Unexpected Guest

Two teenagers were creeping along the fence separating the two houses in the quiet neighbourhood, trying not to make any sounds. It was late at night and they were trying to sneak into the house as silently as they could.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Taeyeon was threading behind Jessica carefully, minding his steps lest he knocked over something.

Jessica stopped in her tracks and turned around.

“Are you changing your mind right now, Kim Taeyeon?” Jessica hissed.

Taeyeon shook his head and made an ‘X’ with his hands.

“Then just keep quiet and follow me closely! It’s not the first time I did this anyway.” Jessica turned back and continued to creep along the fence. She stopped in front of the side door of the garage and opened it slowly. Fortunately she remembered to oil the door hinges two days ago, hence there were no creaking sounds.

Using the light of Jessica’s mobile phone, she waved it around and spotted the object she was looking for.

“Tae, grab that ladder,” Jessica commanded.

Taeyeon did as he was told. The both of them helped to prop the ladder against the wall of the house. Being the seasoned climber, Jessica climbed up first and slid the window of her room open. It was obvious she often used this method of entering the house on late nights. Once she had gotten into the room, she stuck her head out of the window and beckoned for Taeyeon to follow.

Taeyeon took a deep breath and took a step up the ladder. It was his first time sneaking into his girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night. Both of them attended a classmate’s birthday party at a nearby suburb and in the midst of enjoying themselves, they have forgotten about time and thus, missed the last bus home. Since Jessica’s house was nearer, she offered to share her room with Taeyeon so that he could leave early next morning when the first bus was in operation.

Being a typical hot blooded young guy, Taeyeon didn’t see why he should refuse such an invite. Looking at the cheeky grin plastered on Taeyeon’s face, Jessica knew he had naughty thoughts in his head and issued a stern warning that he was to sleep on the floor and keep his hands to himself. Despite Jessica’s stern warning, images of what they could do in her room privately excited him and he couldn’t wait to get there in a flash.

“Hurry up!” Jessica commanded in a firm yet hushed voice. She was waving her arm, beckoning for Taeyeon to scale the ladder quickly.

Taeyeon bit his lips and did as he was told. In his anxiety, Taeyeon slipped on one of the steps and fell backwards. There was a thud as Taeyeon landed on his butt. A short squeak was heard as he tried to hold back his scream, in case he woke everyone up.

Jessica slapped her forehead, wondering why she dated a klutz. Taeyeon got up, rubbed his butt and proceeded to climb the ladder again.

Just as Taeyeon slipped into the room through the window, Jessica heard someone walking along the corridor outside her room. Then a soft knock was heard.

“Unnie?” It was Krystal, Jessica’s younger sister.

Jessica hurriedly beckoned for Taeyeon to hide her in wardrobe. She knew that her parents weren’t pleased to see unexpected guests in the middle of the night. Plus, she didn’t want to wake them up. She also knew that she would be grounded if her parents learnt about Taeyeon’s sleepover without prior permission from them.

Taeyeon opened the doors and tried to squeeze into Jessica’s nearly-exploding wardrobe. It was filled to the brim with clothes and bags, leaving only a tiny space for him to fit in.

“Hurry up!” Jessica hissed, her impatience was showing. Worried about her sister on the other side of her room door, Jessica gave Taeyeon a shove and slammed the doors on the latter.

“Sorry Tae,” Jessica said apologetically.

“Unnie? Are you home?” the soft voice called out.

Jessica hurried to the door and unlocked it. Her sleepy-faced younger sister was standing outside her room, holding onto a Gingerbread man soft toy.

“I’m home, safe and sound. Go to sleep, Krys.” Jessica ruffled Krystal’s hair.

“I heard a thud. Was that you? Are you hurt? Next time use the front door. Safety is more important.”

“I don’t want to wake Dad and Mum. It’s late, go to sleep.” Jessica held her younger sister by her shoulders, turned her around and gently pushed her back to her room.

Once Jessica was done with Krystal, she hurried back to her room and locked her door. Then she opened the doors of the wardrobe and out came a red-faced Taeyeon. Taeyeon felt a little suffocated while staying inside the packed wardrobe.

“Are you alright?” Jessica cupped Taeyeon’s face and tilted it towards the window so that she could see if he was still breathing normally.

Taeyeon shook his head and gave Jessica the puppy-eye treatment.

“I’m hurt here, here, here and here,” Taeyeon whined, pointing to his butt, chest, face and lips.

“I need some love to make the pain go away.” Taeyeon stuck out his lips and closed his eyes, motioning for Jessica to kiss him.

Instead of feeling a pair of soft lips on his, Taeyeon was greeted with a towel thrown in his face.

“Go and shower. Be careful to keep it down so that you don’t wake my parents up!” Jessica warned.

