Springtime Mystery – Part 2 of 2

As usual, Yuri jogged past the chalet to check if the painter was up and about. Jessica was usually up by 6.30am and sitting by the bench at the beach, waiting for the sunrise. However, the painter wasn’t at her usual spot this morning.


Maybe she has a hangover from last night. Hyoyeon and her stupid idea of bringing the painter to the pub.


Yuri stopped at the security post at the chalet and asked the guard if he had seen Jessica. He shook his head. Thinking that her assumption was right, Yuri continued her jog.


At 8am, Yuri was in the office looking through some documents when she received a phone call.


“Good morning, Hani police station. Yuri speaking, how can I help you?” Yuri greeted.

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Springtime Mystery – Part 1 of 2



Kwon Yuri, Officer, 805-125, Access Verified


The red text flashed on the seven-inch LCD screen when Yuri scanned her police id. Yuri worked as a police officer in the small coastal town of Hani. It was a sleepy peaceful town with a small population and was a three hour drive from the city. Hani was surrounded by the beautiful coastline on one side and the rest were bordered by greenery. The town was largely peaceful and quiet with the occasional tourists.


Being a morning person, it was usual for Yuri to be the first person to arrive in the office. She was used to waking up early for her morning jog or swim before showering and getting to work. However, this morning was different. The light in her chief’s room was lit and the door of her room was opened. Yuri kept her bag into her drawer before heading over to the room.


“Good morning, Chief!” Yuri greeted. Her superior was wearing a frown on her face, her arms were crossed in front of her chest and there was an almost empty cup of coffee in front of her. Her superior preferred drinking fruit juices because they were healthier. She only drank coffee when she needed the energy boost, usually because of a difficult case. This was something very rare too since Hani was generally a peaceful and happy town.


“Yuri, come in, I’ve something to discuss with you.”

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