(14) Of Halloween and treats

As Jessica ambled into the kitchen, she heard sounds of someone rummaging through the cabinets. She saw several doors of their cabinets open and a small figure crouched behind one of the open doors.  

“Taeyeon ah, what are you doing?”

Several crockery and boxes were scattered all over the floor. The older woman stuck her head into the cabinet and seemed to be looking for something.

“Darling, what are you looking for?”

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Bed Warmer

“Sica’s darling is home,” Taeyeon called out as she took off her shoes at the door.


Looking at her watch, Taeyeon realised that it was nearly midnight and Jessica was probably asleep. She mouthed a soft ‘Oops’ , hoping that her earlier greeting wouldn’t wake Jessica up.


Taeyeon wasn’t usually home so late but tonight was an exception because she had to attend a Halloween party organized by her department at work.

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