What is warmth in a relationship?


Warmth is receiving a text message from your loved one and it brightens your day

Jessica was twiddling her pen in her right hand before switching over to her left hand. She was in a very long meeting that involved the finance department going through the budget for each department in the company. It wasn’t her department’s turn yet and she was bored stiff listening to all the numbers the presenter was going through. A few of her colleagues were trying not to yawn while others were doodling on their notepads, pretending they were taking notes.

“Next month, we’re looking at a steady rise of …,” the presenter’s booming voice filled the quiet room.

Just then, she heard her phone vibrate and a pink LED light blinked. She picked up the phone and hid it under the table so it wasn’t too obvious that she was reading a message instead of paying attention to the presenter.

I’ve made a reservation at our favourite Western restaurant tonight. I’ll pick you up later. 

Jessica smiled as she read the message. It was a mood lifter amid the long meeting that never seemed to end. She quickly typed a reply back to the sender before placing her phone back on the table.

“You look happy all of a sudden, got a date tonight?” her colleague whispered, noticing the change in mood on Jessica’s face.

Jessica merely nodded and turned away from her colleague to face the projector screen with renewed energy, the smile still plastered on her face.

Warmth is seeing your loved one smiling at you and it makes you smile too

Jessica packed her handbag, switched off the lights in her room and walked briskly to the lift lobby.  She was excited about her dinner date tonight and couldn’t wait to meet the sender of the message.

“Such a surprise to see you leave the office so early. Got a hot date tonight?” a male colleague asked.

“Yup,” Jessica beamed.

“Must be someone really special. It’s a rare sight to see you smiling from ear to ear. Have a good evening,” the colleague said before disappearing into the office.

Jessica tapped her feet while waiting for the lift. The lift seemed to be taking eternity to arrive today. She hummed a little tune as she watched the counter on the lift go down until it arrived at her floor. It was very crowded since it was the time when everyone was leaving. Nonetheless, with her slim figure, she managed to find a spot and squeezed into the lift along with everyone else.

Jessica told her subordinates not to bother her tonight unless it was absolutely urgent. Her brain cells were fried after endless meetings and she wasn’t in the mood to think about work at the moment. Moreover she had an important dinner date to attend and didn’t like to be interrupted.

Once the lift door opened, Jessica hopped out and made her way to the car porch. From afar, she spotted a lady with jet black hair and bangs smiling at her. That person stood out from the throngs of people who were crowding at the car porch because of her smile. It was a sincere smile; eyes inverted into the shape of crescents and lips pulled back into a letter ‘U’. She knew that the smile was only meant for her and it made her happy.

“Tiff, did you wait for long?” Jessica enveloped the lady in a hug.

Tiffany shook her head. “You’re early today.”

Jessica released Tiffany from the hug and smiled sweetly at her. “Well, it’s because I told my colleagues I have a hot date tonight and no one is allowed to bother me.”

Tiffany let out a laugh.

“Are you ready to go on a hot date with me, Miss Jung?” Tiffany asked arrogantly, offering an arm to Jessica.

“Need you ask?” Jessica linked her arm with Tiffany’s as they headed towards Tiffany’s car.

Warmth is spending quality time with your loved one

Jessica and Tiffany had a hearty Western-styled dinner at their favourite restaurant and enjoyed a good conversation. They made an effort to spend one night per week to enjoy a nice meal together and by spending quality time with each other. It was how they kept their romance going despite being busy with their own lives.

As they were dining in the restaurant, the roar of the thunder could be heard in the background. Then there came flashes of lightning. Shortly, drops of rain started to fall. Initially it was only a small drizzle but it soon evolved into a heavy downpour. The sound of the rain almost drowned out the piped-in music that was playing in the restaurant.

The two women decided to stay a while more and wait for the rain to subside. They ordered another cup of coffee each and a cheesecake to share.

“It was sunny when we entered the restaurant and now it’s raining cats and dogs. Sheesh…I didn’t take the umbrella out from the car,” Tiffany complained, brows knitted as she sipped on the hot cup of beverage.

“At least we have an excuse to stay longer in the restaurant and enjoy more of each other’s company.” Jessica smiled as she lifted the cup to her lips.

Tiffany’s sulk immediately turned into a smile. “You’re right, Jess.”

When the rain finally stopped, they held hands and took a slow walk at the waterfront near the restaurant as a perfect ending to their dinner date before heading for home.

Warmth is getting a hug when things aren’t going well

“This is the nth time the client is asking me to change the proposal! Can’t he decide what he wants in the first place instead of changing his mind every few days? God, he likes to give me the changes in bits and pieces instead of telling me at one time!” Tiffany exclaimed, her voice filled with frustration. She was on the verge of pulling her hair out at the countless times she had to change the plans.

