Love Thread – Epilogue

Taeyeon squatted on the ground and buried her face in her hands. Her body was trembling as she cried.


“Why? Why? Why?”


“Why, what?” a voice suddenly asked.


“Why did I declare that I love Sooyeon?” Taeyeon said, amid her tears.

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Love Thread – Fifteen

Light was fading away very quickly as the lamps lining the pathway started to light up. Five people stood on the wooden jetty; two on one side and three on the other.

Yuri and Tiffany were standing behind Taeyeon, urging the short girl to approach Jessica and tell her the truth. Taeyeon took two steps forward but stopped when she saw a scene unfolding in front of her which made her heart sink.

Jessica and Siwon were facing each other, illuminated by the light from the lamppost. Siwon was holding Jessica’s hands and there was an obvious look of love in his eyes. Jessica was looking up at him, grateful that he had saved her from her obnoxious ex-boyfriend. The end of Jessica’s thread suddenly started creeping along the wooden board towards Siwon’s. Siwon’s thread responded in kind by moving closer to Jessica’s.

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Love Thread – Fourteen

The lovely orchard, where the Goddesses of Love and Life treaded, was slowly engulfed in dark mist. Both Soojin and Sooyoung held their breaths as they looked over the darkening Earth from the portal which they had summoned.

Within the portal, the Earth’s magnificent view began panning inwards, zooming into the atmosphere of the planet, passing through the clouds as it lowered its vision, revealing a peninsula that was all too familiar to the two goddesses. Their gazes tuned into Seoul and within the city, the portal revealed a park that was being swallowed by the darkening horizon as the sun slowly sunk.

“And it all boils down to the last couple.” Sooyoung heard her sister speak, eyes still concentrating on the scene coming from the portal.

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Love Thread – Thirteen

Two beautiful Goddesses were strolling in the apple orchard. They stopped at a pavilion that was right in the middle of the orchard. It was perched on a slightly raised area, allowing for a commanding view of the main section of the vast apple orchard. Warm sun rays reflected off the rosy red apples, causing them to gleam.


Soojin took a sip of her apple tea and rested the cup onto the saucer. “I must commend Taeyeon and Tiffany for working together very efficiently. It has been a tough journey for them on Earth and they managed to pull it through without any mishaps so far. It’s funny how both of them aren’t a couple instead.”

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Love Thread – Twelve

A broken small wooden stool lay on the floor with one of its legs lying at one corner of the room.


“Seriously, the sight of you makes my blood boil! Argh!” Donghae hollered as he stomped out of his bedroom and slammed the door.


Jessica buried her head in her arms as she sat in a corner crying miserably. She was helping Donghae in cleaning his room. It was a huge mess thanks to her boyfriend’s lazy attitude. However, she had accidentally folded Donghae’s favourite Superman t-shirt into a drawer containing his polo tees. Donghae was in a rush to go out to meet his friends and being unable to wear his favourite t-shirt caused him to blow his top at Jessica. The poor girl took a long while to locate his t-shirt and his patience had run out. With his anger boiling, Donghae grabbed a small wooden stool nearby and threw it across the room, missing Jessica just by an arm’s length.

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Love Thread – Eleven

One Wednesday afternoon, Taeyeon and Tiffany were out at the mall to string couples, since both of them didn’t have any classes on and Taeyeon was very eager to complete her mission as soon as possible.


After stringing five couples in a row, they decided to take a break at an ice cream parlor in the mall. They took a corner seat and were chatting away when they heard boisterous laughter coming from the group of girls walking into the store.


Tiffany looked up and the colour drained out of her face instantly. Among the group of young girls stood someone she knew very well.

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