she tried to move her ear away from Jessica’s intruding mouth. As much as she loved that feeling, Taeyeon had to concentrate on crossing the road and shielding themselves from the pouring rain.

After Jessica had showered, Taeyeon poured each of them a cup of hot coffee. Taeyeon had an arm around Jessica’s shoulder while the latter had her arm around Taeyeon’s waist. Jessica rested her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder as she took in the fresh lavender body foam which Taeyeon used.

“Hot coffee’s good. It warms up the body on a cold rainy day like this.” Jessica planted a light kiss on Taeyeon’s neck.

“Just like how my baby warms my heart all the time, rain or shine.” Taeyeon returned the favour by kissing the top of Jessica’s head gently.

“Ha, cheesy!” Jessica poked Taeyeon’s ribs playfully, causing the older girl to giggle.

Both of them sat on a giant bean bag by the window and watched the Heavens wash the dirt off the buildings and roads in the downpour. This was one of their favourite activities when it was raining. Spending time with each other and enjoying the warmth from the other person’s body. Occasionally they would exchange brief kisses as they shared their activities for the day.

As the rain began to ease, the sun’s rays peeked through the fading clouds. Watching the transition from the dark clouds to the blue sky was like watching a black and white film being converted into a full colour movie.

To Taeyeon, nothing remained gloomy forever and that was why she loved the rain. After the rain, there will always be sunshine. Sunshine represented hope and joy. A future she can look forward to spending with her loved one.




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