“This client is always like that. He has a notorious reputation and no agency likes to work with him. Even at the very last minute when the ad is about to go to print, he would suddenly change his mind. He is extremely indecisive. Even his subordinates can’t stand him. We just have to bite the bullet and do our best,” Tiffany’s colleague commented.

Tiffany was waving a few sheets of paper in her hand and walking around the office to calm herself down.

“Good luck, Tiffany. This is the last project we’re dealing with him. I’m confident the director doesn’t want to renew the contract with this client anymore,” Tiffany’s colleague assured.

Tiffany sank into her chair and stared at the sheets of crumpled paper blankly. She decided to revise the proposal to the best of her ability and go home. It was a job that paid her bills so she bit her lips and focused on coming up with better ideas to satisfy the client.

When Tiffany got home, she could feel her body was aching and a headache coming on. It was a tiring day for her and she couldn’t wait to get home to rest. She took off her shoes and saw Jessica standing at the living room with a broad smile on her face.

Jessica said nothing. She merely opened her arms, looking like the letter ’T’. Their eyes met and Tiffany knew what she had to do. Tiffany dropped her bag onto the sofa and ran into Jessica’s embrace, burying her face in the crook of Jessica’s neck. Jessica wrapped her arms around the dark hair girl and rubbed her back.

“Thank you, Jess.” Tiffany felt her muscles loosening up and the stress was slowly fading away as Jessica rubbed her back.

“I know you had a hard day. I ordered pizza. Let’s eat it with red wine. Sounds good?” Jessica whispered into Tiffany’s ear.

Tiffany nodded. She was thankful for the pillar of support and encouragement.

Warmth is sharing a blanket and being there for each other

Jessica and Tiffany were sharing the small couch that was in the living room. Jessica had suggested renting a DVD to watch that night as it had been a while since their last trip to the cinema. Both of them had been caught up with work and by the time the weekend came, they rather rest at home instead of going out and squeezing with the crowds.

It was a movie they had watched many times before but still loved it to bits. As the movie went on, Jessica felt a little cold and was hugging her knees. Tiffany wrapped her arm around Jessica’s shoulders and side-hugged the blonde.

A few minutes later, Tiffany felt Jessica shiver a little. Tiffany paused the movie, went to the room to get a fleece blanket and pulled it over the both of them. Jessica was grateful to Tiffany for noticing and she snuggled closer to the younger girl. Tiffany smiled and planted a light kiss on the crown of Jessica’s head before resuming the movie.

Soon, Tiffany began to sob softly as the main characters were forced to give up their relationships due to differences in their social background. Jessica offered Tiffany the sleeve of her t-shirt to wipe away her tears. Then, Jessica used her thumb to gently wipe away the tear drops that were rolling down Tiffany’s face.

“Such a beautiful face shouldn’t be stained with tears,” Jessica said softly, looking at the poor girl who was crying her heart out over the sad scene that was playing on the television.

“I…I can’t…help it…this is so … sad!” Tiffany cried.

“Silly girl, it’s only a movie and we’ve watched it countless times.”

“Jess, why is he so heartless to leave his loved one behind?”

“Because in that way, he would later realize how much he loved her and that he would go back for her.”

Tiffany stopped crying and looked at Jessica. “Would you come after me if I left you like that?”

Jessica’s lips turned up in a half smile. “I wouldn’t.”

Tiffany’s jaw dropped a little, shocked at Jessica’s answer.

“Because in the first place, I wouldn’t have let you leave me,” Jessica said, gazing lovingly at Tiffany.

Warmth is having someone to cuddle at night

Tiffany tiptoed into the bedroom as quietly as she could. She didn’t want to wake Jessica up from her sleep since it was already past 2am. She had to work late due to last minutes changes by her client.

After taking a quick shower and drying her hair, Tiffany cautiously flipped one side of the quilt and slid onto the bed slowly. She let out a sigh of relief and gave herself a good stretch before settling into a more comfortable position to sleep.

Suddenly, Tiffany felt a hand snaking over her waist and a leg curling with hers.

“Jess, you’re still awake?” Tiffany asked, turning around to face Jessica.

“Yea….” Jessica let out a yawn, her eyes still half open.

“I can’t sleep without my human bolster.”

“Silly girl, you should have grabbed a pillow to sleep instead of waiting up for me.” Tiffany planted a kiss on Jessica’s forehead.

In the dark bedroom, their lips found each other and they shared a long kiss.

“Go to sleep now. Good night Jess.” Tiffany kissed the tip of Jessica’s nose and pulled her closer. She stroked the blonde locks and rubbed Jessica’s back.

“Good night Tiff. Sweet dreams.” Jessica snuggled closer, burying her face in the crook of Tiffany’s neck. She inhaled the lavender scented body foam Tiffany used. Lavender always smelled good on Tiffany. She wrapped an arm around Tiffany and closed her eyes.

Warmth is being embraced by your loved one as you spend the rest of your life with her.

= The End =

A/N: For Pepero Day (11/11/2013) in Seoul!


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