Those Three Words

I met you

When I first saw you walking through the gate, you reminded me of the golden sun peeking through the clouds after an afternoon shower. The strands of your light brown hair fluttered in the breeze as you pulled the collars of your jacket closer. You tucked your hair behind your ears as your curious eyes darted around the compound.

A lady, I presumed was your mother, accompanied you to the administration office. I didn’t manage to hang around to wait for you because the school bell rang and I had to go to my classroom. At the start of the class, Mr. Kim announced that there would be a new student joining us from today. He turned his head towards the door and beckoned for the person to enter.

I had a hunch it was you and I was glad my intuition was right. You stood in front of the classroom, looking a little nervous as you gave your short introduction. Your sweet voice filled the classroom as everyone listened to you attentively before giving a round of applause to welcome you to the school.

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