With You

I need you boo, I gotta see you boo

And the hearts all over the world tonight,

Said the hearts all over the world tonight


Heavy footsteps trudged through the corridor. Taeyeon pushed the door to her office and dumped the stack of files on her desk before collapsing onto her chair. She let out a huge weary sigh before spinning the chair around to face the large window beside her desk.

A deflated looking person looked back at Taeyeon in the reflection of the window. The long afternoon meeting stretched into the night and the sky outside was dark apart from the lights in the opposite office block. The petite woman pulled herself up, placed her hands behind her head and stretched her legs in front of her. She closed her eyes for a moment, intending to take a short breather before she continued her work.

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The silver hatchback came to a stop at a block of apartments. Jessica watched Taeyeon unbuckle her seatbelt quietly. Her heart was beating rapidly. It wasn’t the first time she sent Taeyeon home after eating dinner together. It wasn’t the first time she was thinking of how to broach a particular topic. Words floated around in her mind but she just couldn’t arrange them in a logical manner and vocalise them.


Jessica had been hanging out with Taeyeon often in the recent weeks and realised her interest in the older girl was increasing each time they met. They were working in different departments and had met through a project they were currently working on.

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The Drive



They had been driving for almost two hours. No one uttered a single word during that time.


“Let’s stop here for a while,” Taeyeon broke the silence. She eased the car off the road onto the gravel and parked. Pressing a button, she opened the soft top, gave herself a long stretch with her arms over her head before tilting her head back onto the headrest.


Jessica let out a short sigh before leaning her chin on her arm, which was propped on the door. Her heart was heavy. She had a lot of things to say to Taeyeon but no words could come out of her mouth.

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Give it to me now

Jessica felt Taeyeon gently weaving her fingers with hers and leaning exceptionally close to her. Their arms touched and it was rather electrifying. Occasionally Jessica felt Taeyeon looking at her instead of looking at the giant screen in front of them. She watched enough movies and dramas to guess that Taeyeon was trying to find a ‘right’ moment to kiss her.


They had been together for almost a month and the furthest they went was a goodbye hug everything they parted. For the last three times when they parted at the foot of Jessica’s apartment, it was a little hesitant. Taeyeon had a strange look in her eyes and tended to bit her lips, a behaviour that sprouted only recently. Jessica didn’t think too much about it.

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I still remember the first time we held hands.


It was eight years ago when we were in college. You were the band majorette in our college’s symphonic band. The first time I noticed you was at the orientation when I first joined as a freshman. You looked so hot (and still am) playing the saxophone solo on stage. From that moment, I had an instant crush on you.


I joined the band (to get closer to you of course!) and we became friends. Though we were in different sections, you took time to coach me on playing the clarinet whenever my section leader was busy teaching the weaker ones. You couldn’t have imagined how I treasured every second I spent with you during those days.

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Little Things

I can’t help but smile each time I see your face when I wake up. We are happily in love and have been staying together for more than six years. That means I have been waking up by your side for more than two thousand times. You can’t imagine how blessed I feel to be able to fall asleep at night with you and to wake up to this beautiful face each morning. Feeling your warmth next to me and seeing how innocent and child-like look while you are asleep is one of the best parts of my day. If I’m awake earlier than you, I resist from brushing my fingers through your short blonde locks and from kissing the tip of your nose in order not to wake you up. On a few occasions, I would pretend to be asleep just to bask in your tender touches as you sweep my bangs aside. I can sense you smiling as you lay on your side and admire the beauty in front of you, heehee!

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Yuri was a geek. She always had a book in her hands and was often engrossed in it. Often, she wouldn’t noticed if someone was calling out to her. That was how focused she was when it came to reading. However, there was an exception and it came in the form of a blonde named Jessica Jung who stayed in the room a few doors away.


Jessica moved into the dormitory two months ago. She was on an exchange program and it so happened there was a vacancy in the dormitory that was on the same level as Yuri. Yuri hadn’t noticed her existence if not for the brief conversation they shared when Jessica wanted to ask if she needed to label her items she wanted to put into the fridge at the shared kitchen. It was then Yuri experienced a heart-stopping moment as she spoke face to face with the newbie. It was the start of polite greetings and casual small talks whenever they met at the dormitory. Due to their different schedules at university, they didn’t get to each other often. Therefore, Yuri cherished the brief moments they chatted whenever they bumped into each other at the dormitory.

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