“I think you should come along with me so that we can shower together and save some time instead of showering twice separately,” Taeyeon grinned, rubbing his hands with glee.

Jessica gave him a smack and shooed him out of the room. “Wash those dirty thoughts out of your head else you’ll spend the night at the garage instead.”

After both of them were done showering (separately of course), Jessica helped to dry Taeyeon’s hair with a towel. Since he was taller, he had to sit on a low stool while Jessica stood behind him to dry his hair. Luckily, he left a set of clothes in her room the last time he visited; therefore, he was able to change into a pair of new bermudas.

“You should eat more. You’re way too skinny,” Jessica commented, looking at her boyfriend’s bare back. “You need to get a tan too. You glow in the dark.”

Taeyeon laughed but was immediately silenced by Jessica’s palm. He stopped laughing instantly and kissed her palm before Jessica retracted her hand as if she touched a piece of hot coal.

“Stop being so cheeky else …”

Before Jessica could finish her sentence, the mischievous boy grabbed her hand, spun his body around and pulled her towards him, causing the girl to fall onto his lap with their faces merely inches away.

“Else what, Miss Jung?” A smirk appeared on Taeyeon’s face as he leaned in for a kiss. He placed a hand at the back of Jessica’s head so that she couldn’t be able to escape. He felt her tensed up for a moment before she soon relaxed in his embrace. He adjusted his legs so that the girl could sit comfortably. Then he felt a pair of arms circling his back and stroking it, sending electric currents throughout his body.

Lips moved slowly and soon they got into rhythm as passions heated up. Taeyeon slipped his hand underneath Jessica’s tee, feeling the bare smooth and soft skin. He slid his hand upwards, from her waist to her chest. He rested his palm on the curve of her bra, causing Jessica to shiver involuntarily. That seemed to break their moment of passion because she pushed him away.

Both of them were panting slightly. Jessica was too shy to look into her boyfriend’s eyes. The closest they got to physical intimacy was hugging and kissing. Tonight they ventured into a new territory, somewhere they had not been. They were hungry for each other but one of them was rational enough to step back.

“It’s late. We should sleep, separately,” Jessica said abruptly.

Jessica got up from Taeyeon’s lap and went to the cupboard to pull out a spare blanket for him. She lay it onto the floor and added a pillow which she took from her bed.

Taeyeon reached for Jessica’s hand just as she was about to get onto the bed. “Hey Sica, sorry about just now. I was…too caught in the moment.”

Jessica looked at the apologetic boy who had his head bowed. She knew it wasn’t his fault. Both of them were to be blame for the raging hormones.

“Boys. Control your hormones ya,” Jessica reprimanded in a playful manner. “Apology accepted.”

That made Taeyeon smile. He lifted his head and grinned. “You make my hormones go crazy each time we are together.”

Jessica frowned. “So it’s my fault then? Should I be more wary of you next time?”

“Oh no no!” Taeyeon ruffled his hair with one hand. “I don’t mean it in that way. I’m thankful I have such a beautiful and kind girlfriend. I love you, Sica ya.”

“Ya, save the cheesiness for another day. Good night Tae.” Jessica gave Taeyeon’s hand a squeeze as she snuggled under her blanket.

“Good night Sica.” Taeyeon bent down and kissed Jessica on her forehead. He pulled a tee over his head and lay on the floor.

A few moments later, Jessica rolled onto her side and stuck her head out of the side of the bed. Taeyeon had his eyes closed and his head was tilted to the left. His face and upper body were illuminated by the moonlight that was coming in from her window and it made him look like an angel from Heaven. She could see the shape of his small nose, the clarity of his fair skin and the shape of his lips. Those kissable lips.

“Go to sleep Sica. Stop staring at my handsome face,” Taeyeon said as he opened his eyes.

Embarrassed, Jessica pulled the blanket over her head and that made Taeyeon chuckle. He sat up and propped his chin on the edge of the bed.

“You know, I could sleep next to you so that you don’t need to stick your head out like that to admire my perfect features,” Taeyeon teased in a husky voice.

Jessica stuck her head out of the blanket and glared at Taeyeon. The boy was smiling from ear to ear, eyes forming a single line. She would love to snuggle next to her boyfriend but couldn’t imagine what her parents or sister would say if they discovered both of them sleeping together on the same bed. She couldn’t even bear to think of how she would smuggle Taeyeon out of the house before her family members wake up the following morning.

“In your dreams, dear boy.” Jessica pinched Taeyeon’s left cheek.

Taeyeon patted a spot on the bed next to Jessica and grinned. “The floor’s pretty hard and my butt’s still hurting from the fall earlier on.”

Sensing Jessica’s hesitation, Taeyeon quickly added, “Don’t worry, I promise there wouldn’t be any monkey business. I just need a nice soft bed to sleep so that I can nurse my painful butt. If I misbehave, then I shall be banned from watching the World Cup…forever!”

“You better hold true to your words!”

Jessica scooted aside so that Taeyeon could join her in bed. It was a single bed, hence they had to lie close to each other.

“Ahh, this is so much better.” Taeyeon stretched his arms above his head and casually placed one arm around Jessica’s shoulder. He pretended to adjust his position on the bed while pulling the girl closer to his chest. Thankfully, the girl didn’t seem to mind as she cuddled closer.

Jessica felt her face warming up as she rested her head against Taeyeon’s chest. The warmth of his body, the faint scent of the citrus body wash and the somewhat quickened heartbeats (maybe from lying next to her) melted her heart. Smiling into his chest, Jessica placed one arm across his stomach and side hugged him.

Satisfied with his sleeping position and aware that his girlfriend was also in a comfortable position, Taeyeon kissed the crown of Jessica’s head lightly. “Good night, Sica.”

The following morning, the couple was woken up by a loud knock on the door.

“Jessi, wake up. It’s time for breakfast!” Mrs Jung called out.

“I’ll be downstairs soon!” Jessica answered, her voice was thick with sleep. Wanting to sleep for a few more minutes, Jessica rolled on her side. However, she didn’t manage to lie on her side because there was an arm across her chest.

The next instant, Jessica woke up in panic. Glancing at the alarm clock on her side table, she realised it was Sunday. The Jung family had breakfast together every Sunday morning before they headed out to church.

Pushing the arm away, Jessica shook Taeyeon, trying to wake him up.

“Tae, wake up. My mum is expecting me to be down for breakfast soon. I need to wash up and you need to leave,” Jessica said hastily.

Taeyeon let out a yawn and shielded his eyes from the morning sun that was shining into the room.

“But, how am I going to leave your house without being caught? The ladder again?”

Jessica became more flustered. “Oh shoot, you can’t because Krys would have kept it for me early this morning. She knows how much my Dad would complain if he knew I came into the house using the ladder. Think Jessica think, how else can I get Tae out of the house!”

Taeyeon sat upright and held Jessica by her shoulders. “Sica, calm down. Look at me.”

Jessica stopped mumbling to herself and looked at Taeyeon. He closed his eyes and leaned in for a quick kiss.

“Good morning, dear.” Taeyeon grinned. “This should be what we say to each other first thing in the morning.”

“Ya Kim-” Taeyeon covered Jessica’s mouth with his hand before the girl could yell at him. She was already anxious about finding a way to get Taeyeon out of her house without being discovered but Taeyeon was still in the mood for jokes.

“Shhh…you want them to barge into the room right now and see both of us in bed together? Chill Sica, I have a plan. First, you should wash up then I’ll share my wonderful plan with you.”

Jessica raised her brows, suspicious of the plan Taeyeon had in his mind.

About twenty minutes later, Jessica appeared at the kitchen where her mother and sister were busy preparing breakfast. Her father was reading the newspapers at the dining table while drinking his black coffee.

“Good morning Dad and Mum,” Jessica greeted. She tried to act as normal as possible though she was shaking inside.

“Morning Unnie!” Krystal greeted back.

“Morning, Jessi,” Mr Jung said, taking a brief look at his elder daughter before he resumed reading the newspapers.

“Good morning Mr and Mrs Jung! Good morning Krystal!” a bright voice called out from the living room.

“Taeyeon? What a surprise to see you here so early in the morning. Would you like to join us for breakfast?” Mrs Jung asked, surprised to see an unexpected guest at their house on a Sunday morning. She was blissfully unaware that the boy had actually spent the night in their house.

“The early bird gets the worm! I told Jessica I would love to join your family for church one day, so today’s the day,” Taeyeon beamed, flashing a wink at Jessica as he joined the Jung family at the kitchen.

“That’s nice. Please make yourself at home and help yourself to the coffee over there,” Mrs Jung offered.

“Sit over here, Taeyeon.” Mr Jung pointed at an empty seat at the table. “That day you were telling me about this new feature in the Nexus phones. I’ve forgotten about it. Can you show it to me again?”

“Sure, Mr Jung, my pleasure,” Taeyeon replied politely. He walked towards Mr Jung and took a seat next to him so that he could show him the feature on his phone. At the same time, Taeyeon placed an arm behind his back and flashed an ‘okay’ sign to Jessica.

Jessica heaved a sigh of relief that none of her family members noticed Taeyeon’s sleepover last night. Soon, noisy chatter filled the kitchen as everyone gathered around to eat breakfast.


Based on the prompt ‘Unexpected Guest’ from The Daily Post.

First Gender Bender one shot.


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